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Madonna The Rebel

Introduction In the postmodern world, traditional gender roles seem intact in the western society. While their establishment seems clear since they are evident through mass media, celebrities like Madonna want to break free from some conservative roles. Can she be called the first woman at the forefront of gender social transformations? The profound changes in […]

Relationship between performance-based pay and job satisfaction

Introduction The impacts of any form of compensation have become one of the major issues within the organization, whether in policy formulation, human resource management and decision-making process. Most importantly, compensation procedures are critical in determining employees’ performance and job satisfaction. The main reason why compensation concepts mainly performance-based is essential to the organizations’ human […]

Marketing for Spice Man

Introduction Every organization aims at maximizing the revenue realized while minimizing costs. Marketing strategies aim at helping the firm increase its market share, its revenue and competitiveness in an industry. According to Best (2005, p. 229), B2B marketing is marketing that is related to firms marketing their products to other firms in the industry as […]

Business Plan of Qassim Complex

Description Four entrepreneurs would like to build a multi dimensional entertainment center “Qassim complex”, and this complex will provide a number of facilities, such as, cinemas, creative activities, different sporting zones, and food courts (which will focus on diversified cuisines from around the world) together with extensive emphasize provided upon flourishing cultural practices, like music, […]

Human Resource Paper

Introduction Human resource management can be defined as a branch of management which deals with issues that pertain to personnel. The branch of management is normally tasked with the responsibility of resourcing employees on behalf of an organization, developing the employees and finally maintaining the achieved efficiency of the employees. Specifically, human resource management looks […]

Emotional Intelligence and Gender in Leadership

Introduction Organisations require leadership as a source of competitive advantage as well as a mechanism for steering the company (Roberts 2004). Many authors have done a lot of research on the subject, and have found that gender and emotional intelligence determine the leadership style in an organisation. Consequently, they can have an adverse effect on […]

John’s Smoothies’ Strategic Management

Mission statement To use my business skills as well as knowledge in the establishment of a successful smoothie business that will aim at providing quality and unique products to customers which will involve the use of creative and interesting recipes while ensuring world class hygienic conditions are maintained. The provision of these products while guaranteeing […]

Communication Effectiveness in the Management of Virtual Teams

Introduction Various organisations currently operate at the global business interface that is characterised by intense competition, dynamic changes in consumer needs, emerging trends of new products, changing technology, and different cultures. Such businesses strive to maintain operations that are geared towards striking a balance between the influences of the above factors. Most multinational businesses usually […]

Perceptions of Teachers about the Challenges of Integrating Hearing Impaired Children

Introduction Saudi Arabia is a country that has been in the forefront trying to portray its care and concern for its citizens. Its government has formulated comprehensive and realistic policies and strategies aimed at complying with the basic and special needs of its citizens. This has mainly been aimed at ensuring all citizens’ access to […]

Marxist Concept of Exploitation and the Contemporary Labour Market

Introduction The Marxist concept of exploitation argues that the value of an employee’s labour is not similar to the economic value obtained by his employer from the output of the task performed. This creates social and income inequalities in various societies. Karl Marx advanced the notion that the contemporary labour market creates a dysfunctional society, […]

Significance of social media in business operations

Introduction Background to the study Contemporarily, change is one of the most constant elements that businesses have to take into account in the course of their operations. This assertion highlights why the past few decades have been characterized by profound social, economic, and technological transformations emanating from external market forces such as political, economic, technological, […]