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Operations Management: Oil and Gas

For the finished goods or offered services to be available to consumers in a state that will satisfy the needs and desires of the consumers, measures must be undertaken by the producing organization to ensure [...]

Management in various areas

The Next Generation Management gives the learner the opportunity to expand their mindset to look at the business and economy as part of the globe and the entire global society and therefore initiate solutions that [...]

Core Beliefs and Practices of Islam

In the current state of the world that is characterized by globalization, the cultural identity, beliefs and values of the Islamic religion is facing a crisis because of the instances of imitation and the aspect [...]

Liz Claiborne Inc. and its Portfolio of Brands

Knowledge and expertise of the managers failed to identify the factors that could have maintained Liz Claiborne's lead in the apparel and fashion industry. Claiborne perfected the concept of subcontracting to different factories in Asia [...]

Inflation in Saudi Arabia

This paper, using the quarterly data from 1980 to 2010, examines the causes behind the inflation in Saudi, its effects, and the effectiveness of the counter-strategies and policies the Saudi government has put in place [...]

Large Animal Rescue

Large animal rescue situations demand not only the removal of the animal from whatever obstacle, object or place that their currently situated in but such an action must take into consideration possible alternatives when it [...]

E-Marketing For Small Businesses

The urban centers are also attractive to both the small-scale and large firms because of the purchasing power in the towns. This affects the ability of the small-scale firms to adopt e-commerce at a speed [...]

Conflict Management in the Workplace

In fact, one of the roles of management in an organisation is to ensure peaceful environment that is characterised by workforce collaboration in the effort to meet the goals, mission, and aims of an organisation.

Global Finance Inc.

In addition, the report also addresses the CEO's concerns about the mobility security and design for secure mobile computing for portable devices with regard to authentication technologies and protection of data.

Sirius XM Radio

The duopoly in the satellite radio systems created by the Federal Communication Commission comprising of Sirius Radio and XM Radio meant that most of the customers would either choose one of the other.

Delta Corp Ergonomic Factors

The important elements in the occupational environment are the degree at which workers attitudes and capabilities meet the job requirements and the degree at which the work environment meet the needs of the worker, particularly [...]

International Marketing Strategy

With such plans in the offing, a thorough analysis of the UK and Italian markets ought to be done to establish the company's expansion feasibility and product success in the UK market.

“The Godfather’s” management

In this relationship the role of manager employee is to generate information from a chain of relations and influences and the role of the managers is to infer and evaluate the information from the employees [...]

Employee Resistance to Change

Change management enables an organization to have a definition of what change is, determine the changes it should embrace and those it should refuse and if the change is accepted introduce it into the organization [...]

IMC Plan of Melo Fruitti Ice Cream

One of the most important tasks is to convey messages to the target audience about the commitment of the company to give the opportunity to taste ice cream without bothering the tension of obesity; thus, [...]

Marketing analysis of shampoos in the UK market

According to the creative approaches chosen by different brands, the advertisements can be divided into several categories, namely the advertisements emphasizing the benefits of using a particular product, advertisements focusing on innovative technologies used in [...]


The branded products of the company include the Macintosh computers, the iPod, iPhones and the iPads. The major strength of the Apple Company is that it develops in both the smartphone sector and the tablet [...]

Greener Pastures

This decision is bolstered by the fact that the current commercial market that the company is targeting has been experiencing a problem as of late involving environmental concerns regarding the condition of local ground water [...]

The Chronicle Gazette

The reduction in the amount of subscribers to the Chronicle Gazette is a manifestation of this trend at work and is indicative of the fact that hardcopy versions of written content are increasingly being overlooked [...]

Child Labour Policies

While the US and many other European nations accept that the banning of any illegal form of child labour is vital for enhancing observance of the rights for children, some nations, especially in the developing [...]

Cosmetic Testing on Animals

The surface of the skin or near the eyes of such animals is meant to simulate that of the average human and, as such, is one of easiest methods of determining whether are particular type [...]

Case of Debenhams

The three retail stores operating in major economies including the United States and the United Kingdom and other parts of the European continent belong to the fashion and design industry, an internationally acknowledged industry that [...]

Analysis of Japan

The main purpose of the agency is to promote and monitor the number of tourists that enter into the country and develop specific legislation that is subject to the approval of the main governing body [...]

Modern Algeria

It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Tunisia, and Libya to the east, Niger, Mali, and Mauritania to the south, and Morocco to the west.

E-Consumer Behaviors

In this respect, Sweeney defines consumer behavior as "the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs [...]


The capital city of the country is Ankara, and in fact, the greater part of Turkey is in Asia; however, politically, modern Turkey believes itself to be a committed European nation, and therefore it applied [...]

Tesla Motors Marketing Strategy (2013-2016)

In the primary demand strategy, organizations aim to increase the number of sales within their respective industry by boosting the number of customers either by making themselves attractive to clients who are non-users of the [...]

Samsung Marketing Strategy

However, the organizational structure of the company is illustrated in a simplified format below - Figure 1: The organizational structure Source: Samsung Electronics Samsung has experienced outstanding growth in spite of the adverse impact of [...]

Social Marketing

Pointing out these shortcomings of the first definition, Andreasen put forth an alternate definition of social marketing: Social marketing is the adaption of commercial marketing technologies to programs designed to influence the voluntary behaviour of [...]

Telemarketing Scams against the Elderly

This piece of work discusses in depth the telemarketing scams against the elderly giving insight into the problem of the study, context of the problem, the problem statement, research questions, significance of the study, organization [...]

Sexual Harassment and Culture

The new law further specifies that the leadership of schools has the responsibility of making sure that students and the rest of the school community are co-exist in a school environment that is free of [...]

Electronic Medical Records

While EMR refers to the whole system comprising the hardware, software and the medical information in it, the information relating to a specific patient comprises the Personal Health Information component of the system.

Information security management

Information security further covers the process by which data is collected, converted to information and finally utilized in a business."In a world overloaded with information, there is a need for emphasis on not just more [...]

Ceramic Art

She was widely exposed to art and yearned to run away to France which charted the direction of her life as she thwarted her mother plans for "coming out" into the society and leading a [...]

Wells Fargo Company Analysis

This is due to the fact that the project manager and the systems analysts requiring some information about the processes and operations of the company, and the employees could be in the best positions to [...]

Dunkin Donuts in Saudi Arabia

The following report is a part of a project that also includes presentation, and the purpose of this report is to support the presentation with some key financial information and a comprehensive company analysis of [...]

Ethics in Group Counseling

According to Crespi, it is important for the counselor and learners to learn the legal principles that guide the process of counseling by governing the standards to be observed by the counselor and the client.

Reed Supermarkets

Despite the desire to increase the market share, the company has not set up an investment plan that will oversee the increase in the number of stores that it operates in the region and in [...]


In the US, it is the second largest in the equipment rental business while in the UK it is the third largest.

History of the Arabian Gulf

However, some people feel that Iran fits the ownership of the inland sea and it should bear the name the Persian Gulf because Iran covers most parts of the sea to the north while Saudi [...]

Turkey, Media and Human Rights

According the report, "press freedom, freedom of opinion and expression and presumption of innocence should be exercised within the articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Supreme Court decisions and judgments of [...]

Leadership Styles of Yahoo, Blackberry, and Google

Using the identified characteristics of transactional and transformational leadership styles in the literature review, the paper attempts to specify the leadership styles that each of the three organizations deploys using the primary data from the [...]

The Case of Etisalat Company

Such can be attributed to the fact that the quality of a company's products or service can be manifested in the quality of service the customers get from the employees of the concerned organization.

Organisational Change Situation

Changes in the operation of an organisation underline the primary cause of the need to embrace change. For the case of HSBC Bank Middle East, implementing change led to the elimination of the hierarchical organisational [...]