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WFB Kamloop’s Processes and Operations Report

Executive Summary

Furniture is the most important aspect of any building’s appearance or look. No house, office, restaurant, college, university or even a shopping mall looks complete without furniture. Even at outlets and parks, benches and tables are found. With the passage of time, fashion has been changing and things are getting more beautiful day by day due to improvement and enhancement in skills and technology.

Current furniture market is quite change than the earlier times. Not only the furniture itself is influenced by general advancements but also the providers and manufacturers have been expanding their businesses worldwide with the help of innovations in the field of Information Technology. This paper analyzes the processes and operations of one of the Wholesale Furniture Brokers, Kamloops.

Kamloops is located in the interior of British Columbia and has been doing pretty well in the furniture industry due to its strong wholesale buying group. Kamloops has a network of more than 50 manufacturers from all over the world. WFB Kamloops believes in providing products of premium quality and also believes in the usefulness of ecommerce. Kamloops displays its product over the internet and delivers the products to the buyers at their doorstep.

All their operations and processes are discussed in this paper to analyze the activities. In order to be effective and efficient, WFB Kamloops decided to acquire a software Blueprint, designed by Lombardi, to allow stakeholders, workers to participate actively to process discovery and to improve the business procedures. This approach could be successful in coming out of traditional complications.

Blueprint is web based application that is not only easy to use but is quite collaborative as it can be accessed from different locations by different authorized people. Blueprint platform can become the central communication platform for collecting, sharing and improving processes and operations of any organization.

This paper aims to connect WFB Kamloops with the Lombardi software. With the help of which, WFB Kamloops planned to document all its activities and processes that would be an essential tool to diagnose places where the cost can be controlled and the benefits can be maximized.


To decorate a home, furniture plays an important role. It is like the pearl in the shell. There are different purposes of furniture; from office use to eating places, from homes to offices. The styles and looks are different but there use is almost the same. The manufacturers make and design products that attract buyers to buy new items for every now and then. In this modern world, fashion changes every day and so is the furniture.

Not only the style but also the design and the usages have been changing with the passage of time. The manufacturers sign contracts with the wholesale dealers to sell it further to the retailers. Retailers then sell the furniture to the end users. With the growing technology, the retailers can now buy furniture online. The advantage of the online shopping is the fact that it is straight forward and the retailers can compare the costs and other perspectives before making any sale or purchase.

As the nation progresses in this world, distribution of furniture from the wholesale also starts to enhance its processes. In has been reviewed that the wood workers were the first ones to prepare the chair in the new world. The chairs were made to replace the “hand-hewed benches”.

The chairs replaced these benches and became the integral part of the shops and cabins. These chairs were then distributed to the wholesalers to sale on other parts of the country (Kelsey 345). Earlier, distribution was processed only through roads. Later, along with other advancements, trains, airplanes and ships made things easier than ever for the wholesalers. In these times of modernity, internet has solved the problems of many. Now wholesalers make deals and orders through websites, emails or telephone.

This paper is all about discussing the processes and operations of WFB Kamloops which have become easier after acquiring a web based software Blueprint by Lombardi. Kamloops is one of the leading Wholesale Furniture Broker. WFB Kamloops acquired Blueprint software to facilitate all workers, partners and suppliers, etc to interact and to improve business communication, procedures, practices and to come up with productive initiatives, thoughts and recommendations.

That could be beneficial for WFB Kamloops in terms of synchronizing processes and reducing efforts to encourage productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. In this report, processes and practices of WFB Kamloops are discussed in detail so that to analyze the gaps and the productivity level.


WFB Kamloops:

In order to deal with the global competition and to lower the cost, the wholesalers are now relying more and more on the internet. The reason of using internet is, perhaps, the low cost. Moreover, it provides straightforward procedures to order conveniently. The WFB Kamloops also depends upon the internet for its sales and purchases.

As stated above, Kamloops is the Wholesale Furniture Brokers. WFB Kamloops has been doing pretty well and they have network of over 50 manufacturers all over the world who work to assist Wholesale Furniture Brokers and its stakeholders in providing the clients with premium quality furniture at wholesale prices.

The idea behind WFB Kamloops is to provide extra ordinary and well-known furniture manufacturers worldwide. It is the motto of the company to provide an access of various ranges of furniture at affordable prices. The company also aims to provide excellent customer services so that their customers can enjoy the good services and quality products as per their expectations.

Kamloops inspires their customers to order from the manufacturer list that is available on their website for home, office, eating places or different furniture items. The company offers furniture of all quality; wooden to iron, outdoor furniture to cane furniture, all as per the preferences of their customers. Kamloops also deals in the antique furniture. The company has many customers all over the world.

From the order placement to the furniture shipment, WFB Kamloops offers many services to facilitate its customers. However, the retailers are supposed to complete all documentation before the delivery. Moreover, it is the responsibility of Kamloops to make sure that all its products are new and without any damage.

Kamloops delivers product worldwide. Each shipment of Kamloops is delivered to the customers with care. However, at the time of delivery, the driver or the delivery person helps the customer to unpack all the items and also helps to arrange them as per customer wish.

The company follows some rules and regulations that should be followed while making an online transaction with Kamloops. These rules and instructions are as under:

  • It is important to read all the instructions, terms and conditions before making any online transaction.
  • It is of vital importance to measure all the details before ordering to avoid any mishap.
  • Before any delivery or purchase, make sure that all the details and questions are asked and answered.
  • If there is any doubt about anything, it is important to clear it before proceeding further.
  • The company will not be responsible for any further inquiries.
  • The furniture will be delivered at customer’s door step, and the delivery person will set it up for the receiver.
  • It is advised to check the item(s) before the driver leaves. If something goes wrong with the furniture or with any documentation, it is encouraged to point it out and make it clear on the spot.

Lacking the collaboration and participation, WFB Kamloops had been experiencing difficulties, complexity, limited use or access of tools, etc and a lot of hurdles in conducting smooth operations. A need of software has been felt that could provide a platform for stakeholders to interact and to play their part by mean of participating in the regular processes to show their concern throughout. WFB Kamloops discovered a need of a system that could provide easy access to employees and stakeholders.

There was a need of such system that could enable the stakeholders and employees to communicate efficiently and effectively. Things get smoother when sharing of information and collection of inputs becomes possible.

WFB Kamloops runs lean operations because they access the inventory available for sale directly from its manufacturers by the mean of internet. This is the reason that the majority orders are already sold. This not only helps in controlling the cost but it also enables the brokers to pass those savings onto the customers.


Lombardi is a software company that provides services and software to organizations in order to enable them enhancing their driven abilities. The core objective of Lombardi is to succeed in the course of process-driven approach. BPM (Business Process Management) services and software allow the companies to work effectively and to make their sales processes better than ever before. According to the research reports of Gartner and Forester, Lombardi is among the leaders of BPM software (“About Lombardi”).

The employees of Lombardi are highly qualified and are proven to be the best in their respective fields. Lombardi believes that well organized and experienced people can better understand the needs of their customers and can generate their abilities efficiently in enhancing the productivity of entire business, while acknowledging the opportunities that come their way.

The team of the Lombardi is consisted of the people who not only have the strong sense of duty but also have desire to take their company over the top. All these things together make Lombardi software a palace where employees feel pampered and satisfied (“About Lombardi”).

Lombardi Blueprint:

According to the caption of the Blueprint (that is printed on its website) it’s the “simplest collaborative process documentation”. This software of Lombardi allows employees as well as the partners to progress considerably, along with the ability to improve the basic needs and ideas of the organization (“Blueprint”).

The reason to define Blueprint as “the simplest” is the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. People who do not have much knowledge about the processes can also work easily on Blueprint due to its collaborative approach. It helps to first figure out the problem and then to make solutions out of it.

The mapping and modeling views enables the team to cope up with the opportunities that are offered or come in the way of organization. As the software can be used simultaneously or at different time by the team members, Blueprint provides updates as soon as changes are made by any of the worker (“Blueprint”).

It is reliable and collaborative because it work as “author and participant” at the same time. An author can change or restart any process by using software, while the participant cannot make changes to the created or modified process but can convey their messages through suggestions and comments. Furthermore, Blueprint enables the processors to bring and export diagrams according to the requirement of the process. The software supports PowerPoint, word document, PDF, XPSL, BPMN, and others (“Blueprint.”).


The core objective behind this project is to connect WFB Kamloops with the Lombardi software. This connection would help the WFB Kamloops to document all its activities and processes. After finishing all the documentation, WFB Kamloops can find the places where it can reduce the cost as well as can increase its profit. Also, WFB Kamloops can find gaps between its activities.

Sales Process

The Sales Process is all about establishing a sales deal. In this part of the paper, the complete sales process of WFB Kamloops will be discussed in detail. Sales process is basically a process cycle that involves several steps, stages and phases. Let’s discuss each step in detail.

Lead Generation

Like any other Wholesale Furniture Brokers, Kamloops also relies a lot on lead generation. Lead Generation is the basic but the most important phase of any sales process. A company spends a lot of money on lead generation. The concept behind lead generation is to receive a customer interest. To increase the number of leads, a company focuses on below methods.


Marketing is all about creating awareness in public about any product. The objective behind any marketing tactic is to persuade a customer to try the new or existing product. A person might not feel the requirement of a product, but the marketing tactic makes him to avail it.


Television is the most common source of entertainment these days; WFB Kamloops also spends a lot of money on the TV advertisements. Advertisements on television bring a lot of positive results and productivity.

Direct Mailers

Direct mailers are the direct marketing officers who are hired to meet customers and persuade them to buy their company products. Kamloops WFB also has a team of direct mailers who work as the Sales Executives and are given monthly, weekly and daily targets that they are supposed to meet. Their evaluation, appraisals, promotions and incentives are based on their target accomplishment.

Referral / Repeat

‘Referral or repetition of sale’ depends on the good or pleasant experience of customer. Repetition is possible due to the products itself (due to the quality and usefulness of the product) or might be a result of supportive and excellent Customer Care experience. Referral is possible due to the word of mouth. When a person tries new product and finds it better than other products then in most of the cases, he speaks good about it with his friends and family.

Word of mouth happens to be the most reliable and convincing force as people do not really rely on advertisements, promotions, billboards and campaigns but when they find someone from friends and family sharing good experience about any product, they get convinced easily to try it for themselves too. Kamloops WFB experiences a lot of leads which are either repeated or are referred. This indicates good customer care and satisfactory product quality.

Print Classifieds

Print classified is one of the reliable sources for the marketing of business. It is one of those forms of marketing that is in practice since long. It is the kind of marketing process that is in use by the companies to classify their products. Print classified is a good way to reach many people who stay at home or who do not have other means of information.

There are many people who are habitual of reading the newspapers and magazines, print classifieds provide them information about some product in their way at their doorstep. The followers of the print media like to read and identify with them as reading newspaper or magazine is considered as the extravagant treat.

The bad part about the print classifieds is that they are more expensive than other form of marketing. The expenses for prints depend upon many things in which size, ink, paper, mailing and other things are involved. As far as WFB Kamloops is concerned, they do not rely on print classified because products are usually displayed over the internet; this practice allows them to spend less on the print classified.


In this modern world, people do not have time to read news papers or to wait for the classifieds. With the growing technology, the processes and technologies of the signage or truck advertisements are also encouraged and modernized. The makers of these signs reproduce new things to make these signage attractive and eye catching.

They consist of the attractive captions and excited pictures (“Truck Signage”). These ideas are used for the promotion of the company as well as for the certain brand with company’s name. Truck or signage can promote any business and elevate its customers. By attracting people, the company can gain handsome profit.

The WFB Kamloops believes that the well-designed caption of signage can attract many customers. In order to make its online business more productive, the company has designed its signage that is easier to understand as well as can be remembered till long. With vibrant colors and visible pictures, the signage is readable to the people.

Online Classifieds

The world is getting smaller with the growing use of computers and network all around the work. Due to this, the market of print classified is shrinking and new techniques are adopted to introduce products in the market. In this new system, online marketing and classified are growing enormously.

Online classified have the same process in dealing and communicating as that of print classifieds. In online classifieds, different approaches and strategies are considered to attract customers. It adds value to the print classifieds because online classified can be checked and are available anytime, anywhere; through internet and computer.

It also provides the facility to update information on daily basis about the work and products, so that the readers get interested visiting again and again. Moreover, online classified are much cheaper in comparison to the print classifieds as they reduce the cost of paper, ink, etc. As Kamloops products are displayed online, it allows them to keep the stores’ costs relatively low and gives its brokers the ability to pass those savings onto its customers.


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the course of action that raises and enhances the number of website visitors with the help of search engines. SEO defines the lines, phrases or keywords on which a customer searches over the web. It provides the information about what, how and why people are searching. SEO provides accessibility to a search engine and improve the chances of finding of websites through search engines (“SEO”).

Although, WFB Kamloops depends upon the websites and searching, it is worth noticing that it is difficult to search Kamloops stores online. Furthermore, limited use or access of tools, and a lot of hurdles in conducting smooth operations make things difficult for Kamloops.

Filtering Leads

The method of Filtering Leads enhances the lead purchase. It makes it easy for the buyer to select items that are according to his taste or needs. It allows customers to buy products with even good amount. Due to the picture quality and presentation, the majority of the Kamloops orders are sold online.

Request Appointment Time

The online retailers request appointment time from the customers to felicitate their customers with the service that does not bother them. In WFB Kamloops the appointment timings are requested at the time of ordering. After the shipment and delivery, the driver also calls the customer for the appointment to deliver their packages.

Booking Appointments

In WFB Kamloops, the payments and the appointments are checked and balanced through calendar. The calendar does not only outline the available time that can be required by the customer but also makes it possible for the company to maintain the details of the booked appointments. Once the appointment is booked, it will not change. However, as per the request of the customer, the delivery time can be modified.

Scheduling Appointments

In WFB Kamloops, the appointments are scheduled according to the desire and continence of the customers.

Customer Prep

It is important to meet the customer at the time of delivery. It enables the delivery person to make sure that all the delivered items are correct and according to the demand.

Moreover, the customer should be prepared before receiving the delivery. In WFB Kamloops, it is advised that at the time of delivery, either the customer or someone reliable from his side with the authority letter should be present; to make sure that all the products are clear and are without any damage. It should be suggested that the room in which furniture has to be placed, should be clear with no hurdles.

Moreover, it is necessary to measure rooms, doors and staircases in order to avoid any damage to the furniture. The delivery person of the Kamloops is instructed to make sure that the furniture and all the items are placed as per customers’ desire but, if in case, it is not possible to place them in the respective room then the furniture will be placed in some other room where the furniture can be placed without any damage or scratched.

Selling Cycle

Lead Generation

As Lead Generation is a term that is related to marketing to products for any business, it is a form of technique that helps to grow business. It allows companies to “promote and advertise” their products and also to make them interesting for the customers.

The Lead Generation is beneficial for both, the buyer and seller as it make it easy for the customer to get the information about the relative product or service they are offered and for the seller, it provides an opportunity to fulfill the requirements of buyers. Through new-letters, list building etc, requests can be sent to the agencies or to the companies.

Lead generation is an effective way to grow business. WFB Kamloops is doing well from several years in furniture whole sale business but as far as its operation is concerned it has a weak operation system that makes it difficult for them to cope up with the problems they are facing. Although, Kamloops is doing pretty well but the need is to deal with the modern techniques to maintain the reputation that the store has built over the years.


According to Alan, “Lead Generation is not about getting the most people, it’s about getting the most qualified people” (Boyer, “Advertising, Sales & Marketing”). Lead qualification is the main pillar of any lead generation process.

It relates to the separation of ready to sale leads from inquiries. They are generally used to identify the proper decision making. Customers play an important role in the success or decline of any business. To provide quality service is the aim and responsibility for an organization as through their effective services, they can make customers happy and attracted towards their businesses.

Qualification is the first step of any lead generation. It is important to use a system that helps to generate higher quality than the company has offered before. It is also important to notice that every customer that sign-up or get in touch with come company, does not buy products then and there. To treat the customers well is the key responsibility of an organization.

For this, it is quite essential to identify the needs and requirements of every customer and to treat them individually (Pistritto, “Managing Lead Qualification” 2). WFB Kamloops has a competitive network of many manufacturers all around the world. These manufacturers work to assist Wholesale Furniture Brokers and its stakeholder’s in providing its clients with premium quality furniture at wholesale prices. The employees are dedicated towards the store to meet the needs of global market.

Product Selection

It provides the information about the product(s), customer selected. It is indicated through the lead during the capture process. Through different messages, and methods of lead generation, product selection is done elevated. The operation team of the lead generation assists all the customers to get the right information and sequel to generate their requests (“IAB Lead Generation”) .

The products of WFB Kamloops can be purchased by visiting their official website. After making the selection of manufacturer(s); listed on the page of production selection, pictures can be selected to view the details about the specific piece of furniture. After the product selection, it is important to note the manufacturer’s numbers of the item(s) the customer selected. Then by proceeding to the request pricing link, the buyer can view the prices of the selected item(s).

Product Presentation

One of the essential parts in selling any product is the product presentation. To represent a company, its product plays an important role. The company is mostly identified through its product presentation. As we all know that the first impression is the last impression, to deal with this idea, any company’s product presentation is considered as the basic element to be taken special care of.

The organizations should make sure that their product line is well defined in terms of its features, systems, advantages and disadvantages. At WFB Kamloops, they offer a wide range of products from manufacturers all around the world. The collection consists of the top class fabrics and excellent craftsmanship and designs. The furniture of the Kamloops reflects the elegance and style of the ever changing taste and atmosphere of the world. The furniture speaks the language of the future with its timeless designs.

Building Added Value (Fab)

Fabrication is an industrial term used to define the manufacturing of the structure and designs from raw material. During this process, metals or different items are cut and mould into the designed structure. In simple words, fabrication may be defined as the making of anything. The process of fabrication includes the making of structures and frames from heavy equipment.

The fabrication in the WFB Kamloops is done through different high loaded machines. The manufacturers try to maintain their level of work by providing classy structures and designs. The work is done properly by taking care of every piece that has been molded.

Trial Close

Before finalizing the process of selling, the sales representatives use trial close process. The trial process helps to identify the time in which proper decisions about the product sales can be taken. In fact, it has been said that trial close is one of the most powerful processes in the product selling.

It is the process through which dimensions of the sales process can be encompassed. It enables the salesperson to determine the specific time which enhances the interest of a customer in buying a product. It is used to check and balance the response of the customer; whether they are satisfied or ready to buy something. The trail close questions work in term of “wants and needs” of the customer (“The Trial Close” 6-10).

It has been seen that in finalizing selling process, sales representatives face many problems and objection in terms of customer satisfaction and encouragement. Mostly, buyer show dissatisfaction for the product; their feelings result delay in closing the sale. This process is useful because through different questions, a salesperson can interact with the customers more effectively as they get the specific knowledge about the feelings and requirements of the buyers.

It helps sales representatives to make strategies to get favorable results (Ley, “Trial Closing Questions” 1-2). The customers of the Kamloops wholesale store have the facility to give their feedback online by given the answers of some questions. The online feedbacks help the salesperson of the Kamloops to work accordingly. Moreover, this feedbacks and inquiries allow the management to work and prepare furniture that is in demand.


Negotiation is a term which can be described as the processes that are commonly used to solve the conflicts and problems between two or more parties through communication via telephone, e-mails or meetings. Through negotiation, two individuals or corporations make a debate about their differences, interests and benefits, requirements and try discussing options that can be helpful in resolving issues. It is a kind of compromise; usually involves exchange or give and take (Patton, Ury & Fisher 150-200).

Parties choose negotiation process because they want to recognize the strength and weaknesses of the other party, to get information as well as to get the proper solutions of the issues. Through negotiations, old relationships as well as new engagements can be established in a better way.

When two parties meet and involve in some kind of business, they have several issues and different fields of interests. Despite of taking what the other party is offering; parties get involved to have favorable options. In discussing issues, both parties know that their discussion directly affect the consequences of their as well as other party’s pursuit. When both of them agree on some dialogue, they are expected to have an excellent opportunity to generate results beyond the expectations.

Whereas, if any of them disagrees at some point of negotiation, the agreed one may have to face the conclusions that are not appropriate for them and the other may walk through the silver lining. Apart from this, if both the parties have difference in opinion and they both are not in favor of agreement then both of them will face uncertainties (Maiese 5) .

Apart from being appreciated by the parties and individuals, negotiation is not praised by many. The reason for this is, perhaps, they get scared of the negative effect of discussing their interest and issues. Some of the parties avoid getting involved in discussions because they feel it can maximize the volume of conflict, and for some it involves much time to prepare for these kinds of meetings (Moore 2).

As negotiation is a part and parcel of any business, WFB Kamloops also deals with it. Several inquiries have been made to avoid such kind of negotiations that result in the mishap or disapproval, but it is also accepted to have the positive comments over any dealing.

For example, when a customer went to some product and it has some defect (visible or invisible). Some of the wholesale brokers are open to negotiate over the prices due to this defect. Same is with the Kamloops. They are open to negotiate if the buyer has some problems in dealing with the defected piece.

Deal Competition

Competition is the natural phenomenon of nature. When two or more people want the same thing, it results in competition. It has been observed that competition make two people rivals but the situation is different. Competition makes it easier to determine goals and strategies if taken with healthy spirit.

To deal with the competition, it is necessary to remain cool about it. Think on positive lines; give your best to achieve your goals. Due to the growing number of technologies, demands that organizations should get up on a place from where they can acknowledge the bane and circumstances that would be favorable for them. It is necessary for the organizations to be equipped with the modern techniques to deal with the continuous increasing market (Clarkef & Mia 137-158).

The most appropriate way of dealing a competition is to identify it through the information and state of the market. The company should focus on improvement of its products. By following competitor’s strategies, an organization should finalize its decisions about the change in price and launch of new products, etc.

The effective planning is the essential key to deal any competition. It is important to use all the abilities and strengths without getting involved in distress or rivalry. By taking advice and suggestions of experts, the organizations can forte itself in a position that can help dealing any competition.

To deal with the competition in the market place, WFB Kamloops keeps on adding new designs and ranges to their stores. WFB Kamloops has been working continuously on improving and expanding their collection of products to stand with the growing market of wholesale furniture.

Moreover, keeping the stocks of furniture and products that are already sold helps Kamloops to survive in the market. When the customer visits its website and selects any item, the Kamloops delivers the chosen products from the ready stock to prevent any delay. This approach helps the store to achieve their set goals.

Payment Processing

On Account

The purchase or sale which is done with deferred payment is known as “on account”. In simple words, it can be described as the amount, more than the amount of the bill or payment, paid by the customer and when the excess amount received is used for business. The on account has two kinds; unapplied and unidentified.

In the unapplied form, when seller receives a cheque from a known customer, he does not use it for bills but the credit is given to the customer. The unidentified is related to the unidentified customers; it means that when money is received from an unknown customer, the credit is not applied to anyone as the buyer is not identified (Kumar, “On-Account Receipt”).


Financing is related to the management science. It includes the saving and lending of money; means providing essential amount of money. In small businesses as well as in the business empires, financing plays one of the key roles. Almost every organization that involved give and take of capital has some sort of financing within their capacity of business (“Finance Start-Up”).

As financing is related to managing funds and it involves lending and borrowing of money, it is the fundamental part of any business management. The company whose capital is sound and secure can lend or invest their money to play safe for the near future.

On the other hand, when a company is facing some sort of financial disturbance with their cash flow, they need to reduce their expenditures to meet the ends. In other words, the successful business organization in term of their income or capital, lend or invest their money whereas, the unprofitable companies can sell or borrow to make things easier for them.

In order to protect businesses from any risk caused by the capital financial risk management several techniques are used. These techniques are managed and implemented by the management of financial board or committee. The aim of this committee is to avoid any possible risk that can cause damage to their business. It is the duty of the accountants to overlook the change in currency all over the world and use specific tools to manage and analyze risk.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer to provide possible and effective sources to the risk management committee and to support them (Yusof, “Academic Area”). At WFB Kamloops, financing is not appreciated as such, but they do offer payment plan. For the guideline and payment procedures, the customer has to contact Kamloops office for assistance. The orders at the Kamloops have been delivered when they receive full payments.

Cheque and Cash

Cash can be described as the money that is used to buy products and services etc. It is the money in hand for the consumption. It is also known as the ready money. Cheque is basically an instrument that is used, instead of cash money, to pay the specific amount of money on demand.

Usually a cheque is used to pay large amount of money. It involves in bank dealing. The cheque is a kind of receipt which shows that bills are being paid (“Cheque”). As the time passes, the use of cheque is getting limited. It is now used for the huge payments only where cash money or online transactions are not applied.

Cheque can be bearer, cross or open, etc. Cross cheque is a kind of cheque that cannot be used to pay over the counter but it is for the use of the bank. Cross cheque can only be credited in to the account of the name of a specific person whose name is stated on the cheque. A bearer cheque can be used by the person bearing it.

An order cheque is only payable to the specific person. It cannot be used by the others. Whereas, an open cheque can be used by anyone as it is a kind of cheque that can be used to pay bills or payments over the counter or to the bank. It is the most unreliable type of cheque as it can be stolen or lost and also can be used by anyone (Blurtit, “Cheque & its Types”).

In Kamloops, they prefer to collect payments through cheque, money orders, different websites, e-check or credit card.

Debit and Credit

The terminologies debit and credit are very common these days. These terms might be somewhat confusing for the simple people as these seem to be financial terminologies. To understand both of these, it is important to comprehend their specific meaning. Although, there is no specific meaning or definition for the terms debit or credit but in general, or through their functionality, we can relate several definitions and meanings to both the terms.

Debit can be defined as the increase in expenses and decrease in liabilities. On the other hand, credit is the increase in liabilities and decrease in expenses. In simple words, if the account balance is increased due to some deposit in that particular account, the account is said to be credited. However, in case the account balance of that particular account decreases, it is said to be debited. They are usually known as the left hand side and the right hand sides as these both are opposite to each other in nature.

The debit involved money which is deposits in banks. A person when use his debit card it means that he is paying money from his own bank account. On the other hand, if a person is using credit card for any payment it means that he is consuming banks money which he will have to pay later. Kamloops, like other well operating companies, deals in debit and credit to maintain its financials and backend processing. This is done to deal with each transaction accurately and dealing all backend financial processing in well managed way.


Product Identified

Product identification is used to maintain attributes. It is used to identify the status of the product or to maintain record by several means. Every product has its own unique number through which it is identified when purchased or traced. With the growing revenue and competitions in the market, every day, thousands of products come to the market. Each product is designed and manufactured is a different way.

To remember these and to identify their abilities, it is necessary to differentiate them from each other. For this purpose, product identification is used. It is an important process because it makes it convenient for the buyers as well as for the sellers to define their product more conveniently.

Products in Kamloops can be identified through their brand names, which contain letters and words that can describe the nature of products perfectly. The product can also be identified through different numbers allotted by several procedures. The products of the WFB Kamloops are trademarked to protect it from stolen.

Enter Product into WOS

The WOS is a system that runs through the server on a web. The orders through WOS in Kamloops enable to make quick entries and order as many items as the customer wants. It also provides an online facility to save previous bills.

Add details to order

The details that should be added at the time of order placement in Kamloops are:

  • First it is necessary to enter the name on the order. It enables to recognize the customer.
  • Secondly, it is important to provide shipping address.
  • Phone number is also important because when deliveries reach their destinations, the driver or delivery person contacts the customer to make an appointment to hand over the product.
  • One additional phone number is also needed in case of emergency.
  • When booking an order online, it is advised to the customers to provide their authentic e-mail address so that customer can be contacted anytime.
  • The information of credit card is of great importance because it makes sure that the customer is genuine and the payments will be released when delivery is fulfilled. It should be remembered that all the information; personal or credit care, will be kept secret. None can harm or is allowed to make use of it.

Print 2 Receipts of PO

In order to avoid any risk or loss, two receipts should be printed for each order and submitted to PO. The one copy is for the delivery supervisor and the other should be left to the shipping company.


Managing Orders

After acquiring all of the necessary information, proper order is placed by Kamloops. Kamloops then sends an e-mail with an order confirmation to its customer. The order confirmation has all of the information above, except the credit card information, and a list of items that the customer wants to purchase.

To increase customer interest, product pictures are also added to the confirmation note. Then, there is a TAT of 48 hours in which, a customer should check and investigate all questions from the company as after that modification is not appreciated. Company also sends a proper electronic invoice to the customer through mail.

Warehouse Organization

In order to generate effective results, it is necessary to have responsible people. It is necessary to have a dedicated team to run and manage the strategies that are made by the management. The team of the warehouse organization should include:

Warehouse Manager

In Kamloops, the warehouse manager plays the important role in managing things and in executing plans delivered to him from the management. He is responsible to manage, operate product and details, direct, evaluate and co-ordinate within the organization. As their work is risky and of great responsibility, they should be smart enough to deal with the burden and stress.

They manage people and system in order to meet the targets. But their roles vary from organization to organization. It means that in small businesses, these managers have to do all work from training to monitoring while in big organizations, their work is somewhat related to the management.

Warehouse Supervisor

A warehouse supervisor is responsible to maintain the environment of the warehouse. He should be good handler of things. He manages and control as well as train the employees that are working under him. He is responsible to assure that the company is responding satisfactorily to the market needs and is generating good revenue without compromising on quality.

Kamloops uses its warehouses to store goods and products. When orders are placed and received, they load or upload through loading docks. The supervisor is responsible to control the workflow and productivity. In some organizations, the warehouse managers have the responsibility to train, monitor and maintain the staff. The supervisor usually works with the operation manager, production staff and engineers.

Warehouse merchandising

As the warehouses are used to protect goods from any damage and theft, the warehouse merchandising is related to storing, shipping and receiving the products in warehouses. It is the duty of the warehouse workers to track and also to unload merchandise on receiving. Furthermore, these shipments are loaded again when ready to deliver to the customer. When merchandise arrives through ships, trucks or trains, it is unloaded in the warehouse by the workers or through machines.

In WFB Kamloops, the processes that includes in the warehousing are as follows:

  • The orders are received and put in order for the next step.
  • Orders are prepared for delivery.
  • When packages are prepared for the shipment, they are addressed and counted to avoid any mishap.
  • If needed, the warehouse management provides the facility of the kitting and co-packing of the containers or products.

Several processes are used to overlook any damage or loss. Although, the basic business of Kamloops is dependent on the internet, the warehouse is also helpful to save time and retail space. But the warehouses are of vital importance to store goods.

Mattress Floor

Kamloops realizes that the company should have a minimum number of mattresses to meet the market.

Program Stock

The Inc. Program Stock can be defined as the discount that a company takes from other company. Kamloops also executes such practices.

Costumer Stock

The customer stock can be described as the discount that customers get on ordering some of the stocks that remain in the company. It is the fact that a company introduces new products to remain in the market place. After several times, all its items are sold out but a few of the older things remain at their sores. In order to sale these stocks, the company offer discounts to its regular customers. Due to this process, the buyers get the premium quality furniture or items at low cost. The company should do some discounts to sell its stocks.

In order to remain in the market, to prevent warehouse furniture from being wasted and to deal with the growing competition, WFB Kamloops offers reasonable and attractive discounts on their remaining stocks.

On daily basis, new styles and designs are being introduced in the global market due to which, sometimes flexibility is needed. It also happens that some of the items are damaged; damages that are not visible from the naked eye or some of the items are just a few parts of furniture sets like a chair or a sofa. In such situation, Kamloops provides its customer the facility to buy products on discounted prices. This sale campaign is arranged quarterly to meet the overall goals of the company.

Shipping and Receiving


With the passage of time, the demands and needs of the customers have also been increasing. These demands, irrespective of boundaries or money, are satisfied by any means. To fulfill the requirements of the customers, retailers have to look beyond their reach; they have to bring products not only from different parts of their homelands but also from the neighboring countries. Moreover, it is also important for them to supply their goods within the country as well as to find out customers outside their country. Shipping process can cost more than what one can expect. Further, it also brings more challenges for the companies.

In simple terms, shipping can be defined as the transportation of good and products from one country to another or from one place to another. It can be through land, sea or air; airplanes, ships, trains or trucks. In order to fulfill the needs of customers, shipping plays one of the key roles.

To develop and maintain their names and products all around the world, organizations and companies supply their goods and products through shipping companies. Many companies prefer to work with universal shipments companies like UPS or DHL, while others prefer recommended suppliers. However, there are few who now prefer to go along with the shipping agencies that not only take their goods but also help them to save their shipment in warehouses.

Kamloops makes sure that the shipping procedures are completed without any hazard. As it is the most essential part of their business, they keep themselves updated. After getting an order and when the packages are available for the shipping, WFB Kamloops contacts the shipping company.

As soon as they get the date to deliver the shipment to their customer, they are always ready to hand it over to the shipping company from their warehouse. Once this process is done, then the shipping company brings the container to their own warehouse at the nearest point from the customer. The delivery warehouse sets an appointment with the customer to deliver the package. When they make sure that all procedures are completed then the package is delivered to the customer.

Obtain PO

PO or Purchasing Order is a kind of contract that issued by the buyer to the seller. This document contains the details of shipment. It mentions the exact number(s) of products, date of delivery, the identification of products, terms and conditions, applied by the shipping agency, type and quantity of item(s) and the other conditions. The PO is of great importance because it allows the customer to define his terms and requirement to the seller.

Before delivering and processing further requirements, Kamloops makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the all the requirement specified. The motto of WFB Kamloops is to provide efficient service to its customers and for this goal; they try their best to handle all possible risk and problems.

The PO of Kamloops contains all the details that are required for the shipping process. More so, their most of the business dealing are through internet, therefore, it becomes easy for them to deliver items and PO’s then and there. Although, the operation of Kamloops is not very effective but the management provide facilitation to its customer.


The receiving of shipment is also known as the outbound shipment. In order to maintain proper dealing there are several rules which are followed during receiving the shipment. These rules and regulations are made to work according to needs and requirements of the state shipping organizations.

Furthermore, it is important to follow these procedures and processes to avoid any mishap. As companies are dealing with the huge amount of products and goods, it is important for them to work through proper channel. It is not only good for them but also facilitate all the customers.

It is the duty of the receiving officer to maintain the daily processes of the receiving area. He is responsible for receiving, shipping, processing, maintenance, preventing of any damage and training the staff, the workers, the store managers, the store Assistant manager and other managers of the management department.

WFB Kamloops follows several procedures and rules of receiving the shipping. These instructions and rules that have to be followed at the time of receiving are:

  • It is important to identify the Purchase Order number in the carrier that was shipped.
  • For checking the PO number, the receiving officer locates the PO number.
  • If the PO number is retrievable then the process will go forward. But if somehow, it is not possible to locate the PO number the officer should contact the purchasing department.
  • After retrieving the PO number, the officer should check the verification of Transportation Collect Charge, which was displayed on the PO.
  • In this process, if the PO is having the TCC number then the shipment is collected without further investigation. But if the TCC is not reflected on the PO then the officer will collect the shipment but he should immediately inform the vendor to collect the bills.
  • It is necessary to notice that if the PO is having the tag of “Inside Delivery” then it is the duty of the vendor to collect it and to keep it in the same room or place that was identified on the PO.
  • At the time of receiving, it is important to collect the items whose details are mentioned on the PO. If there are some unidentified items which are not mentioned on the PO then the officer should ask the vendor about the next procedure.
  • Investigate the container if there are some damages.
  • If the container has some damages then it is the duty of the carrier to take signature of the delivery person before accepting any shipment.
  • If the carrier is having severe damages then the decision will depend on the circumstances and also on the situation of the damage.
  • On the other hand, if the container has no damage then the contents of the container should be matched and compared from the given list.
  • If the products of the container do not match with the given list then the officer should inform vendor for the next procedure.

After completing all the above procedures and clearing everything the shipment is supposed to be accepted. But if there’s some problem in any procedure then the shipment is either rejected or will be waited for the next order. On the completion of all processes, checking and clearing the final receiving repot will be forwarded according to the procedures of the relative agency.


Communication is defined as the exchange of ideas, feelings, thoughts and understanding. Through communication, collaboration or cooperation takes place. In businesses and organizations, communication is used to identify the interest that two parties have. By exchanging and understanding the information, two organizations can work effectively. For this, it is of vital importance that people that are involved in this process are well versed and learned.

They know their work and processes or their company so that they can communicate with the other party or customer clearly without hesitation. Communication always involves some medium like email, mobile or telephone. At WFB Kamloops furniture, they receive many requests on daily basis. When shipping is done or the order is under process, the management of the company communicates with the customers for their satisfactory note. For Kamloops, the feedback of the customers is really a matter of high importance.


Tagging item

It is important to tag the item that is purchased or shipped because it enables customer to identify and locate their items. The items should have the exact keyword which enables the customer to locate it through search engines. It is very simple to tag an item or product. Tags should be affixed through tag guns or by pins or by clear tapes. They must be attached on the upper side of the product so that it becomes visible to everyone. It is suggested that the tag should be printed with the black ink on the white surface.

The tags of the WFB Kamloops are simple. They provide you the visible outline. The tags are attached to the container through tapes or by using tag guns. They provide all the details to track the shipment according to the customer’s requirement.

Print a Tag or create a tag:

Creating a tag is not a problem these days. With the growing market of technology and with facilities like computers, it is easy to make and print tags of your own choice. For creating a tag, first it is important to select the back ground. Many companies prefer to use blank tags as this makes the written print visible and clear to read. After selecting the background the next step involves selecting correct fonts and style of the tag.

The style and fonts that are selected to write description on the tag should be of sharp color and should be big enough to make reading easier. It is preferred to use black ink with the white background. After completing and selecting the right colors and style for the tag the tag gets ready to be printed. The print option gets activated only when the above steps are completed. Considering all above points in to notice, the tags of Kamloops are white based coupons with initials of black ink.

Bed Organization Layout

The bed layout and structure is consisted of the main frame which can be of different shapes, specifically rectangle in shape, supported by two more frames that work as legs of the bed. Then the bed is designed to make two portions; one for the pillow side and the other which can be defined as the end side. For the convenience of the customers, the manufacturers prefer to make easy to assemble bed and fittings. It gives an ease to the customer to assemble his furniture and items in any part of his house.

In WFB Kamloops, special treatments are given to the bed organizations. As beds are the essential part of the home, Kamloops ensures that the structure, style and design of the beds are up-to-date and classy.

Dining Sets organization

The WFB Kamloops promises to provide durable and easy to handle furniture with extraordinary premium quality. The dining tables are the centre of attraction for any home. At Kamloops, the layouts of dining tables are made elegant with contemporary style. According to the modern requirements and fashion, the tables are of different shapes, designs and sizes.


Scheduling Deliveries

Schedule Delivery is defined as the timing or date on which customer is expected to get his goods or purchased items in near future. In simple words, schedule delivery is an expected date when purchased item(s) are expected to be delivered.

Deliveries in WFB Kamloops are scheduled during business hours. When consignments are delivered, the drivers make calls to the customers an hour before reaching the delivery points. But timings can be molded if customers want to receive their shipments on weekends or on some other time as per the convenience of the customers.

Process Transaction

The information or computer based system that collects, saves or modifies the information about the data is known as the Transaction Processing. It is commonly known as TPS.

These information and data are stored in a special kind of programming system which is commonly known as the transaction programs. In order to make the transaction process effective, the payment of billing and other formalities like the receiving must work together. They either fail or succeed. This process offers industries the means that helps them to process transaction quickly without any delay.

The process should be equipped with ACID:

  • The process must be automatic.
  • It should be consistent in terms of rules and regulations. There must be correct transformation.
  • The system should be isolated in terms of its security. It means that the system should work individually and the information is secured. The transaction that is made in one system must not be seen by the other systems.
  • The practice is supposed to be robust so that to record all transactions permanently. If the system has some problems then it is important to have back-ups to avoid any risk or failure in the process transaction system.

The Process transaction system of WFB Kamloops must adept the ACID tests; atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability, to meet necessitates of the process system. It has been noted that in processing or other operation system, the Kamloops have quite weak performance.

Call customer for confirmation

After processing and clearing the shipment, it is important to call customers to provide them information about the shipment or product details.

Confirm Delivery

The supplier should receive payments only when customer confirms that he has received the delivery package. However, it is important to notice that the confirmation should be received within 30 days. If the buyer does not confirm his delivery status within given period of time then the seller or supplier gets his payments without any problems.

When all the packing and procedures of shipping are completed, the management of Kamloops emails the buyer all the details. It makes it convenient for the customers to retrieve their delivery on phone or through website. When delivery reaches its destination, the agent calls the customer to make an appointment for the delivery.

Load Delivery

It the most difficult task for the supplier to load and unload deliveries without any damage or loss. These deliveries are packed in such a way that it remains save to avoid any risk. At Kamloops, special care is taken to load or upload carries. The loading is done through procedures that are safe for the workers or for the loaders. Loading or unloading from trucks is handled carefully to make sure that everything is ok. Special machines are arranged to unload heavy consignments.

Map Delivery Route

Map of delivery route is important in order to make deliveries right on its place. Kamloops takes special care and it maps delivery route to avoid any risk and to smoothly execute all its operations in the specific and required manner.

Execute Delivery

Deliveries are executed after the clearance and matching of all the items that are mentioned in the PO. If there is some problem or damage in the product that was shipped, the deliveries are prevented from executions. After completing the above processes, the deliveries are executed according to the demand of the customers.

Some of the customers wish to receive their parcels earlier, while some of them wish to collect them after some time. To fulfill these requirements, Kamloops has given this opportunity to all its customers to specify the special instructions on the website when placing the order.

Processing Claims

Customer Report

Customer report is needed to confirm the feelings of customer about the delivery of shipment. It is necessary to have this report for the execution of several processes in which customer claims and inquires about the received shipment.

Customer Claim/Inquiry Received

In the selling process, when the customer claims and raises an inquiry, it means that there is some error or problem with the product or with the delivery. It is the duty of company’s employee, especially of the sales department to execute these inquiries and to handle this phase with proper care.

These inquiries are of different types. When it is the pricing error then the report is directed towards the accounting department. If the report is about the conformity, then it is directed to the quality department and then to the accounts. If the inquiry is about the conformity unprocessed then the claim is directed to the concerned person for handling the request. After fulfilling all the processes and inquiries, the quality control complete the workflow by maintaining the data in the claim process.

Claiming any damage against the shipment in Kamloops is taken seriously and the company emphasizes to have these damages listed on the delivery sheet. If the damage is occurred during the shipping then the delivery service is responsible for such loss and it must compensate. Sometimes, the damages are nothing but the manufacturer’s fault.

To deal with this problem, the Kamloops asks to provide full detail about the injury. If these damages are minor then can be handled by the local manufacturer but if the damages are severe then Kamloops makes sure to change or replace the items to avoid customer dissatisfaction or frustration.

Document Claim

In order to register claims, there are several things that are kept ready if needed. The form of the claim should be completed with the policy copy, registration book and other relative documents.

Email information ([email protected])

In Kamloops, claims are to be initiated through emails or through call center. If someone is generating a claim through email, it is important to provide all the necessary information. One must go through the procedure of the company, as provided over the official website then with the help of customer service department or the online guidelines initiation of the claim process becomes possible.

In order to register claims through emails, Kamloops provides the facility of online accounts which makes it easier for the customers to report something over the internet if needed or if they need any assistance for something.

Process Claim and Send Information to appropriate manufacturer

It is easy to request claim. Claim request can be made in numerous ways. It can be done through telephone, emails or through personal meeting. The process committee or the customer service department initiates the procedure as soon as they receive request from customer by email or any other source of communication.

On receiving the required information, the team of WFB Kamloops checks the references of its customer. It is important in Kamloops to have contact number of customer’s reference in order to investigate and confirm if the claim is genuine. When the management contacts the references, the claim report is forwarded for further process. This procedure is necessary to make sure that the customer is not misleading the company. After receiving all required information, the claim is forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer.

After getting all the appropriate information and the assurance of the fair damage or claim, the report is executed and is directed to the respective departments for the proper measures to be taken. The Kamloops examines the damage (if there is any) then matches it with the claim form. After this, the claim is forwarded for the repair or return (what so ever the customer needs).

Await Reply

Before executing any decision, it is important to check all the information that is provided by the customer. When relative department processes all the requirements then the report is delivered to the Kamloops team for further execution.

Execute Decision

Decisions are executed in Kamloops after the relative manufacturer confirms that the damage is genuine and customer has placed the right claim. When the claim is approved and the delivery service receives all the identifications and documents in the claim report, payments, decisions and shipments are processed further.

Receive reply

Customer receives reply as soon as the process is completed, and approvals are made.

Process Claim as Requested

It is important to organize and deal with the claims by prioritizing them. All claims are properly processed and are documented.


After analyzing all the aspects and selling procedures of the WFB Kamloops, it has been noticed that the company has been doing quite well and has the potential to grow with the passage of time. Though the company has excellent selling procedures, but it is lacking in the efficient operational skills. The services that the company is providing are up to the mark but they do not have significant impact.

In order to maintain its reputation and to meet its goals, it is necessary for the company to join hands with some efficient software company to make its processes better and fast. It is also important for the WFB Kamloops to keep its operating processes well organized. It is necessary to work with items that are in demand; Kamloops should not hesitant trying new things. The more the company produces new items the more people will get attracted towards it.

More so, to elevate its production, it is recommended for Kamloops to make it visible on the website. It is essential for the company to make enhancement in its features and use such programs that can be searched from the search engines easily, while maintaining its business more feasibly and in order to become easy to reach for more people.

Although, company has been doing quite well in ecommerce but it should expand itself further by paying more attention to its physical outlets worldwide. Many people still do not prefer to go for online shopping. It is important for the company to maintain its on-land stores so that it becomes available for everyone.

The simplest way to deal with the problem that Kamloops is facing is the collaboration with the Lombardi software. Lombardi’s Blueprint provides easiest and simplest network and processes to cope up with the existing operational problems. Moreover, the Blueprint also provides the facility to work with collaboration. With this feature, Kamloops can easily keep in touch with its partners, shareholders and customers as well.

As blue print is acting as the middle person, it joins all the processes that are undergoing. It allows the shareholders and the team of the Kamloops to work online from anywhere but with each other. It makes things easy for the company as well as for the customers because they are facilitated with better services and for the shareholders and participant because it allows them to work in different timings but with the same processes. Furthermore, the system allows Kamloops to remain up-to-date no matter who makes changes in the process.

The Lombardi software is recommended because it enhances the quality of the business and takes it to the highest levels. It allows the collaborative participation of the stakeholders who can contribute in the efforts that has been done for the improvement of the business.

More so, it has been noted that the mapping and modeling tools are very complicated to handle; only certain group of people can handle them. With the help of Blueprint, Kamloops team members can work without any hurdle as the software is easy to handle. It also makes the shipping processes of the company a bit easier to understand.

It has also been suggested that the store must have the contact details of all the customers. For example, when a customer visits WFB Kamloops website, it makes sure that all the useful information about him, from his name to his contact number are saved. It is necessary to maintain customer relationship. Moreover, it will be helpful in the future because when the company would be launching the new products, it can contact its regular visitors and can inform them in advance about the new line.

Furthermore, the company should develop extraordinary competitive atmosphere. It helps a company and its employees to work efficiently. The company should develop proper strategies to deal with the competition in the global market. It is necessary to monitor and examine products and services to make sure that everything is going well and according to the needs of the market environment.

Moreover, the company should examine the performances of its employees as well, should make coordinative atmosphere so that workers also feel appreciated, recognized and motivated.

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