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Managing Harbor Staff

The main objective of the paper focuses on implementation of Harbour policies and procedures with the aim of enforcing employee performance and it is equally an analysis of the developmental problems associated with this style [...]

Managerial Economics

A glance of the profit margins of the major players in the US industry will provide a more clear perception of the fast food industry's success in 2009 in global perspective: Key Competitors Profits 2009 [...]

The Evolution of Electricity

In one of her works Diana Bocce observes, "The kite experiment helped Franklin establish a relationship between lightening and electricity, which led to the invention of the lightning rod" This is considered one of the [...]

Contemporary Middle East

The presence of the whites created revolts that were perpetrated on grounds of prejudice Most of the natives therefore stuck to their culture including wearing the veil and speaking the native Arabic.

Strawberries History

They are the most famous and trendiest fruits in the planet. Strawberries are also used as ingredients in strawberry tiramisu which substitutes the coffee flavor for tasty and colorful strawberry effect.

National Fuel Company

In the view of Vibert, the essentials of a game are players, actions, information, strategies, payoffs, outcomes and equilibria."Players, actions and outcomes are the rules of the game while information and actions are the building [...]

Company Analysis

However, Home Care, Fabric Care, Hair Care, and Oral Care are the most successful segments; Figure 1: 1950-2009 P&G Product Strategy Source: Smith Customer Relationship Management: Now, P&G is concentrating more on serving more customers [...]

World’s History

The region of Mesopotamia gave birth to two of the most powerful ancient civilizations, Sumer and Babylonia, characterized by sophisticated division of authority and labor, the earliest forms of government and law, and a clear [...]