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A True Profession

A true profession is characterized by a lifetime devotion to one's specialized area of training when serving others while adding value to one's quality of work in addition to Integrity of character, sound knowledge, and [...]

The Tang Dynasty Analysis

Secondly, the emperors exempted the Buddhist monks from taxation, which promoted the flourishing of the religion by more people joining the monasteries. However, the rulers promoted corruption and social discrimination, which led to the fall [...]

My Classroom From Hell

This was an inner city school and from the start, he was warned it was not going to be easy. The skills that he had picked up during summer from the TFA was not helpful [...]

IT & Networks for Business

The main characteristics of the net generation are, they communicate using voice or data while on the move, they are internet savvy and are always connected either through WAP on the cell phones or Wi-Fi [...]

Wal-Mart Financial Analysis

The growth in net sales was highest between years 2008 and 2009, followed by the year 2010-2011 periods. Net profit as a percentage of sales was highest in year 2008 as a result of low [...]

Adidas’ Management vs Nike

However, this approach did not achieve the synergy among businesses because Adidas could not raise its effectiveness or improve the quality of products. To a great extent, this plan failed to differentiate the products of [...]

Success and Money

The development of the information technologies and the ongoing progress led to the reconsideration of the values and beliefs. It is significant to understand that there is no right or wrong answer for the question [...]

Alterations in Oxygen Transport

The patient's nurse practitioner should inquire about paresthesia and ataxia because these are neurologic abnormalities, which are associated with vitamin B12 deficiency that leads to the development of pernicious anemia.

Ethics in School Leadership

One of the most efficient types of leadership is transformational leadership that provides members of the group with a clear vision of the group's goals through enthusiasm and commitment. As can be seen, ethical leadership [...]

Leadership in Nursing: Statements of Intent

Therefore, the following objectives must be attained: Promoting active and efficient communication supported by the use of IT innovations and social networks as the means of disseminating data fast and efficiently; Encouraging the target population [...]

The Film If Not Us, Who? by Andres Veiel

It was also a terroristic group, and after series of bombings and shootings in West Germany, the key RAF activists, including Ensslin, were sentenced to life imprisonment and later found dead in their cells.

The Issue of Stem Cells

One of the common misconceptions is that stem cells research violates ethical principles since it uses embryonic stem cells or the so-called fetus.

Islamophobia in Germany

"Islamophobia" is one of the varieties of xenophobia, which is expressed in fear of Islam as a phenomenon incomprehensible and alien, as well as everything that is connected, including Muslims.

The Cultural-Individual Dialectic

This specific type of dialectics is based on the idea that communication of persons depends not only on cultural aspects and differences but also on their individual attributes and visions. Thus, the cultural-individual dialectic is [...]

Genetic Testing Limitation

The traits such as height, on the other hand, are not related to health in any meaningful way and should, therefore, be excluded from the list of acceptable justifications for testing.

Sore Throat Differential Diagnosis

The following paper is intended to cover differential diagnoses that can also be considered as a sore throat. Such illnesses as diphtheria, epiglottitis, scarlet fever, and other diagnoses with similar issues and symptoms can be [...]