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Global Warming: Its Reasons, Outcomes, and Connection to Human Activities

Introduction Global warming is considered to be one of the most burning issues for consideration during a long period of time in many countries. This very phenomenon is characterized by considerable increasing of temperature that is caused by the use of fossil fuels and developing industrialization. Lots of scientists offer more and more own predictions […]

Concepts of Civil law Versus Sharia Law

Introduction Owing to diversity in individual character, it is very hard to manage people without use of correctly drafted and recommended set of doctrines. These doctrines help to guide practices and solve problems not only in local settings, but also in international scenarios. Since time memorial, these set rules have been the main guiding principles […]

The Economics Of Globalization In South Korea

Introduction Globalization is a phenomenon that has had a variety of effects on different countries in the world and to which all countries have reacted to just as differently. South Korea is one of the countries that has greatly benefitted from free trade and open markets. Within the span of three decades, South Korea transformed […]

Nelson Mandela “Freedom in Africa”

Introduction It can be difficult to understand the meaning of oppression if at all one has never experienced the struggles coupled with oppressions hence, the desire to liberate from shackles of oppression. However, it is not easy to find the way out of oppression, especially when the oppressors seem to gain much from their egoistic […]

Comparing and Contrasting Developmental Theories

Psychologists have made tremendous progress in their attempts to explain how development occurs among human beings. Over a long period of time, developmental psychologists have been engaged in controversies in their understanding of development as either continuous or stage oriented (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2008). Those who propose that human development is discontinuous argue that it […]

Independent Study Courses

Introduction Education has for a long time been termed as the universal “key to success”. It is through a good education that we equip ourselves with the best skills both mentally and physically so as to yield positive results in our journey for success. However, education without direction is not effective and as such, it […]

Work Place Violence

Introduction Work place violence can be defined as violence caused by employees on their fellow employees or vive versa. It may include abuses, threats, intimidation, and physical abuse among others. Work place violence is a serious issue that can even lead to a reduction in production in an organization. It also results in increased costs […]

Islam Religious Institution in New York

Islam has several denominations that follow the laws and culture of the Islam way of life. Islam is divided into the following denominations Sunni, Shi’a, Sufism, Ahmadiyya, Kharijites and Quranists. The Sunni Muslims are the majority of all the Muslims and comprise of 90% of all the worlds Muslims. Due to their large numbers they […]

Finish Dishwater Tablets 25 Pack

Introduction of the Company The company involved in the manufacturing of the “finish dishwater tablets 25 pack” is a soap and detergent company. The main aim of this product is to satisfy consumers’ need for an efficient tablet they could use for treating water used in cleaning utensils and other household materials. However, consumers look […]

Human Factor in Global Warming

Introduction In the last two centuries, there has been a significant rise in the average global temperature. Scientists estimate the increase to have ranged from 0.4 to 0.8 degrees within the said time. In the next one century, this rate is expected to increase to about 3.0 degrees. If this becomes the case, then this […]

Corporate Crisis Management

Introduction Every company is faced with some sort of crises from time to time. How a company decides to respond to these crises determines whether it will collapse or it will succeed. This is called crises management. There are some emergency situations that occur in a company that needs urgent measures to ensure that they […]

Power and Systems Transformation in a New World: Overview of the Topic

Transformation of powers and systems in the new world has been evidenced since the 21st century and many dimensions have been advanced to explain the change. Because of this transformation, many nation-states have emerged, some of which stand to date but others have collapsed out of the same pressures. However, preceding the emergence of nation-states, […]

Afghan Women and Violation of Their Rights

One of the significant movements which characterized the 20th was the feminism movement which advocated for equal rights for women. The success of this moment resulted in rise of women’s rights. This ascendancy resulted in better treatment of women in much of the developed world. As a result of the calls for equality and the […]

Rhetoric: Oil Arguments

There are a lot of different opinions concerning the oil industry’s future. However, all parties agree that this issue is a major concern to everyone. It speaks to our pockets everyday, it rings in our ears through the news, and its effects are visible in our environment. Oil is used in virtually everything we have […]

Development Theories in Child Development

Introduction Development theories argue that child development is influenced by a mixture of innate biological abilities that a child has at birth and the interaction that he or she has with the environment where they grow up especially in early childhood and adolescence. Though different theories hold different views, the research paper holds the opinion […]

Community Safety

Background information Multi-occupancy buildings, which are still under construction provides temporary housing for migrants workers. At the moment, the buildings are overpopulated, and this strains the limited energy sources in the building. As a result, occupants alter electricity and gas supplies in order to access several cooking points in a single dwelling and this in […]

Virgin Mobile Australia

In a study by Beulen, et al (2006), Virgin Mobile is an upcoming first growing company that runs mobile telephone services within the telecommunication industry. It was founded in 1999 and is presently a fully Virgin Group’s subsidiary. The company prides in having its customers being able to both shop in about 6000 retail outlets […]

Brain-based Learning

Introduction Learning is a complex and continuous process that usually occurs whenever people interact with other human beings and or objects in their surrounding environments. At the same time, we also need to realize that learning may as well take place in either a consciously or sub-consciously manner. Thus interaction is very important for creating […]

Preparedness plan for a school

Introduction The preparedness plan is meant to be used by the school in case of any of the disasters listed. According to Hulnick (2004), being well prepared for emergencies and anticipating threats helps to achieve deal with emergencies in a better way. All parents should have a copy of the plan and make themselves familiar […]

Ford Motors and the Automobile Industry

Introduction In 2009, Ford Motors was rated the second motor vehicle manufacturer in the world according to Standard & Poor’s. However, negative forces to include the rumblings of its shareholders made Ford to encounter environmental forces, which were not favourable for its growth. Henry Ford founded the company with many innovations introduced in manufacturing. One […]

Thomas More and King Henry VIII, their relationship

Introduction Sir Thomas More, also famous as Saint Thomas More, was an English lawyer attorney, societal logician, theologian, writer, national leader, renowned Renaissance humanitarian and ultimate sacrificial victim. He also served as a key counselor to King Henry VIII of England before he rose to the position of Lord Chancellor. More is seen as a […]

Mescaline Peyote

Ogunbodede, O., McCombs, D., Trout, K., Daley, P., & Terry, M. (2010). New Mescaline Concentrations from 14 Taxa/Cultivars of Echinopsis spp. (Cactaceae) (“San Pedro”) and Their Relevance to Shamanic Practice. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 131 (2), 356-362. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2010.07.021. This article by Olabode Ogunbodedea, Douglas McCombs, Keeper Trout, Paul Daley and Martin Terry on New Mescaline […]

Weight Loss Alternatives

Introduction Since the onset of this century, one of the most prevalent problems that has afflicted the society, especially in the developed countries, is that of obesity. Hendrick asserts that up to 63.1% of adults in America are suffering from this health anomaly (Hendrick, 2010). This figure implies that two out of every three American adults are obese. This finding […]

Sponsorship Scandal

Introduction The government of any given country forms the integral part in the growth and development of the country. Public and security services provision is the work of the government. Licensing and control of businesses as well as ensuring a suitable business environment is provided is also the mandate of the government in many nations […]

Protests and music of the Vietnam War

Introduction The Vietnam War was perhaps the worst war the U.S. ever took part in. The government suffered massive losses, and the war substantially tainted its image. As the war progressed, the government faced great set-backs because public were totally against the war. The government had lied to the public about the intentions of the […]

Reducing Drug Trafficking In the United States

Executive Summary The negative effect of illicit drugs is well known and documented. The use and abuse of illicit drugs has in the recent past threatened the security and health of many nations. The United States of America has been documented as the country with the highest expenditure on drugs. This makes it a lucrative […]

Applicability of Professional Learning Conversation in the Chinese Educational Setting

Introduction The field of education is the subject of continuous improvement and advancement in any country of the world; every state realizes that education of the growing generation at all levels assists in building the competitive advantage of the future labor force of the state. Therefore, there has always been agile interest and attention in […]

Human Resources Management (HRM) (Future Career)

Introduction Human resource management is the strategic and logical system of managing the people working in a specific organization. Human resource management entails recruitment, supervision and learning of employees. People working in an organization are a very important asset of that particular organization. The ability of any organization to meet short term and long term […]

Realism in the Service of Politics: Two Views of War

Art has a long history of being involved in the achievement of political goals; consider the monumental imperial advertisement of power and control of resources represented by the huge Colossus of Rome[1]. In the early 20th century, what was termed realism was not the direction that popular art movements were taking. However, what was termed […]

Philippe Starck as the Great Designer of the World

For the French, the world widely knows them better probably in design, art and fashion. For years now, the French have almost taken a leading role as market leaders in the clothes, hotel, art, winery and cooking industries not to mention natural sciences and philosophy. Although France may not exclusively claim for the one of […]

The Level of Internet Adoption in Saudi Arabia

Introduction The Internet has introduced a wide range of opportunities for organizations, businesses, and citizens in terms of communication, cooperation, and social interaction. Being one of the greatest contributions, it has also presented new options and services that can substitute physical infrastructures with online presence of the above-mentioned systems. Certainly, such innovation has considerably improved […]

Cult Leaders Characteristics

Introduction The word cult has been known to refer to a group of individuals who believe in an abnormal practice. The members of a cult are said to perform ritual practices which in most cases are regarded as dangerous or mind controlling to a normal person (Burns 2). Just like any movement, cult members have […]

Fashion Sociology

Introduction Fashion and clothing styles define identity of a person in a society characterized by diversity. Fashions are very diverse and unique in that they can satisfy virtually all human needs in the world in terms of social, religious, and cultural demands of identity. Compared with ancient society, modern society is experiencing tremendous change in […]

The History of the Employee Benefits Plans in the U.S.

Introduction Employee benefits arrangements encourage financial safety of workforce by indemnifying them against unseen predicaments and improving existing conditions. This is through availing people centered services. The plans contribute to the fortification of financial situation in the country through enhancing wage and wellbeing of citizens thus enhancing service availability through the taxation process. The benefits […]

Organizational Planning Acts

Organizational planning acts as a pivotal instrument for driving organizational success. Planning entails the integration of essential tools by the management within any form of organization, with the goal of enhancing effectiveness and efficiency measures. Complex organizations such as schools, large private businesses and public agencies have adopted and integrated technology to aid in the […]

Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool

Introduction Social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Linkedin and FourSquare) have become an intimate part of our everyday life. The World Wide Web has significantly popularized social media networks. The World Wide Web provides a platform upon which social media networks enable people to interact. This interaction has turned the world into more of […]

Break up of a relationship

Marriage A marriage is defined as a legal contract or a social union between persons who gives rise to families or relationships. It is also an association where sexual and intimate affairs are accepted in various ways; depending on the cultures, it is found. People marry for a number of reasons, which may include social […]

Teaching in schools and creativity of students

While we appreciate the major strides made in the growth and development of educational standards in United States, there seems to be a glaring disparity between theoretical and practical work that students learn in both public and private schools. One important area of concern is the teaching of art subjects that definitely demand more practical […]

The Strategic Competencies of Delivering Gifts

Work process standard This appraisal is aimed at assessing the strategic competencies of delivering gifts and other services to customer’s convenient places within recommended time. The main services offered by the business include delivery of gifts to places recommended by our clients at a fee. The gifts include flowers, jewelry among other gifts as the […]

Personal Responsibility

Thesis Statement Personal responsibility results to increase in the rate of success and decrease in examination cheating among the students in schools. Introduction The word personal responsibility is the self-awareness of a person towards success of one’s life. It is also being aware of the initial goal of one’s life hence doing everything towards one’s […]

Analysis on the Case Study of Maria

The first issue to discuss is that Maria is self-referred because she is the one who brought herself to the agency. The doctor or psychiatrist did not bring her but there are sentiments that she is involuntary because she has taken too long to seek psychological advice. She waited until she is diagnosed with a […]

Peoples Vision of Saudi Arabia

A monarch that comprises of members of the Al Saud, the ruling family rules Saudi Arabia. The king is the imperial ruler who appoints ministers and consultative councils. The monopoly encourages dictatorship and corruption. This portrays Saudi Arabia in a bad light to the international community. The laws that govern the state of Saudi Arabia […]

Credit Control and Charity Research

Advance payment to suppliers Regeneration through Education (RTE) is a Charity Organization formed by several trustees where majority of them are directors of different Companies. The Organization is a Non-profit Organization whose main objective is to influence people in society through rejuvenating their education potential. This applies to the young people in society who have […]

Clean Energy Importance

Abstract Nowadays pollution is a tremendous problem for people and the earth. Researchers and scientists are trying so hard to try to solve that problem. Clean energy is one of the solutions. Clean energy means the energy that will not effect to the environment. Clean energy is the energy that can produce by some of […]

The issue of racial prejudice

The play of Othello has been one closely bound up with the question of race and racism. It is the underlying issue of racial prejudice in Venetian society that influences Iago’s plot against Othello, a prejudice both Othello and Desdemona are much aware of its existence. Desdemona denies prejudice in her own life. Her focus […]

The Chicano Movement

Recent attacks on immigrants and on affirmative action, coupled with the mean-spirited political climate in the U.S.Congress, have brought a revival of Chicano activism on college campuses and in scholarly conferences. Moreover, it has come to a restoration of the oratory of the Chicano Movement of the 60’s and 70’s. This is not fresh as […]

Does the idea of national cinema still have relevance in the age of globalization?

Introduction A national cinema entails films that are produced within a nation state, and have always been used to portray the culture of the particular nation. The understanding of most films, always have one or more protagonist, and this protagonist seek adventure, redemption or escape (Klinger 1997, p. 2). Most nation cinemas are associated with […]

“Our Iceberg Is Melting” – Book Review & Summary of 8 Steps

Introduction The book ‘Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions’ by John Kotter entails an analysis of the importance of leadership as one of the management practices that individuals and organizations should incorporate. The book uses a simple metaphor ‘Our iceberg is melting’ to illustrate the fact that one can perform well […]

The Dura Europos Synagogue

Introduction Jewish artists have real pieces of art works as history reveals. Jewish artists have created pieces of arts for at least the last 2,000 years. These are evident from paintings of “18th century, 500 years of making ritual objects and illustrated prayer books, haggadahs, megillas, ketubos and the extensive production of illuminated manuscripts between […]

Mr. Dees: The rising and development of a Company

Synopsis As Mr. Dees left the office of his lawyer, he reflected on the past twenty-five years and he realized that he definitely had several major achievements in his education in addition to his profession. Moreover, he discovered that he had some blind and unidentified issues in addition to weakness that had generally cost him […]

Poverty Concerns in Today’s Society

Introduction Poverty continues to molest and threaten the existence of the human race with each part of the world being affected though in different proportions. It remains a relevant topic in discussions with policies being implemented in different parts of the world to avert and control it. Throughout the centuries, poverty has changed in the […]

Leadership Styles Role in the Organizational Aims

Introduction Since different leadership styles are needed during different occasions, this paper analyzes some of the views of respondents interviewed. Respondents observed that leadership styles affect the organizational aims and objectives. In the United Arabs Emirates, leadership affects job satisfaction, loyalty of employees, and efficiency. Therefore, leadership style is a dependent variable that is affected […]

Guns Should Be Controlled or Restricted in the USA

Introduction Some Americans are inclined to accentuate their freedom provided in the democratic society with references to different aspects of the social life and legal policies. The possibility to have handguns to use them for protecting the property or life is also discussed in the context of stating the human rights and freedoms. However, the […]

The influence of Heavy Metal on Japanese culture

Introduction Heavy metal music, frequently called metal, signifies a field of rock music. A heavy metal singer cannot make it all by himself or herself: s/he has to be a part of a group. The band (group) is a representation of both society and a useful requirement to create the heavy metal reverberation (Weinstein, 2000, […]

Should Patients with High Blood Pressure Take Drugs?

According to Dishman (201), high blood pressure (or hypertension) is increasingly becoming a major health problem. According to recent estimates, one in every three Americans suffer from high blood pressure (Dishman (201). Compared to teenagers and children, the incidence of high blood pressure among adults is relatively high. Globally, estimates show that more than 25% […]

Marriage and Family: Life Experience

Introduction Marriage is derived from love despite its material necessity. However, the United States marriages have been embellished by sexual desire which forms the basis for accomplishing love. Whereas marriage seemed to be determined by couples, many factors including social norms usually come into play. Basically, love is the sole architect of the glorification and […]

Zappos Case Study: Operations Management

Abstract Zappos.com is the largest online shoe retailer in America and it is owned by Amazon.com. The company is based in Henderson, Nevada. It was founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn. 1n 2009, the company was acquired by Amazon. Tony Hsier is the current CEO. Zappos mission is “to provide the best customer service possible”. […]

Compare the Russian Political system with China and state which is more successful and why?

Introduction A political system is a combination of the formal and informal structures which manifest the state’s dominion over its geographical sphere of influence as well as its citizens. The political system of a state can change as the country adjusts to the realities it faces or as it tries to balance the needs of […]

Ethical Implications of Businesses in Third World Economies

Introduction The global industrialization issue is increasingly becoming an internationally contested issue with developed economies possessing great economic power over developing nations. As international business competition intensifies across all economies, the pressure in developed economies seems rigorous with investors opting to venture in the developing countries (Cate, 2009). Small, Medium, and Multinational Corporations have found […]

What Love Is and Why It Matters

Lack of love during the early childhood life causes poor emotional development during adult life. (Hurlock, 47)The way people respond to stress is not present at birth but is natured as people develop especially during the first few years when the brain is still fresh and young and thus the emotional development is crucial. High […]

Interpersonal Communication: The Price of Non-Disclosure as References through Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation

“We’ll be listening to you” (Coppola, 1974) – is the final phrase of the movie that turns the life of the major character into hell and makes him considerably change own life and own perception of this world. The story under consideration, created by Francis Ford Coppola in far 1974, touches upon numerous aspects of […]

The Great Depression crisis

Introduction The year 1929 to 1939 marked the period when the western world was almost brought on its knees. Never in the history of civilization had the Western world experienced such a severe and prolonged period of depression. The depression effects spread from United States to the rest of the world. Generally, there were spiraling […]

Fitness and Performance in Aviation

Fitness in most professional jobs is an individual duty to assess his or her well-being in undertaking such professions. It is a legal requirement to undergo thorough medical checkups before qualifying for professions like aviation and other related jobs. Most of the accidents caused by aircrafts are related to human factors of physical and psychological […]

Physical Fitness in Aviation

Abstract Movement is one of the most essential aspects of human life which help in driving the economy of nations. Unfortunately, gaps in human performance usually lead to mistakes which mostly end up in accidents. Research has shown that physical fitness of a person reduces chances of a person getting sick since it improves the […]

Design Management and New Paradigm in Design

Introduction Recent developments in design have brought about a lot of changes in the way design is approached by artists and corporate bodies. Design is basically the plan that forms the starting point for the making of every object or system in the artistic and professional fields and focuses on visual communication and presentation. Design […]

Concepts of Human Resource Management

Introduction Work force management is one of the key factors that determine the success of any organization. This is because, considering the current changing working trends, and variability of the labor market demands, it is very important for an organization to maintain a cohort of workers who not only posses the required proficiency and capability, […]

Tourism, Travel and 9/11

Introduction On September 11, 2001, a well planned and a devastating attack was directed to the United States of America. An Islamic extremist group called al Qaeda was responsible for these attacks. These attacks were a blow to the economic and the business fabric of the U.S., and as a result, of the world. Despite […]

Hitler’s Schutzstaffel

The analysis of World War II and Hitler’s S.S reveals that the leaders of this organization were the framers of Hitler’s final resolution. This can be depicted from Hitler’s life his involvement in the army and his political intervention. Long time ago, in fact during the age of civilization, was born a man who would […]

Total Compensation in HRM

Total compensation is a term used in the practice of human resource management to refer to the aggregate benefits which arise from a person’s employment. It incorporates all the programs, plans, opportunities and benefits accruing from employment. The range of benefits include cash pay in the form of salaries and wages, medical schemes, allowances for […]

Separation of Church and State

The history of religion and state in the United States dates back to the puritan times (Corbett and Corbett, 1999). The relationship of the two at the time was so intense that religious matters were indoctrinated in common law in form of theocracy. The Puritan system used both political and religious organizations as the model […]

Challenges of the Arab Gulf States

Introduction Considering the current dept crisis facing most of the Arab Gulf States, a constructive engagements would be very helpful for acceleration of economic growth as well as that of the dependants who are mainly the developing countries benefiting from oil exports or the wide range of products and machinery. The credible factors the Arabs […]

Adolescents and Popular Culture: A Critical Analysis on Blogging Culture

Introduction and Definitions Adolescence is a very anxious and uncertain time in the lives of many youngsters in nearly all civilizations of the world. Physically, youngsters getting initiated into this important stage of individual development change rapidly and uncontrollably, exiting the comfortable and reassuring life of childhood forever. Mentally, individuals start to gain superior consciousness […]

Census Tract 78.09

The Hawaiian Islands lie in the centre of Pacific Ocean. These islands are located on several spots in the middle of the ocean. Another island in the Pacific Ocean is Oahu. The latter is closely located to the Hawaiian Islands with a census tract number of 78.07. The census tract map of Oahu Island in […]

Planning functions

Planning is a decision making process. It helps one to decide on what to do and how to do it. There are six steps to follow when planning. First and foremost, one has to analyze the situation. Two constraints are very important at this stage and they are time and resources. Gathering of information and […]

Nietzsche: Death of God

Introduction The question of whether God really exists has elicited heated debates and remained unsolved for as long as documented history can trace. This is mainly caused by the belief that unless man establishes the existence of God he can not really understand the purpose of his existence. The belief in God is what maintains […]

Obesity and How Society views it

Throughout the human history, weight gain and fat storage have been seen the signs of fertility and prosperity. Currently, due to the rise of living standards, excess weight and obesity are posing a growing threat to health in many countries around the world. Obesity is a chronic disease that prevails in both developed and developing […]