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UK Taxation System

The payments are made out of the person's income in the country of his residence and is liable to pay tax there The person is the resident of the United Kingdom and is the payee [...]

Australian Wine Industry

To better understand the conditions in the Australian wine industry, it is necessary to consider the history of the industry. Increasing the market share of the wine industry in the UK has been very crucial [...]

Water Crisis in UAE

Ali comments that "the consumption level of water exceeds the available sources" while Boberg asserts that "water is one of the resources that is scarce" made an analysis of the water crisis in UAE based [...]

Interstellar travel

The speed for a manned interstellar travel of a few decades to even the nearest star exceeds by far the speed of the current propulsion methods and according to the square law, millions of times [...]

Oil crisis 1973

In particular, it is imperative to track the reasons and causes as well the outcomes of the economic recession, the existing conflicts, and the established relations before and after the oil crisis of 1973.