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Onboarding Process for U.S. Federal & Public Employees

Introduction Onboarding is the process of integrating and acculturating new employees into an organization by providing them with the tools, re­sources, and knowledge needed to become successful and productive. It refers to the mechanism adopted by organizations and companies to help new employees acquire the needed knowledge, skill, and behavior to become effective members of […]

Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communications

Introduction In the world of intense globalization enhanced by technology and the internet, multiculturalism in business and organizations is a common occurrence. Consumer behavior is most affected as people have to adjust to different cultures present within and outside the organization. Researchers always state that consumer behavior is never permanent as it changes over time […]

The Department of Homeland Security and its Impacts on the United States’ Emergency Preparedness: Success or Failure

Introduction The September 2001 terrorist attacks in the US made the US’ citizens concerned about the capacity of the government to ensure that they are secure at all times whether while in their country or in foreign nations. The resulting impacts of the terrorism act also had severe ramification on the government’s part. The government […]

U.S. Foreign Policy Choices in the Cases of Syria and Libya

Introduction and the identification of the problem The interaction of countries in the international system is often determined by several factors. As opined in theories of international relations like realism, nations often seek to secure their interests when interacting or advancing a number of courses in the international system. The question that is asked and […]

Management of Small Business

Competitive Advantage Strategies The business environment is very competitive especially in the modern world where technology has advanced and increased dynamism in the environment. Due to these changes, many organizations operating in different industries are seeking to establish themselves through use of various strategies. One of the common strategies is establishment of a competitive advantage. […]

Emirate Airline General Business Model

Introduction Internationalization has been the driving force behind E-business in the Arab airline. This case study focuses on the internationalization process and its role in creating an environment that can support E-business and E-commerce with respect to Emirates airlines. E-commerce and E-business are, also, evaluated with respect to value creation. The essay is based on […]

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

Introduction All organisations in the world exist with the purpose of fulfilling certain objectives. These objectives, however, are challenging to attain because of many environmental factors that cannot be predicted accurately on time. Thus, the organisations determine their direction, as well as the scope for purposes of achieving advantage within the changing environment well in […]

Arab Diaspora in the USA in the Novels of Diana Abu-Jaber Arabian Jazz and Crescent

Introduction The American society can be described as a melting pot of culture with different people of different nationalities with different cultures coming together to form a nation. The history of America depicts a continent that is sparsely populated by the Indian tribes of America who are the original residents of the continent and whose […]

Oman Oil Company

Methodology Introduction Methodology is a very important aspect of any research. As Anderson (2009, p. 45) states, research methodology defines the entire research. In a research process, a researcher sets forth to determine a spefific issue of interest. It is important to understatnd that primary data is very important in confirming or dispelling the issue […]

Service Corporation International

History, Development and Growth of the company Service Corporation International began its operations in 1962. Robert L. Waltrip formed the corporation. At first, it began its operation in Houston (USA). It was set up to offer funeral services, crematoria and cemetery facilities. Service Corporation International has expanded from Houston to North America. It offers funeral […]

NYS Office of Mental Health

Introduction NYS OMH operates more than 1300 psychiatric facilities in the State of New York and has its headquarters in Albany. The other facilities have field offices but major decisions are made at the headquarters (Nag & Sengupta, 2007). NYS OMH is located in a 5,000 acres piece of land which comprises more than 33 […]

Therapists Vicarious Trauma

Introduction Literature concerning professionals working with traumatized clients or patients is enormous. The interaction between the professional and clients takes place on daily basis where the professional may be affected by the client’s problem through exposure to the problem. Vicarious traumatization (VT) was first identified in early 1990s through an extensive research done by McCann […]

Trade Complementarities between South Korea and Vietnam

Like many other countries around the globe, Vietnam has in recent years integrated with the global economic infrastructure on an increasing scale. Being a regional neighbor and a country that shares many similarities with Vietnam, including geography, culture, among other aspects, South Korea has become a strategic economic partner of Vietnam. The strategic economical capacity […]

Organisational Change Situation

Introduction Organisations that wish to gain a competitive advantage in the future focus on mechanisms of changing the manner in which they conduct their businesses. The most desired change is the one that enables an organisation become more profitable. Geopolitical, demographic, and technological changes together with intense pressure on the physical environments pose the need […]

Behavioral Patterns, Trust and Loyalty-Building In China

Findings The data collected using questionnaires stipulated a 99% confidence in the involvement of the participant on online purchasing of clothes and apparels in China. A remarkable outcome indicates that all the interviewees browsed these products online (n=200). In fact, it has been proven that such online browsing on apparels and clothes happen more often […]

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Introduction The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is a not-for-profit organization that was started in 1978 with the primary objective of ending violence against women (NCADV, 2015). The organization has worked with legislators to develop public policies. Among the organization’s success stories is its involvement in the passage of the Violence against Women Act […]

Implementing ERP in an Organization

Introduction Currently, most business enterprises have embraced technology in managing their resources. Such a move entails a crucial step toward reducing the expenses of running organizations. Furthermore, the systems of managing the resources of a company contribute to the efficiency of an organization. Efficiency entails a company’s tool to edge the soaring competition in the […]

Private Limited Company (Ltd.) vs. Franchise

Abstract Choosing the type of business ownership that a particular organisation is going to be characterised by is an essential step towards starting a business. Unless every single factor is taken into account when locating the type of business ownership for a particular entrepreneurship, the latter is unlikely to thrive in the inimical environment of […]

Compulsive Buying Behavior as a Lifestyle

Introduction On April 1900, Paris held a world trade fair, which brought together people from different consumer markets to celebrate past technological achievements and gain an insight into potential futuristic developments. The trade fair portrayed the potential of the then and future civilizations to deploy technology, creativity, and innovation to create more consumables to better […]

Leadership Styles of Yahoo, Blackberry, and Google

Abstract Leadership plays the role of inspiring followers to work collectively to achieve specific goals. Leadership is an organizational practice that not only influences the followers (employees), but also leaders in a manner that ensures that organizational objectives are achieved through change. The current research hypothesizes that leadership styles may influence performance levels for different […]

History of the Arabian Gulf

Introduction The Arabian Gulf remains of great concern to countries currently in the UAE including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai among other significant countries (Rose, 2010). Naming of the region was a controversial issue in the 4th century and some people refer to it using different names. By 550 BC, the Achaemenid came up with […]

Organic Agriculture – Business Model Canvas

Key Partners The key partners of the company include retailers (supermarkets), suppliers of farm inputs, and consultants. The reasons for collaborating with retailers include the following. First, it will enable the company to achieve economies of scale in distribution. Established retailers such as supermarkets have branches in all parts of the country, which will enable […]


Introduction Background Information Ashtead group provides rental solutions in various situations such as facilities management, nonresidential construction markets, disaster relief, traffic management and major event management. It provides equipment such as lifts, powers, generates, moves, digs, pumps, and directs for rental purposes. It was founded in 1947 as Ashtead Plant Hire Equipment Limited. The Group […]

Secure Online Shopping System Model on Customer Behavior

Introduction Research Background Safety and security over the cyberspace has become such an important issue in determining consumer behavior. Thus the introduction of a Secure Online Shopping System (SOSS) is vital towards survival of an online business. Secure online shopping system is a platform where consumers of the product are able to make orders on […]

International Trade and Its Effects on Globalization

Introduction The evolving world has proved that nations are indeed exchanging goods and services and strengthening interdependence. Many nations are involved in both inbound and outbound trade by importing the products and human resources that the country does not possess and exporting their surplus outputs. International trade provides a pathway that encourages interdependence across nations […]

The Effect of Leadership in Project Management

Introduction All organisations design and implement projects of varying magnitudes. The need to execute projects within fixed timelines with limited resources has seen many organisations demand people who are experienced in the field of project management to take over the leadership of projects within the organisations. This has made project management evolve over the last […]

Entrance and Expansion of KFC in China

Introduction The fast food industry has continuously posted growth for long, despite the various challenges that have bogged the global economy. Part of the growth has seen the industry players expand their markets and establish themselves as multinational companies. One such company that has registered growth and significant expansion is the Kentucky Fried Chicken, also […]

Reed Supermarkets

Case Briefing The case involves Reed Supermarkets Company, which constitutes a regional grocery store with a considerable market share of the local industry. The supermarket chain has 192 stores operating in two regional distribution centres in the same country. The centres have employed more than 20,000 individuals in the United States (Carlson and Quelch 1). […]

Ethics in Group Counseling

Abstract Ethical issues are at the heart of the counseling process and practice. This paper discusses the issue of ethics with close consideration of professional practice of counseling and therapy. The paper narrows down to the complexity of ethical issues that counselors face in group settings in comparison to individual therapy. It further discusses the […]

Wells Fargo Company Analysis

Project introduction The chosen company for this project analysis is Wells Fargo. This analysis of the company will be focused on online ticketing and receipting system’s planning, design, and implementation. Wells Fargo, which is in the finance and security industry, has various affiliate branches across the United States of America. This American company is a […]

Welsh Rugby Union Risk Management Concept

Introduction Risk management is one of the tasks that need unparalleled attention in the construction industry. Risk management may refer to the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating the hazards or the uncertainties that alter the objectives or focus of a firm (Taylor 2003). The process of risk management is critical in the construction industry […]

Quality Education: How the Concept Can be Spread Amongst Stakeholders and Educators

Introduction In the course of the last decade, the global education sector was on the limelight concerning its capacity offer quality basic education. Education is both a system and a process. As a system, it is entrenched in a cultural, political, and economic context. These contexts are interdependent in such a way that they influence […]