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Comparison between Uruguay and Argentina in Term of Economy, Culture, and Sustainable Development

Introduction Understanding the socio-economic and cultural issues of a country needs a deep analysis of the history of the country from pre-historic times to the current day society. According to Bernhardson (67), in order to have a comprehensive understanding of a country’s history, it would be important to take detailed analysis of all the factors […]

Student trip to the Kenya national parks

Introduction to national parks and resorts in Kenya and worldwide Kenya has been noted as one of the most dominant and famous tourist destinations across the world. It is an original safari country that has attracted tourists from all corners of the world. The country is currently well endowed with wildlife reserves and national parks […]

General Introduction of Sustainable Development

Executive Summary Sustainable development confers the development of human activities in an environmentally friendly manner. Most cities are starting to embrace the concept to overcome environmental challenges that undermine the longevity of development activities and the vibrancy natural ecosystems. Abu Dhabi is at the forefront of this initiative. This paper explores the underpinnings of sustainable […]

WFB Kamloop’s Processes and Operations

Executive Summary Furniture is the most important aspect of any building’s appearance or look. No house, office, restaurant, college, university or even a shopping mall looks complete without furniture. Even at outlets and parks, benches and tables are found. With the passage of time, fashion has been changing and things are getting more beautiful day […]

Organization Theory and Behavior

Abstract No Project Management strategy can work effectively independent of the influence of organizational structure. Some companies and project managers have made attempts to seclude themselves by putting up both virtual and physical walls with the aim of locking out the influences of junior associates, but to no avail. Even with the most stringent of […]

Differences in Corporate Social Responsibility Between European and Azerbaijan Oil Corporations

Executive summary The purpose of this study is to explain the differences in corporate responsibility practices in contrast between European and Azerbaijan oil companies. The first chapter will consider the background of the problem, rationale of the research, research question, and objectives of the study, limitations, and scope of the project. Literature review will theoretically […]

Renewable Energy Policies in Thailand

Introduction Background information Thailand is one of the countries with the fastest developing economies in the world. According to Bryman and Bell (2011, p. 74), the economy of this country has experienced massive growth from 1985 to 1996. Some of the leading industries in Thailand include agriculture, tourism, industrial sector, technology and mining among other […]

The Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Guided Inquiry-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education

Abstract For the past 20 years technology has been increasingly applied in learning and teaching in schools (Glover & Miller, 2001; McPherson, 2009). During this period, it has gained much prominence as a result of rapid globalization and a move towards technology enabled society. Interactive whiteboard is one of the many technological and software developments […]

Electronic Medical Records: One Size does not fit all

Introduction: Electronic Medical Records Overview of Electronic Medical Records Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) can be described as a digitized version of a patient’s medical history, prescribed type of care to be implemented as well as other health related information that a doctor or medical practitioner might need to efficiently and effectively diagnose and treat a […]

Nokia Pure View Smartphone Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary Fundamentally, this paper seeks to do an in-depth critique of Nokia 808 Pure View Smartphone, which was just released into the market recently. In doing so, central focus will be on giving an evaluative analysis of a marketing strategy that can be adopted by Nokia in marketing the 808 Pure View Smartphone such […]