Digital TV and Its Consequences: A Changing Media Industry

Literature review The main idea that is being promoted throughout the article by Gripsrud, is that the very paradigm of TV-broadcasting, in the traditional sense of this word, is rather inconsistent with the discursive implications of the process of digital television replacing the analog one. As the author noted, “The present technological shift from analog […]

Organizational Diagnosis

Long-term business performance is very important for business survival as well as sustainability. Organizations always strive to adopt best strategies to improve their management standards so as to enable them better achieve their core objectives. Best practices and organizational diagnosis have often been used to maintain quality in organizations, and as an alternative to fixed […]

Impacts of Culture on Formulation of International Marketing Strategies

Culture affects businesses and human behavior. Most problems between nations come up from deep misunderstandings between the people of these nations, and most of these misunderstandings are rooted in cultural differences. When we understand the behaviors of people from different nations and the reasons why they behave in a certain way, we are less likely […]

Creativities and Boys Involvement

Introduction The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) noted that the creativity among children has to be enhanced by supporting their curiosity, exploration and play. It is also important to provide them with opportunities for exploring and sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This can be achieved through art, music, movement and dance activities among others. […]

International Finance

Background information Multinational corporations (MNCs) are faced by various risks in their operation (Gallagher & Andrew, n.d, p. 595). One of these risks relate to economic risks. For example, the cash flows earned from the firms’ operations have to be repatriated to the parent company which means that the cash flows are subject to exchange […]

Transformational Leadership Theory and Personality

The concept of leadership is as old as mankind. A number of theories and conceptual models that explain this concept have been put forward by psychologists among other organisational experts. The theories have been classified into eight broader schools of thought. They include: the trait approach to leadership, the behavioral theories, the contingency or situational […]

Fair Trade US organization

Introduction Social enterprises encompass organizations, which deploy commercial strategies to enhance the maximization of environmental and humanity improvements. Their focus is not principally on maximization of returns on investments to the company external shareholders. Social enterprises are structured to assume models for non-profits making, for profits making, or a blend of these two models. However, […]

Socialism in China

Introduction Socialism, also known as communism, is an economic system that involves collective wealth. This simply means that there is social ownership of everything present. This differs from capitalism, which is an economic system that encourages the accumulation of individual wealth. Many countries today practice capitalism. China is one of the countries that are associated […]

Volvo Management

Introduction Organizations are part and parcel of every society. This is because human beings are involved in the process of forming organizations with the aim of attaining certain objectives. In essence, human beings are social animals who have the tendency of organizing and ensuring that their affairs are managed within their anticipated objectives. This is […]

“Aliens” Movie

“Aliens” is an upshot of the movie Alien that was produced and released in 1986. This outstanding work of Cameron has been faced with critical comments since its release. A very high status had already been set by the precedent movie Alien produced and directed by Scott. The status attached to this series has broken […]

Decision Making: Starbucks Transformational Experience

Starbucks Historical Background Howard Schultz was among the founders of Starbucks. He transformed the entire community into an upscale cultural phenomenon by introducing a legendary product. At Seattle Pike Place, Gerald Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zier Siegl were among the pioneers who opened a small coffee shop by 1971. It specialized in selling Arabica beans […]

Master of Risk Management

Introduction In the modern dynamic organizational or rather operational environment, many organizations have faced situations that hinder them from achieving strategic plans, goals and objectives. Thus, embracing the concepts of risk management can greatly enhance the organization’s capacity to mitigate such unhealthy conditions (risks). For the purposes of discussions of the paper, risk management refers […]

The Entrepreneurial State by Mariana Mazzucato

Introduction The book titled The Entrepreneurial State is a recent publication, having been published in 2013. The book was published by Anthem Press. It is authored by Mariana Mazzucato, one of the key figures in the debate surrounding various economic issues in contemporary society. In the book, Mazzucato seeks to unravel the disparities between the […]

Radiation Dose Reduction Strategies in Cardiac CT Angiography

Introduction With great advancements in technology especially in the field of medicine, computed tomography (CT) has developed to become a very important clinical tool (Smith-Bindman et al. 2009). The use of CT examinations has also substantially increased. In the U.S., for example, the number increased from 3 million from the 80s to about 70 million […]

Public Health Perspectives on Tobacco Control: The Framework Convention

In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) member states successfully negotiated the organization’s first ever framework convention on tobacco control. The aim of negotiating this particular framework was with a view to ensuring global accountability in public health. This means that the Public Health Perspective on Tobacco Control is recognized and certified by the World […]

Environmental Issues for Managers: UK’s Current Strategy on Renewable Energy/Technologies

Current Strategy of the UK on Renewable Energy and Technologies The energy renewable strategy of the UK entails escalating the utilization of micro-generation and lessening energy wastage (The Stationery Office 2009). At present, strategy seeks to facilitate dissemination of renewable energy and heat technologies into the whole nation. This is an element to comply with […]

Ease of Doing Business in Qatar

The World Bank created an index that determines the ease of investing in different countries across the globe. In ranking countries, the ease of doing business index considers numerous factors, such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering properties, enforcing contracts, getting credit, paying taxes, trading across borders, and resolving insolvency. Countries having […]

Corporate Governance and Informational Disclosure on Internet Financial Reporting: The Saudi Arabia Evidence

Abstract The proposed study aims at in-depth understanding of the existing correlation between corporate governance and transparent disclosure of the internet financial reporting (IFR) in Saudi Arabian companies. This relationship will be investigated in an empirical research in order to clarify the reliability of possible impacts of corporate governance techniques on the disclosure transparency in […]

“Goodbye, Dragon Inn” by Dir. Tsai Ming-liang

Introduction For numerous decades now, the creativity industry has been playing a significant role in shaping the socio-economic status of artisans involved in arts as well as the entire public. For instance, movies have essentially improved the social and cultural lives of individuals globally with most of them providing important lessons that viewers can emulate. […]

Analysis: “City of Sadness” by Dir. Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Introduction Movies and films form an integral part of people’s normal living. Central to their fundamentalism, especially in shaping the social life of human beings, several studies have continuously concentrated on major film metrics including examining the historical significance, cultural phenomena, and filmmaking techniques incorporated in such movies. Several traditional movies and other recent movies […]

Organisational Culture

There are three levels of organisational culture and these are listed as follows: artefacts; espoused beliefs and values; basic underlying assumptions (Schein, 2010, p.24). The term artefact referred to the visible aspect of culture such as the behaviour of the employees as well as the business process within the firm. Espoused beliefs and values on […]

Organisational Sustainability

Introduction The past two decades have been characterised by an unprecedented rate of globalisation, technological developments, and competition, which have led to a remarkable revolution within and across organisations. Despite the changes arising from the macro environment, businesses have to maximise their level of profitability. This assertion highlights the need for organisations to develop sustainability, […]

Totemism and Structuralism

Totemism and structuralism are some of the key topics that place Levi-Strauss in the lime light. The two elements are not only important in the analysis of system composition, but also in determining the relationships between systems. In structuralism, classification and systems play a foreground role in determining what makes a structure (Tilley 1990). This […]

Feedback Control: An Invisible Thread in the History of Technology

Introduction The concept of feedback control facilitated great waves of technological and scientific advancements in the last century. It led to innovations, which had significant impacts on technology during the Scientific Revolution, the Age of Electronics, the Age of Aviation, Industrial Revolution, and the Space Age. In this regard, this paper will discuss the technological […]


Abstract This paper examines the attributes needed to hire an effective staffing manager, compares human resource planning for a large international bank and for a local police department as well as evaluates the processes behind recruitment effectiveness. Through globalization and the process of outsourcing and off shoring, employee teams are no longer isolated to merely […]

Maersk Line

Introduction This paper presents a detailed analysis of the Maersk Line case study. Maersk Line is the world single largest shipping company. Despite its organic growth over the years, the company is grappling with several challenges, which include increasing competition and high fuel costs. In this regard, the analysis will focus on three areas. First, […]

Elements of Project Management – Workplace Health and Safety, PPE, B2B marketing

Workplace Health and Safety, and PPE Personal Reflection The aspects of management style that have brought the best work out of me are adaptability and critical problem solving skills (Davis 2008). The aspect of adaptability influenced the adjustments that I had to make in exercising influence over the need to remodel the concrete mixing ratio […]

Facial Feedback Hypothesis

Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that the facial expression depicted by people is related to the effective emotional response. This study involves two experiments designed as a correctional alternative to the earlier versions that were associated with ambiguities. The first experiment focuses on the efficiency of the procedures used […]

HRM Strategies Description

Introduction Human resources managers are continuously encountering heightening challenges in managing people while working as HR practitioners in multi-national or transnational companies in the wake of globalisation. Srivastava and Agarwal (2012) assert that HR “managers are facing many changes in the present business scenario like globalisation workforce diversity, technological advances, and changes in political and […]

Solving ethical dilemmas in public relations

Introduction The profession of public relations involves the control and dissemination of information in a corporate setting. It also involves control of information to the public from individuals or a company. The main objective behind this profession is to ensure that the public maintains a certain image of an individual or company’s products, governance, or […]

Impact of policies on the practice of urban agriculture in Los Angeles

Introduction Climate change has a socio-political angle with great impact on economies. The impact of damages associated with such natural phenomena depends on vulnerabilities of social, political, or economic nature to individuals and entire communities. For instance, devastation associated with floods is usually high in populations with poor economic systems and poor political policies with […]

Is the sweatshop concept adopted by the U.S. manufactures overseas ethical?

Historical perspective Some organizations, especially those in areas exempted from the minimum wage laws and dominated by consistent denial of freedom to unionize workers, employees are often subjected to poor working conditions (risk, overcrowding, and poor ventilation) and low pay. In such organizations, child labor is also high (Blackburn, 2001). Currently, in the US, labor […]

Softchoice Corporation is an information communication technology

Industry Profile Softchoice Corporation is an information communication technology (ICT) firm. The firm particularly deals with programming tools, database products, and obscure software, and has been authorized to deal with corporate, government, as well as educational licensing programs (Government of Canada, 2013). Canada’s ICT industry mainly comprises of small companies, numbering about 33,300 in total. […]

Strategy in Project Management: A Vital Pillar

Plans that guide the desired projections of organisations both in the short and long-term run constitute strategy. The set plan that aims at achieving business, operational and corporate goals requires skilful business forecasting and benchmarking. Strategy entails reviewing and selecting a set of choices instead of designing a fixed plan (Porter 1996). Organisations set out […]

Facebook an important weapon in the politics of Vietnam.

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberger. It was initially meant for students of Harvard University. Over the years, it grew to include all universities in Boston and presently it has become global (Phillips 3). There are no charges for registration on the site. Facebook generates its income from advertising (Phillips 4). It is […]

The advanced community planning in response to the potential threat of terrorism

Introduction Community planning essentially involves the use of political and technical planning techniques as means to ensure the development and protection of the community in question. The technical angle includes building dwellings that cater for the resident population’s housing, infrastructural, and security needs sufficiently, while the political angle involves the development and implementation of policies […]

The Strategic Value of Firm Projects

Introduction A business strategy provides a firm with an elaborate framework for evaluation of its ideas/projects with regard to their strategic value. In most firms, the frameworks for implementation and evaluation of strategy are largely lacking. Strategic value goes beyond strategy; it encompasses ideas that give the firm comparative advantage (Campbell, Goold & Alexander 1995). […]