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Zain Company in Saudi Arabia

According to the, the nine founding shareholders in Zain KSA only managed to raise 40 percent of the total money required to purchase the operating license and lay the basic infrastructure needed to commence operations.

The Coca-Cola Company

Research Objectives & Research Question The main objective of this report is to examine the operational performance and strategies of Coca-Cola in its global operation and especially in Saudi Arabia to understand and identify the [...]

Researching Consumer Behaviour

Final year students are the majority car buyers The government and the media have influenced students to purchase cars The changes in the education system are some of the factors influencing car buying among students.

ADCO Company’s Sourcing Plan

The first section sheds light on the role of procurement and supply in managing catering expenditures. Procurement and supply management entails multifaceted activities and aspects of essential sourcing materials, which form the foundation for organizations' [...]

Connaught Hotel’s Service Management

As an intern at the Connaught Hotel, I managed to develop a range of communication and teamwork skills, the ability to organize and self-manage my tasks, and the tendency to educate myself by learning from [...]