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Staff Development And Managing Technology

Staff development is a continuous plan in school that focuses on developing teachers’ knowledge, skills and strategies. The development programs aim at influencing teachers’ self understanding and their behaviors so as to influence the students. This happens because teachers have a direct contact with the students in their daily operations through the process of learning […]

Catholic Charities and Their Relevance

Abstract One of the worthwhile activities in which we as human beings can engage in is the protection of our environment, our dignity and our future. To take up this noble cause for our survival’s sake, many individual activists and organizations have engaged themselves in various activities all aimed at the protection of our livelihood. […]

Minimum Wage Law

Introduction Increasing the Canadian minimum wage involves many issues. The research focuses on the necessity to increase the Canadian minimum wage. The research focuses on the advantages of increasing the minimum wage law. The current economic crisis has forced many companies to reduce operating expenses, including wage increases. Body Wage Increase Should not be Implemented […]

Marlene Dietrich as a Star

Nowadays, the utterance of a ‘sex-symbol’ term invokes the images of a number of socially prominent and yet beautiful women. This, however, was not always the case – throughout thirties, forties and fifties, the title ‘sex-symbol’ has been solely reserved for only one woman. The name of this woman was Marlene Dietrich. In this paper, […]

Effect of Organizational Factors on Performance

All over the world, organizations are increasingly becoming more aware of the big connection that exists between organizational success and style of leadership and management. Maccoby (2000: 57) made an effort to give a distinction between managers and leaders. Maccoby argues that whilst managers are generally regarded as administrators and would take care of responsibilities […]

Business Plan of Alrajhi Bank

Executive summary One of the most outstanding examples of people who have successfully launched and used their business plan in the banking industry to develop a bank tailored to meet customer needs and expectations is Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi. Born in Saudi Arabia, together with his brothers, Suleiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi started a […]

September 11th 2001

Introduction After the aftermaths of the 11th September, 2001 terrorism attacks, many questions become unanswered as to the mystery behind this act of terrorism. On a mission to solve these mysteries, a commission was formed; The Bipartisan 9/11 Commission to investigate the base of al-Qaida. Countries such as Afghanistan and suspects such as Osama bin […]

Group Communication

Socializing Agents Video 1: Group Communication Video Cases The group comprised of three different professionals; a school nurse, a psychiatrist, and a social worker. This diversity in group makeup affected their opinion on resolving the issue. The treatment approach favored by the three professionals varied with a particular approach being seen as more important and […]

How Children’s Cartoons Are Politicized

Introduction With examples like Mulan 1998 vs. Tom & Jerry, cartoons have created considerable political controversies worldwide. Globalization and technological advancements have impacted on the children’s lives and entertainment (Cantor & Wilson, 2003). Cartoons have been specifically used occasionally for children’s entertainment. Evidently, this has been noted to occur within all social environments. These include […]

The effects of the internet on people’s ability for deep thought and extended contemplation

Introduction The current generation has been born in a digital world where the internet is the place where they get all the information. The younger generation is enjoying the internet that has come with the technological changes of the 21st century. Most of the young individuals are growing up hyper-connected to one another via the […]

How LG Electronics Manages Technology and Innovation

Executive Summary Innovation is the development or acceptance of processes and ideas that are considered new by the company generating them and the customer that is being targeted. Organizational Innovation is a company trait that is consistent in firms which are truly innovative. Innovative firms exhibit innovativeness over a long period of time. One such […]

The Mind and the Body

Is mind and the body the same? The historical perception of the distinction between the body and mind is traceable back to the Greek philosophers. In a close link to Rene Descartes’ theory (1650), the principal of philosophy claims that the human being compromises for the mind and body, which seem to be two distinct […]

Unions and Compensation in Major League Baseball

Baseball as a game in the U.S. traces its origins back to the year 1978, when the game had no formal rules and special equipments. Although the game at this time was “crude” due to lack of rules, proper organization and representation, this never prevented its spreading because of its popularity that was spreading fast […]

Operations Management: Product Delivery Problem, Cessna Aircraft Company

Introduction In today’s business environment, effective management of primary processes is fundamentally critical for organizations to achieve the desired competitive advantage. More often than not, most primary processes within the organizational framework are directly related to the flow of goods and services (Lewis & Slack 2003, p. 13). Organizations have been wound up due to […]

Legal Response to Substance Abuse during Pregnancy

Introduction In the United States, 11% of women abuse different substances one time or another during their pregnancy period[1]. The effects of substance abuse on unborn babies have been highly documented, the focus being on the immediate effects and possible long-term effects that may affect the child. Due to the alarming rates of substance abuse […]

Concept of Bioregionalism in Environmental Ecosystems

Bioregionalism is the phenomenon of understanding the process of environmental ecosystems in a way justifiable to the human cultures. It is a way of merging various human territories into what the universal territory holds in the form of global environment, which is only possible through human motivated effort towards environmental problem solving. Environmental ecology has […]

Determining why employee job satisfaction is low – A Verizon Wireless Corporation Case Study

Introduction “Verizon Communications Inc., headquartered in New York, is a global leader in delivering broadband and other wireless and wireline communications services to mass market, business, government and wholesale customers. Verizon Wireless operates America’s most reliable wireless network, serving more than 93 million customers nationwide. Verizon also provides converged communications, information and entertainment services over […]

Forms and effects of globalization

Introduction Globalization refers to the progression by which various areas in the world have been joined together by way of an overall and international set-up of communication, movement and conduction of business. These various regions include financial systems, social orders and civilizations (Pugel, 2004, p.5). Globalization is in most other times used to make a […]

How Capitalism Beat Communism/Socialism

Introduction Nowadays, it would be quite impossible to come up with the exact number of published books and articles that deal with the subject of what was the ultimate reason for Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991. This partially explains why the dismantling of an ‘evil empire’ has been addressed from a variety of different perspectives, […]

Media and Homosexuality

Homosexuality has been a huge topic of discussion in most social forums and political debates. Specifically, homosexuality is being discussed in all forms of media including television, magazines, books and the likes; however, homosexuals being a minority group in the society, many people view homosexuality in various ways. Through the years, many people in different […]

The Serfs in Poland

Introduction The term serf is the name given to a person who is in a forced servitude or a person who is required to offer services to a lord. In Europe, the serfs were transferred from one owner to another depending on the ownership of the land. Serfs can also be called slaves. They were […]

Organizational Research and Theory

As defined by Daft (2009), organizations are bodies with goals, structured and coordinated activities, and are linked to the external environment (p.11). Organizational theory depends on how a company operates and how the environment affects the running of the organization. In simple terms, organizational theory, also referred to organizational behavior, is defined as the study […]

Objection to the production of genetically modified foods

Introduction Genetically modified crops (GMF) refers to plants which have been modified within laboratories for the purposes of enhancing plant characteristics. This process had earlier been done through breeding which proved to be more time consuming and at times produced inaccurate results. This was enhanced through the use of genetic engineering which enabled the creation […]

Libya: Moammar Gaddafi

Introduction Libya is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Situated in North Africa, the country has its capital in Tripoli. It is associated with a relatively small population that mainly consists of Arab ethnic groups. Libya’s economy thrives on the export of oil and the manufacturing sector. Being a socialist country, resource allocation is […]

Intervention strategies

Introduction In the process of growth, there are various challenges which are faced by children. This means that there are times when children are able to overcome these challenges and there are times when they are not able to overcome the challenges. Essentially, in cases where children are not able to overcome these challenges, there […]

Difference between quality control and quality assurance

Executive Summary Quality management involves planning, QA/QC and quality improvement. It emphasizes on product or service quality and the manner in which to attain it. It applies QA and QC processes to give consistent quality. Quality management integrates the principles of management, which are embraced by top managerial teams to guide the organization for enhanced […]

Concept of Storyboard

Welcome Page There are set processes in which storyboards are created for instance for films and animations either for study or for educational purposes. Being skeletons that give a step-by-step view of what is expected for any given procedure; storyboards become centrally important tools that assist the understanding of complex procedures that would otherwise be […]

Bellamy and Spencer

Introduction The following research paper explains how Bellamy and Spencer differ in the novel ‘Looking Backward from 2000-1887’.This essay also examines the Bellamy’s ideal future and also critically examines as to whether or not people can live in Bellamy’s world.’ Looking Backward from 2000-1887’ is a utopian novel that was published by Edward Bellamy in […]

Unbowed a Memoir

Introduction The book ‘Unbowed- a memoir’ is a work of Professor Wangari Maathai. Just as indicated by the title of the book, it portrays memoir of the writer. The content of the book is basically an account of history that is expressed by the writer. She comes out in the book to discuss account of […]

International Assignments

Introduction International assignments are an integral part of the current state of the world due to globalization. Businesses and companies seek to expand their territory across boundaries and thereby target a larger market share. The development of technology has actually made the whole process easy as it is very easy to communicate with subsidiary managers […]

Google Company Future Sustainability

Introduction Google Company is a multinational company which came into existence once there was a strong need among internet users to find a search engine. Since its inception, Google has made remarkable progress in the corporate map because its popularity has tremendously soared over the years. Currently, Google is deemed the world’s most used search […]

Emerging Operational Challenges in Airport Management.

Abstract This research paper examines the emerging operational challenges in airport management. Using the existing literature in airport management, the paper assesses the challenges and changes that have occurred in the air transport industry. There are challenges in the airport management operations especially where the number of passengers has increased and the capacity needs to […]

The Spread of Diseases among Health Care Providers

Topic Proposal As a nurse, one must be exposed to different patients with different diseases, and there needs to be a better understanding from the hospital administration and other people of the risks/consequences associated with the exposure and potential disease spread among healthcare profession. This paper shall examine “The spread of diseases within healthcare providers.” […]

Colin Powell Leadership Characteristics

Introduction “I consider myself a moderate Republican. I have very, very moderate social views, and I am pretty strong on, on defense matters” (BookRags Media Network, 2011, p. 23). This was Powell’s assertion of his life as a leader. Powell has been admired and loathed by many, perhaps because of his involvement in the American-Iraq […]

Civic Education

Abstract Civic education is necessary for every citizen to be able to perform the required obligations in a democracy. However, the teaching of civic education in schools has declined. This discussion aims to shed light on the current situation of civic education in the United States. The reasons why the teaching of this subject is […]

AT&T and T-Mobile

T-Mobile Introduction T-Mobile is a German-owned subsidiary of Duetsche Telekom. It was founded in 1990, and is headquartered in Bonn Germany. It specialises in mobile communications and DSL services. The firm also sells wireless devices such as mobile phones and iPads. The Company has employed 36,000 people under its wing; they are located in Europe, […]

New Business Starting

Executive Summary Starting a business venture is a vision held by many people. This is because entrepreneurship leads to self- reliance and encourage innovation. However, people desiring to start businesses notwithstanding; it is never easy. This is so because, starting a new business venture calls for commitment and knowledge. To craft the business acumen into […]

Tourist Program: Sustainable Development of the Spiritual Model for Tirupati, the religious center of India

Executive Summary The achieving the main goal of Sustainable Development of Spiritual Model for Tirupati region, the project is aimed at assisting the religious heritage tourism sector, mainly medium-sized tourism businesses and stakeholders, in developing favorable social, economic, and environmental benefits based on the natural and cultural setting of the South India. The project’s objective […]

The Role of Health Care Systems and Industrial System Engineering in Improvement of Health

Introduction Health Definition Though classical definition of health embraces all dimensions and aspects, there are still needs significant amendments with regard to newly emerged circumstances and contexts. Hence, the World Health Organization defining health “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely absence of disease of infirmity” cannot be regarded […]

Corporate Social Responsibility of University of Dubai

The Executive Summary This paper covers issues on the organization’s roles in delivering its services in social responsibilities to its immediate environment. This shows how the organization has set out strategic plans in ensuring all social responsibilities are carried out in the right order. Furthermore, this paper shows also the organization’s background and how the […]

Hamas and the US Policy

Introduction The United States has been faced with the challenge of having to understand and deal with Islamic fundamentalism in the past decade. The US has found it difficult to come up with a comprehensive foreign policy to address the issue. However, policymakers have been able to comprehend the ideological tenets behind these fundamental groups […]

Evolution of Fire Fighting Gear

Being such a risky profession, fire fighting requires the use of highly specialized gear that will enable the fire fighter to effectively deal with fire emergencies (Hasenmeier 1). It is therefore essential to provide fire fighters with well designed personal protective equipment so as to safeguard their lives. In the early days, firefighters had no […]

Case Study: The Rise of Airbus

Airbus is a joint venture in Europe, involving EADS and BAE organizations. Its centre is in France. Since 1970’s, Airbus has become an aircraft producer for massive civil jetliners and, currently, it is struggling for the market headship with Boeing, in a duopoly. The corporation offers an array of aisles and broad, body aircrafts, which […]

Cuban Americans

Introduction Cuban Americans are Hispanic United States citizens with Cuban origin. These citizens either migrated from Cuba or were born in America by Cuban parents. Cuban Americans have had a distinctive social, political, economic and demographic history in the United States. This group has shown different patterns from other migrant groups in the United States. […]

Chinese Company Research

Company summary HSBC was founded in 1865 in Shanghai and Hong Kong. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC group which has over 7,000 offices around the world. The bank’s headquarter is located in Hong Kong and serves about 570 branches in 20 countries and regions within the Asian-Pacific region. The bank provides a […]

LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton

Illustration of the development of ERP in the organization Statement of scope & objectives Company Name: LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Line of Business: It sells a variety of luxury products such as wines & spirits, fashion & leather goods, perfumes & cosmetics, watches & jewelry, etc. The initiation of Enterprise Resource Planning System […]

Lack of Quality Management during Hurricane Katrina

Introduction Given the devastating outcomes that may accompany calamities associated with storms, it is dangerous to downplay the importance of monitoring, evaluation, and quality control which are very critical to ensuring the success of any rescue efforts. Many times, however, organizations tend to forget the aspect of quality management in the planning and sadly, this leads to unpreparedness […]

Reasons why the Black women Population did not Consider Themselves a part of the Ongoing Feminist Movements 

Background of the Study The experiences of black women in the U.S. have challenged feminist scholarship to rethink the relationship between race and gender for everyone. Since the middle of the 20th century, women’s studies scholars have increasingly acknowledged that differences among women arise from inequalities of power and privilege. For African American women, gender […]

Princess Diana’s Life

Her Childhood and Family The late Princess Diana has a unique and humble, yet shocking biography; she led a fascinating life right from her birth to her death. The full names of Princess Di, Princess Diana, Lady Diana or The princess of Wales as was famously called were Diana Frances Spencer. The late princess Diana […]

Domestic violence in the African American Community

Abstract This research paper discusses domestic violence, which is also known as intimate partner violence. It also looks at the subsequent effects it inflicts on the day-to-day lives of individuals from the African American Community. Prior research has found out that the prevalence of intimate partner violence is higher within this community of persons when […]

Eco Dryers Export Company

Executive Summary Eco Dryers is a company that intends to export clothes dryers from Sydney, Canada to China. The Chinese market in the cloth drying industry has not been unexploited due to several reasons that border on the culture of the country. The economic status of its citizens also plays a major role in determining […]

Darfur Genocide

Introduction The Darfur genocide is one of the Sudan’s most remarkable conflicts. The genocide led to a massive loss of life. Apart from this, several people remained displaced from their native lands. The genocide caused a severe disruption in the settlement patterns. There are detrimental impacts of the war on the humanitarian situation. There was […]

Contracts and Corporations

Introduction Business contracts should be legalized to enhance their materialization. Since they provide legal instruments for protection, contracts enhance smooth execution of business activities. There are two types of contracts. These include formal and informal agreements that aid business operations. Formal contracts are the agreements written on paper. The involved parties must assent to it. […]

John Renoir’s Biography

John Renoir, a French filmmaker, was born on 15 September 1894 in Montmartre district, Paris. He contributed immensely in the film industry as a director, producer, author and actor. He produced almost fifty films during the silent epoch as both a director and an actor. Some of the scenes in his films contained the best […]

Excessive force by the police

Introduction Police are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding citizens and dealing with crime. In performing these duties, they are authorized to use the acceptable force within certain limits. The amount of force that a police officer is entitled to use depends on the situation and it varies greatly from one situation another. However, law […]

Stub Hub- Ticket Scalping and online sales

Executive Summary Stub hub was formed by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr way back in 2000. The aim was to provide a platform for online marketing services for sports and recreation individuals. The two founders of the company were former students at Stanford Business School in the United States. The company head office is in […]

The Federal Trade Commission Act

Introduction There are several policies that have been critical to the advancement of a favorable trading environment in the United States. A lot of things surround the policy right from its formulation to its implementation, thereby affecting how the policy plays out in meeting its intended objectives. In order to understand the nature of policy […]

Single-parent families

Introduction and Rationale The growing number of single-parent families has become a matter of the growing professional concern. The most influential psychologists tried to explain its causes. The current state of empirical research has greatly improved the public and professional knowledge of single-parent families. Nevertheless, many processes inherent in single parenthood remain poorly understood. The […]

Individualism vs. Collectivism

Introduction This paper discusses the ideals of individualism and collectivism. There exist cultural disparities in social behavior caused by ideals of collectivism and individualism. Individualism is the notion that life is individualistic and thus, everyone has a right to live as he pleases (Sampson, 2001). This ideal also holds that a person ought to act […]

Global Developments that Affect State Sovereignty and Territoriality

Introduction Sovereignty is a word that is exclusively used to mean the independence of states in the international system. On the other hand, territoriality is a word commonly used in political science and history to mean an enclosed ecological space that offers a basis for material capital, political authority, and universal loyalty (Maier 816). This […]

Religion and Tourism Relations

Executive Summary The relationship between religion and tourism is complex. Therefore, this relationship can only be explained by revisiting religious tourism. This essay provides an insight into the various dimensions of religious tourism. For that reason, it provides a better understanding of religion and tourism relations through religious tourism practices. This essay acknowledges that religious […]

Social Consequences of Tourism

Executive Summary Tourism has a number of social benefits to the host communities. From one end, it assembles people of different cultural affiliations together. The act of sharing and learning from each other’s culture fosters cultural understanding. This understanding is an incredible ingredient towards embracing the spirit of multiculturalism. However, when cultural inferiority and superiority […]

Media Bias in the U.S. Politics

Executive Summary Media refers to lopsided reporting rather than inaccuracy of presenting information. Media bias in favor of corporate groups is as a result of ownership. Media bias requires that both sides who claim bias be considered because most of the time if favored sides consider the media biased against them at some level. In […]

Simulation in Production Planning and Scheduling

Executive Summary The use of optimization techniques for managerial decision-making is popular. Various tools have been developed to help fit few resources to production processes with the aim of maximizing profits and reducing wastage of resources. This paper looks into this aspect with a special interest in simulation. Simulation is a technique that tries to […]

Report on GlaxoSmithKline’s Leadership Management Framework

Executive Summary GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been facing numerous management challenges since its inception in 2000. This has culminated in huge court fines and a reputation on the verge on destruction. Additionally, the company faces huge operational challenges despite vast resources spread across the globe. Many pundits attribute this crisis at GSK to weak leadership. This […]

Ship in a Bottle

Introduction This report evaluates the strategic options for “ship in a bottle” company as it expands into the global market. In this expansion, five prospective markets (Asia, South America, Australia, Middle East, and Africa) emerge. To establish the probabilities of succeeding in these markets, this report evaluates the product sold (through the harmonized classification code), […]

Integrated Information Systems

Introduction A recent case study investigating worker performance in more than 1500 organizations showed that disorganized work practices accounted for close to 50% of an organization’s inefficiency (Business Case Studies, 2012, p. 1). This case study also revealed that in a year, an employee wasted about 98 working days because of inefficient organizational practices. Nationally, […]

Can Genetically Modified Food Feed the World: Agricultural and Biotechnological Perspective

Introduction Scientific innovations and modern technologies have continuously dominated global activities across all spheres of life. The unprecedented scientific knowledge is currently touching on human life coupled with influencing human lifestyle socially and economically and thus proving dilemmatic to both scientists and researchers. Biotechnological advances have led to breakthroughs in progressing with new tools for […]

Women in Psychology

Virginia Sexton Staudt 1916-1997 Sexton Staudt Virginia passed away on May 24 1997 in Ohio, Cincinnati. Even though her death became unexpectedly and abruptly, she was in poor health for over seven years. Virginia was widely recognized mainly as a psychology historian and most of the writings she left behind assisted in establishing the course […]

Leadership Skills of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s

Introduction The rapid technological and economic transformation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) attracts the attention of many journalists and policy-makers. In particular, they take close interest in the underlying causes of this change. Furthermore, they want to determine why the initiatives undertaken by the government of the UAE were successful. To a great extent, […]

Arab Women in Media

Introduction Arab women continue to play a crucial role in bringing out positive aspects of Arabic lifestyles in different areas they live. The media plays a crucial role in many Arab societies because it helps highlight different issues that affect people living there. Arab women who are actively involved in the media face various challenges […]

Post-Cold War Challenges

Introduction After a very long struggle between communists and capitalists, the Cold War ended in 1991, with the disbandment of the Soviet Union and the creation of newly independent states in Eastern Europe. At the time when strained relations between the US and the Soviet Union ended, the financial systems of several countries, particularly those […]

Leadership and Management

Introduction to Leadership Models Leadership has attracted massive attention of various scholars around the world. According to Huy (2002), a number of theories of leadership have been put forth by various scholars. Leadership is one of the most important factors that always dictate success or failure of an organization in the world today. Leadership has […]

Managing Globalisation: A Case of Indesit

Introduction Business enterprises often seek to achieve market leadership in their respective businesses to enhance their chances of profitability. One way through which organisations gain such leadership is by adopting globalisation (Gomory & Baumol, 2009). This is a business strategy whereby firms focus their market activities beyond their home markets as they target to capture […]

Stress related to workplace conditions

Introduction Stress in the workplace may be defined as a situation in which an individual has to strain to cope with workplace conditions. Michie (2002) describes work related stress as a situation in which an individual’s “psychological and physical resources are not sufficient to cope with the demands of the environment and the task being […]

Cleveland’s Poor Economy and Deplorable Housing Conditions

Introduction Plans to attain a stable regional future for Cleveland are surrounded by so many challenges. Policies that are exclusionary and discriminatory, complex urban disinvestment as well as the divided and inconsistent suburban growth that gives rise to segregation are part of these challenges. These challenges and associated complexities of Cleveland city have left the […]

Causes of Workplace Safety and Health

Introduction Occupational health and safety (OHS) is an area of study that focuses on safety, welfare, and health of people in a work environment (Chambers 53). Programs established under this field aim at creating a healthy work environment that promotes physical and psychological wellness for workers. OSH also covers people who may be affected by […]

Conservation Status of Poached Species in Africa: A Case Study of Rhinos, Elephants, and Gorillas

Introduction The African continent is popular, in the world, for the wide variety of its wildlife species. Hundreds of snakes, birds, and mammalian species reside in the continent. However, there has been a worrying trend in the status of wildlife in the past couple of decades. Of major concern has been the dwindling population of […]

Future in Marketing using the Mobile Phone

Executive Summary The advertising industry is a fast paced growth, challenging and innovative industry. The last decade has seen a shift in the methods and activities used in conducting business. One of the growth industries is the E-commerce industry which has seen the growth in number of people and transactions conducted. E-commerce has benefited from […]

Total Quality Management

Introduction To retain a strong market position and retain a competitive advantage in the global market today, while focusing on diversification and satisfaction, companies find themselves without another option other than to integrate the philosophy of total quality management in running their activities today. That should be the case with BR engineering. To spite managers […]

Billboard and popular culture

Abstract The main aim of this study analyze billboard as an element of the popular culture. Billboards have been in use in US for over hundred years now. They have undergone considerable transformation from simple structures erected to accommodate few posters to large digital screens. Use of billboards has grown much faster than other forms […]

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Introduction The global environment has presented numerous challenges to the firms in their quest to satisfy customer needs and expectations. In order to remain competitive therefore, most firms have launched Total quality Management (TQM) programs, both for the employee and processes. These programs are considered an attempt by company management to continually improve the quality […]

Fundamentals of a Performance Management System and How It Is Linked To Reward

Executive Summary The report entails analysis of the purposes which motivate firms to incorporate the concept of performance management system in their operation. This is achieved through analysis of NMX supermarket which is a small and medium enterprise based in London, UK. The two main purposes considered in the report relate to organizational development and […]

Kitsch- under the title of taste and ethics

Introduction Kitsch is defined as form of art that is considered to be inferior or tasteless when compared to other forms of art in the same category. Kitsch is also a worthless imitation of a piece of art that has a more recognizable value than the poor imitation. It refers to the forms of art […]

Women in Entrepreneurship

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean? Entrepreneurship in layman’s language or explanation is where an individual forms or establishes something such as a business, by coming together or bringing people together into a structured group, manages and endures, deals with, accepts, or puts up with the risks that come with operating a business, especially when it is […]