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Advertising Effectiveness in the Business Environment

Introduction The business environment has become increasingly competitive as a result of the increased number of organizations venturing into business, as well as the advancement of technology that has been so rapid for the last couple of decades. As a result, organizations have been finding ways they can increase their performance. One such way would […]

Muhammad’s Personality and Character Ethics Inspired Muslim’s Way of Life

Introduction There is a big difference between personality and character ethics, but many people do not have any idea on the reality of the outstanding difference between the two subjects. Personality temporary as it depends on the psychological environment that a person is exposed to, whereas character is permanent and it is not affected in […]

Porsche Company

Porsche AG Background Ferdinand Porsche, who was a renowned professor, is the one who started the car manufacturing company as early as 1931. The company initially did not produce any vehicle with its brand but specialized in offering motor vehicle development work and consultancy services to other automobile manufacturing companies. The company produced its first […]

Prevalence of High Power Distance Among Indian Workers in the United Arab Emirates

Background The cross cultural issue under analysis is the prevalence of high power distance among Indian workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Indian immigrant population is one of the largest in the UAE. However, because the emirates have a high representation of foreigners, Indian employees tend to experience difficulties at work that stem […]

Tsunami of 2004

Introduction The tsunami of December 26 th 2004 was a natural disaster that occurred in the Indian Ocean. According to Shibayama (2005), the tsunami was caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake which released 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs in terms of energy. The earthquake struck the coastal area off northern Sumatra in Indonesia triggering a gigantic […]

Privacy and Homeland Security

Introduction Privacy of individuals is an issue of concern. This confidentiality is guaranteed under the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 USC 552a. Provisions of privacy of citizens guarantee every individual that his or her personal identification information should not be collected without legal authority. However, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) along with policies and […]

Is Bottled Water Ethical?

Introduction The bottled water industry is one that has grown tremendously in the contemporary society, with multinational corporations such as Pepsi, Coke and Nestle earning billions of dollars in the form of returns annually from the sale of water. Bottled water is simply clean water produced either by reverse osmosis, distillation or de-ionization of regular […]

The Economic Environment of Business – Haier Company

Introduction Economic environment is a study area of economic and has a major focus is environmental issues. The central part of economic environment is market failure. Therefore, for effective economic environment, the management of an organization must focus on market success. For instance, marketing strategies must be employed to have effective environmental economics. An international […]

The significance of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” concept on modern economics

Introduction Adam Smith, the Scottish economist, studied at the Glasgow University and the Balliol College of Oxford in England. He taught and published a number of works like “The theory of moral sentiments” in 1759. His publications gave him the motivation to conduct a study on the causes and nature of the wealth of nations […]

Leadership through effective Communication

Why lead through Communication? Communication strategies are crucial in organizations, particularly in the information age. Organizations are growing immensely in terms of their operations. As a result, they are constantly looking for mechanisms for becoming competitive. One of the ways of gaining competitive advantage is through the implementation of communication strategies, which support organizational growth […]

Skills and experiences

Introduction Skills and experiences play vital roles during recognition and determination of the best workers. The modern world is competitive and requires people who are motivated when working to facilitate high achievements in life. Consequently, learners must be accurate and precise about the knowledge they possess in regard to various issues. Personal evaluation could exemplify […]

A Journey to the Disneyland: From Oswald to Cinderella. Walt Disney and His Personal Demons

Walter Disney and his life have always been a mystery even to the contemporaries, not to mention the researchers of the XXI century. A creator, innovator, and genius, on the one hand, and a panic-stricken perfectionist, on the other hand, Disney had a number of issues, which were predisposed by the cringe inducting factors that […]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Abstract The currently integrated marketing communication concepts have been developing over time. They have moved from the historical marketing approaches that focused on the 4Ps to the current interactive market-place IMC. The argument is that marketing itself and marketing communication concepts are developing. The development of the integrated marketing communication is illustrated through structural and […]

Project Management for Small to Medium Enterprises

Work breakdown structure, critical path and costed time strategy The chart below illustrates the project’s work breakdown structure. This goal has been achieved by identifying the task, the duration, and the resource requirement in order to execute the task effectively and within the set time. Chart 1: WBS Task name Duration [days] Start time Finish […]

Problems in Implementing a New Project

Introduction In today’s business climate, implementation of projects requires high level of creativity and innovation from the executive and employees of organisations. The process of implementing projects requires application of innovation management in which firms cut cost as a way of remaining relevant in today’s competitive business environment. Managers have to use appropriate tools of […]

Customer Service as a Part of Business Strategy

Literature Review Customer service is an essential part of business strategy (Sahaf 2008). Any company that ignores the quality of services that it gives to its customers commits a strategic blunder. This literature review explores the conceptual issues that govern the provision of excellent customer service. The review has four sections. The first section deals […]

The Big-Five Personality Assessment and its Application in the Workplace

Introduction Modern-day organisational managers are highly interested in the ability of employees to meet flexibility requirements for them to suit different work environments as organisational situations change. This implies that the ability of an employee to perform well in only some specific tasks ceases from being the main criteria for selection and recruitment. According to […]

The CSR models for Toyota, Nissan, and Honda

Introduction Corporate success greatly depends on the success of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Implicit in the CSR discipline is the acknowledgement that most companies have to fulfil their corporate responsibilities to all stakeholders to succeed. CSR falls firmly within this stretch of corporate responsibilities, and it manifests as an implicit social contract that different […]

Promotional Strategy for Best Clothing

Introduction The aim of this report is to investigate and provide the Best Clothing Company with the most effective promotional strategy for introducing female leather jackets/coats, which is a new product, into the market. Best Clothing is a small business located in Nottingham, United Kingdom, which mainly manufactures and sells women clothes. Best Clothing currently […]

Will Metropolitan areas in USA with higher concentrations of immigrants have higher median household income?

Problem Statement – The significance of Immigrant Workers on the economy of USA USA can be said as a nation built up of immigrants. Since, USA is an advanced economy, there is a strong desire to settle down in USA by other nations’ residents mainly to enjoy the advanced standard of living available there. Immigration […]

The Relationship Between Employee Productivity and Work Related Stress

The research aims and objectives The aim of this study is to find the relationship between employee productivity and work related stress and the different variables that affect this relationship in the UAE. The objectives of the study includes To identify the work related stresses To determine the effects of work related stresses on the […]

The Comparison Between the Two Different International Editions of Vogue Magazine

Due to the ongoing process of Globalization, the contents of the most popular media-products are now becoming increasingly uniformed. This simply could not be otherwise, because the earlier mentioned process presupposes standardization. In its turn, the latter allows companies to substantially increase the extent of their commercial effectiveness. As Vrontis, Thrassou and Lamprianou pointed out: […]

Tesla entering South Korea

Introduction Tesla is a California-based electric vehicle manufacturer that began in 2003. The organization’s founders – Marc Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning – wanted to provide a stylish yet effective electric vehicle for the masses. Before their conception, electric vehicles lacked aesthetic appeal as they were too focused on practical aspects. Tesla sources its products from […]

Hybrid Education Model

Analysis of the Hybrid Education Model Introduction The rapid advancements in technology have seen it find application in almost every aspect of life. The education sector has not been left behind either in the hype of technology. The internet platform has especially played a big role in changing approaches to education delivery. The internet has […]

Organisational Designs and Managerial Approaches

Introduction Organisational designs and strategic management approaches are strategic tools that define the level of operation and how well globalization objectives can be achieved in institutions. They are central in enhancing performance and productivity in institutions, especially in the current business environment where various corporations are facing immense challenges (Shapiro, 2008, p. 19). The tools […]

The Role of Strategic Management in Broadband Internet Uptake in Tasmania

The use of strategic management techniques is the solution to the problem of connecting Tasmanian educational institutions to broadband internet. This audacious opening remark is really the thesis of this paper. This paper discusses the role that strategic management should play in making access to broadband a reality for all schools in Tasmania. According to […]

Students Working Collaboratively vs. Individually

Introduction There has been a debate on whether study techniques have any effect on the performance of students. To find out the truth behind the debate, this research paper focuses on the adoption of individual study versus collaborative study strategies. The premise is that students who study collaboratively perform better relative to those who study […]

British Airways Story

Background British Airways (BA), which is a multinational firm and holds a key position in the flight services industry has been thriving with the success of the organizational change process. There has been a continuous effort by BA administration to establish change within the organizational system (Cawsey et al., 2011, pp.17). The challenges are there, […]

Effective Management Differences from Business to Business

Background to the study Organizations are established with the objective of attaining a particular purpose. Customer satisfaction is one of the key goals that firms intend to attain through production and delivery of high quality products. In the modern turbulent business environment, attainment of organizational effectiveness is one of the fundamental elements that management teams […]

SAP and the Evolving Enterprise Resource Planning Software Industry

System application and product (SAP) was founded in 1972 by five German IBM computer analysts who had left Company. SAP mission is to design software programs for central coordination and processing of information on cross functional and cross divisional financial transactions in a company’s value chain. It is focused on developing enterprise resource planning system […]

Grapple Mobile

Introduction on Grapple Mobile and its industry The cell phone industry is known as one of the fastest growing industries within the global market. Many changes have been recognized within cell phone industry since early 1990s guaranteeing its global expansion. The industry’s market expansion is attributed to the ever improvement in technology and innovation. Current […]

Theoretical Ideas of Marx, Weber, and Durkheim in “Practice Theory”

Introduction Put forth by Pierre Bourdieu, practise theory is a hypothesis whose agenda is to present people’s actions by way of using their actions or rather practices as the key elements of research. More precisely, the theory seeks “to liberate agency – the human ability to act upon and change the world –from the constrictions […]

Socialist Market Economy of China Shift toward Capitalism

Introduction China has constantly experienced high growth and development rate that is equivalent to 9.70%. The growth rate materialized since the fiscal 1970 when China instigated to lay emphasis on the open door policies and national reforms. In fact, this growth rate is not an upshot from the Chinese stringent adherence to the socialist principles. […]

Rural tourism in Malta and Cyprus

Executive summary Rural tourism concentrates on taking part in rural surroundings and entails both eco-tourism and agro-tourism. Rural tourism is mostly fitting in developing countries where land for farming activities now lies in fragments because of escalations in population. For instance, Malta comprises of an archipelago established at the middle of the Mediterranean. With respect […]