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The Dark Ages as the Golden Ages of European History

Introduction This paper examines the Dark Ages with the intention of showing the significance that this period had in the scientific and technological development of humanity. It discusses the dark ages and highlights the cultural, political, and economic deterioration that made many historians regard this period as the “dark age”. The paper then provides evidence […]

History: Latinos Civil Rights’ Winning in the Post-War U.S.

Executive Summary Contrary to the much-publicized struggle against segregation by African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans’ fight for social, economic, and racial inclusion remains relatively unwritten. Stories of white discrimination against the Hispanic-Americans remain untold, while the closer attention is paid to the struggles of the Black-Americans. Probably this gets attribution to the fact that most activities against segregation […]

Pushed Output for English Language Learners

Abstract This essay discusses the learning of English through pushed output technique of language acquisition. According to this approach, learners can acquire language skills if they are pressed to speak in various situations. Pushed output technique enables learners to acquire both semantic and syntactic language skills. Learning of English through pushed output technique is carried […]

Benazir Bhutto: A Female Leader in a Muslim Nation

Introduction Background Information Benazir Bhutto, the first female Prime Minister of a Muslim nation, called Pakistan, is a symbol of great strength and poise. She was born on June 21, 1953, in Karachi. She was the first child of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Nusrat Ispahani. Her father, Zulfikar Ali belonged to one of the affluent […]

Apple & Samsung Group Strategic Management

Existing business strategies, domestic and global environments, as well as organizational capabilities According to experts, Apple and Samsung have very different business strategies that have helped them to remain relevant, especially in the dynamic smart phone market. When Steve Jobs started Apple, his main focus was to have a product that will satisfy the needs […]

Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Introduction Understanding the dynamic nature of human personality has become a complex issue in the contemporary society owing to numerous factors such as nature, genetic makeup, and the social environment that control and influence individual’s behavior. Sociologists argue that human behavior, besides being influenced by the environment, is also controlled by certain aspects such as […]

GCGDA’s Project Management

Introduction Project management plays a foreground role in the utilization of organizational resources and achievement of the organizational goals. Project management inculcates processes, activities, systems, structures and people in the organization. It determines how the interplay between the mentioned factors contributes to the success of this organization (O’Connell 1994). This study highlights the various issues […]

Walmart’s Supply Chain

Introduction Wal-Mart has gained the reputation of being a global retail leader. The company has received a lot of praise regarding its corporate strategy that has seen it become among the largest retail stores in the world. After receiving numerous accolades for being among the fortune 500 companies, Wal-Mart has consistently made billions of dollars […]

Globalization of Australia

Introduction Liquid Animation This is an entertainment company that is located in the Brisbane. It is known to produce educative, informational, and enlightening and entertainment materials that adapts to the most modern technology. It is known to produce high classic series of animation and general media resources in all the aspects and forms such as […]

Project Team Involvement in a Merger

Executive Summary This report discusses the use of project teams in achieving objectives of a given project in an organization. In this case, the report discusses the use of project team in a merger between Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Compaq companies in the computer industry. The merger was important in trying to solve the crisis facing […]

British Airways

 Introduction This report gives a comprehensive overview of the business organization processes of British Airways (BA). Several aspects of the organization’s structure, including the structural style, management style, leadership style, motivation style, organizational design, organizational control structures, and the organizational culture constitute this analogy. This assessment will be an interesting analogy of British Airways because […]

The Complexity of Management

Introduction All sectors in the economy are continually growing; from hospitals to businesses (Wolff, Starfield and Anderson 2002). This is because the customer needs are changing and technology and business structures are also evolving steadily. This means that there is always a new part of a business aimed at expanding customer bases and differentiation of […]


What is the common theme of situational and contingency leadership theories? Explain and contrast Fiedler’s and Hersey and Blanchard’s theories The common theme of the situational and contingency leadership is that there is no perfect leader. Each leadership approach is right on its own. The common point of agreement is that each situation requires a […]

The Conflict between Behaviourism and Rationalism in Linguistics

Introduction Linguistics and other scholars regard language as a distinct phenomenon in the society. Language contains collective implications that enhance the worth of the collaboration between individuals. It encompasses a social philosophy that is identical among individuals in the society. In language, collective ‘hums’ and meanings are accustomed to precise collective emotions and thoughts. As […]

Purchase and Product Involvement when Buying

Introduction Consumer involvement refers to that “state of mind that motivates a consumer to identify with a product or service offerings, their consumption patterns and consumption behavior”. Involvement enables consumers to develop the urge to search for or think about the available product categories before selecting a preferred brand and purchasing a product. Involvement reflects […]

Public Relations Techniques

Abstract The field of public relations has been identified by scholars as a very dynamic industry that has been under constant change. This change has been warranted by the particular fact that the target population that public relations depends on is always exposed to a number of environmental factors that are in themselves changing. The […]

The Role of Science and Technology in International Relations Regarding Climate Change

Science refers to a systematic approach or enterprise that helps gain knowledge in the form of empirical predictions and explanations. In other words, this is the body of reliable understanding of various concepts which real meaning can be explained logically and rationally. In a broad sense, the concept of science has been included in many […]

The Standardization vs. Adaptation Debate

Introduction A number of well-built companies around the world tend to appreciate the fact that people have different needs for the products and services. For instance, such companies as Gillette, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury Schweppes have standard brands with authorization from the certified bodies around the world. Such companies should not only apply the concept of […]

Third-Party Intervention at Lincoln Hospital

Abstract Labour turnover is one of the controllable, but unavoidable situations in any organisation. For example, where labour turnover is caused by workplace conflicts, proper management of such inconsistencies is required. If the situation is not tackled, employment turnover due to destructive workplace conflicts might have serious effects on the performance of an organisation both […]

Jewel Production and Its Purpose

The following essay is research report based on the topic jewel production. Jewel is regarded as a luxury yet its demand and value has always made jewels to be one of the most expensive products. The more expensive jewellery is the more it is demanded. This makes jewel production to be a worthwhile aspect of […]

Differences in Diabetic Related Cases in African-Americans and Whites

Introduction The research study examines the diabetes epidemic among African-Americans based on the various range of risk as well as structural factors contributing to the prevalence of the disease amongst women. The study mainly emphasizes possible avenues which could be exploited to ensure equal application as well as implementation of the various health care interventions […]

Case Conceptualization of Person-Centered Therapy

Abstract Person-centered therapy is a kind of treatment that gives clients an opportunity to figure out how their deeds and thoughts affect their health. The therapy is client-oriented. Therefore, clients assume the responsibility for their treatment course under the guidance of therapists. Carl Rogers developed the treatment after realizing that the success of therapy depends […]

Groundwater Contamination Using 3D GIS Techniques

Introduction Currently, the most important source of water for human consumption and industrial use is groundwater. Hence, it is imperative to manage groundwater resources effectively and guarantee its future presence. This requires proper identification and management of possible threats to groundwater resources. Previous cases of groundwater and surface water pollution have been globally. Today, however, […]

Management Prospective-HSBC Holdings PLC

Executive Summary This report entails an analysis of HSBC Holdings, which operates in the banking industry. The firm has established a network of banks in different parts of the world. The report is organised into a number of parts. The first part outlines the company’s profile. A brief background analysis of the company is illustrated […]

Report of Strategic Management – Tesco

Company profile The name of the company under discussion in this report is Tesco. The company was found in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. It is a multinational company dealing with grocery and general retail merchandise. In terms of revenue, it is ranked as the third largest retail merchandise in the world after Wal-Mart and Carrefour. In […]

Social Analysis of Magda

Introduction This social work paper focuses on Magda. Magda is a Polish woman who has been married to Sean for the past ten years. Sean had an accident, and he experiences bouts of depression following the death of her first wife. Sean is also worried about his current disability. She left an abusive relationship in […]

Marketing plan for the folding table product

Introduction A strategic marketing plan is essential before actualizing the projections of a marketing blueprint for a product. In order to achieve desired margins in sales and total revenues generated, a proper marketing plan should integrate marketing expansion strategy, comparative advantage, and market segmentation since in most cases, there is always a strong competitor or […]

Spatial Planning in China

Introduction Planning of the cities is one of the roles that have been considered as very challenging with the current developments of urban centers across the world. As the cities grow, it is important to note that they are always overstretched if their capacity to handle the increased population is not enhanced. Sustainability of the […]

The role of management in organizational success

Abstract Management is an important element in the success of an organization. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to integrate optimal management strategies. This report outlines the contribution of management to IBM’s success. The study takes into account various management aspects. The first section of the report outlines the significance of management in an organizations […]

The Case of Stolen Donation Money

Introduction: The Challenges of Accountability in Public Organisation Preventing the instances of fraud within an organisation or a specific community is extremely hard, since the phenomenon and mechanics of accountability, which is being pushed as the key to succeeding in inspiring people for being responsible, have not been studied yet to understand the issues that […]

Managing values and corporate responsibility in global business operations

Introduction One of the major questions that most international organizations and corporations tend to ask is whether multinational corporations have moral duties to uphold ethical values and global corporate responsibility in their conduct, activities and daily decision-making processes. The recent disaster at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where over a thousand workers died is an example […]

The Key to Understanding Political Development

Introduction The phrase ‘political development’ lacks a universal form of definition due to its versatility in terms of the elements that it encompasses. In essence, political development comprises institutional changes in a society’s system of governance, society’s attitude towards such changes, and the political culture of a country or state. Other elements that aid in […]

Archaeology of Ancient People

History of evolution began 6 million years ago. Specifically, the study of hominids was extensive because it focused on genus Homo. Hominids had anatomy, which enabled them to walk as well as stand on two feet. The earliest reconstruction of genus Homo was Lucy’s skeleton. It was fully bipedal with a small cranial capacity. Additionally, […]

Ha Jin’s ‘The Bridegroom’ and Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘A Family Supper’

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly clear to more and more people throughout the world that the ongoing process of Globalization doesn’t only have strictly economic, but also psychological connotations. That is, the earlier mentioned process affects the manner in which individuals perceive the surrounding reality and their place in it. This, of course, causes many […]

The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

François Lyotard is one of the most influential postmodern theorists who explored the concept of knowledge in the twentieth century. Lyotard (1979) analysed different types of information and knowledge and the role knowledge played in the society. His discoveries revealed the major trends which existed at that time. Thus, the theorist exploits the concepts of […]

Personal Effectiveness Report

Executive Summary Problem Statement Poor performance of duties is a big challenge to human resource managers since it impedes the progress of the organisation. Managers suggest that poor performance is caused by professional negligence, disorganisation, lack of devotion, and laziness among others. However, poor performance can be caused by poor allocation of duties where managers […]

Demand for Energy. Energy Sources

Introduction There have been numerous debates across the globe regarding the sources of energy used in industries and homes. The increased debates have been as a result of the damages inflicted on the environment that are associated with the common sources of energy, such as fossil fuels. Burning of fossil fuel emits carbon dioxide, which […]

Volunteer Tourism: Factors and Contributions

Introduction The tourism industry ranks amongst the greatest income generating sectors across the world. Consequently, different countries regard tourism as an opportunity to achieve economic growth and development. Tourism leads to improvement in living standards within societies by creating employment. Moreover, the local society benefits from the infrastructures that are built in order to support […]

Small business marketing plan. Dan’s Auto and Trucks Repair Company

Introduction Marketing forms one of the most important factors that dictate the progress that an organization can make since it constitutes the last step in the chain of production. Marketing analysts generally concur that the process of marketing brings consumers and an organization together, a consideration that makes it crucial to establish the correct face […]

Role of the Unconscious in Personality Theories

Introduction In the discussion of how the unconscious mind influences personality, one cannot negate the role of psychoanalysis. According to Kihlstrom, Beer, and Klein, psychoanalysis refers to the “aspects of Freud’s work and research, including Freudian therapy and the research methodology that he used to develop his theories” (2002, p.68). In the formulation of the […]

Indochina and Colonization

Introduction The Indochina region comprises of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia countries. This region was highly influenced by colonization. Indochina refers to a peninsula that lies slightly southwest of the Chinese Republic and on the eastern part of India. The region was part of the enormous French colonial empire that focused on ensuring that France became […]