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Branding and Brand Image

A preliminary literature review Introduction Branding has emerged as one of the most important issues of modern world. In fact, it influences a multitude of spheres, including marketing, society, and even psychology. First, it is worth mentioning that nowadays creating a brand image has become of a paramount importance for the international market in general […]

Survey of Electronic Business in an Islamic Environment

Introduction Electronic business, also known as E-business is the fastest growing industry in the world. The emerging technologies have given this industry a new shape. As Piercy (2009) notes, electronic business has undergone a complete revolution. This scholar holds that this industry is the most affected by the emerging technologies. This is partly attributed to […]

The Importance of Leadership in Shaping the Direction an Organization

Introduction The importance of leadership in shaping the direction an organization takes cannot be gainsaid. This is because the leadership of an organization is charged with the responsibility of influencing followers and rallying them together for purposes of performing an action, completing a task, or behaving in a specific manner (Bass & Steidlmeier 1999). The […]

Warfare in the High Skies

Abstract Etihad Airways and Emirates Airways are two rival airlines operating from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This proposal looks at several components of a research project designed to look at the elements of their marketing strategies, against the backdrop of their rivalry. The paper provides an analysis of the two companies and compares their […]

Fashion as the Avatar of an Avant-garde

Introduction Art and fashion share many significant characteristics in the way they function in society. Both have also changed with increasingly dramatic speed over the centuries. In art, the movement known as the Avant-garde set out to continually redefine itself; in fact, to redefine art. However, this continual discarding of what was done already has […]

Political and economic consequences of EU enlargement

Introduction The European Union is a political and economic affiliation that embodies an exceptional form of collaboration among 27 member states currently. The main objective of the union is to develop a lasting relationship among member states to improve the economy and attain political stability for the member states. In a political view, the union […]

Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia: Towards Understanding the Factors that Affects the Sector

The internet-based marketing research survey was initiated with a view of understanding the various factors that affects the usage of mobile banking in Saudi Arabia. The conjoint study utililized a quantitative research design and subjects were drawn from the selected banking institutions. To ensure reliability and validity of study results, the questionnaires for the survey […]