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Marketing Project: McDonald’s

Introduction Marketing is a complex process that involves more than just promotional activities. In the contemporary business world, the need for marketing has significantly increased with increased level of competition. Marketing can be defined as a process of facilitating an exchange of something of value for something needed. This implies that the marketing process is […]

Hibridity in Walcott poetry and drama

Introduction Walcott’s poetry harnesses the metaphorical play of resemblance in all his works to amplify the trans-racial relationship that existed between the black and white cultures in pre-colonial periods. The dramatic monologue offered the poem published in Omeros and Dream of Monkey Mountain offers paradoxically and objectifies the ideal embodiment of metaphoric conjuncture. Following the […]

Business Management Plan

General description of the business The business will be structured as a limited liability company. The international hotel business has a lot of potential as more people are moving across borders for leisure, business or tourism purposes. United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) has been categorized as 18th among tourism competitive businesses by the World Economic Forum […]

PMU Salon & Spa (Business Plan)

Executive Summary PMU Salon and Spa will be aimed at providing the female students within the university a wide range of salon and spa services. The firms’ spa will be devoted towards providing the customers with holistic services with regard to body work, massage, and energy work. These services will be offered in a relaxing […]

Yield Management

Handle flight control (controlling the filling of the flight) Airlines have found Yield Management to be extremely useful in most of their operations. This was after the realization that a lot of revenues were lost due to cases where a plane would leave with some seats unoccupied. The management of Emirate airlines has a duty […]

Customer Power, Strategic Investment, and the Failure of Leading Firms

Introduction Technology is necessary in the current business management strategies. Any business that has not incorporated it in its framework is not equipped to compete. In fact, it has been a tool that has been adopted everywhere by organisations, schools, churches amongst many relevant bodies for their smooth running. The current business environment that is […]

Colonization: Why Africa Suffers

Introduction Colonization refers to the domination of a weaker nation by a superior state (Johnstone 225). From 15th-19th century, a number of European nations such as Portugal, France, Britain, and Spain were motivated to acquire colonies in different parts of the world. Social, economic, and political factors facilitated the acquisition of colonies in Africa. For […]

China’s One-Child Policy should be Abolished

Introduction The One-Child policy in China, which is also referred to as the family planning policy was formed in 1978. The aim of this policy that was initiated by the government is to alleviate several problems that touch on the social, economic, and environmental perspectives that relate to large populations. The enforcement of the policy […]

The market of the beer business plan

Executive summary The report seeks to explore the market analysis, country analysis, and the foreign entry modes that can be applied by a company while entering in an international market. A company based in the UK has been experiencing problems associated with market share as the market has been saturated with beer products. The brands […]

The ISO 9000 Quality Management Standards

Introduction The purpose of this research will be to examine the ISO 9000 family of standards used to measure quality management systems within organizations as well as the requirements needed for ISO certification and registration within companies. The ISO 9000 is a group of standards that are commonly used to measure the level of quality […]

“A Streetcar Named Desire” and other Hollywood films: The Effect of Negative Sexual Acts and Values on Society

Explication of source: (Practice Three Explications) After Blanche Dubois finds board with the Kowalskis, she is shocked by Stanley Kowalski’s brush treatment of her sister. She receives such treatment herself when the phone rings and she stands up to pick it only to be violently shoved back down to her seat by Stanley. His violence […]

When are electoral boycotts successful in inducing regime change?

Introduction Conventionally, election is an official process where residents from a given area, country, or region decide on an individual to represent them or hold a public office. Precisely, to elect means ‘to choose or make a decision’. It is the standard mechanism through which contemporary democracy has been exercised since 17th century. This paper […]

Consumer Decision-Making Models in Hospitality Contexts: An Evaluation & Critique

Abstract The present report utilized secondary research and positivist research philosophy to critically evaluate two Consumer Decision-making Process (CDP) models – the Consumer Decision Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior –, with the aim to bring into the limelight the dark spots of the models when applied to the hospitality industry. Current literature, though […]

Work-Life Conflict

Introduction Proposition Research has established that it is very crucial to bring balance in work life, which is considered the most important attribute in an organization after the level of wages prevailing in the organization. It is also known through research that almost 25 percent of employees in organizational settings suffer from high levels of […]

Social Alienation

Abstract Social alienation exists in many countries around the world. For example, over the decades, societies have continued to experience marginalization and lower social mobility. Inequalities in education, income, and health highlight the worsening impact of social alienation in the society. Despite the existence of these social ills, western countries perceive social alienation differently from […]

QFD in Oil & Gas Industry

Project Structure The first section of the project presented introduction and literature review about engineering capabilities and house of quality in the oil and gas industry. These studies show that a focus o house of quality can improve engineering capabilities and customer requirement outcomes. The second section of the paper presented research objectives with a […]

A Research on Terrorism Before and After the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Abstract The events of September 11, 2001 undoubtedly forever changed the perception of terrorism among Americans. This paper explores the significant changes that occurred with regard to terrorism following the events of 9/11. A brief introduction to terrorism and the various forms of terrorism that have been practiced through the years will provide a rich […]

E-Governance in Russia

Abstract The ever changing situations in the governance arena have led to a great interest being focused on e-Governance. It is this concern of e-governance, and factors such as “political, economic and social issues, worldwide wars against terrorism, an alarming proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the question whether democracy will actually take course […]

Group Processes in an Organizational Setting

Introduction Through out their existence, organizations and businesses are considerably pressured to raise their levels of performance and productivity. This is especially so in the modern day business environment which is characterized by aggression and excessive competition thereby constantly forcing businesses to exhibit innovation and enhanced performance so as to remain relevant and profitable in […]

The Effectiveness of Marriage Conflict Resolution Programs in Reducing Number of Divorce Cases in USA

Background Marriage is an institution that can be found in any society. Every society has its own definition and arrangement of marriage and as a result, it is likely to find many differences as to what marriage is composed of (Strong, De Vault, and Cohen, 2010). Nevertheless, in all situations marriage is always founded on […]

Strategic Change Management KPMG Company

Executive Summary Strategic Change Management has become a strategic role of the management. Various business organizations have come to appreciate the need for change and have designed various methods and approaches of managing change. KPMG is one such organization. It has downed on the management that the market competition requires one to embrace change and […]

The Implications of Internet-Banking on Bank Profitability

Introduction to the research context outlining specific, feasible Research Objectives, the research context and the strategic nature of the issue under review Introduction The purpose of this research is to investigate on the implications or effects internet has on those specific banks’ profits at the end of the financial year. The retail banking sector has […]

Establishment of a Team in an Organization

Executive Summary A team in an organization is established to achieve given tasks and can be used as a strategic method to enhance the productivity of the organization. Enhancing teamwork has become a top priority for many modern business managers. This can be attributed to immense benefits that can be achieved through successful team performance. […]

Analysis of China

Introduction China is located in East Asia and it has the largest population in the world. It is one of the largest countries in the world. The population of China is estimated to be 1.3 billion people. The Communist Party of China (CPC) is the sole party that governs China. China is therefore a single-party […]

Women and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia:”Can Women Entrepreneurial Micro Businesses Grow in Saudi Arabia”

Characteristics of an entrepreneur There are certain attributes associated with entrepreneurs though with conflicting arguments. The first attribute of entrepreneurs is that they derive motivation from the need of achievement. Entrepreneurs desire to start something new that has been inexistent. The second characteristic of entrepreneurs is that they are tough, pragmatic, and unwilling to submit […]

Product Development Plan

Product Development Models Product development is the process through which new products are brought into the market (Aaker, 2012). In order for a product to be successful in the market, several factors have to be considered to ensure that the new product is capable of overcoming the competition that is present in the market. At […]

Business Analysis of Dell Inc

Background Dell Computers was named after its founder and Chairman Michael Dell (Hoovers 2012). The company began functioning in the early 80s to design and manufacture computers. Michael believed in efficiency. He created a company that had extremely efficient operations and responded to customer needs very fast. The highlight of his business model was the […]

The Role of Inter-cultural Communications

Introduction As the world globalizes and trade liberalizes, the exchange of goods, services has been growing at a rapid rate. This has been made possible by the emergence of new markets in Latin America, Africa and the Asian continent. This has led to increased business both at the national level as well as at the […]

Business Plan for Stay Fit and Healthy Club

Business overview After carrying out a survey in the state of Florida, I realized that the state has many physical fitness clubs where people go for exercising. I bet this is because of the increasing concern for the increasing rate of diseases that are related to obesity. Obesity is a disease that is caused by […]

HRM for the Service Industries

Interview The researcher succeeded to carry out an interview that involved two employees who work at Delta Air Lines, Inc. The two individuals gave different views regarding motivation and leadership approaches practiced by the management of Delta Air Line. The two respondents were referred to as person X and person Y in this research, for […]

Formulating and Implementing of Business Strategy

Introduction Strategy refers to the “direction and scope of a firm over the long run”. It facilitates the creation of competitive advantages through configuration of the firm’s resources in a challenging business environment in order to meet the customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations. The strategy process begins with strategic analysis in which the internal and external […]

Developing New Engineers and Their Effect on Organizational Commitment

Introduction One of the biggest challenges to organizations today is to motivate their workforce. Various human resource practices are, therefore yet to be formulated in light of recent research studies placing the human resource function as integral to the success of any organization (Ferris 1999). Employee development is relatively one of the most integral aspects […]

Information Systems for Managers

The pace of revolution of information technology is fast and has become even faster over the last decades. Consequently, many businesses have embraced the developments in information technology in a bid to avoid being looked out from the world of technology. One of the latest result based management practices is through the use of information […]

Google Industry Outlook

Introduction Google is a leading search engine and provider of online advertising services. The main focus of Google is in the search platforms, operating systems, advertising and mobile phone products. The company has a wide of products that serve as the factors of customer attraction. In 2013, Google enjoyed a market share of 67% in […]

Google Inc Performance and Strategies

Introduction Google Inc. is a technology-based company that offers a wide range of products in the field of internet and mobile technology. The firm was founded in January 1996 by two Stanford University graduate students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The two computer science students were interested in developing a search engine that was able […]

Strategic Thinking and Effective Change: Samsung

With over 200 subsidiaries across the continent, Samsung has devised a powerful business model in order to remain profitable (Samsung Global Strategy Group 2015). The firm uses innovative strategies and practices in order to produce new products. The concept of research and development (R&D) is also taken seriously. Such changes include eye-catching electronic devices and […]

How to Measure Innovation: DUBAL Company

Abstract DUBAL gained its success due to its innovations. They helped the company to achieve its desired broad objectives and become more competitive by influencing its operations at both meso (organization) and micro (individual) levels. Innovation measurement is vital for the organization as by dint of it the leaders can define if it can implement […]

Australia’s National Tobacco Campaign Tobacco Control

Executive Summary The government of Australia has embarked on Massive campaigns against tobacco consumption. It undertakes these functions through a number of government controlled organisations and civil society. The aim of the government is to influence and facilitate the change of behaviour in its citizens to one that condemn taking of tobacco products. Changing people’s […]

Liquefied Natural Gas Growth and Development

Introduction In 21st century, energy has become one of the vital international political issues. The globe is witnessing multiple energy confronts, soaring energy prices, climate change, global resource competition and energy poverty. The emerging of new vibrant economies like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) have hastened and worsened the present energy trends. India and […]

The effect of market-type procurement on the public sector

Introduction Quasi market procurement is a system in which governments buy public services from non-public establishments, such as not-for-profit and voluntary organisations, on behalf of users. Governments use this approach to introduce free market principles of price and quality in the provision of public services. In the United Kingdom, the system has yielded mixed results […]

Tour Operators’ Influence on Hotels in Mallorca

Introduction Tourism is rooted in the history of ancient civilisations. Over the years, the industry has grown to become one of the most lucrative sectors for the generation of foreign revenues in many nations. Franscesco Frangialli, the WTO secretary-general, posits, “Tourism at the turn of the century is growing faster than even our most optimistic […]

Instagram: purchase intentions in Thailand fashion industry

Overview of Relevant Theories Consumer behavior is a complex field. The complexity arises from the difficulties associated with predicting human behavior. People exposed to the same conditions do not always respond in the same way. This makes the study of consumer behavior important to help determine the potential range of consumer responses that arise from […]

Hezbollah’s Propaganda

Introduction Globally, western forces define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization (Peate 1). However, in some sections of the Muslim world, people consider Hezbollah as a resistance movement that protects Muslims against the “excesses” of the western world. The group’s main base of operation is in Lebanon. Its popularity in Lebanon, and some parts of the […]

Chinese Manga

Abstract Within the past few years Chinese manhua within China has been losing relevance within the country of its origin wherein more Chinese citizens apparently prefer manga to manhua. This shift towards manga and manhua has yet to be fully understood and, as such, will be explored within paper. By delving into the historical aspects […]

Marketing Design and Innovation: Smart TV’s

Executive Summary Marketing design and innovation has gained massive relevance in the electronic industry where competition has reached the cut-throat levels. The Smart TV industry is one of the most affected industries where firms are fighting to retain their competitiveness. Samsung Smart TV is one of the products that have found themselves in this competitive […]

Phosphate Removal by Struvite Crystallization

Abstract Human activities continue to threaten the purity of water by releasing pollutants from industries and domestic water usage. When phosphates in aqueous solutions gain access into water bodies, they lead to the abnormal growth of algae, which reduces the concentration of dissolved oxygen. Therefore, phosphates in aqueous solutions must be reduced before the solutions […]

Tourism in Shanghai

Abstract Tourism is one of the largest and major industries in the world. The sector has become a major source of income for numerous economies. Its significance is growing by the day. China, as the most populous country in the world, is projected to become a major market for both inbound and outbound tourists. Consequently, […]

Individual Case: Google Incorporation

Introduction Google Incorporation is one of the largest internet-based companies in the world. The company’s headquarters is in California. The company deals in areas such as software vending, search engine, and internet marketing. In the recent past, the company has added cloud computing to its products line. The company has grown through product differentiation, acquisitions, […]

Comprehensive Strategic Management: Emirates Identity Authority Strategy

Introduction There are many methods managers can use to succeed in developing their businesses regarding a number of external and internal factors that many affect the growing and prospering abilities. Strategic planning is one of the possible management tools that aim at ensuring managers and their employees that they work properly to achieve the same […]

Irony and the Narrative in Forster, Howards End

Introduction This narrative begins by demonstrating an array of varied experiences and scenarios that affect the lives of people living in three different interlinking English social classes, but with unfavorable consequences. The two sisters, Margaret and Helen Schlegel, are the representative of the bourgeois class, which is financially independent. They are representatives of the intellectual […]

Education in Iceland

Introduction Traditionally, education was viewed as a need that was optional and could be substituted to meet other life’s important basics. Today, provision of education has become a government’s social responsibility in a majority of the countries. However, the challenge remains on the provision of inclusive education and schooling, and how best to tailor the […]

Heriot-Watt University Future Strategy

Introduction Heriot-Watt University Based in Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University is the leading university in Scotland. The university has a special place both within the country as well as on the global map because of offering practical solutions the current global challenges without neglecting its basic mission of providing appropriate education to local and international students. The […]

Murdered Women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Introduction Ciudad Juárez is a region in Northern Mexico which is very famous for the violent murders of both men and women who live in it1. The region is ruled by the drug lords who are very wealthy from the sale of drugs in other regions of Mexico. These drug lords use these men and […]

The Impact of International Regimes

Overview Decision making procedure, rules, norms and principles that may either be explicit or implicit in affecting international relations are all embraced under the umbrella of international regimes. The expectations of actors in international regimes tend to converge on matters related to international affairs. The United States foreign policy is indeed one critical example of […]

The Psychology of Personality

Introduction This case study outlines the process of counselling, which composed of six sessions that my client underwent. The case study I have chosen has great significance to my life and career due to several reasons. Firstly, it was my first experience dealing with a client during my first year of training as a counsellor. […]

Agilent Technologies Company Activities

Introduction of the organization Agilent Technologies is among the pioneer companies that offer a wide range of measurement solutions to engineers, service providers, researchers and scientists. Scientists use the company’s products to test the safety of foodstuffs. Investigators use them in their inspection of crime-scene evidence. Researchers us them to study various diseases and come […]

Zadar Airport Limited Quality Management System

Quality Policy for an Airline company in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 The superiority of service and universal business of Zadar Airport Limited are the chief objective of the corporation, which depends on the evaluation of customers of the company’s services. In support of this course, the criterion for quality of service is the response the […]

Sales Management and Strategy

The business world is currently experiencing high levels of competition. This is due to availability of capital, easy entry into markets, present of substitutes and increase in the purchasing power of consumers (Sorce 6). As a result, firms need to come up with effective and efficient strategies in order to achieve a competitive advantage over […]

How Does the Leadership Style Adopted by the Franchisor Affect the Behavior of the Franchisee?

Abstract Franchising is regarded as one of the easiest forms of business deals that an entrepreneur can take advantage of. The requirements of such a venture are not very straining provided one secures a franchisor. A franchisor is an organization that lets another business entity utilize its intellectual property and transact on its behalf. The […]

Export Consultancy in UAE

Introduction Globalization and trade liberalization have become common terms in the past with both policy and technology advancements being the main drivers. The adoption of a free market economy system has greatly increased the productive potential of most countries. It has also created diverse opportunities for international trade. As a result of the reduction of […]

Performance Management System

Executive summary Basing on my analysis and divergent literature review, it is evident that performance management is paramount concern in corporate governance. This is because entities ought to monitor the performance of their staff. It is thus vital to set up a system that executes tasks. The reference entity is AIG, an organisation that is […]

Global Strategy in LEGO Group

Global strategy involves the ability of a company to use different productive approaches in order to remain competitive in the present dynamic business environment. A company, therefore, should have a large capital base or high liquidity so that it can survive the fluctuations in the market trend. In employing strategic management in their operations, companies […]

Management Strategy in the Public Sector

Introduction Local authorities are embracing the use of strategic management in their daily processes. Many have recognised the usefulness of the approach but few are yet to optimize its potential. Internal and external environments in public organisations make strategic management a challenging task for many. These firms require a comprehensive analysis of strategy use in […]

Critical Analysis of the Role of Leadership in Improving Performance in Public Sector Organisations

Introduction Distributed leadership is a post-heroic understanding of leadership that advocates the liberation from bureaucracy and strengthening of stakeholder involvement (Jackson 2000, p. 70). It has traits that make it relevant for public firms that are in need of a turnaround in performance (Harris, 2005, p. 82). Integrity or openness to criticism, delegation of duties […]

North by Northwest is an Oedipal Wish Fulfillment Fantasy

Even though that during the course of recent decades, the conceptual soundness of the Psychoanalytical Theory by Sigmund Freud has been increasingly criticized, on account of its presumed ‘unscientificalness’, there can only be a few doubts that it continues to denote a high practical value. After all, even today it represents a thoroughly legitimate practice, […]

Morilla Estate Marketing Plan

Internal Analysis In 1995, Mr. David Walsh acquired the Moorilla Estate in Hobart, and by 2005, the business had incorporated iconic brands with the Aim of becoming Australia’s most respected wine-producing Estate, although the company is not among the industry top ten wine producers in terms of revenue or tonnage the company boasts of superior […]

Training programs for semiliterate and illiterate populations in Swaziland

Health Communication: Training Programs for Semiliterate and Illiterate Populations – Swaziland Case Study Health communication focuses on the solution of health issues through the dissemination of selected messages to communities. Most organisations apply various means to spread health messages including the use of social media and personal interactions with target audiences. Although communication plays a […]

Reflection of Consultancy Project

This document has been created to acknowledge the completion of the project, which focused on brand development opportunities and alternative market strategies for the national banjo manufacturing company. The project specifically targeted its subsidiary. It is a premium quality British manufacturer. Its brand name is known as the ‘The Shackleton Brand. Following a brief summary […]

Google in 2008

Abstract Google has been a successful company for more than a decade now. The company conducts millions of searches daily that come up with relevant results that satisfy the needs of its users. Therefore, this paper critically analyses its operations and success. To achieve this, the paper focuses on the growth of search engines, the […]

Best Bet Business Plan

Executive summary Best Bet PR officers will be offering private Public Relations services to companies and individuals in China. The firm is owned by three business partners; Felix Adam and Jared. The partners have done other businesses together and one of the partners has actually worked as a PR officer in Hong Kong before. This […]

The Nordic’s Business and Accounting Environment

Introduction This paper provides a complete profile of the Nordic’s business and accounting environment with the focus on Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Nordic countries have common economic interests. These are small countries, which greatly benefit from foreign trade. Rapid economic developments in Nordic countries have made them among the most competitive economies of the […]

Resistance of Change in Kuwait’s Petroleum Industries Company

Executive Summary This project seeks to examine the resistance of change in organizations based on the actual evaluation of a recent case in Kuwait’s Petroleum Industries Company (PIC) where employees resisted a proposed change to adopt paperless technology. The company also wishes to adopt a new hierarchy and promotional system that has received profound resistance […]