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Sikhism (Religion and Theology)

Introduction Sikhism is a practical religion which does have merely words or any certain set of beliefs. This religion does not involve visiting shrines and tombs or following Yogis. This religion believesthat a life should be lived in some patterns.it’s main asset is its simplicity. It does not have any kind of supernaturalism or mythology […]

History of Single Parenthood and the Economic Implication of Being a Single Parent

Introduction In today’s society, single mothers are not viewed as a marginal group although they still face many challenges as they try to fit in the society. They still face some injustices, for instance, double discrimination in the labor market and family policy. As women, the single mothers are discriminated against in the labor market […]

Does divorce have a greater impact on men than on women in terms of depression?

Introduction Issues concerning divorce have over the years received a heavy share of research attention and time. Disruption of marriage institutions has been blamed for a number of alternative misfortunes in the modern day society. One such misfortune is depression which basically is a state of mental illness that arises form either social economic or […]

International Marketing Plan for Tata Nano

The aim of this case study is to develop an international marketing plan for ‘Tata Nano’ the world’s lowest price car with lowest fuel consumption produced by the Tata Motors of India. To carry out the marketing plan, this report will provide historical background and cultural background of host country and give a brief overview […]

Operations Management: Oil and Gas

Abstract Operations management is a branch of management that deals with operational activities in an organization. This research has been undertaken to discuss operations management and its application in oil and gas industry. The paper is written using secondary sources to discuss the scope of operations management. Introduction Operations management is a branch of management […]

Management in various areas

Introduction The modern business environment is very volatile and complex therefore demanding more attention and dedication from entrepreneurs and business executives. If business individuals lack the necessary management skills then their business efforts are most likely to fail because businesses demand that managers make the right decisions in order for them to survive in time […]

SADAFCO Company’s Management and Development

History of the Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company In 1976 a joint venture among Saudi businessmen, Kuwaiti businessmen, and the Danish Turnkey Dairies gave rise to the establishment of the Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company. At the beginning, owing to financial constrains the company began its operations with the production of the UHT milk. During […]

Core Beliefs and Practices of Islam

Introduction In the context of Muslim world, globalization generally refers to the global spread of ideas, cultures, institutions and attitudes, which are normally perceived to have originated from the west. With this regard, globalization is normally perceived as being equivalent to westernization in the context of Islam core beliefs and practices. As a result of […]

Liz Claiborne Inc. and its Portfolio of Brands

Driving Forces: Liz Claiborne, Inc. Liz Claiborne is a name popular in the apparel and fashion business. The brand speaks for itself. Its growth has been unprecedented that can be attributed to several factors. The firm has a different type of business strategy: it manufactures products through subcontracting companies throughout the world. Claiborne’s managers occupy […]

Reinhard Heydrich’s Role in the Holocaust

Introduction In 1933, the population of people belonging to the Jewish race stood at above nine million in Europe. Majority of this Jewish population lived in the countries that Germany deserved to occupy and or have impeccable influence during the Second World War. The holocaust[1] entangled “the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately […]

Inflation in Saudi Arabia

Introduction In the recent past, there has been an unprecedented easing of monetary and fiscal policies in many countries. This has raised widespread concerns that the policies may plunge the world economy into a period of hyperinflation. Already in Saudi Arabia, inflation has been rising. This has been attributed to the government’s recent expansion of […]

Marketing Research: Customer Loyalty at Al-Marai Company

Introduction Background Information Al-Marai is the largest dairy processing plant in the Middle East. Al-Marai means green pastures in Arabic. The company came into existence in 1976 as a business partnership between three entrepreneurs. The partners were Alastair McGuckian, Paddy and HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer. The chairman (HH Prince Sultan […]

Large Animal Rescue

Introduction Unlike rescuing people during emergency situations, large animals can (and often do) display unpredictable behaviors which more often than not result in aggressive actions that could result in either further injury to the animal or subsequent injuries to the rescuer. The reason behind this is quite simple, animals, unlike people, are instinctive in nature […]

E-Marketing For Small Businesses

Marketing problems in general Marketing is gaining a new approach in the current society. Immediately after the Second World War, most companies had huge markets in the developing countries. The level of competition was very low and firms only worried about production. Marketing was considered a unit in the production department. Most firms used an […]

Conflict Management in the Workplace

Introduction The inevitability of conflicts within an organisation suggests that organisational leaders need to embrace it rather than avoid it. Thus, although there are many ways of dealing with conflicts at workplaces such as collaboration, compromise, competing, avoidance, and accommodation, any strategy that emphasises leaving conflicts unaddressed is inappropriate. Conflicts often produce a negative implication […]

Global Finance Inc.

Executive Summary This is a risk assessment report for Global Finance Inc. (a fictional institution) The company has serious security issues, which affect its assets and have severe consequences on its reputation, finance, and operations. The report shows risks associated with GFI assets and possible mitigating approaches. The report identifies and describes GFI authentication technology […]

Leadership and motivation theories, principles and issues

Introduction For several decades, employee motivation and satisfaction have been among the most debated issues within governmental and non-governmental organizations with the urge to improve employee job satisfaction being the core motive. Managers have always been under pressure to meet organizational demands and control employees, with the contemporary world awakening to the realities of employment […]

Sirius XM Radio

History, Development and Growth David Margolese, born in Canada, is the pioneer of satellite radio enterprises (Jones and Hill, 2010). At the age of around twenty years, Margolese discontinued his studies and started a paging company. David would later turn his concentration to cellular phone enterprise but failed to obtain funding from venture capitalists who […]

The Relationship between Stress Management and Criminal Recidivism

Introduction Recidivism refers to a patterned behavior whereby an individual repeats the mistake that made him or her reprimanded. Even though an individual would have experienced some negative impacts of a certain behavior, he might be willing to repeat it without adequate reasons. Recidivism is mostly associated with hardcore criminals because they always go back […]

Delta Corp Ergonomic Factors

Introduction Ergonomic factors are human factors that affect the psychological and physical wellbeing of workers within an organization. Integrating these human factors together with the philosophies of human resources management into the organizational processes is the best course of action to increase the health conditions of their workers (Nelson et al., 1995). The organization human […]

How Saudi Banks Deal With Money Laundery

Introduction As the world develops, new challenges are emerging. The 20th century ended with the world facing a number of challenges; for instance poverty reduction and eradication of diseases like polio were the main concern. These challenges were brought together in the 7 millennium development goals in which countries were supposed to tackle by the […]

The Death Penalty Debate in the United States of America

Introduction Capital punishment has otherwise been referred to as death sentence or death penalty. It can also be used to refer to legal execution of a convicted individual or through a judicial process. The capital punishment has always been used in situations where an individual or criminal is judicially convicted of a capital offence or […]

Pentagon 9/11, Actions and Durations

Introduction Broadly, terrorism is defined as the use of violence on people or property for political reasons. It’s the act of causing terror or fear upon the citizens of a particular nation. It’s a political tactic used by terrorist when they believe that there is no other better way to accomplish their desire. Terrorists are […]

Zamil Air Conditioners (ZAC) strategic analysis

Introduction Zamil Air Conditioners Company (ZAC) strategic analysis gives an account of the changes that have taken place to the business since the time it started up to its current modern status. It details the events that the company’s management had to tackle, for example increase in the level of competition, and gives the reaction […]

Conflict Resolution within an Organization

Introduction Conflict is inevitable in every form of human interaction. It arises primarily due to presence of incompatible goals among two or more social entities in the course of their interaction which often results in conflict of interests. Conflict may also arise as a result of perceived divergence of interest where one party believes that […]

Democratization and the Indigenous Languages of Mexico and Venezuela

Introduction The democratization process in Latin America has determined in all almost nations some form of recognition of the indigenous people, with their culture, traditions and languages. The differences among the nations are still quite big though. When it comes to official status of the indigenous languages and access to bilingual education, nations like Venezuela […]

International Marketing Strategy

Introduction Brimi is an Italian-based food company specializing in the supply of dairy products to its Italian market (Brimi 2010, p. 1). The company started its operations in the late 1960, when two companies merged to form a cooperative, aimed at supplying dairy products to its primary markets. For a long time, Brimi only operated […]

“The Godfather’s” management

Introduction Principles of management are inclined in management concepts and theories to ensure successful management is achieved. The essay will integrate management principles and theories in ‘The Godfather’ movie to help us understand the degree to which management practices and applied. Management principles vary from organization to organization and are regarded as necessary and helpful […]

Employee Resistance to Change

Introduction An organization is a social unit whose building blocks are individuals united together with a unity of purpose and with a collective goal which is to achieve the organization’s mission as it is outlined in its mission statement (Change 3). There are a lot of dynamics at play within an organization’s internal environment and […]

IMC Plan of Melo Fruitti Ice Cream

Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to prepare an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan for Melo Fruitti Company, which offers healthy and organic ice cream. The company always uses natural ingredients, for instance, the chocolate tree, fresh fruits, natural fruit flavors, skim milk and so on. In addition, low sugar, less than 2% […]

Marketing analysis of shampoos in the UK market

Executive Summary The shampoo segment of hair care market in the UK is rather mature and due to the diversity of products and brands and intense competition in the sphere, it requires using rather sophisticated marketing strategies. This report will analyze the segmentation, targeting and positioning of the main players in the market, including those […]

The American Empire’s Public Affairs Strategy

Introduction Recent literature shows that there is a close relationship between money and politics. This has some implications to both developed and developing democracies, meaning that finances affect democracy. In the developing world, many scholars have observed that money dominates politics because multinational corporations and powerful states have always influenced politicians to dance to their […]


Introduction Apple Incorporated is a multinational corporation which based in the United States. The company is a long player in the computer and information technology industry. Since it was founded in 1977, Apple has made tremendous developments in its products making it one of the major firms in information and communication industry. In a general […]

Greener Pastures

Executive Summary This report examines the viability of the entry of Hydrocap into one of two markets, namely one that is consumer oriented or one that is commercially oriented. This report was able to discover through the utilization of the Juste et al. (2008) article that due to various barriers to entry in the consumer […]

Steve Jobs’ Role at Apple

Abstract The field of management is intriguing. Business entities often look for ways to dominate in the industries they ply their trade. Such underscores the idea that competition is inherent in the world of business. As a result, business owners seek the best talented individuals to manage or lead their organizations. Although a difficult task, […]

The Chronicle Gazette

Introduction Over the years as technology has improved so has the various means and methods of communication. For example, the earliest form of communication utilized by what can be described as a “modern” society were letters that often took weeks or even months to reach their destination. This was followed by the development of the […]

Organizational Communication Skills Training Program

Selection of Training Program Criteria for the selected program In the contemporary world, organizations face many upheavals as they aspire to achieve their objectives the main one being to maximize profits and revenues. Therefore, all aspects of the organization should be in harmony with this objective. Among the most outstanding aspect that impairs organizations from […]

Azerbaijan Economic Development

Problem Identification The Azerbaijan economy has developed significantly since the Soviet Union collapsed, but its GPD has fluctuated in past two decades. This means that the overall economy is unstable. Azerbaijan is among the East European countries that have rich natural resources, but have failed to use this wealth to move toward modernization. Azerbaijan’s economic […]

Fair Trade as an Alternative to Free Trade

Introduction A major characteristic of the 21st has been the expansion in global trade. This trade has been catalyzed by the advances in communication and transportation technologies that have led to an exponential increase in the interactions between countries and people in a process known as globalization. International trade has had positive results on participating […]

The History of Rice in Japan

Introduction Among all the cultivated cereals, rice and wheat are among the most important as the leading food sources for humankind. However, rice is consumed by a higher percentage of people across the globe-almost half of the world’s population. Rice is cultivated in over 100 countries in the world. However, the about 95% of the […]

Child Labour Policies

Introduction Many European nations and the US are putting measures in place to ban the importation of goods produced with child labour to their territories. In particular, in the US, through TVPRA (trafficking victims protection and reauthorisation act) of 2005, the US’ labour secretary coupled with other agencies and other departments are required to ensure […]

Organisational Issues at Lufthansa Airlines

Introduction and Background With increased oil prices, airlines all over the world have found themselves in a position where reducing their operation costs seem the only viable way of remaining profitable. The situation in the industry is so bad that British entrepreneur Richard Branson, in his characteristic jest, once said that becoming a millionaire is […]

Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Introduction Cosmetics have become a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of consumers around the world. Items such as lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow, concealers, moisturizers, skin whiteners, blush, and an assortment of other products are bought on a daily basis by female consumers in order conform to the current societal view of beauty. However, the […]

Mitigation of Delayed Projects in the UAE

Introduction In the construction industry, one of the most common and recurrent problem is the delay that is associated with projects. Delays in the launching and completion of projects cost the parties involved in terms of money, time, safety of the project, and the overall quality. These effects are not only felt in the construction […]

Azerbaijan’s Economic, Political and Social Features

Introduction Azerbaijan is a country located in Southwestern Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, between Iran and Russia, with a small European portion north of the Caucasus range. The country has three dominant features that dominate its landscape. To the Eastern part, the country borders the Caspian Sea. This is its natural boundary. To Northern side, […]

Case of Debenhams

Introduction Business marketing has become one of the integral business features that organisations use as a competitive advantage to strive through market pressures. The mechanisms of businesses and corporations normally determine companies’ present success and expectations. The physical appearances as well as customs governing a business are good determinants that anticipate the growth and development […]

Reclamation Of Grey Water & Refinery Oily Wastewater Using Bioprocesses Treatment

Background of Grey Water Treatment Pidou et al. (123) note that literature on the treatment of grey water has been there since 1970s. Membrane filtration accompanied with disinfection was among the primary technologies investigated for physical treatment. Biological treatment technologies like the aerated bioreactors rotating biological contactor and biological aerated filters were investigated in the […]

Analysis of Japan

Japan has always been known as a conservative society that is well entrenched in its ideas of tradition, culture and the preservation of social institutions (Japan, 58-63). Yet, it is this focus on tradition that has resulted in the preservation of its ancient cultural traditions that has enthralled and fascinated the world for generations. At […]

Modern Algeria

Introduction Algeria is a country located in the northwestern part of Africa. It borders Mediterranean Sea to the north. Algeria is officially referred to as the democratic republic of Algeria. It is also the second largest country in Africa. The country is covered by 90% desert. Most of its population lives in the northern region. […]

Chinas Motor Industry

Introduction China is one of the rapid growing economies in the world. The country has a high potential of growth in the future. Various economic sectors have witnessed rampant growth. For example, with regards to the motor industry, the country’s ranking has undergone significant annual improvements since 2005. In the first quarter of 2010 the […]

Analytical Information and Facts about Namibia

Introduction This essay, gives analytical information and facts about Namibia, one of the countries found in Africa. The paper is well structured, with segments covering specific elements of the country’s profile. For example, the geography section will include the country’s size, hydrological features, orographic features, climatic features, and flora and fauna. The paper will also […]

The Effectiveness of Training and Development on the organisations’ Employees in Organisational Level and Worldwide Level

Abstract Organisations deploy various strategies to ensure that they enhance their performance both in the short and in the long term. Training and development helps in the provision of a new set of skills and knowledge that are required to enhance innovation and creativity of employees. Forces in the operational environment for an organisation fuel […]

E-Consumer Behaviors

Introduction In an effort to gain accurate empirical understanding of what e-consumer behavior is, we reviewed electronic marketing literature to identify how the relationship is established and what retailers are doing to sustain it. E-consumers refer to the electronic consumer behavior on buying and selling information, products and services through computer networks. Lycourgos and Christou […]


Introduction The Eurasian Country Turkey is a vital factor in the present geopolitical situation for its strategic location with its various historical events. By this time the country has engrossed the attraction of most developed countries and the people allover the world are interested to learn more about the country for their business and tourism. […]

The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer programs from a Risk Management Perspective

Introduction What are conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs: History and mechanism Conditional cash transfer has become a popular welfare program across the world. The program aims to alleviate poverty and encourage investment in human capital among poor households. Today, many countries have adopted or plan to adopt CCT programs. The program has become popular in […]

Tesla Motors Marketing Strategy (2013-2016)

Introduction The following paper is an elaborate presentation of the marketing strategy over the next three years (2013-2016) for Tesla Motors, which is an electric carmaker company whose portfolio includes only two car brands, namely The Model S and The Roadster. Marketing strategy involves the analysis of Tesla as a company without focusing on any […]

Strategic Business Plan for Elite: When Objectives Comply with the Needs of the Market Place

Executive Summary: Key Goals and Objectives of the Research The given paper is devoted to studying the key methods of promoting the Elite Company products in the Asian, European and American markets. Despite its success in its home market, the company clearly needs to expand and, therefore, has to define its key objectives and strategies […]

The effects of radio frequency (MRI)

The effects of radio frequency (MRI) Introduction Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a useful medical imaging application utilized by radiologists and clinicians to study anatomical and functional characteristics in healthy and disease states (Elman & Harth, 2011). Scanners used in MRI involve the use of powerful magnetic waves and radio waves that help to create […]

Samsung Marketing Strategy

Company Overview Samsung is a South Korea based market player and electronics giant producing a range of innovative products and operating for than seventy years by carrying out successful business throughout the world with 337 offices facilitating in fifty-eight countries and employing about 222000 human resources worldwide; moreover, it is the second largest company of […]

Social Marketing

Social Marketing Introduction “Why can’t you sell brotherhood like we sell soap?” True. Selling soap and social cause are completely two separate things. However, recently marketing has observed a mingling of the two wherein organizations have associated themselves with a social cause to promote their brand. The trend to promote products or brands with a […]

Steroid use in professional sports

Abstract The issue of steroid as a substance of enhancing muscles for sportsmen and women has become a hot issue in sports arena. Majority of athletes are making personal admission that they have been using steroids for a long time in order to gain bodyweight, increase muscles, and realize increased body mass growth. Numerous prominent […]

Telemarketing Scams against the Elderly

Introduction Telemarketing can be defined as a method that utilizes direct marketing techniques where marketing and sales persons persuade prospective consumers to buy goods and services from their companies or organizations. Telemarketing is usually done through physical or face to face negotiation, web conferencing or even via the phone but the use of telephone is […]

Sexual Harassment and culture

Introduction The contemporary workplace has transformed a great deal compared to a few decades ago. Both diversity and multiculturalism are now more dominant than ever before as occasioned by the impact of globalization. As a result, employers can hardly disregard the cultural-based influences brought about by other workers at the place of work. Hence, the […]

A cost benefit analysis of the environmental and economic effects of Nuclear Energy in the United States

Overview There are myriad environmental benefits presented by the production and use of nuclear energy. Studies on this fuel have indicated that it has a negligible contribution to global warming since there are no emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, other toxic gaseous compounds such as oxides of sulfur and nitrogen are not emitted in […]

Ethics in Entertainment Journalism

Introduction Entertainment journalism, as the name suggests, refers to the category of journalism whose major products are of the entertainment nature. The entertainment journalism industry includes television, music journalism, video game journalism, and celebrity coverage and film criticism. Music journalism is meant to criticize the music as relayed to the public by means of reporting, […]

Terrorist Cells and Groups within the Northern Region of Africa

Abstract This research paper looks into the emerging issues of terrorist threats in Africa and especially the Northern African region. The paper tries to answer whether the U.S. has the ability to counter the emerging terrorist threats in Africa through military co-operation missions with aligned countries. As a result the research paper looks into how […]

Public Discourse under the Financial Crisis in the U.S and Canada

Abstract Many authorities have considered the occurrences of the 2008 financial crisis a historic occurrence that brought many challenges to the entire economic world and changed how the world does business. To date, the effects of this crisis still resonate in different parts of world’s economy. The number of people that lost their jobs, the […]

Electronic Medical Records

The cost of healthcare is a serious concern for many governments. The health burden seems to be on the rise despite advances in medical technologies. There are newer disease strains, increased virulence of some diseases, issues like drug resistance, and increased people mobility increasing the rate of spread of diseases. This is not to say […]

Arms Control and the Strategies of Great Powers

Introduction The Great powers of the world have many differences spanning from ideological differences, policies, population, and geographical location among others. Throughout history, wars among nations, states, regions and internal conflicts have always been there. The effects of war are always devastating regardless of who wins or loses; there is destruction of property, loss of […]

Management and Organizational Behavior: Gimco

Business Scenario I once was previledged to work with Gimco manufacturing Company. Gimco is a middle-sized family enterprise that was established by Mr. Smith and is jointly run by the family. I worked in the marketing department, which was headed by Brian, who is Mr. Smiths’s youngest son. The department was made up of six […]

Domestic Worker in Kuwait

Executive Summary Kuwait is one of the Middle Eastern countries that have benefited from foreign domestic workforce. It is estimated that the foreign domestic workforce forms a third of the country’s total workforce. Despite the essential role these foreign domestic workers play in the lives of the Kuwait citizens, still, they are inhibited from important […]

Concepts of Batten Disease

Batten disease, commonly denoted as a group of diseases is therapeutically identified as Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL). In the event the NCL’s are discussed, they may be sometimes called varieties of Batten disease. In reality, they all have a similar basic cause, same progression and same consequence. However, they may be distinguished by chronological age […]

Creating Demand And Marketing Of A New Fictional Product. A New Software

Executive Summary The marketing plan relates to PeFlo Incorporation which operates within the US information technology industry. In its operation, the firm deals with production of a wide range of software products. In an effort to enhance its competitive advantage, the firm has identified a potential market opportunity with regard to consumers buying process. From […]

Information security management

Introduction As Ullman (1983) explains, “security management is a broad field of management related to asset management, physical security and human resource safety functions”. The author further explains that security management plays a significant role in identifying a business’ assets and developments, as well as how they can be protected to ensure long-term development of […]

The Instructional Power of Games-based learning and simulations in education

Abstract Psychologists emphasise integration of games in the school curriculum to enable students develop in all their faculties. Besides the physical fitness aspect, games provide students with an avenue to release the mental tension resulting from rigorous academic engagement. Research indicates that the learning process can be made more enjoyable by using games as part […]

Risk Management/Problem Solving-Twilight’s Corporation

The Corporation’s Risk Register Introduction Twilight’s Corporation is the globe’s giant chain of fast food restaurants. It has a large customer base and sells assorted food products as well as soft drinks. Some of these include burgers, chicken, and salads. As a concern, IT department might experience concerns regarding the ethical use and protection of […]

Airline SOP’s, Organizational Culture and Behavior

Affect of the SOPs, behavior, and organisational culture The 4Ps which are product, price, place, promotion, and a fifth which is people, is a marketing strategy employed by most firms to gain competitive advantage. Marketing strategy indicates the specific markets towards which activities are to be aimed. Negative organizational culture has impact on market activities. […]

Ceramic Art

Introduction Ceramic art is a form of art with a long history in many parts of the world. It refers to making object such as tableware, tiles and figures from clay and other raw materials through the pottery process. The products that result from this process are categorized as fine art, decorative, industrial or applied […]

Has the European Integration Process since 1950s Reflect Carl Schmitt’s Critique on Universalism?

Introduction In the course of history, the basis of political universalism has been on the assumption that human beings are no longer plausible. The arguments supporting universalism have for a long time taken lightly the common core of humanity that surpasses every social or historical context. Universalist critics argue on the basis of the complicated […]

Wise Medical Center Organizational Design

Introduction According to Vargas, Hernandez & Bruque (2003), from the start of the computer era, a large number of studies have been conducted which have made a prediction of a number of positive effects that come up from the IT implementation. Looking at it from the strategic perspective, information could have an effect on each […]

Comparing Kindergarten programs in the US to the UK

Introduction Kindergartens are very important in the education system of different countries. In most countries it is compulsory while in some it is optional. Kindergartens are the foundational classes for education. The kindergarten helps shape the child’s attitudes towards education. They are also believed to have an impact on the child’s performance in their future. […]

Teaching the Spoken Language

Introduction English is the most widely spoken language in the world today. Stemming from the British Empire dominance in the early days of civilization, former colonies of Britain either adopted English as their official language or as their second most important language after some indigenous languages. Because its used in international instruction, learning English as […]

Good Earth Coffee: Company Analysis

Issue The building blocks of a successful global business company starts with a sound strategy, which incorporates structural, leadership and cultural forces the business needs to take into consideration. Good Earth Coffee selected the strategy of franchising for that reason as well as the exceptional marketing and operational structures in place. With this strategy, it […]

How Saudi Aramco Communicate Its Image Nationally and Internationally

Introduction In the modern business environment, marketing is viewed as a way of doing business rather than a function of business and touches on every aspect of life. Due to the emergence of a hypercompetitive economic environment, marketing in contemporary business is often characterized by increased dynamism, which requires organizations to adjust their marketing strategies […]

Risk assessment for commercial loans

Introduction The twelve member- countries that make up the European Union (EU) formed in the year 2002 have for a long time now been using the euro as their common currency. The use of this currency was implemented at Maastricht with an aim of strengthening the European Union as a key player in the world […]

Quality Education: How the Concept Can be Spread Amongst Stakeholders and Educators

Introduction In the course of the last decade, the global education sector was on the limelight concerning its capacity offer quality basic education. Education is both a system and a process. As a system, it is entrenched in a cultural, political, and economic context. These contexts are interdependent in such a way that they influence […]

Welsh Rugby Union Risk Management Concept

Introduction Risk management is one of the tasks that need unparalleled attention in the construction industry. Risk management may refer to the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating the hazards or the uncertainties that alter the objectives or focus of a firm (Taylor 2003). The process of risk management is critical in the construction industry […]

Wells Fargo Company Analysis

Project introduction The chosen company for this project analysis is Wells Fargo. This analysis of the company will be focused on online ticketing and receipting system’s planning, design, and implementation. Wells Fargo, which is in the finance and security industry, has various affiliate branches across the United States of America. This American company is a […]

Dunkin Donuts in Saudi Arabia

The following report is a part of a project that also includes presentation, and the purpose of this report is to support the presentation with some key financial information and a comprehensive company analysis of a foreign company that has recently entered the Saudi Arabian market and now operates in Saudi Arabia. As more companies […]

Ethics in Group Counseling

Abstract Ethical issues are at the heart of the counseling process and practice. This paper discusses the issue of ethics with close consideration of professional practice of counseling and therapy. The paper narrows down to the complexity of ethical issues that counselors face in group settings in comparison to individual therapy. It further discusses the […]

Reed Supermarkets

Case Briefing The case involves Reed Supermarkets Company, which constitutes a regional grocery store with a considerable market share of the local industry. The supermarket chain has 192 stores operating in two regional distribution centres in the same country. The centres have employed more than 20,000 individuals in the United States (Carlson and Quelch 1). […]

Entrance and Expansion of KFC in China

Introduction The fast food industry has continuously posted growth for long, despite the various challenges that have bogged the global economy. Part of the growth has seen the industry players expand their markets and establish themselves as multinational companies. One such company that has registered growth and significant expansion is the Kentucky Fried Chicken, also […]

The Effect of Leadership in Project Management

Introduction All organisations design and implement projects of varying magnitudes. The need to execute projects within fixed timelines with limited resources has seen many organisations demand people who are experienced in the field of project management to take over the leadership of projects within the organisations. This has made project management evolve over the last […]