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International Distribution Channels

Introduction Using an efficient international distribution channel has become an essential element of strategic management and a key component in supply chain development since it ensures unimpeded and safe provision of products in the markets. Scholars on logistics science point out that there are diverse supply channels in today’s economy, which move products from industries […]

Organisational Development and Change

Introduction Proper organizational management is a critical provision in various corporations. It helps in attaining organizational efficiency, expertise, viability, and developmental desires. Contextually, this paper critically analyses organisational development and change with respect to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC), a leading referral hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Evidently, the hospital has enacted […]

A Government Cannot Support Domestic Audiovisual Industry Without Discriminating Against Foreign Products

Introduction Several nations have developed ways of safeguarding their local film industries through conserving market share of domestic films against domination by American films. The market share of American’s films is about seventy percent in the entire world. Many countries have created protectionism techniques such as tax concession, import quotas, subsidies, and screen quotas to […]

Addressing the Nurse Shortage

Introduction The global healthcare system is gradually receiving substantial international concern, with the need to improve services to meet human healthcare demands augmenting. Despite having great developments in its current healthcare provision, challenges facing the systems have become eminent with the public becoming heavily concerned with issues affecting these systems. Service improvement has always depended […]

Managing For Environmental Sustainability

Executive summary Scholz Industries is an electric products manufacturer and air conditioning firm, which treats environmental goals as part of its strategic advantage. However, the company lacks environmental information gathering mechanisms. Furthermore, no organisation-wide team exists to handle environmental matters. The CEO is committed to the environment but mid to low level employees do not […]

Virgin Australia Airline Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001: 2008 Quality policy In 2012, Virgin Australia Airline was ranked as the best airline within the Australian airline industry. The firm’s success both in international and domestic markets hinges on its commitment towards provision of high quality services. Virgin Australia has formulated comprehensive quality policies, which has enabled it to […]

Hydroponics in Agriculture

Abstract There have been changes in the climate of today that has seen reduction of the amount of rainfall we receive. Abu Dhabu, a city in the Emirates where the desert like conditions prevails, has been adversely affected by these changes. Therefore the amount of water used for irrigation has to be regulated. Modern methods […]

Factors Critical to the Implementation of Second Order Change

Introduction Change is inevitable. Different scholarly sources define change in over thirty different ways. According to Nayar (2010, p. 2), change can also mean transformation, turning to a different format, to replace or to substitute. Leaders from all fields including, academia, business, and politics are increasing touting changes in the various systems that they represent. […]

Aboriginal People Trauma

Introduction In accordance to Canadian national census that was carried out in 1995, it was found that Aboriginals constituted about 1,016,335 people who roughly translated into about 3.8% of the total Canadian population (Statistics Canada, 1995 cited in Edwards and Edwards, 1998). The main sub-groups that make up Aboriginal community are North American Indians, Métis, […]

Divestment Strategy

Introduction In the modern world, so many organizations are using several strategies to enhance their performance and improve their competitive advantages. Some of the mostly relied on strategies are divestitures or mergers & acquisitions. The two though somehow different have some similarities. Mergers and Acquisitions refers to two companies combining together to form a single […]

Leadership Skills for the Future

The importance of a clear leadership direction to steer organizations into future sustainable growth and success cannot be underestimated. This is because leadership is an important factor in establishing key relationships and metrics in the organization (Sweetman, 2001, p. 8). Through the establishment of an effective leadership direction, most organizational resources can be utilized effectively […]

Computer Adaptive Testing

Introduction The growing use of computer technology has increased an interest in adaptive testing when it comes to tutoring and testing systems. Computer adaptive testing (CAT) is a form of educational measurement that has been designed to adapt the examination of proficiency in testing activities. It is a computer based test that adapts to the […]

The Impacts of ICT on Curriculum Development and Reforms in the United Kingdom

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a broad term. It is used to describe a wide range of communication devices, applications, and channels (Vanderlinde & Braak, 2010). It is also associated with a number of opportunities. With the help of technology, some of the traditional barriers associated with access to information, such as geographical distance, […]

Conflict in Syria: Opportunity for Future Democratisation?

Literature Review The literature review seeks to analyse democracy in a conceptual framework that explores the politics of the Arab world against that happening in the rest of the world. In so doing, it seeks to demonstrate the meaning of democracy, explore democracy in the Middle East, while tackling political science’s view on democracy, and […]

Daktronics Inc.

Strategic Direction Vision Statement Daktronics Incorporation intends to attain global market leadership with reference to entertaining and informing audiences through the development of modern audio-visual communication systems. Mission Statement In its pursuit for global market leadership, Daktronics Incorporation has based its operations on a number of guidelines. First, the company focuses on delivering optimal industry […]

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Summary Report from Mike Kamarck to Wendy Kouba Summary The “bread and butter” so to speak of our company’s operations are the various patents that our various departments have developed which have brought in billions of dollars in revenue over the years. Ranging from human to animal healthcare, the company’s products have diversified over the […]

Product Design Concepts – Improving ‘klikyball’

Thesis: Research on how product design concepts can be incorporated in improving ‘klikyball’, which is a stress reduction ball, to assist university students in releasing pressure, hence dealing with stress. Literature Review Introduction Industrial and product design Chitale and Gupta (2009) define industrial design as the process of improving a product’s design, usability, aesthetics, or […]

The Role of Management Information System (MIS) in Business

Abstract Information technology has leveraged firms in their core primary and secondary activities in the information value chain and business processes. Manual systems have been shown to have a retrospective effect on the performance of companies, which underpins the need for organisations to shift to the use of the intranets and extranets. The trend towards […]

Value and Risk Management in the Chinese Construction Industry

Executive Summary Value and risk management is a critical component in managing construction projects in the construction industry. It is a process which when integrated into the procurement phases improves and increases project value, enables project managers identify and reduce unnecessary expenditure, optimising resources, enables mangers and stakeholders generate creative ideas, and provides a framework […]

American Exceptionalism in Constructing and Conceptualizing a Terrorist

Introduction The term ‘American Exceptionalism’ refers to a belief that the United States of America occupies a special position in the human history and on the global stage due to a number of characteristics unique to the country.1 Since independence in 1776, the nature of its political institutions has shaped the nation and the position […]

Financial Crises and the Subprime Meltdown

Introduction Financial crises greatly disrupt financial markets “characterized by sharp declines in asset and firm failures” (“Financial crises and Subprime Meltdown” 196). Starting from August 2007, the defaults in subprime mortgage markets in the U.S shook the financial markets, contributing to the most horrible financial crisis from the time of the Great Depression and to […]

Coca Cola Company – Marketing Management

Executive Summary In the current world market, small, medium, as well as international businesses have realised the need to adopt and implement marketing management strategies. The marketing management strategies provide a number of opportunities to these companies. The benefits include, among others, enhancing the company’s competitive advantage, increasing the market share, increasing profitability, as well […]

Culture and Workplace

Abstract Multicultural diversity is a major area of concern, which is reflected in most functions of an organization, either positively or negatively. Multicultural workforce is an emerging trend growing at an alarming rate in many organizations worldwide. There are many implications that are associated with multicultural workforce in organizations, which forces managers to find appropriate […]

Barriers to Strategy Implementation

Introduction Strategies have a significant impact on an organisation including the ability to offer directions to the relevant stakeholders. Even though it is extremely important to develop a viable strategy for an organisation, a company needs to assess both internal and external factors that might affect the strategy’s success (Hrebiniak 2005). Barriers to effective implementation […]

Can the Internet Provide a Forum for Rational Political Debate?

Introduction The Internet remains one of mankind’s most remarkable inventions in history, particularly in the area of communication. It probably ranks as high as the discovery of television and radio, both of which were invented much earlier. As people continue to marvel at the great capability of the Internet due to its extensive reach that […]

Promotion – A Seniority or Competencies?

Introduction Today’s business environment is changing fast. People in any organization are not understood now as overhead cost which should be cut down, rather they are being understood as profitable investment with the proviso that they are pleased by approachable and bring into line HR practices. The contemporary theory of business management gives priority to […]

Credit Letters in International Trade

Countries faced a major stumbling block occasioned by conflict of different laws due to the intensive growth of international trade in the early 20th century. It was at this period that letters of credit were adopted as a main mode of steering a uniform way of carrying out international trade in different countries. The 1933 […]

European consumer policy and regulation in contrast to the United Kingdom

Introduction The consumer protection policy refers to the stipulated mechanism which gives the consumer the freedom to shop and enjoy various products within their establishments. For instance, the European Union (EU) policy and regulation offers freedom to customers or consumers linked to the European Community to operate freely and shop anywhere and to enjoy protection […]

ADR impact on the substance of justice

Introduction Traditionally, the courts have been seen as the last resort when it comes to arbitration of justice among parties. The court encourages parties engaged in legal disputes to solve cases using “alternative methods” which do not involve the court because the norm is that a court has to rule in favor of a given […]

Why Marxism is Scientific

Introduction Marxism refers to a socioeconomic inquiry that uses a materialist approach to interpret history, economics, and capitalism. This interpretation is based on the use of a dialectical perspective. This paper provides answers to the question: Why Marxism is Scientific. It is divided into various sections that examine the scientific basis of Marxism. The first […]

The Mining Sector of Australia: New Taxation Arrangements

Introduction It is a long established fact that the extraction of nonrenewable natural resources is the major source of government revenue in many countries. Based on the relationship between the government and extraction companies, there are various legal and economic approaches that can be used to maintain equity in this relationship. For example, the company […]

Talent Management

Introduction We live in a world that is seeking the best possible brains in order to carry out tasks. This is because the society and business organizations to be specific have invested in quality work with the intention of achieving the best results. This is in line with the objectives of any organization which is […]

Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy

Introduction The global financial predicament affected several governments to search for new approaches of getting revenues. A prosperous nation such as Australia established a Resource Rent Tax in order to replace the Royalty Based Program. It was perceived as a prefect strategy which would enhance effectiveness of Resource Taxation. The Mineral Resource Rent Tax was […]

Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, Nigeria

Introduction Chapter 1 highlights performance appraisal as a fundamental strategic human resource management practice that organizations should adopt in their quest to promote their performance. This chapter involves a critical review of past literature on performance appraisal. The significance of this chapter is to identify gaps and areas of improvement with reference to performance management. […]

Marketing and Strategic Plan: Hope Network Hospital

Healthcare organizations should use powerful marketing strategies in order to realize their goals. Marketers should also be aware of the unique needs of different individuals in every targeted location. Every population can be divided into different segments. Singh (2009) believes that “a proper marketing approach should consist of different strategies in order to attract members […]

Marketing communication – Sizzling International Ltd

Introduction This is a marketing communication brief for ‘Marcomms Suppliers/Service Providers’ on a brand new product that aims at competing with the market leaders in the world of bathing soaps and detergents. Apart from highlighting the benefits that are certain to be realized through every bit of this strategic intervention, the brief is based on […]

Google Company

Introduction Google Incorporation is one of the leading internet-related firms that operate in the global market that has been in operations since 1996. The case study reveals that this company has achieved success in the market because of its unique strategic plans it has been using in the market for the last one decade. A […]