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Trans- Atlantic slave trade history

The Royal African Company of London was initiated by King Charles II in his ambition to expand the slave trade of England. King Charles II together with the duke of York invested their own funds into the company to establish it. Miers (45) explains that it was “Initially it was known as the Company of […]

Fashion and Identity

Introduction The relationship between man, fashion and identity has always been intriguing. Man is in a constant search of identify, something that will make him unique and identifiable. A unique tool to enhance a person’s identity is fashion. Fashion industry is driven by creativity and as such results in many designs. The debate in this […]

Report on Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction The fact that today’s employees are fundamentally different from employees of yesteryears necessitates the development of new methods and techniques to tackle current and future challenges in the Human Resource industry. Workers are different in terms of skills, motivation, goals, perceptions and many other variables. Hence, employees cannot be administered using traditional human resource […]

Internet Recruiting

Introduction Less than one decade internet has comprehensively changed the process of recruitment in international corporations and small scale firms. Currently, employers are capable of posting job advertisements in career hubs which can be accessed by millions of people per day. Website also enhances instant, extensive employee recommendation from one company to another. It also […]

In the Rhythm of the Heartbeat: The Genius of Mahler

Introduction: Life as a Constant Struggle One of the most prominent people of the epoch, Mahler deserves being called the man who made the world sound in a different way. Without his enchanting and thrilling compositions, the world of art would have lost its specific flair of greatness. Tracing the background of Symphony No.2, one […]

Musical Features of Mahler’s III Symphony

Introduction The third symphony by Mahler is recognized as one of his longest and most amazing works. The third symphony implements the composer’s aesthetical views concerning the structure, contour, tune and acoustic material of musical works and combines the influence of Nietzsche’s philosophical framework with Mahler’s reconsideration of religious imagery. The third symphony amazingly combines […]

Vanderbilt University Medical Hospital: Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis

Introduction Vanderbilt is a large hospital that has many locations, many patients and a lot of employees. Stakeholder analysis and value identification is therefore very important in order to assess the impact that the company has on the society at large and the ways in which different stakeholders may affect the company’s strategy (Demars, 2007). […]

Anorexia as Eating Disorder

Abstract Significant amount of time has been dedicated by researchers in the study of anorexia, an eating disorder. Nonetheless, extensive data that is so far available has not been fully utilized towards combating this disorder. It is against this background that the number of anorexia patients across the world has continued to raise thereby negating […]

A PPP Framework for Public Housing in China

Introduction Many governments are integrating Public Private Partnerships into their development agendas. Among the areas where Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are leading to the growth and development of several economies includes the housing sector (Kabir 565). A partnership between the government and the private sector in the direction of implementing public development presents numerous advantages. […]

The coming war with Iran

Introduction The greed for power and competition for resources has resulted in many deaths of innocent civilian. This has been quite notable in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Oil has been the main reason for attach in Iraq and also the potential invasion in Islamic republic of Iran. Americans has always made efforts to have its […]

Doha Round Development Failure and its impact on globalization

Introduction Globalisation has lead to an increase in trade among countries; however there has been some measures put forward by different countries to curb flow of goods and services. Such barriers to trade are tariffs, quotas and subsidies. World trade organisation is an internationally recognised body, which oversees and makes policies aimed at facilitating international […]

Service Learning Strategy: Process and Outcomes

Service learning is a strategy that incorporates community service into the curriculum. In service learning students prepare for the activities they will perform during community service through studying it theoretically. Afterwards the students get an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in class in real life. For example students may get involved in activities such […]

Is Kashmir on the Way of Good Relationship between Pakistan and India?

Background Information The relationship between India and Pakistan has been in the global spotlight for many decades now. It is highly characterized by constant interstate confrontations, war, and numerous crises. Ever since the late 1940s, the Indo-Pakistan relations have been in a state of cold war and over the years the conflict has escalated and […]

Research Project on Education

Introduction The accomplishment of anything worthwhile in education and other circles depends on the accomplishment of its objectives and aims (Glenn 1). The business economics curriculum provides the blueprint through which students and teachers accomplish their educational goals. In simpler terms, the business economics curriculum provides an educational structure to propel students, administrators and teachers […]

Oda Nobunaga’s Biography

The oda of Omwari Oda Nobunaga was born Oda Kipposhi on June 23rd 1534 and was a second son of Oda Nobuhinde who by then was a minor lord and whose family was servant to Shiba Shugo. Oda Kipposhi’s father was a very knowledgeable warrior who used much of his time in battles as a […]

Representation of Race in Disney Films

Introduction Stereotypes refer to the firm and over-generalized subscriptions or beliefs that people have about some particular classes or other groups of people. Stereotyping encompasses one of the biggest ways that people use to simplify their social world by reducing the amount and the depth of information analysis. Stereotypical approach to the issues of people’s […]

Religious development in Southeast Asia

Introduction As industrialization progressed and its effects were felt in Europe where it began, the necessity for searching for new raw materials outside the European continent to a place where they would find cheap and readily available arose. As a result, the Europeans started looking for colonies where they could rule and access raw materials […]

Anti-Islamic Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction Religious discrimination is common in workplaces making human resource managers to have difficulties in satisfying the diverse religious needs and professional demands of the work. Diverse religions exist in the world with different beliefs regarding worship, dressing, and way of life hence complicating the work of human resources managers in enforcing professional ethics. Realizing […]

Company Analysis of Tesco

Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyze internal opportunities and threats, external strengths and weakness, vision statement and mission statement of Tesco Corporation, example of achieved mission, and recommendation of strategies to develop the organization in future. Background of Tesco Corporation Tesco Plc. is the giant of global glossary chain shop operating in […]

Outsourcing: History, Trends, Pro and Cons, Real Cost Savings to Companies and Bottom Line Impact and Perceptions

Abstract Outsourcing has been used by companies as a strategy to realize cost saving and to attain higher flexibility in staffing and general business agility. It was formally recognized in the late 1980s and organizations. Companies have been using outsourcing to derive benefits that it brings but it has been found out that a decision […]

The Euro Speed Test – Mind over Matter

Skiing is defined as a sport that allows a person to travel over snow using skis and boots specialized for this sport. This sport has two main categories, including Nordic and Alpine skiing, with the latter origins being in the European Alps, while the former originated from Scandinavia. Skiing is an ice sport that requires […]

Marketing Plan (Research) in the Health Sector

Building a corporate establishment is a herculean task as it is intertwined with many pros and cons. The impact of ever-changing competitive world can be considered as huge and role playing on one most essential component, marketing. In the health sector, the area that addresses the medical community and patient service, a more robust framework […]

Uniqueness of Maori Society

Introduction Maori is a unique indigenous society that had a special developmental pattern, i.e. they moved from sedentism to hunting and again to sedentism. More importantly, now Maori constitute 15% of the population of New Zealand and they have managed to preserve their culture up to these days. In this paper, I deal with the […]

Argentina’s Financial Crisis: A Critical Review of Causes and Effects

Introduction Argentina’s severe financial crisis in December 2001 gave rise to the largest sovereign debt default in history. The financial crisis stemmed from many factors, but predominantly due to overvalued currency. The move was made by the currency board. The crisis was also attributed to inapt fiscal measures undertaken by the government. According to Knoop, […]

The realities of Tourism and Economic Development

Introduction According to Harcombe (2012), tourism can be defined as travelling for business, pleasure or recreational purposes. Different scholars have advanced many other definitions of tourism to introduce or cover different components of this activity. However, in all these definitions, it is evident that tourism is an activity that individuals engage in to escape the […]

Revision of Problem Gambling

Introduction Gambling involves three things the stakes, the prizes and the result. The stakes include things of value that are placed by the parties involved. The prize is the valuable thing that participants opt to win after betting. The result is the outcome of the event that determines who wins and who loses (Fabiansson, 2010). […]

Supply Chain Management

Introduction Supply chain management (SCM) utilises science and art in its set-up. It also works to improve process of acquiring raw materials. Additionally, it makes and transports products to consumers. SCM has five basic components, which enables it to improve efficiency in companies. These include plan, source, make, transport and return. These components of SCM […]

McNutt Relocate Division

Introduction This case involves making a tough strategic decision for the McNutt. The President, Reed McNutt has to decide whether to relocate its successful Division 1 to a larger and sufficiently convenient building. He also has to decide whether to set up Division 1 as a separate entity. Relocation would result in efficiency. On the […]

The Salt March in India

Introduction The Salt March was a civil disobedience movement in India. Mahatma Gandhi and his followers led the movement in 1930 (Kuhn 162). Gandhi decided to mount a highly visible campaign against British policies in the salt trade by marshalling thousands of his supporters to walk with him on a 230-mile journey that started from […]

Understanding Globalization

Globalization can be defined as a means of advancing reliance by forming associations or integration within the people, companies, states or zones. These associations have impacted economic growth through progressiveexchange of commodities, services, skills, innovation, investments and populations (Beerkens, 2006). Minimum barriers to trade and investment, reduced transport expenses and reduced costs of information technology […]

NAMA Chemical Co.

History, Development, and Growth NAMA Chemicals is a multinational petrochemical company that was incorporated in Jubail, Saudi Arabia in 1992. The company’s vision is to “meet customers’ needs consistently and to offer innovative solutions that enhance their satisfaction” (NAMA, 2013). In order to achieve this mission, the company focuses on utilizing advanced technology to produce […]

History of Body Modifications

Introduction Body alteration or otherwise body modification involves the deliberate changing of one’s natural composition. There are many reasons to carry out body modification among them being aesthetics, marking a rite of passage among some cultures, portrayal of certain sexual enhancements, displaying body arts, and depicting affiliation to certain membership groups among others. Body modifications […]

The Staffing Problems at British Airways (BA)

Abstract This paper focuses on a case study of the staffing problems at British Airways (BA) as an illustration of a service-oriented company that faces modern-day problems of employee opposition to downsizing. The paper uses online questionnaires as the main data collection tool to sample the views of ten company employees who work in British […]

Modals in Different Varieties of English

Introduction The modern use of some words can be considered wrong though the changes that are natural for the language take place and should be treated as the transitional period in formation of new grammar and vocabulary. In this respect, I would like to analyse the use of modal words and modal verbs in different […]

Effects of Emotional Abuse

Introduction Child abuse can be defined as actions that cause sexual, emotional or physical harm to children. It also means an action carried out against a child or failure to do something for the child that the parent is expected to do. Most child abusive actions take place at home or in their place of […]

Public sector reform in China

Introduction The public sector or rather known as the state sector is that part of the government that deals with provision of services to the public. Though the administration and type of services provided differs from country to country, the most common services provided through the public sector include; health care facilities, roads, street lighting, […]

Etisalat’s Success in the UAE

Executive Summary This paper evaluates Etisalat’s success in the UAE. Some of the issues evaluated in the paper relates to how the firm has managed to attain an efficient market position in UAE. Currently, the firm is the leader within the UAE telecommunication industry. An analysis of the firm is conducted through incorporation of the […]

Strategic Information System (SIS)

Introduction As Barlow (1990) provides, SIS exercise should align with SIS objectives for the realisation of business strategic goals. IS has enabled coordination and management and lack of experience and resources required to ensure implementation pose challenges to a company planning to operate globally. Additionally, overall success of an integrated business objective is stated by […]

Shamanism in Korea

Introduction Shamanism in Korea involves the religious beliefs and practices of the indigenous people in Korea. The term which modern Koreans use to refer to shamanism is Muism or Mugyo implying religion in praise of gods. Mudang is the name given to a shaman in the society. The main function of the mudang is to […]

Globalization and Outsourcing

Introduction In the modern contemporary world, global outsourcing has resulted into increased business and provides millions of people with employment opportunities all over the globe. Both large and small scale organizations are embracing global outsourcing as a pathway to financially equip themselves better as equal competitors in their respective markets, (Tholon’s 2009, Para. 4). Gradually, […]

Human Resource Management Challenges at Regional Bank

During the 21st century, organizations in different economic sectors are faced by numerous challenges. Some of these challenges relate to changes within the economic environment. For example, there has been an increment in the intensity of competition amongst firms in the same economic sectors. Other environmental changes relate economic changes such as the recent economic […]

Compensation and Employee Motivation and Retention in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Introduction Research shows that performance management is one key function of management through which companies seek to attain a highly competitive position within industries and in the larger market. Most companies are shifting attention from personnel management, which embraces centralized structures of organizations, to strategic human resource management which centers on processes and systems of […]

Servant Leadership

Introduction Whether it involves managing an office or a large retail outlet, the processes all remain the same wherein a manager must be able to balance the needs of the business, take into account current business trends, the culture of the organization he/she works for as well as the various nuances inherent in the employees […]

Service Marketing Issues Affecting HSBC Bank UK

Introduction According to UK’s Companies Act, SMEs definition is seen to constitute the following characteristics, “employing 250 people or less, having a turnover of less than 11.2 million pounds and have a net assts of less that 5.6 million ponds” (Performance and Innovation Unit and Small Business Service 2001, p.1). Since the integration of European […]

The French Creoles of Louisiana

Introduction The story of the United States of America reveals a loaded history of different individuals who came here to start a new life; therefore, this has made the country to be composed of a marriage of cultures. Those who came to this continent were driven by different reasons. Some migrated willingly in order to […]

Cultural and Ethical contingencies of leadership

Introduction The number of industries and business institutions are increasing day in day out. To maintain all the organizations in the market, their management must be well structured. These companies usually give out some by-products which when released into the environment could cause problems to the community as well as the environment. This thus lays […]

Ineffective Managers

Introduction The quality and timeliness of managerial decisions determine whether a company will be successful or not. Decision-making is a continuous process that changes according to the prevailing condition in the market. Management is the process where activities are coordinated to meet an organizations goals and objectives. In the changing world with competition, there is […]

Social Networking & the Online Market

Introduction Social networking tools have played a pivotal role in helping to revolutionarise online marketing. They allow marketers to examine consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Consequently, marketers are in a better position their products/service according to the needs of the consumers. This not only increases their sales revenue, but it also increases consumer loyalty. The research paper […]

Leadership and ethics

Introduction In the modern business world, business is not just business as businessmen are now required not only to observe the laws of a particular country while carrying out their operations but they are sometimes further required to apply principles of morality while operating and carrying out their business activities (Trevino & Nelson 2010, 47). […]

Introduction to Canadian International relations

The involvement of Canada in World War II played an important part in winning the war for all the countries that were involved in the war. The Second World War according to scholars and history records officially began in September 1, 1939 when the German Nazi’s, under Hitler’s orders, invaded Poland an act that would […]

Risk and Technological Advancements

Introduction Technology may refer to the understanding and tools that can allow men and women to modify available resources into a usable form. Although there are a number of technological changes that have resulted from simply modifying the existing ones, new technological innovations can also be seen all over the world (Kendall 58). In the […]

Risk assessment for commercial loans

Objectives The purpose of this study is to find out how risk assessment can be used to minimize the losses that are occasioned by the risk and insecurity which are inherent of bad commercial loans that are extended to small and medium enterprises. This paper will discuss points that outline the good practices that risk […]

Business plan: introduction of RFID technology in Knowledge Vault Library

Executive Summary Knowledge Vault Library is a reputed name in the library services industry, having being in operation for the past decade servicing over a million knowledge-thirsty visitors. The pursuit of knowledge has become a part of today’s society since the society is rapidly changing and individuals are undertaking rigorous reading so as to remain […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Foreign direct investment refers to the net flow of investment to a foreign country with the aim of acquiring a long term interest in the management and operation of a business entity in that country. It therefore by definition involves the transfer of investments by an individual from his or her native country into […]

Video and Audio Interviews vs. Personal Interviews

Introduction Over time Interviews have grown in popularity. Interviews have found a lot of application other than in the traditional recruitment process. In the modern world interviews have a wider acceptance and application as they are deemed to generate valid and reliable information. Initially interviews were seen as only relevant for job related purposes, but […]

Workplace Surveillance

Abstract In the last two decades, employers have used workplace surveillance to monitor their employees. The methodology employed in the study of the perspectives of various stakeholders in the labor industry involved a review of secondary sources of data. The labor process theory was used to analyze the stakeholders’ perspectives. The findings indicates that controlling […]

Analysis of a company 3M Canada

Executive summary 3M Company is located in Canada and sells a variety of industrial products such as adhesive, tapes and plants’ maintenance appliances. The company initially served OEM customers, who bought the company’s products with the purpose of reselling them to the end users. The company decided to change its customers in the year 2006.Consistent […]

Project management-Bluesteel LTD

Introduction Project management is one of the most involving activities, which require utilization of both skills and experience in achieving the desired results. Besides, the project manager needs to be well equipped with exposure and a wide range of project management skills to competently handle the task. The management of Bluesteel Ltd has a tough […]

Plan for an emarketing initiative: Pisco Biondi

Introduction and organisation background Pisco Biondi is a liquor making organisation based in Peru. It was founded in the year 1972 by Antonio Biondi and was first called Antonio Biondi and sons. It was eventually renamed Pisco Biondi SAC after it became a public corporation. The company is located in Southern Peru so that manufacturers […]

Railroads in Saudi Arabia

Statement of the Problem Saudi Arabia has already developed transportation and communication networks to experience long-term economic growth, expand business, connect national citizen with foreigners, decrease congestion, and ensure more facilities for the people of KSA and tourists. However, Library of congress (2006, p.17) reported that the existing railroads remain relatively undeveloped, though demand of […]

Gender Discrimination at Workplace

Introduction Gender discrimination in the workplace continues to be a disturbing problem to various women in USA and the rest of the world as well. It is considered to be quite widespread and virtually every woman must have suffered from one form of discrimination or another due to her gender. Even in the current age, […]

Concept of Downsizing Strategy in Business

Abstract Most research studies on the effects of downsizing in an organization have focused on various levels and organizational aspects. Downsizing is defined as a move geared at improving productivity, competitiveness, and efficiency via the reduction of the labor force. Despite that this strategy is geared at enhancing effectiveness and competitiveness, many organizations implementing this […]

IKEA company analysis

Introduction IKEA is a company based in Sweden, which operates in 42 countries and has over 70000 employees among these 59000 works in European countries. It is one of the major retailers of furniture and house wares in the world (Richard & Paul, 2005). It manufactures its own furniture and sells them in stores that […]

Employee Resistance in the Workplace

Introduction Although employee resistance and managerial control are core processes at the workplace, their operation tends to be by and large concealed and as such, it is quite hard to observe (Prasad & Prasad 2000, p. 1). When the two core processes are run smoothly, this results in enhanced production efficiencies. On the other hand, […]

Marketing Report: BlackBerry

Executive Summary The BlackBerry series of phones are made by the Research in Motion (RIM). The BlackBerry phones target the business and professional people as their features made it possible for the owners to carry out a good number of office function through the devices. The BlackBerry phones have a strong presence in the market, […]

Cold War politics, Culture and Wars

Introduction The peace that was established in the period after 1945 led to an end to the confrontational conflict experienced in the Second World War. However, it opened a new chapter in the history of the world as international hostilities were not addressed. A new perspective was opened on the war front in which the […]

ABZ Corporation Human Resources Department

Introduction The human resource field has gone through considerable evolution since its inception. The importance of this field in the 21st century cannot be overstated especially with increased competition in the business world. Need to drive up profit margins and retain highly skilled pools of employees have made talent acquisition a top priority for all […]

The Human Resource Management(HRM)

Introduction Creating and gaining competitive edge in the market in modern worlds lies in how well people are managed in the organization. At the same time, it has been established that, the traditional models of management have become inappropriate in the modern environment, a situation that has led to establishment of new models of management […]

Errors Made by the United States Citizen and Immigration Service When Processing Immigration Forms

This case study takes place in the U.S. citizenship and immigration services office in Newark NJ. The agency is aware of a huge and noble task placed upon it by the government of the United States. The world has become a global village where information spreads fast and wide. The good prospects of the land […]

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Madrid

Introduction Motivation The decision to bid for hosting the 2020 Olympic Games has been motivated by the fact that it will help Spain to boost its economic growth. Currently, Spain is in recession and hosting the 2020 Olympics will spur investments that will enhance economic recovery. Hosting the event will also enable Spain to promote […]

Management: Effective contemporary quality Management practices

Introduction Management is considered the most important aspect of operation in the organization. There are several factors that opt to be effectively managed and coordinated to ensure that the organization effectively and efficiently operates or function. There are several resources that an organization or company require to effectively and efficiently operate. However, human resources are […]

Strategic report for Spotify

Introduction Music is a one of the most popular leisure activities worldwide. It is so popular that the music industry is a dynamic industry that keeps growing and advancing in the way it delivers music to the fans worldwide. Fans get to listen to their favourite musicians over the Internet through applications like YouTube. Listening […]

The Concept of Global Trade Imbalance as a Policy Issue

Introduction This paper analyzes the concept of global trade imbalance as a policy issue currently being monitored by world leaders, economists and international trade analysts. It discusses a wide range of topics, explaining the various positions taken on the issue. For clarity and concise analysis, the paper is divided into informative and detailed segments, covering […]

Beginning and End of Labor Unions

Introduction Labor union is an alliance of employees in a specific trade, industry as well as plant that use group action to fight for remunerations, allowances and working conditions of the members. In the United States, labor unions work along two main organizations that include AFL-CIO that started in 1956 as well as Change to […]

Telecommunication Project: Bluetooth

Abstract The research opens with a historical overview of the word ‘Bluetooth’. The study brings out the connection between the name and the Bluetooth functions to create a universal unification of connectivity protocols. The research has highlighted the use of Bluetooth in replacing cables and assisting in energy management and control. The study has focused […]

CSR Ltd., an ASX listed company

Introduction CRS Ltd is a company that engages in the manufacturing business. Its operations are carried out in all over Australia. In addition to operating in Australia, the company also operates in such regions as Asia and New Zealand. The most important activities that this company currently engages in are raw sugar milling from the […]

Industrial Relations Vs HRM

Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) and Industrial Relations (IR) play a significant role in the management of employees-employers relationship. However, nowadays, industrial relationship has become very sensitive and complex to manage. Progress in industrial relations is difficult because of lack of cooperation and harmonious relationships between important parties. The term industrial relations define the association […]

Impact Of E-Commerce Technologies On Business Practices

Abstract The invention of electronic mail saw the possibility that much of the pillars of the economy could be affected as well. Electronic commerce is one of them, its adoption in the business sectors has consequentially influenced the daily operations of the businesses today and its impact in the business world has brought about both […]

Tourism for different people in Italy

Executive summary The two couples going on the Venetian excursion have different interests. It is important therefore that the trip sufficiently covers these interests. For this reason, the whole one week shall be made up of diversified excursions which shall accommodate the different interests. There will be different excursions which will include sightseeing as well […]

Travel to Venice

Executive Summary This report provides fully-detailed daily itineraries for two sets of couples who are planning to go for a one-week tour in Venice, Italy. The first set of couple, branded Couple A, is planning for a budget honeymoon tour which is based on romance and indulgence while the second set, Couple B, is focused […]

Management and Information Security

Investigate the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK). Critically analyze one of the knowledge areas Project management body of knowledge areas (PMBoK) entangles a collection of various areas of knowledge and processes that comprise of the best-accepted practices within the province of project management. In this context, a project refers to “a temporary endeavour with […]

Corruption and Bribery in the Oil Sector in Nigeria and Angola

Introduction Nigeria and Angola are some of the African states that are frequently faced with corruption in the oil sector mainly because of a number of factors, including the presence of Multinational Companies and defective governmental policies. Personal rulers ruled these states in early 1990s before the end of the Cold War. The political leaders […]

International Olympic Committee: History, Culture and Social Theory

Introduction Olympic Games have evolved into a significant movement that affects development of societies. Olympic movement is now seen as one of the most potent movements which embrace the entire globe. First, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was an organization which was responsible for the Olympic Games holding. At present, it includes a variety of […]

Tourism: Benefits and Costs

Executive Summary Tourism is a phenomenon which was extensively developed during the 20th century when people became able to afford a vacation once a year. This paper thoroughly examines all the positive and negative consequences of the development of tourism. First off, it concludes that tourism can improve the economy. Tourism, in the first, place […]

Tourism and economic development

Abstract The paper looks at the relationship between tourism and economic development through a holistic lens. It was found that tourism leads to economic development in host nations through job creation, the multiplier effect, infrastructure development and improvement of business conditions. In certain circumstances, however, tourism may undermine economic development through tax increments, inequality, inflation […]

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Introduction Globalization and advancements in information and communication technology have caused tremendous changes in various sectors of the economy, especially, the hospitality industry. Many businesses in the hospitality industry have joined the global market in the last decade. This move has been informed by high competition in the domestic market, globalization and improvements in the […]

The Life and Times of Sir Francis Walsingham

Introduction The growth of nationalism in most countries and the establishment of national intelligence systems are highly based on the work of Sir Francis Walsingham. The field of intelligence has undergone several changes due to changes in the available modes of information flow, storage and communication. In spite of this, there are still a substantial […]

Case study of one of the companies in Hong Kong

Introduction Management is an essential function in organisations. Depending on how it is carried out, it has the power to transform organisations into success or failure cases. It therefore requires proper training of individuals who also need to be dedicated to the organisation by having its interests at heart. Several theories of management exist to […]