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State and local public policies

Public policy Public policy is defined as a body of principles underlining the states legal operations. It covers the social, economic and the moral values of a given society. In the general context values vary from one culture to the other making it prone to change over time. Laws on the other hand regulate the […]

Black Boy By Richard Wright [Text Analysis]

Introduction The novel Black Boy by Richard Wright is his autobiographical story from childhood through his teenage and was published in 1945. Wright was born in 1908 and lived until 1960 and has been exclaimed as a great novelist, non-fiction writer, poet, and short-stories writer. His works of art are widely read and still relevant […]

Strategic Planning and Management

It is true that a company’s realized strategy is the product of whatever planned strategies that are actually put into action (the company’s deliberate strategies) and of any unplanned or emergent strategies (Haines, 2004, p. 22). This is because planned strategies will play an important role in coming up with the right cross functional decisions […]

Fundamental Analysis of a Company

Introduction Tullow oil plc is a global company that deals in oil and gas production. In addition, it also deals with the production of these commodities. The company is based in London. On the other hand, it is listed on both the London and Irish stock exchange markets. Tullow plc was founded in 1985 to […]

Ethical Dilemma in Accepting or Rejecting of Offers

Memo TO: Henry Carpenter, ABC, Inc. Manager FROM: Clare Cook, XYZ, Inc. company representative DATE: October 1, 2010 SUBJECT: Offering Material Assistance. Having informed me in confidence about your son’s requirements to work on a project at school and your financial position, I have resolved to offer desirable assistance. I propose to send over to […]

Green Supply Chain

Abstract Global warming and other ills that have threatened our environment have put many consumers on alert. It is increasingly becoming more common for consumers to begin questioning whether they are contributing to the sustainability of a green environment. By so doing, more and more consumers are purchasing products from manufacturers who have lowered emissions […]

Market Research of Thomas Sabo

Brand History In the year 1984, Thomas Sabo started his business of jewelry in Germany. He is a self made person. His brand became well known all over Europe and Untied States in the early years of his business. Today the Charm Collection of Thomas Sabo is popular in the whole wide world. He established […]

Afghanistan: The Way to go

Introduction Nine years after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the country continues to be overwhelmed in mayhem with no noticeable reduction in insecurity, bloodshed and casualties. With no apparent signs of development and steadiness, Afghanistan continues to present the biggest challenge to the U.S. and its NATO allies. The war that was originally waged to seek […]

The History of U.S. Banking Crises: Cause and Effect

According to economists a banking crisis can only be considered a banking crisis if there is a systematic panic (Calomiris, 2008, p.1). This simply means that the panic is widespread and affects national banks and a great number of people. A bank in the rural United States, failing due to problems in agriculture and the […]

Racial Relations and Color Blindness

Every country has some rules and legislation that provides its citizens with certain security and regulations that guarantee a normal life. However, the real situation appears to be quite the opposite from what should the government provide its population with. In this respect, we can see cases of discrimination though it is claimed to have […]

Communication strategy

Introduction Apple, a world renowned maker of computers and information technology-related products launched its iPhone 4 on June 24, 2010. Soon after, users started complaining about diminishing signal strength ostensibly caused by faulty antennas on the iPhone. When the complaints started streaming in, Apple responded by advising the iPhone 4 users to try holding the […]

Jacques Louis David’s Art with Respect to Question of Gender

Jacques-Louis David is a famous French artist that is considered to be one of the brightest figures and initiators of the neoclassical movement in the art. His works were inspired by classical Greek and Rome paintings. From those times, he adopted techniques and some themes. However, Roberts writes, “his (Jacques-Louis David) lifetime of seventy-seven years […]

Marketing Management

Introduction Marketing Management is a business aspect that entails the marketing department of an organization researching and giving proposals on how best an organization can change its business techniques to best suit the changing environmental conditions. The roles of a marketing manager or consultant vary depending on the size of an organization and general industry […]

Role of prejudice in wars in Iraq

Abstract The essay covers the role of prejudice in wars in Iraq. It defines prejudice and explains its role and effects. Other forms or factors of prejudice such as racism and discrimination are explained. The main causes of prejudice are explained and how they can be used to resolve and be used for the benefit […]

Genetics’ role in healthcare of patents

Introduction There have been major revolutions in the genetic world in the 21st century, which have directly affected health care policies. Some of the major issues that have come with genetic revolution include the policies applied when administering genetic tests, genetic privacy, and education on genetics, their standardization and regulations as well as gene patenting. […]

Formal Planning’s Strengths and Weakness

Introduction Many organizations today spend a fortune in formal planning. In various contexts, organisations and researchers have had conflicting opinions on formal planning, with a faction affirming that it improves the overall profitability of a company (in addition to spurring project growth) while others note that it is not crucial at all in the realization […]

Increased Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Introduction Greenhouse gasses accumulate in the earth’s surface, forming a mirror that reflects heat radiation on the earth’s surface. In cases where the air is polluted by green house emissions, then these greenhouse gasses block the reflected sunlight radiations from reflecting back to the atmosphere, leaving them just at the earth’s surface. This increases the […]

Juvenile Delinquency

Abstract Juvenile justice system has great legacy since it has served the society across the century despite its inherent flaws and weaknesses. Abolitionists and critics of juvenile justice system have capitalized on its inherent flaws and weakness to advocate for its abolition. The defenders of the system on the other hand appreciate the marked role […]

Fatigue in workplace

Introduction Quite a large number of American workers as well as all workers around the world have experienced fatigue and stress at work. Studies have shown that there is constant relation between the health of an individual and the person’s productivity at work. Fatigue seems to be more common to women which can be attributed […]

Malevolence of Cancer

Introduction Cancer can be defined as a set of diseases which are caused by uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. The abnormal cells in the body usually segregate uncontrollably and affect other body tissues as they are spread very fast through body fluids for instance the blood and the lymph. It is a condition […]

Deep Ecology as Discourse on Identity

Introduction Deep ecology serves as a philosophical approach to environmentalism, and it typically argues for equal rights for all the elements that make up an ecosystem. Deep ecology contradicts with the traditional approach to environmentalism in the sense that it opposes a human centered approach. It is worth noting that deep ecology has a connection […]

Men’s Fashion and Shopping Habits

Brand Identity Brand identity in men’s fashion simply implies the message a company is expecting to portray to its target market. When critically analyzed, a brand is probably the most important asset a company can have because it essentially denotes the image of the company. Taylor (2011) explains that brand identity refers to what the […]

Principles of Management / film review

This movie Gladiator is a Roman classical tale of the life and challenges of Maximus Decimus. Maximus is an Army General in the Roman Empire. He earned this title through sheer hard work and tenacity. As the movie starts, it is clear to notice these traits as he leads his Army in battle against the […]

Law in Business – The case of Johnson v Unisys Ltd

Introduction The UK lacks explicit legislation on bullying, however, victims of bullying can utilise other statutes, laws and regulations. Also, issues of unfair dismissal need to be addressed in Alan’s case. Workplace bullying Whenever an employee gets into a contract with an employer, they normally state what they expect from one another. The contract possesses […]

Evaluating the debate between proponents of qualitative and quantitative inquiries

Abstract Varying hypothetical and idealistic alignments to both qualitative and quantitative methods remind one that aspects of trustworthiness and excellence traverse with projected study objectives and audience. This summary evaluates ways of promoting the credibility and quality of quantitative and qualitative inquiry by focusing on three discrete but closely linked inquiry concerns: rigorous techniques for […]

Thinking Critically and making Judgments

As far as the idea of “chosen people” is concerned, people have welcomed it with mixed reactions over years following the suspicions as to whether the whole notion holds or it is a mere fabrication by some cultures to enhance their esteem or rather to satisfy their grandiosities. Whenever one utters the words “chosen people”, […]

Definition of Advertising and Its Elements

Algos (2010) defines advertising as an art of bringing goods to the attention of a customer. A good advertising incorporates elements of typography inspired by ideas, recognises the importance and value of message. Media requirements reveal significance of an advertisement to the reader and sluices information effortlessly and memorically into the reader’s mind. Heavily weighted […]

Establishing Documentation Standards for an Organization: Purchasing Documentation

Summary of research obtained. These days, all existing companies design their documentation according to business documentation standards of document preparation and production. The quality of documentation is one of the most essential conditions of the successful functioning of the company. Business documents are produced in order to “communicate with its customers, its employees, its suppliers, […]

Google’s view on the future of business

Thesis Statement Recent developments in the internet and software business especially the level of commercial aggression arising from competitors such as (Microsoft, Apple and Facebook) is making it quite hard for Google to conclude that its business model is secured in the near future and the distant future. Considering that Google’s main source of revenue […]

Macroeconomic Policies in Australia

Introduction The world today is a global village since the economic policies applied on one end of the world have an impact on other economies on the other end. The economic conditions have also become so dynamic that the policy makers are finding it hard to determine the appropriate policy measures (Conrad, 2009). There has […]

Gay Marriage Legalization

Introduction While marriage has traditionally been prescribed as a union between heterosexuals, there has been a shift towards giving marriage rights to homosexual couples. This change has been brought about by the prevalence of homosexuality in the society and the widespread acceptance of gay relationships. While until recently homosexuality was looked upon as vile and […]

How Hitler Compares to Stalin

Plan of Investigation This paper seeks to investigate and compare leaders of countries that were “single party states” (Weinberg 23, par 2). Therefore Hitler who ruled Germany and Stalin who ruled Russia about the same time will be compared in terms of the leadership styles and the overall effects they had on their respective societies. […]

Impressionist Music and Art

Impressionist art is an artistic style that focuses on the viewer’s impression of the painting rather than the image itself. The impressionist movement planned by French painters in 1874 was meant to promote the freedom by artists to focus on other unique aspects of painting apart from realistic representation. The pictures in impressionist art are […]

Annie Hall by Woody Allen

Introduction Annie Hall is a comedy that was directed by Woody Allen in the year 1977. The ninety three minutes film is done in English with the settings in Los Angeles, California and New York. The main characters in the Film are Woody Allen who plays the role of Alvy Singer and Diane Keaton who […]

Rwanda’s Economic Development

Abstract Global competitiveness is important in identifying a country’s stage of development and what it requires to move on. This paper considers world economic forum’s indices for 2010/11, in which Rwanda, was ranked 80th even though it is in the first stage of development. The paper considers Rwanda’s economic developments along with factors that have […]

Social Facilitation Experiment with Examples from the Study

Abstract Since social facilitation and drive theory postulate that audience enhances performances of easy tasks and complicates the performance complex task, the experiment examines conditions under which the performance is optimum. To determine conditions for optimum performance, 10 university students participated in three experiments under three different experimental conditions, namely, no audience condition, audience condition […]

American Women and the American Revolution

In earlier days of the eighteenth century, the options that women had were a lot more constrained than in the present day. A couple of centuries ago, the roles of women which may seem familiar to many today were quite diverse. Almost all the women got married in the said era because their status was […]

Designer’s Jobs Description, Career Path, Qualification and the Hierarchy

Introduction This research paper mainly covers six major areas which include fashion designer, makeup artist, film director, film producer, costume designer and production designer. Under each section, the paper pays close attention to the role, job description, career path, formal qualification and the hierarchy of each position. Fashion designer/ design house A fashion designer is […]

Women in Engineering

The experience of women in engineering varies with those of men. This could be attributed to their physiology, biology, among other aspects. Engineering industry has experienced a dramatic growth while its future is still bright since women graduates in the field, continues to increase. The profession is attractive since it pays well as compared to […]

Attitude to Racism in Literature

Introduction The society is expected to live with one another in brotherhood. Such expectations have sometimes been difficult to achieve due to racism. Racism can be defined as the feeling of superiority and hatred held by a person towards another person who is of a different color or practices different customs from theirs. These feelings […]

Fashion Goes Round in Circles

Mostly used in accessories, footwear, and clothing, fashion is a term used to refer to a current popular trend or style. Fashion is the current trend of a person and it mostly concentrates on the outside appearance of people. Most people express their personality through fashion while others use it to hide a fact concerning […]

The healthcare Law

The healthcare law that was enacted this spring by the U.S. President Barrack Obama aimed at providing U.S citizens with medical cover. The law established universal medical services to all U.S. citizens and to be paid for by the federal government. The enactment of the law ends the need for private medical insurance in the […]

Luxury and Ethics

Ethics is a philosophical concept that describes what is good or evil with reference to ascribed standards of action (Mackenzie, 2008). Being ethical is perceived differently by different people. For some people, it means great concern for the environment while for others it is great concern for both workers and the society. For purposes of […]

Aladdin’s Philosophical Concept

In Disney’s animated film Aladdin, the major theme that Disney wanted to communicate to the audiences is how far human beings can go when in need of something. A strong desire of something may lead one to go beyond the expectations. The major characters of the film are seen fighting for power, freedom, recognition, love […]

Apple Business Analysis

Introduction Apple business is an international company in the United States of America established in the month of April 1976 in the state of California However, it waited until its incorporation in 1977 to start its operations. The business main activity is designing and marketing of electronics. In addition, it designs computer software as well […]

Human Population and the Environment

Alien Invasion A higher birth rate than the death rate of a species will lead to an increase in the population size of the species. Secondly, immigration into a given habitat at a faster rate than the emigration will also result to an increase in the population of the area. Immigration is the movement of […]

Cadbury and Kraft Merger

Introduction Mergers and acquisitions are sometimes a worthy undertaking for businesses. When Kraft foods acquired Cadbury it became the worlds largest confectionary, food and beverage manufacture with operations in almost 160 countries of the world (Cadbury 33-41). Mostly, business executives when formulating, implementing or monitoring strategies usually use the porter’s model to determine their business […]

Critical Thinking Application Paper

All people make decisions when they are faced with situations that require decisive solutions. Large companies and organizations depend on the decisions made in achieving their goals and objectives. Decision making process involves the use of critical thinking when a situation arises. Critical thinking is defined as the ability of thinking in a rational and […]

Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo Buonarroti

Introduction Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter who lived in the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. He was born in the year 1881 and died in the year 1973 having been majorly involved in the fields of painting and sculpture. Though born in Spain, Picasso lived most of his life in France. Michelangelo Bounarroti was […]

How Does Society View Single Parents? Research Paper

Introduction Single families face various challenges as they try to bring up their children like other families. They also face stigmatization in some societies where they are rejected and disapproved. In addition, some religious sectors like Islam and Christianity do not show open support for single parenthood, especially if its causes are contrary to their […]

Lack of Reliable Online Services in Saudi Arabia

Problem description As much as the rate at which the use of internet is growing rapidly in Saudi Arabia (SA), availability of internet services that can be relied on by citizens is still very low. In most cases, the online services available do not coincide with the services available in the world. This makes it […]

The Canadian War Brides

Introduction The World War II began in the late summer of 1940 and ended in 1945 in what has since been referred to as the historic Battle of Britain. The war was characterized by bombings over England and Scotland, thousands of human deaths and injuries and massive destruction of cities and towns across Britain. Melyndra […]

Designing the Curriculum for Early Childhood Education

Introduction Early childhood education is a field of study that has been growing in research and practice and focuses on all the experiences that define the early life of an individual. From the anxiety children go through after separation to the initial development of literacy, early childhood teachers take into consideration the physical and emotional […]

Multinational Management

Company Background and History Walt Disney Company is identified as the world’s largest media conglomerate and it was started on October 16th 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy Disney. Back then, it was known as the Disney brothers cartoon studio, but later, after establishing itself as one of the major players in the American animation […]

Internet Addiction in Modern Society

Today, the internet has become the biggest source of information in the whole world thanks to the advancing technology (Green 52). Any kind of information concerning anything in this world can be found there. Therefore, many people have sought to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities about the internet in order to be in a […]

Language Accommodation

Introduction Background When a native speaker of a particular language is speaking to a person who has learnt that language as their second language, it is very common for the native speaker to try and adjust their manner of communication in order to accommodate the non-native speaker. The adjustments done could be in the areas […]

Culture Clash as a Great Conflict

Culture is a people’s way of life. It can also be defined as a set of traditions adopted by certain groups of people. When we define culture, we have to talk about the cultural values, which are the principles, or qualities that a group of people will tend to view as good or right (Peterson […]

Total Quality Management

Introduction Total Quality Management, often abbreviated as TQM is the strategy used by organizations in improving internal operations and enhancing the satisfaction of customers. With proper implementation, TQM reduces the costs that are associated with corrective maintenance, creates satisfactory general performance and a high number of satisfied customers. However, the concept of TQM is not […]

Sara Lee Corporation

Sara Lee is an international company that is involved in the production and manufacturing as well as marketing of consumer goods. The company was developed back in 1939. This was the time when CD Kenny Company was acquired by Kenny Company that was involved in the distribution of tea, sugars, and coffee. The company is […]

Should States Raise Speed Limits

Speed limits are often set by laws and statutes so as to inform “motorists of the highest speed that is considered to be safe and reasonable under favorable road, traffic, and whether conditions” (The Association of British Drivers, 2005). Most states in the United States still have speed limits that are set at 55 to […]

Spa Operations Management

Abstract The bodywise health spa has developed a floor plan in which it wants to use for setting up a spa. In a bid to assess the problematic areas, this report delves into assessing the floor plan by first evaluating the proximity of departments with regard to their relationship, and then analysing the plan with […]

African American Literary Analysis

Introduction Illustrating the plights of African-Americans, Edward Jones’ story, “lost in the city” describes the discontentment of Africans amid the White community. Jones’ masterpiece focuses on the dangerous and poor lifestyle led by the African-Americans. Although the African-Americans know what is expedient for them, they choose unique lifestyles. For instance, Lydia, the main character, lives […]

Framework of PPP Application in Public Housing Project in China

Introduction Public-private partnership is considered as one of the best ways of helping a country to achieve its developmental goals. One of the areas where this approach is highly used is in improving the housing sector. Numerous countries like the United States and Britain have successfully used public-private partnership to provide proper housing facilities to […]

ClothesHome E-commerce Business Plan

Executive summary The dynamism of technology has forced businesses to go an extra mile in terms of services provision to their clients. Consumers appreciate services that are appealing and convenient to acquire. For this reason, consumers select businesses that are trendy and prosperous in the market. ClothesHome intends to offer unique products using qualitative and […]

Hip-hop and the Japanese Culture

Introduction The chronicle of the hip-hop music in Japan can be traced back to 1983 when following the arrival of Hiroshi Fujiwara in the country with hip-hop music versions. This period saw the playing of hip-hops in the form of break dance in Tokyo, Japan. It was presented through live performances and films. At this […]

Wendy Wong Interview Research

Personal characteristics and motivations Wendy Wong is an enterprising designer based in Ontario. She made her debut in the commercial arena of fashion in the year 2000 when her line, House of Spy, went public. At the time, she only had eight nylon pieces and did not receive the best reviews from the fashion fraternity, […]

Cybersecurity Policy

Proper protection of data assembled and recorded in an organization is a core factor for the prosperity and safety of the organization. With the introduction of the Internet in business environment, the technicality of accessing as well as disseminating information has been made easy but generated more challenges at the same time especially with the […]

Concept of Life-Course Perspective in Society

Social work believes that people’s current behaviors are largely influenced by past events and experiences throughout their life-course. Life-course perspective provides a model for understanding human behavior by looking at the series of events and experiences that occur at different stages of an individual’s life cycle. People’s lives are often shaped by the chronological age, […]

Doctors Should Not Tell Lies to Their Patients

Introduction Many times questions rise whether doctors should lie or tell the truth to their patients and families members. Issues regarding truth and lies affect people in all their communications processes. Doctors face the challenge of revealing the painful truth to patients almost every day of their professional lives. This was the case of Doctor […]

The psychology of verbal and nonverbal communication

While discussing how verbal and nonverbal communication can affect interactions in four offered areas, the psychology of both signals, which carry information-bearing messages, must be considered. Thus, first of all, it should be pointed out that the ability to communicate is recognized to be extremely important for people’s cooperation. Robert Krauss (2002) is of the […]

Born Red: A Chronicle of the Cultural Revolution

Introduction Born Red: A Chronicle of the Cultural Revolution is a memoir written by Yuan Gao. This memoir captures events which surrounded the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in China. This revolution has been a subject of many scholarly works especially in the political field. In this memoir, Gao presents the reality of life during […]

“Religion in society: A sociology of religion” – The most important chapter

Thesis statement One of the main aspects of a post-industrial living is the fact that; whereas, the influence of some world’s major religions (such as Christianity) continues to weaken, other religions (such as Islam) appear to become ever more influential (Bruce & Glendinning, 2010). However, discussing the earlier mentioned phenomenon from strictly a theological perspective […]

Managing Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a prevalent psychiatric disease characterized by range of elevated mood disorders often referred as mania. Depression commonly accompanies these mood disorders depending on the severity of the disorder. Bipolar spectrum, that is, the range of this disorder lies within three broad categories: bipolar II, cyclothymia, and bipolar I. this spectrum depends mainly […]

Computer fraud and contracting

The law pertaining fraud The law does not provide the consumers with measures to enforcing the online contracts because the argument is that, it is impossible to tell the intention and the consent of the consumer when they signed the contract. In most instances, it is easy for the consumer to identify these malicious programs […]

Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy and Yalom’s Therapy Model

A number of approaches have been developed by various theorists and psychologists in order to help at managing psychological disorders. Cognitive behavior group therapy and Yalom’s therapy model are considered to be one of the most reliable approaches to evaluate problems within dysfunctional emotions and behaviors. In this paper, these two models will be analyzed […]

The Policies and Documentation: IPv4 vs. IPv6

The Internet Protocols are supposed to be the world’s most accepted open system protocol suite since they are used to communicate across through interconnected networks and are favorable for LAN and WAN communications. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP) are very popular suites of communication protocols. They first came into existence […]

The African American Civil rights movement

Introduction Several major events took place in the United States and around the world during the 1960’s. The United States witnessed counter culture and social revolution that ended with abolishment of retrogressive laws that had established social taboos in the country (Beito & Royster, 2009). In this paper I will discuss how my own life […]

Aids in Lesotho, Africa

Origin of HIV/AIDS The illness came into the limelight in the early 1980’s; since then it has caused havoc and stress while scientists have been struggling to find out where it came from. There are several theories that have been advanced to try explaining the origin of the vice with no certainty still realized. Several […]

The Peculiarities of Transition Planning

The period of transition from school to the adult life can be considered as rather challenging for every student. Moreover, those students with learning disabilities can experience much more difficulties while transitioning in comparison with the other students. Suzie is an eighteen-year old high-school student who is currently in the tenth grade. She has a […]