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Inflation in Saudi Arabia

This paper, using the quarterly data from 1980 to 2010, examines the causes behind the inflation in Saudi, its effects, and the effectiveness of the counter-strategies and policies the Saudi government has put in place [...]

Large Animal Rescue

Large animal rescue situations demand not only the removal of the animal from whatever obstacle, object or place that their currently situated in but such an action must take into consideration possible alternatives when it [...]

Delta Corp Ergonomic Factors

The important elements in the occupational environment are the degree at which workers attitudes and capabilities meet the job requirements and the degree at which the work environment meet the needs of the worker, particularly [...]


The branded products of the company include the Macintosh computers, the iPod, iPhones and the iPads. The major strength of the Apple Company is that it develops in both the smartphone sector and the tablet [...]

Greener Pastures

This decision is bolstered by the fact that the current commercial market that the company is targeting has been experiencing a problem as of late involving environmental concerns regarding the condition of local ground water [...]

The Chronicle Gazette

The reduction in the amount of subscribers to the Chronicle Gazette is a manifestation of this trend at work and is indicative of the fact that hardcopy versions of written content are increasingly being overlooked [...]

Case of Debenhams

The three retail stores operating in major economies including the United States and the United Kingdom and other parts of the European continent belong to the fashion and design industry, an internationally acknowledged industry that [...]

Analysis of Japan

The main purpose of the agency is to promote and monitor the number of tourists that enter into the country and develop specific legislation that is subject to the approval of the main governing body [...]

E-Consumer Behaviors

In this respect, Sweeney defines consumer behavior as "the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs [...]


The capital city of the country is Ankara, and in fact, the greater part of Turkey is in Asia; however, politically, modern Turkey believes itself to be a committed European nation, and therefore it applied [...]

Samsung Marketing Strategy

However, the organizational structure of the company is illustrated in a simplified format below - Figure 1: The organizational structure Source: Samsung Electronics Samsung has experienced outstanding growth in spite of the adverse impact of [...]

Social Marketing

Pointing out these shortcomings of the first definition, Andreasen put forth an alternate definition of social marketing: Social marketing is the adaption of commercial marketing technologies to programs designed to influence the voluntary behaviour of [...]

Ceramic Art

She was widely exposed to art and yearned to run away to France which charted the direction of her life as she thwarted her mother plans for "coming out" into the society and leading a [...]

Reed Supermarkets

Despite the desire to increase the market share, the company has not set up an investment plan that will oversee the increase in the number of stores that it operates in the region and in [...]