Business Strategy – Haier Group

Introduction Devising effective business strategies that improve the overall performance of an organization and its successful participation in the global market has become one of the most burning ambitions that managers in companies that intend to increase customer preference, profitability and sustain competitive advantage have assumed. Studies point out that as business in the local […]

My Experiential Challenging

Introduction The role of decision making cannot be established clearly without undergoing serious traumatic incidences that request fast action (Myers, 2004). Primarily, most people undergo at least one such incident in their life time. Most are able to pass these experiences and identify valid solutions that allow them to continue well with their life. However, […]

International PepsiCo. Company

Introduction Every organization is expected to undertake strategic analysis to determine its market position as well as its current and anticipated performance. Through the application of different environmental analysis tools, managers are able to determine the strong and weak points of an organization. One of the activities carried out by organizations is scenario analysis. Scenarios […]

Global Trade Imbalance

Introduction Background: Global Trade Imbalance Within the context of international trade, the process of constantly changing patterns of trade is inevitable and, therefore, sustaining a trade balance is a serious challenge for the global community. Trade relations between different countries are not confined merely to the purpose of importing and exporting goods. Rather, the importance […]

Hearing Impaired and Education

Defining Characteristics of Hearing Impaired The characteristics of hearing impaired can be categorized as behavioral or motor characteristics. The various behavioral characteristics of hearing impaired is a bad attention to what is being said by another person. This condition makes the victim appear as absent minded. Another characteristic of hearing impaired is the fact that […]

Family Therapy

The Bowenian therapy At first, it is possible to speak about the application of the Bowenian approach. This model is based on the assumption that a counselor should increase a client’s differentiation. In other words, this individual should be able to distinguish his/her own identity from the identities other family members (Ziegler, 20005, p. 80). […]

Politics and public policy

Introduction Public policies formulation and implementation form some of the most important factors that define and dictate the trends of social-economic and political considerations in a country. With all societal aspects being directly or indirectly guided by the public policies that operate in a country, their establishment have remained one of the most contended consideration […]

Employee Compensation and Benefits. Senior Secretary at Capital Nursing Home Limited (CNH)

Introduction Employee compensation and benefits characterize an investment from which an organization derives value. In this regard, it is imperative for the company to manage this investment in line with the overall organizational strategy as opposed to writing it off as an expense. In view of hiring the new senior Secretary for Capital Nursing Home […]

Vulnerability of world countries to climate change

Introduction Climate change is the most disturbing subject among the many debatable issues in the contemporary world. While the third world nations strongly hold that climate is changing due to the development activities of the developed nations, the developed nations use scientific theories to point to natural causes of the vice. Those disagreements have resulted […]

Effects of reward strategies on Employee Retention

Literature review Employees are among the fundamental stakeholders in almost all organisations and their wellbeing is normally paramount if an organisation wants to succeed in the vibrant business world. As the commerce world and its management grow towards a more complicated business and organisational environment, which has been a challenge to thrive through, a continuum […]

Nike Hong Kong

Executive summary Nike Hong Kong is a private limited company that operates as a subsidiary of Nike Incorporation. The firm is located in Kwun Tong, KLN Hong Kong and specializes in different business activities. Some of the firm’s core business activities include importing, wholesaling and retailing various sports apparels, footwear and accessories. Since its inception, […]

A Porter ‘Five Forces Analysis’ for the Beverages Industry

Introduction Many firms in the beverage industry have integrated Porter’s five forces model into their marketing strategies with the aim to competitively positioning their products and services in the market against rivals firms (Porter 1985). One such typical example is the beverages industry. The beverage industry is a case study which contributes a rich body of […]

Management Information System

Define and explain information system as an organizational and management solution Information system is defined as a consistent, coordinated set of mechanisms acting together with the objective of production, distribution and or processing of information. By using this definition, precision for generality is ignored but in doing so, an emphasis is laid on computer information […]

Ethical Issues in Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Exercise Independently

Introduction Obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS) is a disease that exposes individuals to immense psychological, mental and physical disorders. The disease is increasingly becoming prevalent in most settings with health officials asserting the need for its eradication. This is would be vital in ensuring that its effects do not render most individuals redundant and unproductive economically […]

Employee Motivation

Introduction A substantial number of organizations have embraced strategic human resource management practices in the modern economic times. The reason for embracing strategic human resource management is that it is comprehensive and responsive to all the issues of management that arise in organizations. Most of the literature on organizational management point to the fact that […]

Organizational Life

Introduction Organization can be defined as a planned process that people interrelate for a certain objective. An organization can also be said to be a construction of relationships, power, purposes, roles, actions and communications that come along during the contact of several individuals. Under this definition, an organization life can be said to be made […]

Does the East Asian “Miracle” Invalidate Dependency Theory?

Introduction The phenomenal growth enjoyed by the 4 Asian Tigers, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, call into question the validity of dependency theory and its application to a modern day setting. The main idea behind dependency theory is the notion that “various resources from the periphery, representing the poor and under developed […]

Aristocrat Leisure Limited

Executive Summary The report explores strategic management and strategic human resource management (SHRM) for Aristocrat Leisure Limited. The company has made losses in the recent past. As a result, SHRM is necessary for turnaround and global strategy the company is pursuing. This is change management process for the company. The report also explores how the […]

Global English

Overview The speaking and writing of English as a communication language is now widespread with all the world continents well represented in most countries. Hence, it has grown to be a vital tool of communication on a global scale. The advent and advances made in the field of technology such as the invention of information […]

Supply Chain Management and Modern Technologies

Introduction The requirements of the marketplace when conducting supply chain management is largely dependent on whether an organisation is in need of pursuing either the lean or agile paradigms. The two supply chain parameters are distinctively different. For instance, in terms of the market winner, the agile paradigm is tagged on availability while the lean […]

The Future of ICD-10 in America’s Healthcare System

Abstract In 2014, the US is set revolutionize its healthcare industry. On the 1st of August, the country is expected to make major changes in its healthcare information management system. The change will be marked by the introduction of International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10). The new system will replace the existing ninth revision. […]

Fault and Event Tree

Introduction Fault Tree Analysis and Event Tree Analysis are hazard assessment tools that have been widely used estimate the likelihood of occurrence of accidents and other undesired losses in life’s events. They help identify and detect hazards in a system or facility and give a provisional evaluation of any scenario that may lead to events […]

Guided Reading

Introduction The purpose of the research paper will be to investigate the different theoretical frameworks and research that exists on guided reading programs and how this new practice of learning is important in early education. The research paper will also focus on the different levels of instruction that were used before guided reading programs were […]

Volkswagen Polo Product

Introduction The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s largest car makers. Specifically, the group is ranked third in the entire world in the automotive industry. The group has several branches across the world and their marketing communication strategies in these regions are influenced by a unique consumer behaviour culture of each market region. Besides, […]

The News Media

The news media is a very influential institution across the globe. Devereux (2003) argued that the print media has a special role in influencing the perspective and attitudes of people towards given group of people. According to Darke (2004), the information carried by media can control the minds and thoughts of the readers. Fenton (2007) […]

Making a Happier Military

Executive Summary The purpose of this dissertation shall be to evaluate the impacts of team building to the soldier’s performance. The undertaking shall focus on both the psychological and social impacts of team building in order to analyze the extent to which team building can help in establishing a happier military. To this end, a […]

Leadership Legacy

Abstract Leadership is an important skill and trait that allows individuals to guide others towards specific goals and aspirations in a given setting. For a long time, leadership has been viewed as a complex issue, which no one can easily claim absolute prowess. The ability of leadership to attain results is dependent on many factors […]

Emirates Airline HRM

Executive Summary Stiff competition from rivals is a challenge for many aviation companies. To manage this problem, airlines have chosen to differentiate themselves on different platforms. Effective human resource management is one way that these companies have chosen to do so. Through an elaborate secondary research study, this paper investigates the human resource practices of […]

Marketing Communication

Introduction Scholars have different definitions for marketing communication. A careful consideration of various definitions reveals the common elements such as the activities, processes, and/or efforts that a company makes in order to provide the information of their products and services to the target audience. Marketing communication involves the use of the tools for presenting a […]

Host Country Analysis and International HRM Issues

Background of the organisation Brunt Corporation entails a group of hotels incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK), but the management has started investing in foreign countries. The corporation runs a chain of clean and reasonably priced hotels that provide budget accommodation to its clients. The corporation provides hotel services to leisure and business travellers, depending […]

Strategic Analysis of McDonald’s Corporation

Business Overview McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s largest fast-food chain that serves over 69 million customers in approximately 34,000 outlets that are spread across more than 115 countries. Founded in 1940, the company is highly reputable because of its globally recognized brand. It operates on a franchise business model where majority of its businesses are […]