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Strategic Analysis of Amazon.com

Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to analyze external and internal environment of Amazon.com to assess the firm’s competitive position in the online retail industry to develop a strategic plan. However, this report concentrates more on market size, market growth rate, industry trends, five forces model, competitors, key success factors, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities […]

Economics of Russia and Ukraine

Introduction Background of the Study Russia’s economy is booming as it has been for the past six years; since 1998 its economy has been growing at well over six percent a year with most, if not all, of its economical growth being attributed to increasing oil, gas and mineral prices (Vaknin 2006, p 1). As […]

Economic Effects of the European Union on the 2004 Accession Countries

Abstract Ever since its inception, the European Union has gone through several changes. Originally, the founders’ motivation was to free Europe from the plaguing wars that devastated lives and properties. Nations geographically located within Europe and even those questionably considered European, aspire to become members. This paper focuses the discussion on the ten European countries, […]

The Importance of Graphic Design Related to Internet Communication

Abstract Graphic design has significantly proved an important and integral component in relation to internet communication. Despite the different definitions of graphic design, the discipline has proved the fundamental worth in online communication in a world that has increasingly embraced the internet, merging the virtual and the real world into virtual reality. That is evident […]

How Internet Communication Helps Graphic Designers to Spread Their Art Works to the World

Introduction The internet has entirely transformed the graphic design industry. The number of graphic designers has increased steadily over the recent few years. In fact, this growth is attributed to the development of internet communication (Tufte, 2010, p.5). There are more websites on the net: a number that is estimated to have tripled from the […]