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Repairing Donated Children Books

The Children’s Book Bank is an organization that aims to improve children’s literacy, especially, it concerns the children whose family have low income and less possibilities to enlarge knowledge and personal skills. This Bank provides children with books before they go to kindergartens. In order to present reliable and good books to children, the members […]

Henry David Thoreau

Friendship plays an important role in the life of each person. It is impossible to live and enjoy every day of your life without true friends. Not everyone is lucky to meet a good friend and trust him/her during the whole life. Henry Thoreau was a lucky person, as he had several really good friends […]

Political Issues College

The Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation (also known as the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) was the first constitutional document of the United States, adopted in 1777. However, all thirteen states ratified those Articles only in 1781. According to the Articles of Confederation, each state had the right to retain its freedom […]

Early Musique Concrète Co-Composition: Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, John Cage, Vladimir Ussachevsky, and Otto Luening

Musique concrète is one of the types of electroacoustic music that unite instrumental sounds with natural ones, which are usually altered during recording processes. “Early musique concrète can be seen to belong to the world of radiophonic art, here without a sense of clear narrative normally associated with most radio plays.” (Landy 31) The father […]

Neuropsychological Assessment: Individually Administered Intelligence Tests

Individually Administered Intelligence Tests Individually administered intelligence tests are considered to be one of the most important staples in psychological, clinical, and counseling fields. (Hogan, 2007) To achieve good results during the communication with a person, it is better to combine these tests with some other activities, which may help to gather more information for […]

Organizational Behaviour: Leading Human Resources

Listo Systems, the company under consideration, is aimed at providing customers with different superior graphic design services and other similar products. Proper teamwork and leadership, certain innovations, and state-of-art technologies – this is what will help Listo Systems to take leading positions and be respected by clients and even by its staff. In fact, there […]

Father and Son Relations: Analysis of the Movies

The relations between parents and children, fathers and sons in particular, deserve much attention: they are always so different and similar at the same time. This time, I am going to analyze three movies by different directors, which made a wonderful attempt to introduce their own visions concerning the relations between fathers and sons in […]

Globalization: Metaphysical Perspective of the Western Industrialized World

The development of the world is something that touches each person on this planet and creates new circumstances to live in. This is why globalization and industrialization are the two notions, which people should care about and enlarge their knowledge about day by day. The metaphysical perspective of the western industrialized world may oppress people […]

Why We Fight: Military Industrial Complex and Its Impact on the American Life

Why We Fight is the documentary movie by Eugene Jarecki that presents rather captivating and educative information about military-industrial complex, its advantages and disadvantages, about wars and their impacts on people, about pain and grief that people cannot overcome even with time. The major question the director wants to answer is why America still fights; […]

The Burial of a Navy White Hat

There are so many naval traditions, which amaze ordinary people with its simplicity and unbelievable significance at the same period of time. One of the most captivating traditions is the burial of a White Hat at sea. This tradition makes an E-7 Chief Petty Officer, who is in transition from an E-6 First Class Petty […]

Debate: Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy

Nowadays, the development of technologies and science takes one of the most significant positions. Scientists can present numerous innovations, which may considerably improve people’s lives, help to find out the solutions and even to make the right choice. Nowadays, numerous background checks and fingerprinting are improved by means of science, and people get more opportunities […]

The Bible: Eve and Female Place in the World

The role of women in society is considered to be one of the most burning and captivating issues of all the times. People face numerous problems during the discussions whether it is correct to make men and women equal to each other or not. This is why lots of people try to use as reliable […]

Report of an Orchestra Concert

The orchestra concert I have to evaluate and discuss is exciting and unique because it represents a beautiful combination of the works by such great composers like Strauss and Tchaikovsky, Schoenberg and Barber. Their compositions are magnificent indeed and make their listeners enjoy each sound and each instrument. Richard Strauss’ Serenade in Eb for Winds, […]

School Shootings

The word ‘school shooting’ implies acts carried out by either intruders or students within a school. These incidences are usually confused with other forms of school violence like Bath School tragedy where a homemade bomb exploded leaving behind several causalities. Is there a certain ‘type’ of students most likely to carry out these atrocious acts? […]

Love is women’s whole existence

This paper deals with the cultural myth that “Love is women’s whole existence.” Over the years, the society has been made to believe and accept that women live only for love. However, this is not the case; it is a cultural myth whose time to go has come. Love is crucial to women; nevertheless, love […]

How Did It Feel Being a Governor?

Being a governor is not an easy thing for any person: to be in constant touch with country and state affairs, to complete the functions of commander-in-chief of naval and military forces, to take care of numerous healthy services, to issue laws in order to improve current state of affairs, and to be responsible for […]

Innovation Of The Workplace

Innovation of the workplace to promote sustainable and productive growth Conflicts arise because people lack immediate clarifications to problems that require solutions. Unlike most of us who are evaders and do not feel comfortable dealing with problems, the organization has problem solving procedures such as rules that make the workplace more user-friendly or conflict-friendly. Conflicts […]

Sense of Humor

Humor is descried as the mental ability or tendency to make someone laugh or be amused. It is universal and all people regardless of age, ability or race respond to it. People who easily respond to provocation of laughter are considered to have a good sense of humor. A sense of humor is described as […]

Approaches To Capacity Planning And Control

Capacity planning and control entails the research techniques for addressing the issue of scheduling business applications, planning the allocation of resources, controlling inventory through routing or queuing and having the problem solving techniques in place for various departments. The planning and controlling approaches include optimization techniques. The function in this approach is diminishing or maximization […]

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Introduction The structure of Anthony Burgess’s novel “A Clockwork Orange” makes it an entertaining material with a theoretical and philosophical tale indicating the struggle between evil and good. It shows the use of believes and the ability of human beings in making free choices over their struggles. Today, the lifestyle of human beings faces various […]

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Its Production by Means of Detailed Planning, Storyboarding, and Collaboration

The works of Peter Jackson always amaze people by their richness, fascination, and beauty. His famous trilogy The Lord of the Rings made him recognizable all over the world by people of different age and race. The adventures of a young hobbit, the creation of the Fellowship of the Ring, and the land of Mordor […]

A Rose for Emily

Life is an ongoing process, and in its ever-changing rhythm people have to adapt to new conditions and assume new view and attitudes. Flexible people generally succeed in following the right way in the developing course of existence, while more conservative ones find themselves stuck in the past and too outdated to be full-fledged members […]

The Oregon Trail

This letter to a friend is written by a farmer’s wife travelling with her husband and children along the Oregon Trail in mid-1840s. Dear Jane, Blessed be the hour when I can see you again, for the way seems endless and the barriers insurmountable. When we lost our farm[1], I was looking to our trip […]

“City of God” by Fernando Meirelles

The Movie City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles came into scenes in 2002 in Portugal and hit the worldwide market in 2003. The movie dramatizes crime and drug dealing in Brazil as part of life in slums. The main characters are children and Meirelles, together with his co-director Katia Lund depict children as either […]

Discovering Cumberland Island

Well nested on the east coast, is a place I never imagined I could long to go back and visit. Its funny how many individuals perceive east coast to be; a land where money and time-share a common language; “scarcity,” while forgetting there are better things there. To some extent, owing to its geographic position, […]

Common Sense and Related Writings

Introduction Common Sense and Related Writings is a masterpiece written by Thomas Paine, a scientist, inventor (of Iron Bridge), a philosopher, and a propagandist. As a writer, Paine is important in that, his writings stirred many people in the United States of America to rise up and fight for their freedom. Paine says, “Tis time […]

How Serfdom Saved the Woman’s Movement

How Serfdom Saved the Woman’s Movement is a masterpiece written by Caitlin Flanagan, an author and an editor. The most outstanding issue in this writing is what happens when a mother works. According to Flanagan, “…because it reveals the unpleasant truth that life presents a series of choices, each of which precludes a host of […]

Overbooked in Calgary

Hotel overbooking is not a rare occurrence. The process of ensuring that hotels are fully utilized leads to frequent cases of overbooking. Under normal circumstances, customers will book hotel rooms only to change their mind and leave the room unoccupied. This means that the hotel is not able to fully take advantage of high seasons. […]

Disguise and Sociaty

One of the things that make human life intriguing and to some extent captivating is the diversity and variation exhibited by various people as a result of their differing cultures, personalities and physical appearance. However, there are areas in life where being different may lead to some form of discrimination and therefore, disguising yourself to […]

Conclusion of Challenges of HRM (Human Resource Management) Essay

Introduction The degree of success of an organisation depends on the success of strategies adopted by its top management organs. Although this is the case, it is important to note that, performance levels and organisation’s business viability depends on the type of workforce such an organisation has. Therefore, this makes the human resource (HR) department […]

Plate Tectonics and Its Types

Introduction Plate tectonics refers to movements on Earth’s surface, that is, the lithosphere. This is a theory in science explaining such movements. The lithosphere is made up of large broken rock masses also referred as tectonic plates (Oreskes 424). These tectonic plates are suspended on molten layer of Earth’s crust that comes immediately below the […]

Exhaustion in Victim Care Professions

Prior to crisis management action accurate analysis of a disaster situation is essential. Only after an obvious danger is established then can suitable handling or avoidance steps be taken. Catastrophe analytical procedures can equally be applied to exhausted care professionals. Trauma casualties and crisis management specialists are generally at risk of sympathy lethargy. A state […]

Effects of the New Deal on America

These groups are usually made up of several individuals guided by common interests; who come together to work towards the attainment of certain clear goals that are shared by the members of that group. These groups usually try to affect public policy in the endeavor to achieve their objectives. According to Vile (98) advocacy and […]

Evaluation of Operant Conditioning Theory by B.F. Skinner

Today, more than ever before, there exist a multiplicity of theories and conceptual frameworks aimed at explaining human development. The broad area of human development has received keen interest from psychologists, sociologists, educationists and other theorists over the last couple of millennia due to its huge importance in understanding developmental phases, viewed as critical in […]

Gambling in four perspectives

Gambling is the practice of betting money or any other material value on an event with an outcome that is not certain and with the primary intention of winning either money or material goods. In most cases the outcome of the gambler is within a short period. Although the exercise is not generally accepted by […]

Metamorphoses by Ovid: The Character of Phaeton

The Metamorphoses by Ovid is a brilliant collection of the stories that depicts the ways of how the world was developed. The world of mythology would be incomplete without Ovid’s Metamorphoses because each its part represents a unique story with a certain lesson for any person to take into consideration. “The Story of Phaethon” is […]

Exploiting New Opportunities

Many business opportunities presented in the newfound market in Canada called upon our business team to enter and exploit them. To this end, it was determined that a team be formed comprising different members assigned different tasks. The main aim was to open up the new market and deliver items for selling. With each member […]

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Introduction After killing Humbaba in the forbidden forest of cedars, Gilgamesh and Enkidu returns home to find Ishtar, the goddess of love full of lust for Gilgamesh. She says to Gilgamesh, “Come to me Gilgamesh and be my bridegroom, grant me seed of your body, let me be your bride and you shall be my […]

The Neo-Vygotskian approach to child development

The Neo-Vygotskian approach to child development is positive stratagems of education, which are resource-oriented and presents the society with the view of the child as an empowered individual with a will, apparent ability, and unique skills, as opposed to the traditional implication of weaknesses or deviations associable to early childhood development (Karpov, 2005). According to […]

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

Quality management is a continuous organizational process which is aimed at meeting and exceeding the customers’ requirements through specific processes and an organization wide participation in planning and implementation. The elements of quality management include focus on the customer, strategy, teamwork, continual commitment and a scientific approach. Other elements are continuous improvement, training and education, […]

Some Thoughts on what is to be Done

Many books have been written within the concept of development. It is evident from a historical perspective that there have been different perspectives as far as the term ‘development’ is concerned. Gilbert Rist, one of the greatest authors of his time has written very a comprehensive book on development. In his book, ‘The History of […]

Abraham Harold Maslow

A long list of theories that attempt to explain human’s personality traits have been put forward by psychological theorists especially of the 20th century. Some of the prominent theorists include Sigmund Freud, B. F. Skinner, and Abraham H. Maslow (Newman & Newman, 2007). Maslow was an American psychologist who was born and grew up in […]

Human personality development

A number of theories have been advanced to try and explain how an individual’s personality develops. Some of the prominent psychologists who have developed theories that have widely been accepted include; Eric Erikson, Sigmund Freud, and Kohler (Allen, 2003). Moreover, research findings reveal that a significant number of American population experience different types of psychiatric […]

Preventing School Violence

Introduction Today no special mechanism is standard for preventing school violence due to diversity in social status, economical status, and location. Schools implement various measures to prevent violence such as warning signals, checklists and, policies for zero tolerance but the dangers still persists, because some of these measures end up exacerbating the issue. Hypothetically, the […]

Plato’s theory of forms

In the world of philosophy, Plato is one of the most celebrated and studied philosophers. One of his major works is elucidation of ‘Forms’ which he describes them as supra-sensible entities. According to him, ‘Forms’ or ‘ideas’ are none mental entities and do not depend upon human mind. Plato’s main point on the ‘Forms’ is […]

Accounting in business

Accounting is referred to as “the language of business”. It is an art of recording, classifying and summarizing information about a business entity in relation to economic resources that are used in finding out the causes of success and failure in business. Due to its relevance in business it has been developed into two models; […]

Stylistic Analysis of Film Script

Introduction The film “Stand by me” by Rob Reiner is an adventurous drama. Since the target audience of the film includes youth and teenagers, its script is written in a light-hearted manner. The story is told in the first person singular, which points to the narrative mode of discourse. In addition, there are implications of […]

Blanchard and Fiedler leadership models

As opposed to Taylorists who opined that there was a single way of proper management and leadership for that matter, Fred Fiedler (born 1922) stated that the efficacy of one as a leader was solely dependant upon situational contingency (DuBrin, 2009). Situational contingency according to him was broken down as to relate to the style […]

Business model and planning case study

Customer Value The firm is at a position of utilizing technology to the point of improving the quality of living all over the world. The firm invented machines that enabled the consumers to find ease especially in movement. The invention of the iBot made it easier for the consumers to move up and down stairs […]

Do People Choose What They Are Attracted To?

Considering the subject of attraction, the term seems ambiguous because for a scientist, it might mean some forces of physics, to psychologist it takes the emotional perspective, to lovers it takes the emotional perception and, from the youth or the new-age point of view it faces various external determining factors or circumstances such as events. […]

Article Summary: ‘Sociometric Stability and the Behavioral Correlates of Peer Acceptance in Early Childhood’

Many educationists are in agreement that a positive environment for social, psychological, and moral development is one that promotes peer interaction. In equal measure, children’s behavior in the peer setup has proven to be a reliable pointer of their social competence (Blume & Zember, 2010). Although extensive research has been conducted to prove these assertions […]

“The Visitor” by Thomas McCarthy

The Visitor, directed by Thomas McCarthy, is a film with a thematic bias on immigration. The movie integrates humor, realism and social relations to make it very captivating and interesting. These features of the movie are developed as the protagonist, Walter, tries to mourn and recover from the death of his wife. The movie has […]

The Long Voyage by Jorge Semprun

In his narrative, Jorge Semprun often switches from external to internal setting. Such tool plays an outstanding role in the plot presentation. For instance, it gives a chance for the author to compare and contrast general information and specific details, outlook and internal state of things, image and feelings, etc. In addition, Semprun tries to […]

Google refused trademark for Nexus One

When Google applied for the ‘Nexus One’ trademark back in December 10th 2009, the they were shocked to learn that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had earlier given the ‘Nexus’ trademark to a Portland-based company, Integra in 2008, and thus it was denial use of the name. The trademark office wrote in its […]

Roman Civilization

The Roman republic which was characterized by Republican form of government is known to have lasted a period of more than 400 years after it started by overthrowing the Roman monarchy. The Roman Republic was controlled by a special group of people who emanated from high class families whose history could be traced back to […]

The Cold War and Its Influence on Europe

This essay looks into the Cold War and how it influenced happenings in Europe. The cold war was largely between USA and USSR but it influence individual nations in Europe in a big way. This war is largely the reason why the USA was deeply concerned about affairs in Europe. In response, it pursued policies […]

Objective Personality Tests

Introduction Objective personality testing is “use of assessment methods that use a restricted response format (ordinal scale ratings or true/false questions), and which contain extensively tested validity scales to determine whether the person taking the test is responding truthfully” (Hogan, 2007, p. 69). The commonly used objective personality studies include; Beck Depression Inventory, Millon Clinical […]

A Critical Evaluation of Criteria for a Successful Presidency from a Citizen’s Perspective

There exists a popular adage that argues that ‘leaders are born, not made.’ This adage, though used extensively by civilizations across the world, has been proved wrong by systematic studies, which have generated a body of knowledge and evidence indicating to the contrary. Today, more than ever before, the standards or criteria of what constitutes […]

China Town – New York

Introduction Since time memorial, individuals have always associated the Chinese nationals with respect of cultural values. This is because; it is not unique to find common features of the Chinese people in most areas even before meeting a real Chinese citizen in such areas. This is a concept that is evident with the widespread China […]

Use of Performance Appraisals as a Reward System

Performance appraisal has been described as the process whereby the relative worth of an employee in a particular company is evaluated. It involves measurement of an employee’s work behaviors, comparing them to already established standards and communicating the results back to the employee. Performance appraisals were instituted as a means of income justification i.e. they […]

Status, role, primary groups, and secondary groups in social interactions between different racial and ethnic groups

Status is the ranking of groups or individual persons within a certain and specific perspective based on a given criteria. This perspective refers to the hierarchy of esteem and reputation that exists between certain groups. It therefore establishes which group or individual shall interact with which other group and how that shall be done in […]

Paris and Its Tourist Places

Paris is fondly represented as a city where romance thrives and it is for this reason that visiting and the sites and city is appealing. Paris is often a venue of many entertainment and social events such as large fashion shows and movie launches among others. The city is the capital of France and is […]

ART VITALIS The New Jersey New Music Forum – CONCERT REPORT

First of all, I would like to consider the concert performance “Trio For Flute, Clarinet And Piano” which I was lucky to listen at Ars Vitalis concert recently. After this I’ll pass to another pieces performed that night. This piece was performed by three musicians who played exquisitely. This was a play of three instruments: […]

The Biography of Socrates

The Philosopher, Socrates was a Greek and he was born in the proximities of 470 B.C in Athens. His father was a sculptor named Sophroniskus. Socrates, therefore, grew up with carving skills learnt from his father. In addition to the carving skills, Socrates studied astronomy and geometry formally. At first, he was enthusiastic to learn […]

After the Oil Crisis, a Food Crisis?

This article talks about the rising food prices being experienced globally and their effects. She gives facts and figures to show that the inflation is being experienced everywhere, both in developing and developed countries. However, the effects discussed largely concentrate on developing countries. The author also discusses possible causes and effects of this global phenomenon. […]

The Importance of the Logical – Mathematical Intelligence in Mathematics Teaching

Howard Gardner provides a number of intelligence which can be exploited by a teacher in a teaching – learning environment. Gardner’s approach simply advocates for the adjustment of instructional techniques in order to cater for individual needs (Brualdi, 2001). While teaching mathematics, teachers should pay attention to logical – mathematical intelligence. This kind of intelligence […]

Do People Inherit their Personality?

Introduction Personality differences are one of the primary factors that differentiate different individuals, because of the varying nature of peoples’ behaviors. Behavioral differences are evident in people’s ways of thinking or reactions to different occurrences in their immediate environments. Therefore, personality traits define an individual’s profile in terms of character hence, determining how such individuals […]

Learning and Performance

Introduction The concept of learning was extensively discussed by Bruner, a prominent scholar in the psychological field. However, several intellectuals considerably contributed to the subject, by employing several experiments and research projects, thus modifying the concept (Kellogg, 2002). They studied the theories of learning beginning from immaturity stage until the adult periods. Ultimately, they represented […]

Chicago: Crossroads of America

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. – George Santayana This statement cannot be refuted. People should know their history in order to have the future. A great role in understanding one’s history is played by historical exhibitions. They can be especially helpful for young people who will be able not […]

My life in Western Europe in 600 AD

The European Middle Ages, popularly referred to as ‘dark ages’ can only be described by one word, ‘barbaric’. This was after the fall of the Roman Empire that had ruled for almost 500 years. Hooligans, Hans, barbarians and Goths came from all directions, East and North, sweeping down Europe. Many buildings and architectural structures that […]

Negotiation Article Analysis

When negotiations are held, the main intention is to come up with an agreement that will provide a roadmap for an action to be taken (Howard, 1982, p.5). Negotiations have mostly been aimed at ensuring that existing conflicts are resolved amicably. They occur over a wide area and have no restrictions. In addition, negotiations can […]

The Problem with Mr. Gunes

Jake was a 14year old boy of average build and height with the most outstanding feature about him being his long curly brown hair. While he was not overly enthusiastic about school and education in general, he showed as much dedication to school as could be hoped for from a 14 year old. For this, […]

Ending global poverty

Poverty has not only blighted communities to hopelessness, but it has also proved to be the main stunting menace to growth in the whole globe. There is thus a concerted effort from all world entities towards the fight against global poverty. At the international arena the UN (United Nations) has formulated eight poverty-fighting goals which […]

Important Characteristics for Effective Teaching

Introduction Teaching is very vital in the learning process. The success of effective teaching is greatly dependent on the characteristics possessed by the person providing teaching services. This paper discusses characteristics of learning process and also provides statements of self-evaluation criteria for the characteristics. Characteristics that you feel are most important for effective teaching The […]

Principle of Observation

The principle of observation can be defined as the art of passing knowledge or ideas by viewing the actions of a model from which one imitates (Bandura, 1962). This method of learning is also referred to as the social learning theory. Observational learning is very effective to all humans regardless of their age. Children for […]

Data Analysis and Maintenance

Introduction The research under consideration is a hypothetical research scenario that involves a client supplier organization that is involved in the manufacture of steel products. The research project was carried out to address the problems of training ineffectiveness and employee satisfaction. The hypotheses of the research have been developed with the operationalization of the variables […]

Leon Golub: Historical witness

Introduction Leon Golub lived between 1922 and 2004. He was a well known American painter whose paintings and portraits depicted and exposed historical events in Africa and Central America. His paintings were in form of narratives which vividly captured events happening in the real world. The paintings mainly expressed realities of power in terms of […]

Technology and Communication Relationship: Benefits and Shortcomings

McLuhan’s theories arose from the inquiries the logician received to systematically back his media studies (Logan, 2007). The premise analyses four occurrences cooperative to all media and human interactions, specifically to enhance, retrieve, reverse and obsolesce. The innovative structure of media may progress or accelerate the present form of communication, portraying several advantages. It may […]

The Industrial Revolution

Invention of Airplanes The first aircraft was invented by the Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville. Their fascination to fly started in their childhood. Their father, Milton Wright, who at the time was working in the army, gave them a toy flying machine, which they made replicas and played with. As they grew up they were […]

Heredity and Natural Selection

Introduction The major proponents of the theory of natural selection are Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, who were scholars coming from different regions. Wallace (8 January 1823 – 7 November 1913) is said to have been a British scholar known for solely suggesting the evolutionary theory as a result of natural selection. This move […]

Application of skills – Education Evaluation, Test Administration

Introduction Educational evaluation is the methodical measurement of educational activities in order to determine the outcome. The starting point of evaluation is based on the instruction program adopted, the goals of education and the initiative of the school towards education. Educational evaluation aims at assessing the merits of educational programs as well as the impacts […]

Innovation, creativity and design

Innovation refers to the process of translating a particular idea or invention to a product or service to be paid for by people. This means that innovation involves an economic cost in an effort to satisfy a particular need. For innovation to be effective, a great deal of imagination, creativity and initiative is required in […]

Marketing environments and their effects on business

Introduction The comprehensive hotel business consists of a composite field of opponents within a swiftly changing transnational setting. New hotels are being fashioned daily, while some are intensifying their branches. In this urbane market conditions, marketing consultants are trying to originate strategies that would guarantee they get the apt awareness to draw business (Bensoussan & […]

Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM is an intricate approach aimed at improving the value of processes by consistently checking for deficiencies in these products and services (Sashkin & Kiser, 1993). TQM is equally indispensable in the administration of hotels. It determines consumer contentment in terms of value of services provided. Nonetheless, measuring value still remains one of the concerns […]