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Problems of Everyday Addictions in Society

Abstract Addiction can be compared to a feeling that emerges from the individual need for approval and acceptance of equal rights. An average majority suffer a strong feeling of not being in a position to overcome certain pressures of life. Addiction is the feeling of an external pressure persuading someone to a certain activity. Any […]

Managing Harbor Staff

Abstract There are considerable amount of pressure in organizations to raise performance and productivity and current trends indicate that the masters need to redesign and reorganize personnel into working groups or teams working towards a common goal rather than the pupils working as individuals. Teamwork assists in reducing cost, improving quality, and increasing productivity and […]

The Impact of Globalization in Malaysia

Many regions of the world have felt the impact of globalization in one way or another especially in the twenty first century. Globalization can be defined as the process of or a set of global forces which encompasses a significant organization and reorganization of the various social relationships and engagements, and can be assessed in […]

Green Consumers and Its Characteristics

Green consumers are hard to define because each has his or her own individual characteristics. However, they can be defined by their common characteristics. Citing the Institute for sustainable development, Ryan observes that some of the characteristic common in all green consumers include: their commitment to leading green lifestyles; the critical approach to environmental issues; […]

Cultural and racial inequality in Health Care

Executive Summary “Overwhelming facts reveals that racial and cultural minority groups are more likely to receive poorer quality health care than white Americans, even when factors such as insurance status are controlled” (American College of Physicians 2010). As the cpuntry’s population continues to grow and diversify, the health care system will have to change and […]

Managerial Economics

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to investigate a specific industry and select a representative company from that industry. To organize the paper, this report has selected global fast food industry considering the growth rate, customer base, and competition in the market. The paper will consider McDonald’s Corporation as a representative company of the […]

Singing River Education Association

Introduction Developing an effective childhood education program and addressing children educational needs is not an easy thing. However, the effectiveness of a good childhood education program is dependent on a number of factors such as staffing, appropriateness of the environment for learning and growth, norms observed by the groups involved, activity scheduling, and the involvement […]

The Evolution of Electricity

Introduction Electricity is a wide topic used to illustrate the actions of electrons and protons. The subsequent flow of the electrons forms the current we use to energize everything around us. It is important to realize that electricity did not just come to be. Many dedicated men committed and sacrificed themselves to bring electricity to […]

The Question of African Agency in Colonial courts and Social Conflict

This study of African agency in colonial courts and subsequent social conflicts in Africa applied law to establish and maintain its rule. Looking critically at these aspects, I intend to approach Law as a coercive force that assisted colonial state power to help in securing order, enhancing capitalist development, and restructuring of social relations. [1] […]

Marketing the Human Microchip

Current Marketing Situation Current marketing situation is characterized by rising demand for the microchip particularly in the medical industry. The demand for the product is exponential given a statistical demand analysis for the product. However, it’s worth noting that most of the products are produced by well positioned companies in the market and the ability […]

Essays on Organizational Behavior and Theory

Basic Human Processes Coping with Organizational Life: Emotions and Stress Sometimes it is difficult to achieve something in this world – a world which is simply called a global village. Actually the phrase global village is an oxymoron. It is nicknamed ‘village’ because it has been made simple by computers, the internet, and the globalized […]

How can Teachers Teach Critical Thinking?

Given the fact that, during the course of recent decades, the course of socio-political and scientific progress in Western countries had attained clearly defined exponential subtleties, it comes as no particular surprise that, as time goes by, the learning techniques, utilized in academic curricula, appear to place ever-heavier emphasis onto helping students to develop the […]

Branding as a Significant Business Strategy

Executive Summary According to economists and business analysts, the ability of a product to sell or to attract a higher clientele depends mainly on how it is packaged, marketed and advertised to the potential market segment. As such, it is always important to select a name and a presentation technique that will motivate the consumers […]

Women in US Armed Forces

Abstract The role and involvement of women in the US armed forces has increased over time since World War 2. The role has changed from being mere supporters in nursing those injured during the war to taking senior positions in the military like General and Flag Officers. Initially women were not allowed to undertake combat […]

A Modern Cinderella and Other Stories

“A Modern Cinderella and Other Stories” by Louisa May Alcott includes four short stories, each with different themes, tones, structure and point of view. Yet on a careful reading of these four stories one can discern a common theme that can be loosely applied to all the four stories. This common theme of love and […]

Trading on the Stock Markets

Background A stock market can be defined as a “public entity for trading of company stock and derivatives at an agreed price; these are securities listed on stock exchange as well as those traded privately” (Anonymous: “Capital and derivatives Market” Para 2). At the beginning of the month of October, the year 2008, the global […]

International Legal and Ethical Issues In Business

Introduction Legal and ethical issues in any business practices are essential and vital aspects in determining the future prospect of the business. Most considerably, the legal factors will not only determine the going concern of the business but will also resolve the operations of the business by solving any conflicting factor which may arise. On […]

Comparative analysis of Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo

Introduction The soft drink industry has been dominantly occupied by two companies, Coca Cola and PepsiCo. These two companies have in competition for over a century. They both exhibit a high sense of brand consciousness that they enjoy throughout the world. This research paper will carry out a comparative evaluation of these two giants in […]

If Every Person in the World Understood Basic Principles of Psychology, the World Would Be A Better Place

Introduction Psychology is a broad aspect that entails the study of the soul, mind and behavior of organisms especially in human beings. Psychology helps in describing an individual’s behavior and also explaining the reasons why he or she behaves in a specified manner. ‘‘Psychology studies the various activities of man, both bodily and mental that […]

Creationism vs. Evolution

A clear-cut explanation of how life and everything on earth originated has remained a puzzle to humanity for a long time. Scholars have given their own versions of this origin. However, all the attempts have been marked by a weakness of some sort. The real origin hence remains a question that runs in the minds […]

Contemporary Middle East

Introduction The Middle East has been a centre for religious wars. The presence of three major religions makes it volatile especially when it is apparent that Muslims form the greatest percentage. The rising European powers led to seizure and control of certain regions by the colonialists (Gelvin, 2008). The essay elaborates the various issues concerning […]

History of the Networking Technology

The telegraph was perfected in the 1850s. Decades later, the telephone became a household fixture in the early 20th century. But even with the radio and the telephone becoming household fixtures in most modern homes, the whole world and particularly the United Kingdom was not exactly moving at a frenetic pace. Phones made it easier […]

McDonald’s: Planned Change Project

It would be impossible to describe the previous century without mentioning McDonald’s. Its golden arches sign is as ubiquitous as other symbols of modernity. Since its early beginnings many decades ago this company has now become a conglomerate that spans the globe. In fact, in 1992 McDonald’s sold its 90 billionth burger and the company […]

Work-Life Balance in the Military

Abstract The purpose of this research is to establish the main concerns work-life balance in most of the organizations and fields of employment such as the military, business enterprise, health care facilities just to mention but a few (Eales, 2010, p.1 ). The research looks at how workers are able to maintain a balance between […]

The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist

Daniel Barenboim is one of the most re-known pianist and conductor in the world. He is an Ashkenazi Jew born in Argentina. His passion for piano started at a tender age of five with his mother teaching him some piano lessons. He gave his first official concert at age seven and from then he never […]

Philosophies that Challenge Religion’s Dominance

Criticisms of religious beliefs and concepts have been in existence since religion started. However, several philosophers trace the roots of religious criticisms to the 5th century In Greece while others claim criticisms to religious beliefs were in existence during the 1st century in ancient Rome (Beckford, 2003). Often, these criticisms have been developed as philosophies […]

Groupthink in a Virtual Environment Work Team

Introduction The idea that a team may resort to making decisions in its own interest at the expense of the organization to which it forms a part, sounds incredible. Yet, there are situations that actually precipitate these eventualities. In the case discussed in this paper, a situation arises where a specific team seems to decide […]

Managing customers and markets

Abstract The report gives an analysis on the role of marketing information and research in analyzing Caffe Nero’s status within the market. The paper starts by introduction followed by the analysis of qualitative research and how it could be utilized for the benefit of the business; the focus is on the use of focus groups […]

Music in pre-reformation and post-Tridentine generation

Introduction The Protestants reformation from the Roman Catholic Church began on the 31st of October in 1517, by sampling two significant composers of the pre-reformation and the post reformation era, it will be possible to connect historical changes and political events that happened in the first part of the 16th century and how the changes […]

George Walker Bush

George Walker Bush was born on July 6, 1946 as a first-born child of President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut. The American politician became the 43rd president of America. His family had a heritage of success in the public service and business arena. For instance, his great […]

Strawberries History

Introduction Strawberries are sweet supple red fruits with surfaces that are seed-studded. They come from a low-growing plant belonging to genus Fragaria of the rose (Rosaceae) family, enclosing white flowers, lobed foliage, and runners. They originate all through the north temperate zones. They are the most famous and trendiest fruits in the planet (Roger). There […]

Themes in A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms is a novel that is set during World War 1. It is the story of two lovers, Henry and Catherine and the impact of the war on their life and love. The novel has several strong themes that are continuous throughout the books. Tragedy The novel ends with Catherine’s death and […]

Customer Service Coordination

Employability Skills Marketing Executive The employer is looking for a Marketing Executive and the focus is on a marketing function. The remuneration package is in the range of £18,000 to 24,000 per annum plus excellent benefits. The job role is described as follows: The Marketing Executive must prepare and deliver the marketing plan, on time […]

US History of US health care

Health insurance in US Health care is arguably one of the most pressing concerns of governments all over the world. All developed countries are characterized by having elaborate healthcare systems which are in place to ensure that majority of the population has access to medical care when they need it. Arguably, health care insurance is […]

The Politics of Brazil

Introduction During the 1990s, most Latin America democracies enacted harsh neoliberal policies. Neo-liberalism aimed at ending the inefficiencies occasioned by the import substitution industrialization (ISI). Neo-liberalism involved drastic reduction of state involvement in businesses through privatization, creating a favorable business environment for foreign investments and reducing tariffs imposed on imports. Thus, neo-liberal policies intended to […]

The American Economy

Introduction The U.S. economy remains the largest economy in the world despite the fast emerging economies such as China, Japan and India among others. These emerging economies threaten the U.S. economy with regard to losing of its competitive advantage. However, in 2010, the GDP of U.S. was estimated to be at $ 14.7 trillion. This […]

Effectiveness of correctional services in reducing recidivism

The phenomenon of youth who repeatedly engage in criminal behavior is common in the society. Youth who repeatedly commit crimes are known as re-offenders, while the repetition of crimes by youth is technically referred to as juvenile recidivism. The study of juvenile recidivism has attracted substantial attention from scholars, especially psychologists, because the youth are […]

The changing nature of US in the global political economy

Introduction During the cold war era, the size and intensity of international financial flows greatly increased. This increase in capital flow superseded national economies. The intensification of the integration of financial markets resulted in national governments ceding their economic autonomy to the created international markets. The global financial crisis that hit the world in 1992 […]

Perception and Awareness of Teachers about Technology Integration in Special Needs Education

Education in UAE With a rapid increase in the population, UAE has felt the need to make considerable investment in educating the people. Presently, UAE is offering a comprehensive education, which is equivalent to the world standards, to all male and female students. Government of UAE is providing free education to all the citizens at […]

Research both purchasing and leasing computer equipment, noting the advantages and disadvantages of each

Summary The report details the best way a company should go in its process to upgrade its computer equipment. In fact, any organization should opt for the most advantageous way in terms of savings and efficiency (Zimberoff, 2002). This report will weigh the option of purchasing and leasing this equipment in terms of benefits the […]

Should Huck Finn Be Banned in Schools? Huckleberry Finn Should Not Be Banned Essay

Introduction On several occasions, schools have challenged and banned the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for its use of racial characterization and slang forthwith. The fictitious novel, written by Mark Twain, entails a story of a Negro slave and a white boy, whose journey downriver Mississippi regards a tale of two boys coming of […]

Theory of the Impacts of Scarcity on Modern Society

Many people are in concurrence that the society gains a lot from economic growth than it does from scarcity. Economic growth enhances integration, social parity, freedom, the rule of law and democracy. On the other hand, scarcity is mainly responsible for escalating conflicts, inequality, repression and totalitarianism (Gurr 51). Nonetheless, the most important thing is […]

National Fuel Company

Organizations are formed to achieve numerous objectives. The most common objective which cut across several entities is profit maximization. Companies rank differently in the market depending on their profitability and sustainability. Some are viewed as top performers whiles others have no image in the market. All these depend on the strategic tactics employed by an […]

Company Analysis

The purpose of this company analysis is to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Procter & Gamble. However, this report concentrates more on Porter’s five forces, resources, and capabilities of P&G, present strategies, and Resource Base View (RBV) model to recommend the company. Current Strategic Situation: Growth Strategy: Chairman and CEO of P&G […]

The Causes, Characteristics, and Aims of Revolutions

Introduction Throughout the history of human society and governance, various forms of protestations by the governed have characterized disagreements between the governor and the governed. These differences between the rulers and their subjects usually lead to a need for negotiations, and subsequent governance changes in order that the society might continue to exist peacefully. However, […]

Subculture of the St. Croix Chippewa Ojibwa Indians and the Somali population in Wisconsin

Introduction The United States of America comprises of citizens from different racial and cultural backgrounds. The main objective of this research paper is to deeply analyze, compare and then contrast the customs, values and the lifestyles of the St. Croix Chippewa Ojibwa Indians and the Somali population in Wisconsin, USA. This research paper will discuss […]

The Role of Teacher Improvement in Modern Education

Abstract Teachers are arguably the most important professionals in the society today. This is because they are the ones who produce all the other professionals, whether high-ranking or low-ranking. The significance of teachers has never deteriorated since time immemorial. Although formal learning was unheard of hundreds of years ago, teachers were still there and they […]

The great mosque of Cordoba or Mezquita

Introduction As mentioned earlier, the Cordoba mosque, also known as Mezquita, stands tall as a representative of the medieval Islamic civilization located in Spain. It is believed that the ground breaking of the mosque began in the Sixth Century AD as a Christian Visigothic church. The Mosque was, however, completed much later, in the year […]

Women and Consumption in Japan

Introduction At the start of the 1990s when the economic bubble exploded, the earlier sense of individuality amongst the majority of Japanese consumers became clattered as the idea of permanent employment busted and numerous people were fired from their jobs. This uneasy era of economic decline together with the appearance of independent-minded women, added to […]

Organizational Psychology: Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors

Organizational Psychology Organizational psychology is vital in understanding psychological principles which form the links between research methods and human behavior in an organization. Basically, organizational psychology focuses on how individuals think about themselves and activities that affect these thoughts and feelings in an organizational environment especially during selection, perfection, and persuasion procedures. Application of organizational […]

Definition of Bipolar Disorder

Abstract Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that affects an estimated two million people in the US. It affects both women and men in equal measure. The disorder is associated with many causes some of which are genetic while others result from other factors. However, the exact cause of the disorder has not yet been […]

The Concept of Environmental Sustainability in the Hotel Industry

Introduction Among the most recent trends that have taken root in the hotel industry is the sustaining of the environment under which an institution operates. This strategy is not only good for environmental enthusiasts, but also for improving the margins of profitability for the institution. It can be achieved for instance through different ways such as a reduction in the amounts of water and electricity that is consumed. […]

Innocence of Frankenstein Monster

Frankenstein has been a very famous fiction novel in British society. Since its creation, it is still regarded as a very famous novel today. Frankenstein is about a monster that was created from corpses by a scientist named Victor. The monster creates havoc and ends up killing Victor’s brother William as well as his wife […]

Urbanization and the environment

Introduction The United Nations (UN) articulates that approximately half of the entire population in the world now lives in urban areas. Due to urbanization, the number, the size, the kind and the compactness of cities, in addition to the effectiveness of their management of the environment are major concerns for attainment of the international sustainability. […]

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology device According to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), assistive technology (AT) device is “any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of a child with a disability” (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, […]

The Impact of Black Codes, Jim Crow, and Segregation on African Americans in the United States

Introduction Among the most significant icons in the US history was the slavery incident that loomed before and to some extent after the civil war. Slavery had various social, economic cultural and political implications for both the African Americans and the Whites after the civil war and in as much as it was officially abolished […]

American Education: A Critical Discussion of Values Education Trend

Introduction Today, more than ever before, the American education system seems more interested in nurturing students’ attitudes than on what can realistically and ideally be called real teaching. This strategy of learning, mainly touted as ‘affective education,’ treats issues of self-esteem and personality development as the ultimate objective of education, eliciting feelings of misgivings and […]

Pearl Harbor: The Causes and the Aftermath

Introduction The Pearl Harbor massacre is one of the many historical events that will forever remain in the annals of history for its significance as far as war betweens nations is concerned. This is because, the events of the war are not only important to the American history, but to the world history, for global […]

Economic Journal: Current Microeconomic Events

#1: The article: “Judging Stimulus by job data Reveals success” by David Leonhardt, was published on February 16, 2010 on nytimes.com. The article starts with a hypothetical introduction, where the writer engages the reader by telling him/her to assume that the stimulus signed in 2009 was large enough to impact the job market or even […]

North Korea’s and the United States’s International Relations

Executive Summary North Korea is a sovereign country which should be respected by all nations in the world. North Korea’s good relationship with the United States has long been withstanding until the early1990s when the country expanded its nuclear program and the U.S considered bombing the facilities jeopardizing any good relationship that existed between them. […]

World Power Balance

This paper explores the concept of power balance in international relations. States and individual leaders seek power for two reasons. Power is capacity to influence others and capacity to defend oneself against aggression. The fear of aggression from the other and desire to dominate the other is what drives states towards either armament or alliances. […]

Rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

This paper explores how Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power. It further explores that factors that enabled Napoleon to control Europe and later remain a great influence on European politics in the 19th century. Finally, this paper considers the factors that contributed to the demise of the France Empire under Napoleon. Napoleon’s legacy is entrenched in […]

Technology Affecting Our Daily Life

Introduction Technology is a vital component of life in the modern world. People are so dependent on technology that they cannot live without it. Technology is important and useful in all areas of human life today. It has made life easy and comfortable by making communication and transport faster and easier (Harrington, 2011, p.35). It […]

The Film One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest film was released in the wake of 1975. Directed by the celebrated director Czech Milos Forman, the film remains one of the greatest movies of all time. Unlike the common conventional films One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) carries an allegorical subject which is developed in the world of […]

Hokkaido Island of Japan

Introduction Japan is a nation made up of several islands and is located in the eastern part of Asia, in the Pacific Ocean. The total number of islands making up this nation are close to six thousand in number and the four largest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. These make up almost ninety seven […]

The role of Human resource management in the implementation of successful Total Quality Management (TQM) in hospitality industry

Introduction Human resource management has become one of the most vital emphases of the management in most organizations. The success of every organization to a great extent depends on the effectiveness of human resource management. In both manufacturing and service industries, the quality of products or services depends on the effectiveness and level of human […]

Mama Mancini Restaurant

Strategy Paper 1: Proposal The purpose of this paper is to examine the prevalence of family owned small business through analysis conducted to assess their contribution and impact to the society. The research is aimed at assessing the problems faced by small family owned businesses. First, the study will examine specific case of family owned […]

What is the Real Relationship between Jesus and God? The Bottom-Line Between God the Son and God the Father

Introduction This research paper sets to analyze the underlying truth between Jesus and God, while basing the analysis on the facet of Christology. The paper tries to offer a better understanding on the relationship of Jesus and Almighty God especially on the person and nature of God the Son. This is who Jesus is and […]

World’s History

The First Civilizations Although the species of homo sapiens had evolved by 400,000 BC, it was not until 8,000 that people started to settle in agricultural villages. Before that time, during the Paleolithic Age, the early humans were food gatherers. The opportunities of agriculture were discovered in the Neolithic Age, replying to the needs of […]

US – Iran Conflict

United States (US) and Iran initially has good relations in mid to end 19th century. However, sour relations emerged after the end of the Second World War when the Persian Gulf started exporting huge amounts of oil and the intrigues of the cold war started taking centre stage in international politics. The good relationship between […]

Identifying and Evaluating Marketing Opportunities

Background to the study Company profile Virgin Mobile Australia (VMA) is a private limited company which operates within the Australian telecommunication industry. Its headquarters are located in Sydney. The firm was founded in 2000 and has a human resource base of 400 employees according to 2008 statistics. As a result of acquisition by Optus, VMA […]

Biometric Technologies and Security

Introduction After the “9-11” attacks on America by terrorists, widespread adjustments and reforms were called for so as to improve national security. The security concerns despite being fueled by the terrorism threat were not limited to national security; the concerns also addressed security against personal identity theft, corporate security and social security. Since then, security […]

Food Retailing Industry in Turkey

Introduction Turkey for a long time has largely been self-sufficient where food is concerned. Statistics of 2002 shows that out of the estimated $23 billion in retail food sales only 2 per cent were imports (Sirtioglu, 2004). Though Turkey has eschewed imports for a long time, the recent trends in food consumption is likely to […]

New York Times vs. Sullivan Case

The New York Times vs. Sullivan case was a landmark ruling from the United States (US) Supreme Court which defined the standards to be met before an individual claims defamation or libel from a media house (Anthony 3). In this regard, it allowed for the reporting of civil rights campaigns in America, or in general […]

The American Dream

Abstract Since those times when America was discovered, many people overflowed to this continent in search of a better life. Those emigrants who hoped to find in America better political, economic, or private life, wanted to realize American Dream. The word “movement” has a figurative meaning connected with those emigrants from Africa, England, Ireland, Mexico, […]

Recidivism and Incarceration

The reason why criminals are sent to prison is to reform and discontinue their criminal life. However it does not always work that way. The Pew report indicates that cases of incarceration including recidivism continue even with incarceration (6). Incarceration therefore does not yield the results that are hoped for with regards to reformation. Although […]

History of American Transcendentalism

The term transcendentalism is often correlated with a set of fresh thoughts in literature, which came forward in New England (Schneider 248). These events took place from the onset of the19th century and went ahead for several years. Adherents quit orthodox Calvinism as a result of two crucial issues, which proved divisive: they upheld the […]

Latinos and African Americans: Friends or Foes?

Although the merging of the nations is the most widespread tendency all around the modern world, and especially in the USA, with its “melting pot” conception, some peoples are trying o keep their traditions safe for the future generation. Still involved into the process of the nations’ fusion, these people are cast into a completely […]

Running Speed in Dinosaurs

Introduction Dinosaurs refer to a wide set of animals that dominated vertebrates living on land for more than one hundred and sixty years since the end of Triassic era to the late Cretaceous era. The species of dinosaur began disappearing in the third incident of crustacean extinction event. According to reports from the fossils, avian […]

Food Safety Risk Assessment

Introduction In the event that food is not handled properly during preparation or is poorly stored, there is likelihood of food borne illness. For many years, food safety has been a growing threat to the public health in many regions of the world. Basically, food borne diseases can be grouped as either infections or intoxications […]

Politics of developing Nations

Abstract The complexity of the group of nations that are referred to as developing countries continues to escalate by the day. This diversity stems from both the economic and social-political structures that define the status of a given country. More often than not, these countries have developed one or two areas of specialty that enables […]

The World Hunger Problem

Introduction Hunger is a term that has been defined differently by different people due to its physiological as well as its socio economic aspects. In most cases, the term hunger has been defined in relation to food insecurity. However, according to Holben (n. d. pp. 1), hunger is usually defined as a condition that is […]

Thomas Aquinas and the Proof of Gods Existence

Introduction Discussion Several theories have been explained by philosophers in attempt to prove that God exists. However, it is important to defend faith by first beginning to understand the fact of the existence of the world as a way of proving existence of God. Such lines of arguments are referred to as “cosmological” arguments (Thompson […]

United States Military as an Institution

Development of US Military since World War II The American military has undergone a lot of changes since the Second World War. These changes have essentially brought about significant structural changes in the running of the institution, but a significant portion of it has been evidenced in policy operations because issues are no longer based […]

HTC Corporation: A

Introduction HTC Corporation is a company producing mobile handset, founded in 1997 by Cher Wang, HT Cho, and Peter Chou, as the chairperson, Director of Board & chairperson and the president and the CEO of the corporation respectively. Based in Taiwan, the company has since been the producer of the operator devices that currently dominates […]

International Trade between China and Africa

Introduction Despite the collapse of Doha negotiations and world economic crisis, international trade is increasing rapidly. The move is even facilitated further by globalisation and development in information, communication and technology. Different countries trade on comparative advantage and absolute advantage policies and aim to guarantee the availability of goods and service to consumers, when they […]

American History (1492-1870)

Introduction James K. Polk once a lawyer, a congressman and a governor of Tennessee was the eleventh president of the United States. He succeeded Andrew Jackson and was the predecessor of the famous Abraham Lincoln. There are many achievements that stand out in the American history that he contributed greatly to like acquiring California, leading […]