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Organization Theory and Behavior

Pertaining to the assignment process, a proper assignment process should comprise steps aimed at the understanding of project priority, development of linkages between the strengths of each of the project managers and project demands, and [...]

Renewable Energy Policies in Thailand

Craddock defines renewable energy policies as "Regulations or incentives that are created to encourage the use of renewable energy, and the main purpose of these policies is to increase the production of renewable energy".

French Wine Industry

The economy heavily depends on the wine industry so low performance in the wine industry denotes low performance for the entire economy and this is not good for the French.

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The main objectives of this research would be as under: To know details of some major shopping malls of Dubai, To identify aspects responsible for shoppers' experience in Dubai shopping malls, To identify the significance [...]

Public Good Allocation

One of the solutions is to impose a tax; it is a Lindahl tax computable according to the citizens' limited benefit, and this has to be assessed "at the optimal level of the public good".