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Developing a Global Biodiesel Industry

Introduction As far as energy is concerned, many researchers and innovations of different types of energy have emerged, with other researches still underway. Different reactions from various countries have shown concern over these forms of energy, with other countries supporting their implementation while on the other hand others totally opposing it. These differences are because […]

The effect of glucosamine supplementation on people

Abstract Glucosamine supplementation has mainly been focused by many researchers to establish its benefits and effects on people experiencing joint pains especially in the knee due to cartilage damage or osteoarthritis. Some tests have been carried out involving patients with knee pain of unknown origin. They performed the tests for 3 months while assessing their […]

The Increasing Fees of Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Introduction Higher education has become one of the most valuable commodities in the contemporary world. Higher education plays valuable roles such as being the engine for technological advancement and economic development, a platform for workplace training, as well as repository of the general human knowledge (Losco & Fife 73). Achievement of higher education remains as […]

Report on Sport National Day in CNA-Q

Introduction This report presents research findings and results undertaken to find out reasons behind small turn out of students and teachers in the National Sports Day events at the college, CNA-Q. Since introduction of the sports and events in the school, very few people use the sporting facilities. This report unveils the research strategies to […]

The Cold War and The Fifties

History stipulates that for nearly forty years after the Second World War, there had been intense conflict among the leading economies of the world. This conflict was not manifested through physical war but via the development of nuclear weapons. Watson argues that both the West and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) tried to destroy […]

E- Business for a Medical Staffing Agency

Introduction The Internet has provided immense success to various business practices. In recent years, the business to customer (B2C) mode of organizations have achieved a high degree of success and expanded the scope of their opportunity through employing online medium for marketing and doing business. Similarly, the business-to-business (B2B) segment too, slowly has moved towards […]

History of Online Social Networking in Saudi Arabia

Literature review History of online social networking The history and development of the online social networking is closely interconnected with the development of the internet. The internet, which developed in the early 1990s enabled people to share and access information from a variety of sources. The e-mail enabled communication between people who may be thousands […]

United States Citizens

Citizenship is the ability of a person to be considered a citizen of a given political and social community. Social contract theory states that when a person has a citizenship status, he is given rights and responsibilities. Active citizenship, therefore, means that all citizens are supposed to strive toward making their community better. This can […]

Two Major Events in British History that Have Dramatically Affected the UK

Introduction Britain has encountered a number of events that have dramatically affected its society and the UK international fraternity. Industrial revolution, agrarian revolution, invention of railways, Gordon riots, the suffragists, Indian mutiny, colonialism, Irish rebellion, the chartists, Thatcher, trade, and the expansion of empires, amongst other events, are part of the British history. More importantly, […]

Biodiversity Hotspots: The Philippines

Introduction Each and every country has something unique that differentiates it from others. These are special areas that do require special protection because of the different roles they play. These biodiversity hotspots in certain countries act as tourist attraction sites. In so doing, these regions earn the country foreign exchange that is vital in the […]

Analysis of the French Wine Sector

Introduction The wine industry is one of the oldest industries in the world with a number of countries being that major players in the industry. One of the countries in which the wine industry has existed for a very long time is France. For a long time, France has been known to be one of […]

The study of human society

Throughout history, scholars have tried to understand human behaviour. This thirst has led to the establishment of various fields of study including sociology. Sociology is the study of human society, which comprises a study of the society’s history, its cultural practices, and its composition and structural make up. One of the theories that explain the […]

Marriage in the Postmodern Society

Abstract The report presents the issue of marriage in the postmodern society. It carries out a comprehensive study on the status of the marriage institution in the 21st century by defining marriage under a postmodernist perspective: symmetrical family’s justifications and criticisms. It then shifts its focus to the factors that are currently either affecting, or […]

Performance Measurement

Introduction The utilization of performance measurement systems is often recommended to facilitate the strategic implementation of projects and enhance organizational performance. Since its advent, various organizations have endeavored using performance measurement systems (PMS) to facilitate operations, offer corrective measures, and spearhead the achievement of competitive advantage. The Emirates Airline is amongst such organizations that consider […]

Eastman Kodak Company’s Strategy

Executive Summary The purpose of this management report is to analyze the strategy used by Kodak otherwise known as Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak is the world’s leading company when it comes to imaging innovations and products. Kodak provides imaging technology as well as products and services to the image and photography industries around the world. […]

Ritz-Carlton Customer Experience

Ritz-Carlton has been keen to match-up with competitive hotels in this industry. This firm has developed various strategies through which it can meet customers’ needs in a special way, and deliver high customer value. The firm has been keen on developing memorable customer experience in its normal operations. It has developed 3 steps of value […]

Global trade during the financial crisis (from 2006 to 2010)

Introduction There has been considerable dynamism in global trade patterns and areas in of development of trade in which countries invest worldwide. The most recent remarkable changes occurred during the financial crisis that has dominated the better part of the second half of this decade (Whelan 3). Exporters have thus been trying to look for […]

Maori and Tibetan Education systems from 1945 to present

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that the educational structure and practices adopted can have a significant effect on the education of the population. This can lead to significant impact on economic and social […]

Information Systems and Tourism Industry

The tourism industry has extensively adopted technological innovations to help serve the demands of its customers. In organizations and institutions, Information Systems is responsible for computers, networking as well as data management. It supports different kinds of decisions at various levels of hierarchy within organizations. Information technology supports various tourism activities. The increase in the […]

Foot Locker Marketing Plan

Executive Strategy Within the past year China has eclipsed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world making it a potential high yield market for Foot Locker’s expansion into new international markets. Various studies examining the market in China have shown that the Chinese have developed a certain “hunger” for international brands with […]

From Angus to Erlenmeyer: Media Coverage of Lab Manufactured Meat

Abstract/Summary The following paper analyzes the coverage of lab manufactured meat in eleven different articles from a selection of online and traditional media as well as academic journals. The articles range in date from 2005 through to 2011 and cover various elements of the issues surrounding lab manufactured or in vitro meat, including the ethical […]

Market for beer, marketing report

Executive Summary Over the recent past, the market for beer has been characterized by a very high level of competition among various breweries. In order to be successful in such a market, it is advisable for an organization to expand its market globally. This report gives an analysis of the Australian market as a domestic […]

Sustainable Practices in Facilities Management

Introduction The activities that occur in a given organization and the kind of products used by individuals and the organizations emit gases that have a greenhouse effect. The individuals and organizations need to be aware of the amount of emissions that they produce into the ecosystem through their activities and the products that they use. […]

Challenges within Transportation and Logistics Management and Viable Solutions to These Problems

Introduction Execution of Transportation and Logistics Management operations in the global market consist of many challenges that affect a firm’s ability to operate efficiently and cost effectively. Conversely, each of these challenges possess solutions that could potentially minimize situations that could prove detrimental to a Transportation or Logistics Management firm’s ability to maintain a certain […]

Effects of illegal immigration on the economy of the United States and the measures that be taken to minimize the effect

Abstract Considering that the legal migrants have high selection of the jobs available makes them less productive to the economy of the United States. One can become a legal migrant through relatives. Others are temporary legal immigrants with invitations by employers in the United States. The government should consider that illegal immigrants contribute to the […]

The Music Industry

Introduction The music industry is dealing with many issues that are affecting how it operates. The industry is among the many that have endured the most of technological and social changes in the last three decades. The forces of globalization have changed for good how people access, use, and distribute music. In addition, there are […]

The National Youth Service Corps Schemes in Nigeria

Introduction The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which requires companies to treat all their stakeholders in an ethical and socially responsible manner has gained primacy all over the world in the course of the last two decades. Today, companies are expected to behave responsibly and the number of CSR initiatives has risen significantly as […]

Designing and Evaluating Competitive Intelligence Capacity

Abstract Basically, the Business Intelligence systems also abbreviated BI, has apparently played very critical and decisive roles relating to making effective decisions in corporations. This implies that the responsibility assumed by the BI systems has enabled corporations such as IBM, Mitsubishi as well as other undersized and standard size businesses to perk up corporate business […]

Marketing Communication to Strengthen New Product’s Competitive Position

Introduction The paper describes a marketing communication initiative on a new product aimed at strengthening its competitive position. The product is for Marcomms Suppliers/Service Providers, which has a goal to compete effectively with market leaders in the industry of soaps and detergents. The brief will not only highlight the benefits therein, but also focus on […]

Wine Marketing Strategy

Mission Statement The goal of this marketing campaign is to assist the EWP (English Wine Producers) organization in creating greater interest and awareness of English sparkling wine both in local markets and abroad. Such a strategy will go beyond traditional marketing and instead will focus on utilizing online social platforms and E-commerce as a means […]

Hotels and University Housing Hazards

The hotel industry presents certain safety hazards that make it necessary for all the stakeholders to be aware of these hazards. Fire is one of the major hazards that have remained as a challenge to the hotel industry in the United States. It puts the lives of employees and guests at risk. Historical analyses show […]

Analysis of a company Texas Roadhouse Inc.

Executive summary The report analyses Texas Roadhouse Inc. with the aim of defining its strategic management model. Through SWOT analysis, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company are established. Several strategic management tools like the SWOT matrix, internal evaluation matrix, EFE matrix, IE matrix, SPACE matrix, Grand matrix, BCG, CPM, and the QSPM […]

Republican Presidents Theodore Roosevelt & Taft

Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United State having assumed power after the Assassination of the incumbent president William McKinley (Harbaugh 1). He was born in 1858 to a wealth New York family, but this did not prevent him from ordinary struggles such as ill health. His rise to the presidency […]

Contemporary case study of Brazil and the challenges facing its democracy

Introduction Democratic consolidation is mostly termed as a critical consideration when it comes to developing and the thriving of a state across the world. However, democracy is something that is easily talked about than it is implemented by many states across the globe. Democracy is built on the political landscape and the presence of a […]

Fishery Industry: UAE

Introduction For centuries fish has been a mainstay of the diet of the people within the U.A.E. and, as a result, has brought about the creation of numerous industries which focus on harvesting, processing and delivering seafood to a vast consumer market within the region. However, it should be noted that researchers such as Zoubir […]

International Marketing Plan for Miscea in the UAE

Introduction to the product and choice of country Introduction to the Product The technology is developing at an amazing pace all over the world. This is from information and telecommunication technology, manufacturing technology among others. But perhaps the most unlikely places that one would expect to encounter latest and state of the art technology is […]

The new pattern of competitions and the probability of war among powerful states

Problem Identification and Background For a long time, the global capitalistic society has enjoyed a long period of stability. However, in the early 2000s, economic stability in western nations threatened this stability (Li, 2012, p. 1). Since this period, America has experienced several economic and political changes. For example, the US has experienced several internal […]

Advertising Strategy and Campaign for Hershey Kisses

Introduction Advertising campaign strategies can significantly increase sales and profits of a company if the management implements the process successfully. In developing an ad strategy firms have to know their target audience, their preferences, and likes, in order to design their strategies that fascinate or attract their desires and emotions. The report takes a case […]

Relations Between Clothes, The Body And Sexuality

The film and the movie industry form the dominant entrainment hub across the globe. In addition, movie and fashion cross over between the two industries. Designers produce their own retail fashion lines, capitalizing on the symbiotic relationship of movie celebrity culture and fan taste. Fashion marketing uses lifestyle identities as will be captured in this […]

The relationship between employees and employer

Abstract In every organization, the relationships created during employment term can be either healthy or detrimental to corporate function. In fact, from the beginning, an employer or the firm sees an employee as an individual agreeing to the employment terms including work rates, commissions, salaries, and wages. Such employees can be grouped as either part […]

Country Analysis and Foreign Market Entry Choice

Abstract The purpose of this report is to analyze the foreign market and entry choices in relation marketing of pet care products in India. Various sources of theoretical framework have been used to gather secondary information. In addition, issues such as competition, culture and market have been researched. This business report has analyzed foreign markets […]

Recidivism of Juvenile offenders

Introduction The phenomenon of youth who repeatedly engage in criminal behavior is common in the society. Youth who repeatedly commit crimes are known as re-offenders, while the repetition of crimes by youth is technically referred to as juvenile recidivism. The study of juvenile recidivism has attracted substantial attention from scholars, especially psychologists, because the youth […]

An analysis of international relations theory and its tendency to ignore foreign policy analysis

Foreign policy analysis is an integral part of the larger international relations theory which enables us to know the various causes of conflict, domination, cooperation and the submission outcomes among the different actors in global politics. There are multiple international relations theories and in the following, it will be argued that international relations theory has […]

Guide to article critique (Organizational Behavior)

The article review presents a summary ad critical review of the article Perceived Organizational Support: Reducing the Negative Influence of Coworker Withdrawal Behavior by Paul Eder and Robert Eisenberger published in the Journal of Management in 2008. The article discusses the withdrawal from work behavior of employees at the workplace. This behavior is costly to […]

Jordan Events Company: Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

Exectuive summary Jordan Events is an events management company that manages corporate, professional and personal events. The company will be located in Jordan and will organize, design, plan and manage events for companies, corporate organizations and weddings among others. It will offer high quality services at affordable prices and services will be structured to meet […]

Identity Development Process

Introduction The process of identity development among individuals is rooted at infant stage, and develops significantly until it clearly emerges out at adolescence stage. It has been revealed that, the major goal of many adolescents is to achieve a specific identity in order to avoid any form of confusion in their future lives. According to […]

The Assessment of Greenwich Town Centre: A Case of Visitor and Destination Management Plan

Executive Summary Tourism is defined as the activity of persons moving from one place to another, naturally beyond their usual place, for the purpose relaxation, business and other purposes. Thus, a tourist can be said to be the person who moves, stays and visits a place for the purpose of deriving pleasure. Tourism has become […]

Customer Centric Organizations and Product Centric Organizations

Introduction and Definition of Customer Centric In the modern-day era, the way business is conducted changing with most organizations realizing that the key to success lies with the number one priority of the organization who is the customer. Organizations are (Davis 2004, pp. 14) becoming aware that consumers may not enjoy products that are designed […]

Business Process Outsourcing

Introduction Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves a firm contracting some of its operations and processes to another firm. According to Duening and Rick (2), Business process outsourcing is a movement of business process from inside the organization to an external service provider. Outsourcing enables the company to concentrate on the main objective. Rafiq (4) describes […]

Managing organizational change

Organizational change is carried out to enhance the functioning of the organization or a section of the organization. Change should not just be done without reason but should be done to improve the organization’s performance. Thus, thorough research is required before embarking on it. This paper studies the need for change in organizations. It first […]

Global Expand in Organizations

Abstract Many firms are always eager to expand to the global market and enjoy the benefits of a wide market. This research set out to find out how a local firm can successfully develop into a global and multicultural organization with a global presence. According to research findings, a local firm has to go through […]

MAC Cosmetic Strategic Plan

Executive summary The paper analyzes the MAC Cosmetic business strategic plan. The paper has also analyzed the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of MAC Company. In addition to that, it strengths and weakness have been compared to its competitors. Moreover, recommendations have been provided to ensure effective execution of the business strategic plan. Introduction Background […]

Porter’s Five Force Model and the Technologies that drive it

Introduction This chapter will look at the Porter’s Five Force Model in which the paper will exhaustively research on the academic writings that have been jotted by different scholars with the objective of demystifying the factors that have made the Porter’s Five Forces Model a phenomenon instrument in organization management and competitive strategic formulation. The […]

Flexible Work Schedule and Work-Life Balance

Introduction Work-life balance is a top agenda item for human resource managers of most multinational and large organizations. It is even the top priority issue for employees everywhere. Whether to adopt work-life balance or flexible schedules remains a contentious issue especially with times of great business economic threats on one hand and increased family pressure […]

Strategic Management: Gabrielle Teare London Personal Stylist

Introduction Gabrielle Teare runs Gabrielle Teare London Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. The organization is categorized as the leading celebrity stylist in the UK. Gabrielle Teare is located in Chic Chelsea, UK (Gabrielle Teare 2012). In addition, it is an affiliate member Federation of Image consultant. The company is known for its exclusive emphasis in […]


Introduction All corporations aim at success. Some achieve it. Others fail. For those that achieve it, they may experience the challenge of sustainability and ultimately fade. Still, there are organisations that have been able to achieve success and maintain it over decades. Such organisations have achieved and sustained superior performance that meet or surpass both […]

Immigration and changes in British society around the time period the novel is set

The novel, Buddha of Suburbia, was set in a period when the British society was experiencing several social dilemmas regarding how to handle intercultural influences in the post-colonial period. In fact, BBC explains that the novel is as much about Amir’s personal experiences (to find his true identity) as it is Britain’s struggle to accept […]

Style as Character Insight: The Use of Irony and Free Indirect Discourse in Jane Austen’s Major Works

Introduction No work of art achieves permanence unless its creator imbues it with a unique individual style that solidifies its value across cultures and across time. Truly, art would not exist without style. According to Susan Sontag, the earliest experiences of humankind reflected art as “incantatory, magical. Art was an agent of ritual” (65). This […]

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Introduction Negotiations are often held in order to achieve goals that exist in an environment of contention. This means that there has to be more that one party that seeks to take advantage of scarce or shared resources. The need to ensure that one gets the most out of a negotiation warrants the identification of […]

Visitor Management Plan for Greek Island

Introduction and Rationale The tourism industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. The industry is growing fast courtesy of globalization and advanced technology among other factors. The Greek tourism is therefore part of the world’s larger tourism industry that is rapidly growing. The industry contributes a large portion to the Greek […]

Role parents in children’s life

Background information Mr. Manuel Lopez, a retired eighty-year-old man who was formerly in the army is now living at Sanger, California. The jovial man hardly looks his age. His mind is fresh and appears to remember every step of his life He is the last-born in a family of five. At infancy, his father left […]

Benefits, Implementations and Problems of Electronic Tendering in Public Sector

Abstract Through a review of existing literature, this paper identifies the benefits and problems of electronic tendering in the public sector. The paper also looks at the implementation of e-tendering, and issues that come up during the execution process. Specifically, security and legal issues that hinder a wider acceptance of e-tendering by stakeholders in public […]

Effects of Globalization

Introduction Systemic risks are those risks that are faced by the economy rather than by financial institutions such as banks. Systemic risks exert a significant impact on the behaviors of investors. These risks sometimes overshadow their responses to standard business fundamentals. It is important to understand that if systemic conditions worsen, the value of investments […]

EBook Industry and Latest Trends

Executive Summary As of late eBooks have become a popular medium for publishers and readers alike due to their affordability, easy accessibility and portability since an eBook reader can carry literally hundreds of literary titles while barely weighing a kilo. Due to the easy way by which new players can enter into the EBooks market […]

Marketing Plan for Command Spanish

Executive Summary Command Spanish is a small sole proprietorship franchise in Grand Valley. It specializes in providing occupation Spanish training to businesses and government institution in the region. In the past, it has been very successful, because of the wealth of experience that Mr. Sadoval the owner has in teaching Spanish and the personalized attention […]

Comparative Legal Traditions

Abstract Comparative legal study usually involves the analysis of two or more jurisdictions with a view to compare and contrast the legal practices and the theoretical framework that guides the formulation of each individual country’s legal system. In this study, I look at the jurisdictional differences between Australia, England & Wales and the United States […]

The Benefits of E-contracting

Abstract In this paper, a critical review of e-contracting is conducted. This is achieved conducting a background analysis of the concept of e-contracting in which the benefits associated with e-contracting are highlighted. The method used to achieve this is literature review. The author asserts that there are a number of challenges associated with e-contracting. As […]

The Decision Process in Operations

Abstract The paper explores the concept of decision-making as it applies in a business organization or any other organization. The meaning of decision-making as well as the necessary steps that are taken to ensure effective decision-making process is also tackled. Some typical situations that may require an effective decision-making are also described alongside practical examples […]

The Impact of Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior

Research Objectives The main aim of this study is to determine the effects of packaging a product on the consumer buyer behavior. Therefore, the main objectives of this study will be: To investigate the impacts of product packaging in promoting consumer buyer behavior. To identify the effects of proper packaging in enhancing brand recognition by […]

Leading with Purpose

Introduction Leadership principally entails influencing people towards a common objective. The rise or downfall of a ministry is usually attributed to the concept of leadership. Poor leadership basically causes the downfall of a ministry. On a similar account, effective leadership is an ingredient for the rise of a ministry. In any Christian organization, good leadership […]

Improving Service Quality Delivery by the Cabin Crew in Air Mauritius Ltd Using TQM

Introduction Currently, organizational or business success is pegged to quality management. The importance of this process is very vital for any organization that invests in achieving competitiveness today. Certification toward this end such as the International Standards Organization -ISO 9001 is an indication showing that total quality management (TQM) offers an advantage for any business […]

Environmental Sustainability Audit: The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company

Executive Summary The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (OESHCO) or Be’ah has been known as the first privatize waste management company in Oman. Previously the government of the Sultanate was responsible in the implementation of waste management systems and environmental projects of the country but come 2007, such responsibility was given to Be’ah. The primary […]

The British Library – economics, academic, cultural impact on the British people

Introduction In 2011, the BL unveiled Vision 2020, which underlines its ambitious plans for the near future. Yet, these plans are in jeopardy because of a reduction in government funding for library services (Potts and Roper, 1995). While such reductions are in line with the government of the UK’s budget austerity, extending it to library […]

The European Union and Mercosur

Regional integration phenomenon Regional integration is a common trend in today’s world as countries, regions and businesses are on a drive to become a part of the globalization process. Within the previous decade, the ongoing processes that have taken place in organizations such as the European Union (EU) and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) generated […]

Childhood Obesity in Developing Countries – a Global Health Issue

Childhood obesity is a health problem of global character. It began to demonstrate speedy growth several decades ago. As a result, over the last thirty years, the number of children suffering from obesity globally has doubled, and the number of obese adolescents has increased by four times (CDC 2015). Previously, the focus of attention of […]

Insomniac Games Inc.: Development of Leadership Strategy

The change management and the effective leadership strategies play crucial roles in the positive financial outcomes. First of all, the management needs to develop the skills of timely recognition of the factors provoking the change and adoption of the regulating policies that are aimed at the practice of a novel business strategy that is necessary […]

Google Company

Introduction Google Incorporation is one of the leading internet-related firms that operate in the global market that has been in operations since 1996. The case study reveals that this company has achieved success in the market because of its unique strategic plans it has been using in the market for the last one decade. A […]

The Case of Strategic Analysis of Google Inc.

Introduction The Google Inc. is a giant Internet search engine technology provider incorporated in Delaware. It was founded in 1996 by Larry page and Sergey Brin. The company has grown over time to become one of the most successful and highly admired organizations in the world. Today, the company offers more than just mere search […]

Marketing communication – Sizzling International Ltd

Introduction This is a marketing communication brief for ‘Marcomms Suppliers/Service Providers’ on a brand new product that aims at competing with the market leaders in the world of bathing soaps and detergents. Apart from highlighting the benefits that are certain to be realized through every bit of this strategic intervention, the brief is based on […]

Marketing and Strategic Plan: Hope Network Hospital

Healthcare organizations should use powerful marketing strategies in order to realize their goals. Marketers should also be aware of the unique needs of different individuals in every targeted location. Every population can be divided into different segments. Singh (2009) believes that “a proper marketing approach should consist of different strategies in order to attract members […]

Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, Nigeria

Introduction Chapter 1 highlights performance appraisal as a fundamental strategic human resource management practice that organizations should adopt in their quest to promote their performance. This chapter involves a critical review of past literature on performance appraisal. The significance of this chapter is to identify gaps and areas of improvement with reference to performance management. […]

Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy

Introduction The global financial predicament affected several governments to search for new approaches of getting revenues. A prosperous nation such as Australia established a Resource Rent Tax in order to replace the Royalty Based Program. It was perceived as a prefect strategy which would enhance effectiveness of Resource Taxation. The Mineral Resource Rent Tax was […]

Talent Management

Introduction We live in a world that is seeking the best possible brains in order to carry out tasks. This is because the society and business organizations to be specific have invested in quality work with the intention of achieving the best results. This is in line with the objectives of any organization which is […]

The Mining Sector of Australia: New Taxation Arrangements

Introduction It is a long established fact that the extraction of nonrenewable natural resources is the major source of government revenue in many countries. Based on the relationship between the government and extraction companies, there are various legal and economic approaches that can be used to maintain equity in this relationship. For example, the company […]