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Fashion as the Avatar of an Avant-garde

In the discussion that follows, the links between fashion and art will be explored, the potential for fashion to represent the Avant-Garde will be addressed, and the specific case of Viktor and Rolf will be [...]

Warfare in the High Skies

To determine the long term prospects of the two airlines in relation to their existing marketing strategies in the context of their rivalry Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines are bitter rivals in the airline sector [...]

Charismatic vs. Inspirational Leadership

The other characteristic of the followers of charismatic leaders is the willingness to be subordinates. Showing concern for followers is important in inspirational and charismatic leadership since it helps the leaders to win the trust [...]

Why Google Failed in China Mainland

In the light of these circumstances, it becomes important to examine the role played by the Chinese government and the law relating to internet that adversely impacted Google in China, eventually leading to its failure [...]