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Smart Grid systems research

Abstract The demand for electric energy has been on the increase both in the industrial and domestic cycles. This rising demand implies that additional generation stations ought to be put in place. The latter is flexible and allows interconnection with Renewable Distributed generation. Nonetheless, integrating distributed generation to power systems may lead to myriads of […]

Diversity in the Workplace Within the Department of Health

Executive Summary This term paper provides insight into diversity in the workplace as it relates to leadership and human resource management within the department of health. Various issues associated with workplace diversity in the healthcare system can also be viewed in terms of gender, position, ranking, and employee background. Most healthcare systems yearn for leadership […]

The Theories of Learning: Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism

Learning Theories and Technology E-learning or online education is the use of electronic media in education. Online education takes the learner enables the learner to get an education even from a remote location. As such, he/she does not have to be physically present in a classroom. E-learning is one of the features of modern learning […]

Motion Sickness: Review of Different Countermeasures

Abstract Introduction: Motion sickness is a condition that commonly affects travelers. Many theories have been put in place to explain its pathogenesis. Many treatments have been tried, with pharmacotherapy being widely applied. This paper looks at the different available countermeasures. Methods: The paper is an article review that analyzes the findings of literature that has […]

Effect of Civil War on Economic Growth: Evidence from Sudan

Introduction One question that is often asked concerning the linkage of political to economic growth and development is the extent to which political stability, which implies the absence of national and civil strife in a country, creates a suitable environment for economic posterity. Economies are known to attain high levels of growth when there are […]

Data Warehouse and Data Mining in Business

Introduction Operation of organisations requires the possession of an immense wealth of information, which makes the application of data warehouses and data mining valuable in modern business operation environments. Fundamentally, enterprise data warehouse, alternatively termed as a data warehouse, refers to databases that are deployed in data analysis coupled with reporting (Inmon 5). Data warehouses […]

Attachment Dimensions and Adolescence Drug Addiction in Relation to School Counseling

Introduction The development of an individual largely depends on both the inborn features and psychological predispositions, in combination with the predominant social and cultural values progressed in a society (Andersson & Eisemann, 2003). The family environment has long been identified as exerting significant etiological influences on personality development and behavior. Most of the retrospective studies […]

Employee Engagement

Introduction Employee engagement is an evolving concept in the human resource development field and is related to management and organisational psychology. The causes of huge interest to employee engagement include its direct impact on job performance and big potential in enhancing great results. The topic of work engagement is worth investigation, as it has a […]

Power Mixed Martial Arts School for Kids advertising plan

Executive Summary Martial art has become very popular with many people because of various reasons, some of which include: physical fitness, defending oneself against an attack and spiritual reasons among others. Initially, many considered this practice to have the sole purpose of self defense but since it emerged that it could be used for other […]

Marketing Strategies of Major Car Manufacturers in Emerging Markets

Introduction and Research Problem Motor vehicle industry is rapidly growing. The demand for new car models is on the rise thus forcing major car manufactures to strategize their businesses in order to enhance their market share and global presence. Concurrently, there are emerging markets for major car manufactures. It is evident that such manufacturers strive […]

Can displacement of a few be justified for development benefitting many?

Introduction Development projects mainly include developers taking full charge of land that were in control of other groups previously. These development projects entail natural resource extraction, dam construction, renewing the urban centres, infrastructure projects like bridge, highway, and irrigation canals construction. Reviews of the available works indicate that displacement of persons due to developments focus […]

Implementing Telemedicine Technology

Introduction Telemedicine system is an application of improved telecommunication systems to exchange health information and offer medical services throughout cultural, social, time, and geographic walls by medical practitioners during their daily activities. Developments in Information Technology (IT) overwhelm the way of life, with the health care field influenced just like all other fields. The increasing […]

Kill School Boards

Introduction Why is local control in our schools such a failure? This question has been echoed in many quarters among Americans concerned about school management. Due to lapses in school management, some people have strongly advocated for abolishment of school boards. This paper seeks to expose the reasons why school management has largely failed. It […]


Introduction Autism is defined as a neuro-developmental disorder which mostly affects children by impairing their neural development making it difficult for them to interact with other children and adults socially (Newschaffer et al 2007). The impairment in their neural developmental network causes the sufferer to engage in repetitive behaviour such as repeating the same words […]

How orientalist constructions of Muslim bodies inform the rhetoric of the β€˜War on Terror’

Introduction This paper seeks to establish information on how orientalist constructions of Muslim bodies inform the rhetoric of War on Terror. The subject of terrorism is widespread in the entire globe, and most people have come up with varied ways and techniques to fight terrorism. In this paper, we focus on these methods with emphasis […]