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Educational Policy

Human engagements have been characterized by rules and guidelines for a long period of time now. The processes involved in the setting out of these regulations take different forms and may vary from one country to another depending on how people are expected to interact and address the various challenges that may arise. The guidelines […]

Income Inequality

Introduction History has it that in most of the successful ancient civilizations, economic inequality was commonplace between the ruling class and the ruled. This status quo mostly resulted in anger and resentment between the two groups due to the great economic divide. These historical realities are still very much alive today in our present day […]

McDonald Expansion in China

Introduction Immediately after the Second World War, various political stands which encouraged international trade were undertaken. Particularly, the signing of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1947 played the major role in opening the doors for global business expansion. The agreement provided an efficient trading platform for member states. Additionally, modern transportation, […]

The Role of the US in the Gulf War

The first Gulf war involved a coalition of forces against Iraq, and the war occurred between August 2, 1990, and February 28 1991. The United States of America (US) led a coalition of thirty-four nations in attacking Iraq and pushing this nation out of the borders of Kuwait, a country that Iraq had attacked and […]

Marketing the Apple Brand: E-Marketing

Executive Summary The use of the internet in marketing goods and services is known as e-marketing. Its proliferation can be attributed to the technological advancement in the modern world. As the digital era conquers humanity and with the rapidly changing advances in information and technology, marketers and advertisers gradually shift strategies in brand promotion and […]

Developing International Business Leadership Skills

Introduction Personal development is an important part in an individual’s life because it is from careers that people derive their living. In the path towards achievement of an individual’s chosen career, skills development is necessary in achieving a person’s plans and goals.My names are Steven Chan and I am a Chinese national born on the […]

Honecker and the Belated Reforms

Introduction The formation and collapse of the German Democratic Republic is a significant chapter in the history of Western Europe and the world at large. Germany was the principal aggressor in World Wars I and II, and its unification and reintegration formed part of the major activities in the wars. The integration of West and […]

Emotional Intelligence at Work Places

Performance in work places is not just about completion of tasks assigned to an individual that matters. Work performance is rated on task completion, contextual behavior and ability to make logical decisions (Mersino 2007). Our focus in this paper will be on the emotional aspects that guide ones decision making ability and other extra behavior […]

Efficient Supply Chain Management Processes

Introduction While the importance of proficient supply chain operations augments, organizations are obliged to make their processes incorporated with their chains of supply. It is significant to have a proficient supply chain, in view of the fact that the supply chain management does not only include the management of the connection between the various stakeholders, […]

Dialect: Development and Significance

Abstract Dialects and their varieties have recently become the point of a renewed discussion among scholars and researchers. Any language has its varieties and the formation of these varieties is predetermined by a number of factors. What is even more important, language varieties (or dialects) differ between themselves; this makes this topic even more attractive […]

Human Resource Development

Introduction This research paper looks into human resource development in organizations. The paper discusses how human resource as a practice and managerial science has developed over time. Further, the paper looks into the importance of human resource development. It is established that a competitive advantage can not develop devoid of human resource input. The resource […]

Public Policies; the Pros and Cons

Introduction The process of making public policies is essential and at the same time sensitive because although it is carried out by the government through its various bodies, it affects a majority of people. Public policy entails the process taken by the government in addressing an issue that affects the public and the intentions of […]

Nozick Entitlement Theory of Justice

Introduction Libertarianism refers to a theory that advocates for individual freedom in terms of thoughts and actions, what will usually be referred as liberty. The ideology of libertarianism is founded on the principle of natural rights that existed before the advance of governments which is the reason that it advocates for personal liberty to come […]

The Relationship Between Employee and Employer

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the ethical implications of the relationship of employee and employer in the areas of employee drug testing, restricting internet use at the workplace, and spying on internet activity. This paper also concentrates on employers’ behavior as they emails of employees, and monitoring the whereabouts of employees […]

The Empirical Project: Turkey

Introduction The Republic of Turkey is a republican parliamentary democratic country with the population about 68,000,000 people. Possessing a great number of natural resources, manufacturing, agriculture and a range of services, having a good location and opportunities for maritime commerce, the economical potential of the country is successful. The modern borders of the country have […]

E-Marketing Plan for Red Deer Rebels Hockey Club

Introduction Background Marketing remains one of the enduring components of organizational development. No organization, profit or non-profit, is spared from competition for resources. This makes the application of marketing concepts and methods invaluable to each of them. This situation makes it imperative for Red Deer Rebels Hockey Club to develop a marketing plan that takes […]

Racial Discrimination in America

Introduction Racial discrimination is unfair treatment of individual/s because of the difference in color, origin and ethnicity. Racial discrimination has persisted in the US and all other parts in the world; it is a major challenge in the US. In Queensland, there is a law against discrimination. Racial discrimination denies the people discriminated against many […]

An Analysis Import & Export Practices: An Evaluation of Current Practices across China, Singapore and Malaysia

Since 1960, Japan, Britain and U.S.A were recognized as the leading countries in the global economy. However, due to the embracing of technology and lessening of trade barriers, there has been swift economic development in developing nations like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Currently, these nations are competing fairly with the developed nations […]

Colorism as an Act of Discrimination in the United States

Introduction Colorism is an act of discrimination in which people are treated differently in accordance to their skin color. This practice began during the slavery period where dark skinned blacks were forced to work in fields while the lighter-skinned blacks were forced to work as house helps. Many years down the line, it is true […]

Meaning of Literature

Introduction According to  Baym 2007 in the book, “The Norton anthology American literature: Beginnings to 1865”, literature is defined as written, spoken, or observable material that holds some meaning that can be interpolated or offer information, explanation about anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific work. Life on its very nature can be […]

“The Entertainment Village” Business Plan

Executive summary This business plan provides details for investors on all the operational and start-up features of “The Entertainment village”. It specifically outlines the infrastructural issues, business growth, procedures and many other strategies that will be essential to the success of this business. It has been estimated that a total start-up cost of $10, 063, […]

The Political Influence of Lesane Parish Crooks Lyrics

Introduction Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in the Bronx, New York on June 16th 1971 (Hoye, 2006). He was the second child to Afeni Shakur. Tupac was raised by his stepfather, Mutulu Shakur. By the time he was two years old, Tupac had a baby sister, Sekwiya. During most of his childhood, Tupac and his […]

The Spread of Democracy

Introduction Years back, the general perception of democracy by most countries was that a democratic system of governance was only possible under particular socio-economic and cultural conditions and thus a preserve for the rich western countries. However, democracy characterized by regular free and fair elections is common in most countries today, with majority of them […]

Globalization in Politics and on the World peace

Introduction Globalization greatly affects both domestic and international politics. There exist different views and ideas on the effects of this complex multifaceted concept on politics. The cross-border economic and technological activities instigated by international relations have resulted into political changes in international politics. Globalization has created an environment for economic interaction among different states of […]


Abstract Agro-terrorism is a form of bioterrorism that is gradually taking shape across the world following realization by the terrorists that it is cheap but effective means of weakening great economies of the world, threatening the lives of many people and causing political instability. Agricultural sector is highly susceptible to terrorists because agricultural activities occur […]

Obama’s wars and the International Relations

Abstract The ethics, legality and politics surrounding armed intervention for humanitarian purposes have proved to be among the key theoretical and practical controversies facing governments in the past few decades. At the end of the twentieth century, a number of names: Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo were catchy words in the international milieu of diplomacy. […]

New Business of Sony

Executive Summary Sony is going to start a new business in Saudi Arabia as a part of its brand expansion. However, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the background of the company, internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats of the new projects of Sony and Michael Porter’s Five Generic Strategies and […]

Toyota Company’s Marketing Communication Strategy

Executive Summary Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. The company has been expanding its markets over the last few decades. To ensure that it successfully enters into new markets, Toyota Motor Company has come up with a number of strategies. Improved marketing communication is one of the main strategies that […]

Is United Nations Organization Useful or not Useful Nowadays?

Introduction/Thesis statement There can little doubt as to the fact that the foremost problem, confronting the Organization of United Nations (UN), is its operational ineffectiveness, which causes many political observers to suggest that UN’s continuous existence in its present form, does not make much of a sense. Apparently, there are many good reasons to believe […]

Holden General Motors

Executive Summary Organizations are usually involved with many activities depending on the type of business they are involved with or rather the products and services they trade in. Holden General Motors is a well-known company in the motor industry. It is an automaker in Australia and has a long history and various changes have been […]

Business proposal: Spirit of Faith Church Catering Services

Executive Summary The Spirit of Faith Church is increasingly gaining more followers, with its leadership showing commitment to expanding the church through economic empowerment of the members of the community. The community surrounding the city has high levels of poverty, and the church is charged with the responsibility of not only spiritually nourishing the individuals, […]

Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Introduction With the emergence of globalization and the subsequent growth of world economies, the upsurge in human population and the need for interpersonal and organizational communication, people seem to interact more and more. Most of these interactions take place at work places. Diversity at the workplace has also been a major cause of conflicts in […]

Race in World War II

History as we know only consists of the conclusions of previous historians and documentation. Whether we accept these conclusions as valid representation of the past is our own choice, and the past holds us responsible to evaluate it justly. This essay explores some of the historiography available thus on the racial prejudices that faced Americans […]

General Motors case in 2009

Introduction In contemporary business arena, business-leaders need to develop strategies that can enable their organization utilize factors of production effectively. Scarcity in resources and competition in modern globalized world calls for adoption of strategic management policies; strategic management involvesdetermination of mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles, and responsibilities of an organisation and the pathways through […]

Research Proposal on Divorce and Its Effects on Children

The focus of this research proposal is to study the effects of divorce and single parenting on the children. The procedure for acquiring related data includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. The dominant approach will be in the form of case studies and the data will be collected through unstructured interviews and observations. Standardized measuring […]

Police Corruption

Abstract The American society has gone through difficult times due to police brutality and misconduct mainly because of corruption that has threatened to interfere with the very survival of society. In the mid 19th century to early 20th century, clandestine police forces were popular and the representatives of Pinkerton’s and other police forces available for […]

Marketing Plan for a New Cardiac Center

Introduction The target market for the proposed cardiac center is Dammam city in Saudi Arabia. This is given the fact that there is lack of a cardiac center in the region. The proposed cardiac center will offer services addressing cardiac problems and complications, advice to patients and simple surgical procedures to people of all ages. […]

The relationships between the various manufacturing aspects of a pencil and the purchasing of the final product by the ultimate consumer

Primordially, the pencil was mainly used for writing on utensils. Pencils existed during the times when rocks with a chalky texture and sticks that are charred were used to write on surfaces, animal hides and also walls that built caves. Individuals from different countries employed different techniques in the manufacture pencils to suit their needs. […]

Historical relationship of the Choctaws, Pawnees, and Navajos and How it is changing the environment.

Introduction Richard White studied at the University of Washington, Santa Cruz and the University of California. White is the author of the book The Roots of Dependency: Subsistence, Environment, and Social Change among the Choctaws, Pawnees, and Navajos. Currently, he is a history professor at Stanford University. White has worn several awards, such as the […]

Apple Inc And 3M

Abstract This paper is a documentation of analysis of two multinationals in relation to their communication strategy particularly concerning their shareholders. The two companies analyzed in this paper are Apple Inc and 3M. These companies have contrasting organizational structures and deal with different products. On the other hand, both companies operate in many countries and […]

Impact of Gambling on the Bahamian Economy

Introduction Bahamian Economy The economy of The Bahamas is strongly shaped by aspects of the growth of touristic services and packages, foreign dominance of its main sectors, development of financial services, foreign capital inflows as well as a state revenue collection through indirect taxation (primarily of the import customs), while evading taxation on earnings and […]

Marketing Research and Marketing Assignment

Executive Summary The traffic village website will provide information on the real village that is still under construction. The traffic village is a project of the Abu Dhabi Police. We conducted a market survey and found that parents are in favour of the traffic village. They are in agreement with the major objective of the […]

The Lifestyle of Salvador Dali

Introduction Salvador Dali has always been referred to as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Due to his great paintings and other works of art, some people have regarded Dali as the greatest Surrealist artist to ever live. However, when he was asked personally whether he considered himself the greatest artist in […]

Urbanization and Environment

Introduction Urbanization is the process in which “an increasing proportion of an entire population lives in cities and the suburbs of cities” (Wagner 24). Urbanization is considered to be one of the major outcomes of industrialization. The process of industrialization led to the use of inanimate sources of energy and new tools for production in […]

Citizens Protests and Elections Outcomes

Introduction During the medieval times, the monarchy was the most common form of government. Under this setting, all the political power was vested in the King or Queen. It is the King or Queen who made all critical decisions that affected the social, political and economic aspects of his/her subjected. However, the citizens who were […]

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Introduction Leadership is one of the aspects of management that affect different fields in societal life, whether in business, the political arena, or economics. Various factors influence the quality of leadership including the style of leadership that a leader chooses to apply and a leader’s personal attributes, which tend to dictate his or her behavioral […]

Barrack Obama and race in politics and culture

Introduction The United States is considered the most developed and sophisticated nation in the world due to its democratic institutions, culture and processes. However, very few people will recall the black days and events that engulfed this nation before and after the First World War. Today, Barrack Obama is the president of this most powerful […]

Use of Cell Phones in Public Schools and Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Public Schools

Abstract The problem of cell phones in public schools generates much criticism. The goal of this paper is to decide whether cell phones should be allowed in Massachusetts high schools. A detailed literature review is performed. The following themes are included: the patterns of cell phone use in public schools; the benefits and drawbacks of […]

Strategic Planning for Tourism Report-New Zealand

Introduction The purpose and objective of this research essay is to assess the theory and practice of strategic planning for tourism with a particular focus on New Zealand. New Zealand is a small country that has a human population of four million inhabitants. Tourism has become an important income and export earner for the economic […]

History of the Role of Democracy in the World

Introduction It is increasingly becoming doubtful; if it is possible for some countries and societies to successfully transits from their autocratic governments to democratic societies. A good number of these societies have obtained independence from colonial rule in less than a hundred years ago. While Most established democracies have generally taken centuries to fully embed […]

State Unions in Wisconsin

Introduction Trade unions or workers unions are employees’ organizations that bring the employees together for common objectives that relates to the improvements of various aspects of their work. The unions can be viewed as a collective media through which workers air their grievances. These unions are normally legally recognized and their existence provided for by […]

Replacing of Physical Artefacts on the Digital Version

Introduction With the advancement in digital technology, various approaches of digital versions in arts have come up. The condition has made different versions of digital art such as online art fairs and Google art among others readily available to art lovers through different art applications such as smart phones. While a few artefact lovers have […]

Corporate Social Responsibility at Starbucks

Abstract The business activities of any company are undertaken day in day out. These activities usually involve the employees and other stakeholders who play different but significant roles in the company. To ensure the company achieve its objectives and goals, the companies usually ensure that the interaction between them and their employees. The employees are […]

Ethical Dilemmas in Animal Testing

Introduction Using animals for testing, research, and developing new products has brought about tremendous scientific and medical advancements. Animal research continues to help man in his understanding of the nature of diseases thereby aiding in the developing of new vaccines and cures. People living in the world today enjoy better quality life thanks to the […]

Employer Spying On Employees

Introduction The kind of relationship that exists between the employers and the employees of a given organization influences the achievements of the company objectives. A kind of good will that is developed is essential in ensuring that the employees perform their best in the delivery of their services to the organization. Acquiring and retaining potential […]

Layout Selection for Service Industry

Introduction Operation management deals with all the processes and activities that are involved in the transformation of an idea to finished product (Florence, 1984, p. 45). Its also involves the systems that are used in controlling the activities used to produce goods and services. The operations management process basically entails the transformation process involving inputs, […]

Nike Company’s Marketing Strategy

Nike is a very well known company around the world. It is one of the most recognizable brands in any part of the world. This paper analyzes the company to uncover various facets of its operations and to get a glimpse of its overall strategy. Vision and Mission The vision of Nike is to “bring […]

Impact of Training on Employee Development

Introduction Employee training has become a very important aspect in the modern business world. Due to the increased competition of customers and high profit margins, many organizations have formulated training schedules for their employees. Training is aimed at developing employee skills and knowledge. It is therefore associated with the achievement of organization’s goals and hence […]

The ethicality of early marriages in the American society

Introduction Early marriages entail marriages involving adolescents between the ages of thirteen years and nineteen years. Over the years, the subject of early marriage has sparked controversy among various outfits in the international community including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The main source of concern for most people involves the ethicality of the concept […]

Workplace Health & Safety

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the ethical dilemmas of business in the area of workplace health and safety. In order to do so, this report concentrates on workplace environment of the United Arab Emirates, and compares the position of the workplace health and safety issues of this region with European countries, […]

History of Teotihuacan Civilization

Introduction Between 1st and 7th century AD, Teotihuacan was one of the largest empires in its time that was even larger than Roman Empire. Incidentally, it was during the same time that the Roman Empire was also a formidable civilization many thousands miles away in Europe; during this period the Teotihuacan Empire area of influence […]

Maya, Aztec and Inca Collapse

Introduction The likelihood that any civilization of the world could die is very high in societies today (Tainter 1990:38). However, many people still believe that modern societies possess immunity to such occurrences primarily due to its enhanced scientific and technological capacities as well as the benefits it derives from advanced knowledge of economics and history […]

Introduction to New Venture Development

Executive Summary Poor nutrition leads to obesity which in turn causes illness or even death. According to American Medical Association (AMA), the increase in health related diseases and illnesses have been caused by the increase in obesity and overweight rates. Some of these diseases include: diabetes, cancer, insomnia, heart diseases, and cardicascular disease. An individual’s […]

An Innovation of Solar Charged Laptops

Executive Summary With increased technology, individuals and businesses are increasingly using laptops for various personal and business functions. Laptops are electronic gadgets with a microprocessor that depends on power supply to function. Solar energy is freely available and can be tapped for charging laptops. However, this technology has not yet been embraced in Australia and […]

Understanding of Constitutions

A constitution is a set of rules that people of a certain nation have come up with and agreed upon. It is used for moral, political guidance and to govern the people. A Constitution can be written like that of United States or unwritten like that of Britain. In every sovereign state there are laws […]

Religion and American Politics

Hinnells, J. R. (2005). The Routledge Companion to the Study of Religion. New York, NY: Routledge. This book puts into context the place of religion in modern politics. According to the author, religion in the world has shaped how politics is conducted in modern world. The author indicates that, In the United States, religion directly […]

Business Ethics Strengths and Weaknesses

Introduction Since the wake of time, man’s actions have been governed by the moral bearing that exists within them. As a result, he is able to separate what is right or wrong using past lessons or experiences through his life. Most ethical predicaments in the place of work are at most complicated by the rationale […]

The US and Japanese Constitutions

Introduction The contribution Americans in the making and enactment of the 1947 Japanese constitution, which is still in use to date, has been an issue for debate since the adoption of the constitution. Of special significance is Article 9 of the constitution which renounces war by stating that “… the Japanese people forever renounce war […]

Space Tourism from TUI Travel PLC Group

Introduction Space tourism is a new concept and is defined as traveling to space by human being for adventure and new experience. Recently, the venture of space tourism has become a very popular venture among the elite people in the society. Despite the fact that this form of tourism is expensive, there is a large […]

Incident Command System on Katrina Disaster

Source and Background of the problem The occurrence of hurricane Katrina came one year after the Department of Homeland Defense (DHS) had already created an emergency response plan following a series of national disasters that had caused havoc in United States. For instance, one unfortunate incidence that left the country in a state of desperation […]

The Economic Impact of the Icelandic Volcano Eruptions on the International Economy

Introduction It is impossible to imagine a natural catastrophe which does not influence the international economy. Paying attention to the Icelandic volcano eruptions and especially the most recent one which took place on April 14, 2010, it is possible to say that Eyjafjallajokull volcano has affected the international economy greatly. Therefore, it is impossible to […]

Marketing Plan of FORD MOTOR

Executive Summary The main objective of this assessment is to accomplish a detailed marketing plan of the Ford Motor Company within the perspective of the international automotive industry. In doing so, the paper would focus on epitomizing an appropriate company profile of Ford Motor, considering the financial overview of the company, formulating a SWOT Analysis, […]

New public management can be considered to be both a panacea and a plague to public administration.

Introduction The desire to continuously improve service delivery to citizens is a challenge faced by most governments across the globe. Governments are put to power by citizens through a democratic process with the hope that it will implement better governing policies that will benefit all and sundry. Effective and efficient modes of implementing such policies […]

Max Weber: Economic History, Theory of Bureaucracy, and Politics as a Vocation

Introduction The fields of sociology, law and economics have had many contributions from renowned people of the ancient and modern era. This has led to many scholars advocating for increased attention on the intersection of these disciplines forming what is commonly known as the economic sociology of law. Amongst the ancient contributors is the great […]

A Marketing Plan for Etihad Airways

Organization’s current situation Etihad Airways History Etihad Airways Company is the UAE’s national airline. This company started its operations in the year 2003 and it was established by a “Royal decree”. The company’s hub is Abu Dhabi which is the capital city of UAE (“Etihad Airways Dubai”, Para 1). This Company is under the governance […]

Portugal Country Profile

Cultural Analysis Introduction Portugal is a country in the European continent with a huge history in the fields of seafaring and ancient discoveries. Portugal experienced a coup that was masterminded by the military in 1974. This marked the beginning of democratic and institutional reforms. Portugal is considered to be the founding member of North Atlantic […]

Wesfarmers Case Study

Introduction The current position of Wesfarmers is largely due to the Global Financial Recession that threatened to grind its operations to a halt but thanks to the company’s broad conglomerates, it has managed to sail through, albeit with some financial shortcomings. Wesfarmers’ acquisition in November 2007of Coles Group, which was one of the leading retailer […]

History of the Great Chicago Fire

Formal Outline Fire is one of the most destructive and distressing aspects in the modern times due to massive losses that it can cause to both individuals and property. Fire incidents may be categorized as either natural or man-made. For instance, the most anguishing fire outbreak was the Great Chicago fire that razed the wooden […]

HR Management in the 21st century: Challenges for the future within the hospitality industry.

Introduction Because of the necessity to coordinate the work of the staff, making it more efficient and increasing the productivity of the company, Human Resource Management has become increasingly important over the past few decades. Helping to allocate the human resources so that people could work with maximum efficiency, Human Resource Management is a part […]

Pilots and Minimum Flight Hours

Outline FAA – Minimum 1500 –Flight Hours –for Commercial airline Pilots – Whether CASA of Australia attempt to increase the flight hours as that of FAAs is justiable. Higher flight hours -to be prescribed in Australia – as done by FAA in USA- there will negative impact among regional and small airline operators in Australia […]

SMEs Case Study: The Red Eagle Corporation

Introduction Red Eagle Corporation should maximise its scarce resources to reach the company’s organizational goals. The research focuses on the Red Eagle Company’s responsibility to easily attain its goal of increasing its revenues. The research centers on the revenues pertain to the equipment and records management market segment, facsimile market segment, and water cooler market […]

Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Material

Introduction The debate on exploration and utilization of nuclear material revolves around safety concerns, especially on what it portends to humans, plants, animals and the environment upon exposure to radioactive elements. Proponents as well as opponents are sharply divided on socioeconomic as well as environmental sustainability and suitability of nuclear programs. Ironically, both sides of […]

Understanding the Linkage between Aggression & Personality Disorders: A Critical Analysis

Introduction Extant epidemiologic studies and laboratory research consistently demonstrate that aggression is a developmentally salient behavior, which is mostly triggered by situational factors such as the presence of violent cues, parental conflict and divorce, poverty, provocation, and the quality of parent-child relations (Bettencourt et al. 751). Another strand of existing literature (e.g., Daffern et al. […]

National Debt Continues to Grow in U.S.A

Abstract As the national debt continues to increase exponentially, the government is grappling with the challenge by formulating new laws and policies to alleviate the alarming trends of national debt. Increased borrowing by the treasury, massive retirement of baby boomers, and deficit spending are some of the factors that have caused a considerable increase in […]

Cloud Computing

Abstract Over the recent times, Cloud computing has been a growing concept not just for IT (Information Technology) specialists, but also for scholars and researchers in other genres like business (Muglia, 2009, p. 2-4). Amrhein and Quint (2009) state that this is majorly based on the increased relevance of cloud computing in a wide range […]

Business to Business Marketing

Executive Summary Industrial marketing is the practice where commercial entities facilitate the trade of their goods and services to other businesses that use them as production components or to support their functions.Industrial marketing is fairly different from consumer marketing in that its channel of distribution is relatively shorter and the contacts tend to be more […]

Concept of Sustainable Buildings in the Modern Day Building Industry

Introduction Over the years, building designs have been changing in an effort to address diverse social, economic, and environmental needs. For instance, the 20th century was characterized by the advent of the skyscraper, in which the steel framing technology was exploited in a bid to surmount the shortage of real estate in different cities in […]

Business Plan: Convenience Store

Introduction Studies such as those by Prahalad & Mashelkar (2010) have shown us that modern day consumers are heavily influenced by the concepts of convenience and accessibility when it comes to their purchasing decisions. The more convenient and accessible a particular product or location, the more likely it is that consumers will patronize it. Evidence […]

James Hardie Industries Limited

The facts of the case There are a number of key players in this case. First, we have actuaries, Trowbridge Consulting. This was one of the major Australian actuarial organisation and with extensive experience consulting in cases of asbestos. Trowbridge had served James Hardie Industries Limited (JHIL) for a period of years when it estimated […]