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Role of Technology in Business and Advertising

Introduction Today’s technology has advanced to a point where the graphical user and three-dimensional are on use. Unlike the earlier when people had to produce everything practically, the computation skills have amazingly incorporated the touch, voice or click commands. The main aim of most companies is to embrace technological skills, to make the human tasks […]

Educational System in Ghana

Introduction In many countries which were colonized and most especially the African nations, have for a long time been consuming the education systems designed by their colonial masters. Despite having said that a lot of changes have been adopted from the colonial type of education systems to those systems which are more likely focused on […]

Informative report on international search and rescue efforts

Introduction In this century, changes due to globalization have resulted in far more interdependence than which existed during the last century when most of the activities in the world were confined within geographical boundaries. Currently, there is free flow of information and resources from one country to another. Similarly, the activities of the fire and […]

The Art of Self-Portrait: Rembrandt by Rembrandt

Introduction Since times immemorial, art has been a way of reflecting and interpreting the reality surrounding people in their daily life. In order to comprehend the reality in all its variety, artists have striven to depict as many objects and phenomena as they could only find. One of the most intriguing subjects for reflecting upon […]

Unethical and ethical issues in the prison system

Introduction Every society usually has criminals or people who go against set rules and regulations. Prisons are mostly put in place so that such people can be confined therein for various reasons. This includes ensuring that inmates get corrected and also to protect the public from their crime. Prisons have been there since time in […]

Outstanding Photographers: Irving Penn and Jan Groover

Every area of human activity is divided into certain periods with regard to the technological development, changes in social behavior, shifts in political regimes, and distribution of power. Photography is a branch of contemporary arts that is influenced by a great number of internal and external factors. Different types of films and filters were used […]

Work and Private Life

The major changes taking place in the job market across the globe are pushing organizations and governments all over the U.S. and the U.K. to rethink their approaches to dealing with the workforce. Big and small organizations alike are compelled to apply policies that seek to create a good balance between work, family and social […]

New Media and Advertisement

Introduction Evolution of technology and multimedia has contributed to the rapid changes in the advertisement industry. Every organization around the globe is seeking new media opportunities as an easier and effective way of reaching customers. New media advertisement is enabled by the radical changes registered in the information and communication technologies. New media advertisers use […]

Criminal justice

The two models -crime control and due process- put forward by Hebert Parker have a major bearing on the criminal justice system greatly. The models have been useful in helping to deal with the complexities in the criminal process. The models make it easier to understand the workings of the justice system by simplifying the […]

Assessing how macroeconomics affects the remote industry and Operating environments

Introduction The study of macroeconomics has become very important in the contemporary world of business and economic practices. Generally, macroeconomics involves decision made by households and firms (including government), more so in relation of how the scarce resources can be allocated in order to effectively carry out production, trade and consumption. Viewed from a different […]

Apple Inc. Managing Strategy Analysis

Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs founded Apple Inc in 1976; currently the company has its headquarters at Santa Clara Valley, California, it is the world largest electronic industry in volume and sales revenue (Apple Inc, 2010). The company started from a humble setting where the entrepreneurs were designing personal computer to Silicon Valley computer enthusiasts. […]

How computers influence our life

Introduction Computers are a common phenomenon in the lives of people in today’s world. Computers are very vital especially to those people who run businesses, industries and other organizations. Today, almost everything that people engage in makes use of a computer. Take for instance, the transport sector: vehicles, trains, airplanes, and even traffic lights on […]

Micro level Opinion: The Psychology of Opinion Holding

Liberal and conservative elites are distinctively different. What are the political implications of these differences? When respondents during opinion polling are requested to identify themselves along the liberal-conservative dimension, their answers correspond to their stance on policy matters. The conservatives are interested in maintaining the existing state of affairs and institutions, they have the desire […]

The 2012 London Olympic Games Human Resource Management

Introduction The 2012 London Olympic games is an international event, which not only brings the world together, but it also reflects a nation’s coeffective synchronization throughout its planning and successful realization of its objectives and the courage to sustain and harmonize all groups associated with the event. It is also an event that has rapidly […]

Samuel Adams: Radical Puritan

Political Views Over the Sugar act The Sugar act or simply American revenue act entails the derivation of a mechanism to raise tax. The act, passed by Great Britain parliament in 5 April 1764, states that, “it is expedient that new provisions and regulations should be established for improving the revenue of this Kingdom…and…It is […]

Comparison of Pakistan and Bangladesh

Introduction South Asia is the fastest growing regions in the world yet poverty continues to prey on the citizens of some of the countries within the region. The region plays host to numerous poor people far more than those located in the Sub Saharan Africa (Husain, 2008). While the economic growth measured in terms of […]

The Effects of British Imperialism in India

Introduction The British Imperialism in India had its roots in the 1600s. During that period, the East India Company had started setting up its trading offices at different port cities like Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras. The main intention was to trade in spices. Moreover, owing to the worldwide industrial revolution, Britain had become the centre-stage […]

Human Resources of a Hotel in the Swan Valley

Introduction The tourism industry is an extremely challenging trade to operate since a lot of patience is required in operating a venture in this industry. The industry requires expertise and experience in running or operating a hotel. Human resources in the tourism and hospitality industry are trained on various skills that are meant to achieve […]

Causes and consequences of World War 1

World War 1 that sparked on 28th July 1914 was caused by a number of intertwined factors; the sparking day was when Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. The death of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne triggered anger, conflicts, and hostility that had stockpiled for decades among tribes in Central Europe. […]

Silicon Dioxide

Introduction The world is endowed with several natural resources, and silicon dioxide is one of them. Silicon dioxide is available in plenty, and it can easily be found in several parts of the world. Silicon dioxide is often called silica. Because silicon dioxide is plentiful and valuable, many manufacturers use it as a prime raw […]

How Ratio Analysis assists in Determining the Value of a Private and Public Company

Introduction Assessment of financial health of an organisation or a business is an important function of managers. A major resource that managers use to formulate the plans and formulae for financial allocation to the various departments is the financial data at their disposal. An accurate assessment of this data as pointed by Wood (2012a, p. […]

The Mi’kmaq people of Canada

Introduction The Mi’kmaq people are indigenous to the northeastern part of New England. They occupy the Atlantic province and precisely the Gaspe Peninsula of the great Québec. The great nation of Canada has an estimated population of about forty thousand people; eleven thousand of them belong to the Mi’kmaq community. This community has a long […]

The Life of Mohandas Karamcha

Introduction Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who is commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi, was born on 2 October 1869 and he is remembered as an outstanding leader of Indian nationalism during India’s colonial era (Desai, 1994 ). Whilst other revolutionary leaders across the world were using violence and war to fight colonialists, Gandhi used a different approach. […]

Evolution of Power Production

Michael Faraday is the father of electricity. This title came from the work that he did towards the discovery of electricity. He was the first person to develop practical ideas regarding what electricity could do for humanity. Electricity is the most widely used form of energy. However, it is not the only form of energy […]

UK Taxation System

In 2008-2009 total UK government receipts have been 37.3% of UK GDP. This is as same as approximately £ 10,900 for every adult or £ 8,900 per person in the UK. The big sources of revenue for the government are Income Tax, National Insurance contributions and VAT (Stuart and James, 2009). The Tax System Income […]

Australian Wine Industry

Introduction The Australian wine industry has experienced an unprecedented expansion in terms of sales and profits in the last three decades. However, the current business environment is unsupportive and the industry is facing major challenges in maintaining profitability. Wine is traded globally and this means that the industry players have to consider the situation in […]

Water Crisis in UAE

Introduction Water crisis refers to the situation where the available water within a geographical location cannot meet the needs of the population in that location. This prevalent situation has drawn attention in most countries due to its severity to humanity. Despite the fact that the earth is covered by seventy percent of water, only four […]

Moral Development and Its Relation to Psychology

While discussing psychological notions, moral values and judgments are avoided. Nevertheless, the concept of morality is closely connected with many psychological, social, and cultural dimensions that shape a foundation for the definition. In this respect, social learning approaches consider morality an outcome of environmental patterns and forces forming the behavior of a person in a […]

Fiscal Policies by President Barrack Obama

Introduction Macroeconomics deals with analysis of major factors contributing to stability of an outward looking economy. These elements are referred to as economic variables and they include: consumption expenditure, investment expenditure, savings, exports and imports. These are the macroeconomic variables describing an economy operating at an equilibrium position. Any extraneous variable injected into the national […]

Interstellar travel

Abstract The concept of interstellar trip is not easy, but attainable through adoption of appropriate technologies. This paper gives an overview of this possibility by discussing the main difficulties involved in such missions and a series of proposed and theoretical solutions that can be used to speed up the spaceship. It further discusses a number […]

The future for space tourism

The future of space tourism is a hot debate today because the resent studies show that it is a phenomenon that the wealthy corporate as well as individuals such as the Californian Multi-Millionaire: Dennis Tito, are venturing into with the aim of reaching the Low Orbit Earth (LEO). This is an indication that the venture […]

Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act

Terrorism and coordination of intelligence have been some of the major challenges facing the United States in the twenty first century. The intelligence community has over time been revealed to lag and lose impetus when managing intelligence which led to the introduction of the recommendations of the 9/11 commission of 2002 as well as the […]

How the Movie Crash Presents the African Americans

Racial discrimination, prejudice and stereotype issues remain complicated matters in America. The theme of the movie the Crash is about racial discrimination in the modern America. Its creator, Paul Haggis, utilizes dialogue as well as the physical actions of the characters in the movie to illustrate the stereotypes that each of the characters holds about […]

How and why did Hawaii become a part of America?

American planters had a profound effect on the annexation of Hawaii. They not only brought laborers from their own country to the small monarchy and making original Hawaiians a minority in their own land, but also succeeded in overthrowing the Hawaiian monarchy for purposes of securing a market for their sugarcane. This eventually led to […]

Compare and Contrast Plato and Aristotle Political Philosophy

To effectively study the political philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, a deep analysis of the life and ideology of both philosophers is needed to come up with a conclusive hypothesis. This is necessitated by the fact that life deals with each individual differently and the physical environment determines what an individual perceives. These aspects combined […]

The Effects of Sports on Life

Introduction In today’s world, sports form an integral part of the society’s culture. Participating in sports is an important aspect of child development that has many benefits. Sports improve the health status of participants and foster the development of fundamental skills that are important in facing challenges in life (Ahmadi, 2010, p.43). Other benefits of […]

Preschool Boys Are More Aggressive than Their Female Peers

Introduction Masculinity is one of the components composing the image of the successful male. In its turn masculinity is characterized by a specific behavioral pattern where aggression plays a significant role. There can be no surprise that researchers have started exploring the origins of aggression. Numerous surveys suggest that aggressive behavior is revealed in boys […]

Factors Influencing Communication in Organizations

Introduction All organizations operating in the world have a communication system regardless of their size, location, ownership and other factors differentiating them. Communication is, therefore, an essential tool in the organization. This is because of the fact that organizations are primarily made up of people who have to communicate to each other to ensure the […]

Research Application of How College Athletes Deal with Stress and Manage Time

Introduction College student athletes engage in various kinds of sports based on their talents, interests or other personal reasons. Sporting is characterized with elements of stress as seen from research mainly from the competition, uncertainty of the outcome, isolation, identity crisis and other effects from lack of enough time to engage with other activities as […]

Critical Approaches to Journalism

Review Morgan’s article on “Screens vs. Paper” in media underscores the role of technology in contemporary journalism. A clear indicator of advanced technology in media is the decision by publishing houses to allocate more resources to the establishment of digital media at the expense of for example, newspaper. A majority of the population is computer […]

A Scholarly Study of Two Different Literary Genres Fiction and Poetry, Using the Works of Alexie, Kincaid, and Hughes

For this particular study two works of fiction and one of poetry will be used. In the fiction genre the proponent of this study will examine the work of Sherman Alexie, a short story entitled Indian Education and another short story by Jamaica Kincaid entitled Girl. In the poetry genre Langston Hughe’s A Dream Deferred […]

Business plan on IT Training Centre

In any business plan there are fundamental provisions that are required with respect to the nature of the market in question. In essence the market is the most essential tool for consideration when seeking opportunities for the business success. If there is minimal feasibility of the market, there is no need to launch the business, […]

Obese Children in America

Abstract Obesity is accumulation of body fat and weight to a point that it can cause danger in the life of human being. According to American Medical Association (AMA), the increase in health related diseases and illnesses have been caused by the increase in obesity and overweight rates. When the body has excess fat deposits […]

Role of Media in Society

Introduction In today’s society, the flow of information among the citizenry plays an important role towards the development of an informed society. To this effect, the media has been instrumental in ensuring that the population gets current news and information on different issues affecting various societies. Arguably, without the media, the world would consist of […]

Strategy for an Advertising Campaign

Introduction Scope of the Advertisement The Sony Ericsson Inc wishes to upgrade the technology world by introducing one of the best 3G phones ever. The phone, which has a multitude of features that not only makes it a choice phone but also makes it the phone of the future, has been rated as a substitute […]

Best Practices of Using Hybrid/Blended Learning Classes

Introduction Technology has become an indispensable part of the modern world. There can be no surprise that it has been also implementing in the modern educational system. Nowadays many colleges, universities and even high schools offer not only face-to-face courses, but also online and hybrid / blended courses. The most effective method is proved to […]

Great Britain’s Macroeconomics In Relation To The US

Introduction The Great Britain is legitimately known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (See Appendix A).The state is governed under a constitutional monarchy system and forms the largest island in United Kingdom. In principle, Great Britain comprises of three nations namely England, Scotland and Wales, it is simply referred to as […]

The Role of Colonial Women on Work

Introduction The colonial women were instrumental when it came to work though their work mainly occurred at home. Stretching from the colonial period to the revolution of America to the end of the Second World War, women performed household roles because of cultural indifference. It took a long period for women to change their roles. […]

Women and Political Life

Introduction Historically, women have been on the wrong side with fewer political and legal rights as compared to men. Even in career opportunities, women have failed to secure high positions due to male dominance. It is as if these women still live in the colonial world. However, as compared to the colonial woman, today’s woman […]

Human Resource Management

Background Information Effective human resource management is essential for any company to succeed. This entails efficient management of the workforce in order to promote the performance of the company. The human resource at Proctor and Gamble is charged with the responsibility of ensuring excellent service delivery by the company’s employees and this positively impacts on […]

Globalization Positive and Negative Impacts

Introduction The debate of globalization still rages with critics and proponents alike failing to reach a consensus on its benefits and detriments. This follows the prevailing differences pictured by people in their attempt to provide the real meaning of globalization. Is it the coming together of political, economical, or cultural organization around the world, or […]

Sleep Stages and Disorders

Introduction Going by a general overview, sleep can be seen as a long period of loss of consciousness but during which one can awakened from. Sleep is a normal state of bodily behavior change where one enters a period of unconsciousness, the sensory and movement activities are deferred and all voluntary muscular movements suspended. During […]

The Watergate Scandal

Introduction The Watergate is one of the most famous scandals ever witnessed in the world. It occurred in the United States of America in the 1970’s, leaving traces that have formed part of the America’s history. It is an event that is known to have effected into great political and social changes in the United […]

The Discount Window as a Monetary Policy Tool

The discount window is a monetary policy tool (managed by central banks) that permits genuine institutions to scrounge money from the central bank, mostly on the basis of short-term, in order to obtain fleeting paucities of liquidity, which may be caused by either internal or external intervals. The interest that is charged by the central […]

Napoleon’s Strategy and Tactics

Aim and Thesis This research paper aims to explore Napoleon’s strategies and tactics, which he employed throughout his military campaigns to defeat his enemies and conquer other empires when he ruled the French empire between 1779 and 1821. The thesis of the research paper examines critically the effectiveness of Napoleon’s military strategies and tactics, which […]

Quality Assurance (QA) Analysis of Cleveland Fire Brigade

Abstract Performance assessments have always been used as a rationale to gauge the profitability of an organisation. This included use of strategic plans and other set objectives as a measure of achievement. The qualitative and quantitative aspects of the products and services offered by an organisation were not of any significance as long as they […]

Quality Assurance at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service

Abstract In order to ensure that their service provision and delivery is excellent, Shropshire fire and rescue services had come up with strategies that would promote this objective. Within their strategy, they focused on the needs of the service recipients through discussions and feedback systems. In addition, they ensured that cooperation between service recipients and […]

Fire and Rescue Service Management

Abstract One of the visions of the UK government is to ensure quality health as well as safety to its citizens. Over time, the government has always put in place measures that ensure health security to its citizens and continuously reviews them to ensure consistency with their purposes. This document discusses the application of the […]

Humanities (roman, music, drama, architecture, sculptures & religion)

Introduction For millions years back since the beginning of time, humanities have been part of human existence. Even cave men who are commonly known as the early man, were known to use wall paintings inside their caves either to communicate or keep records. Be it art, music, painting, sculpture, literature, drama/theatre, dance, architecture or religion, […]

Language Development in Early Childhood

Introduction Language development is considered as a key component in the social, psychological, and moral life of a growing child. Nevertheless, it does not usually occur throughout the life of a human being, but in the early stages of development, mainly termed as childhood stages. At the same time, language development is a sequential process […]

The Historical Progression of African Americans During 1865-2011

Introduction This paper is aimed at showing the understanding and application of American history by bringing out historical concepts that played a major role in shaping America as it is known to day from 1865-2011. This paper will look into some of the social, cultural, economic, literary, political, and religious challenges that brought about the […]

Teenage Pregnancy in the Modern World

Introduction The modern day adolescents are becoming of age in a world that is contrary opposite to that of their parents. The communities around the world are rapidly transforming, thereby bringing about challenges and new responsibilities to the modern age adolescents of 10 to 19 years. However, this change varies differently in the various regions […]

Comparison of Stress Level among Traditional Learning and Online Learning College Students

Abstract Statistics from the education sector have suggested that approximately twenty million of college students are acquiring their various degrees online, a phenomenon vastly referred to as distance learning. The e-learning curriculum has been mentioned to be the most appropriate technique. In addition, it has assisted colleges increase their enrollment to thousands of students given […]

Leadership Test

Introduction Leadership traits are the qualities and the features that characterize an effective leader making him/her outstanding from other leaders (Aurelius 1). They are the features that enable a leader practice strategic leadership in an organization and act as a role model for his sub-ordinates. The issue of leadership traits came to existence in the […]

To What Extent Should British Government Take Positive Measures To Encourage Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises?

Introduction In Britain, small and medium-sized organizations play a very significant role in the economy. These enterprises play a major role in enhancing sustainable community development and economic growth. The production processes of SMEs are environmental friendly which reduces the level of environmental pollution. However, these enterprises are faced with various difficulties which threaten their […]

The Great San Francisco Earthquake

Introduction An earthquake is essentially a quiver which resulted by sudden energy release from the earth inner surface. The release of energy causes a ripple of seismic waves that are felt in the form of shaking. The damage caused by an earthquake depends on the magnitude and the length of such earthquake. (U.S. Geological Survey2008, […]

Concepts on Angola & colonial rule

Introduction The history of Angolan self-assertion as an independent country after the colonial rule is not merely an Angolan phenomenon, but also the struggle for second liberation from the black colonial rule is also part of the larger story of the rising awareness of the black people to struggle for their dignity and self-fulfillment. Angola […]

Business Organization and Policy

Introduction In today’s business world, many developments have taken place. Business operations processes have been improved significantly, for instance, many organizations have embraced the use of internet in various business activities. These include online ordering processes, internet advertisement among others. Since technological development plays a major role in breaking geographical barriers, it was expected that […]

Edict of Nantes 1589

Introduction Huguenot church in France emerged from a protestant movement that was based on teachings of John Calvin, a protestant reformer. This saw many powerful people become Huguenots in France. The France ruling dynasty of the Valois family including Henry II (1547-1559) and the sons King Francis II (1559-1560), King Charles IX (1560-1574) and king […]

Air Pollution by Automobiles

Automobile invention has continued to have profound effects in the world due to the fact that they have been owned by a large number of people, particularly in the U.S. This overreliance in automobile has generated environmental and health concerns, which trigger a number of global debates. Automobiles have a great environmental and lifestyle impact, […]

The Hour by Michael Cunningham

Written by Michael Cunningham, the hour is a novel that focuses on the lifestyle, attitude, personality, and reputation of women. Although there are many characters in the novel, the author explicitly majors on three of them especially women who include, Virginia Woolf, Laura Brown, and Clarrisa Vaughn. Through description of their daily errands and activities, […]

Financial Markets and Liquidity

Introduction Financial institutions often find themselves in difficult positions when they become unable to pay the funds it have been entrusted with by its creditors. This therefore calls for commercial banks to to meet certain standards of liquidity risk management. Furthermore, liquidity position of any institution must be protected and also some requirements should be […]

Civil Rights Era

Introduction It is notable that blacks faced extreme discrimination in the historical America. During that period, the freed “blacks” of 1840s were encountering various challenges while trying to integrate in a society that racially segregated them. Previous political regimes had enacted legislation that led to institutionalisation of racism. American leaders’ assertion that the country stood […]

Oil crisis 1973

Introduction The oil crisis of 1973 is one of the significant moments in the history of the US economy and other related countries. It is differently perceived by the economists, but the unanimity has been reached concerning the problems and consequences this oil embargo had for the world economy in general. In this respect, \it […]

Human Rights in Serial ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Introduction Freedom of choice comprises one of the constituents of a wider debate going to the society under the umbrella of human rights. Fight for human rights constitute an activity whose effort has been in scenes of many states over the globe for many years. The fight takes many forms. The major ones involve straggles […]

Difference between English and Japanese dialects

Introduction Modern literatures have defined language in several ways. All those definitions are right as long as their main or central focus is communication. Language is therefore a purely human method of communication that is free of instincts. It is through language that human beings can communicate ideas, emotions, and desires by way of a […]

Presidential Elections of 1804

Among the most crucial elections ever held in the history of the United States of America, the 1800 elections were the most vital. Washington was considered reliable by the people and the judgment as well as ability of anyone who was behind him was considered as an open query. As Sharp stated, “While political parties […]