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Youth Issues: Video Games Effects

Introduction Video games are on the rise amongst today’s youths. Their influence on the youth is a challenge to both parents and some education experts, although scientists and psychologists support the games. The merits of video gaming to youths overrule the demerits. With gaming, kids grow up as smart and sharp individuals having developed minds […]

Steve Martin’s Critical Incident Application

Steve Martin, a police officer of the Wichita force, shot himself on Halloween 2005. He was 44 years old when he committed suicide (Ritter, 2007). He had separated from his wife Debbie and had developed severe drinking problems. According to his wife Debbie, Steve displayed several “warning signs” clearly indicating a risk of suicide. Rheam […]

Physics in Astronomy

Contrasting the orbits of Comets and Asteroids Asteroids have short, circular orbits which tend to form cluster belts, but comets have elongated and extended orbits. Again, Asteroid orbits are closer to the sun and are much more numerous, as compared to comet orbits which are farther from the sun and few. The reason as to […]

Law: JP Morgan Chase’s Financial Penalty

This paper is aimed at discussing the video about JP Morgan Chase that has been required to pay a $ 13 billion fine by the government. In particular, it is necessary to show how this video is related to the questions covered during the course. One should bear in mind that this financial organization was […]

World History: the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires

The Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires had been ones of the major influences on the territories of Europe, Asia, and Africa for generations and centuries. All of them covered huge territories, which today belong to many different countries. Conquest of the new territories and taking over the lands of other tribes and people has been […]

Game Theory Decision Making Model

Game theory is a crucial approach used in decision making, in organizations; the theory underpins some vital aspects of decision making in business. The game theory is based on the development of appropriate strategies, which will lead to sound business decisions. With the use of game theory, organizations can come up with logical interpretations of […]

Overcoming Anger to Improve Communication

Communication is an interaction between people, and it is an inseparable part of our everyday life. Sometimes we take interaction with other people for granted and do not understand what great role communication plays in our everyday activities. Interaction with people makes us parts of society. Moreover, successful communication makes a valuable contribution to our […]

Jordan’s Restaurant Customer Service

Jordan’s Service Experience Positive service marketing experience encountered was at Jordan’s restaurant in Murrumbeena. Jordan’s Restaurant displayed the best customer service ever to be experienced. The restaurant is located on a quiet shopping strip with a railway station nearby. As we walked in together with my friend, we had minimal expectations. However, we were greeted […]

The Ancient African Art

The ancient African cultures are characterized by examples of primitive art. Simplification of the form is the characteristic feature of many objects belonging to the ancient stage of African art. The poetic meaning of the simplified forms is the ability to represent the naturalistic objects in the forms which are easy to duplicate. As a […]

Theobromine Poisoning in Animals

Theobromine is a chemical substance naturally occurring in cocoa beans, tea plant leaves, and kola nuts (Gans, Korson, Cater & Ackerly 481). It belongs to a family of chemicals called methylxanthines. It has been consumed by humans for centuries. Cocoa bean husks are added to animal feeds in cocoa producing regions. Theobromine poisoning can occur […]

3D Printer Technology

Introduction 3D printing is a unique form of modern day printing, originating from traditional ways of prototyping. It is a form of manufacturing technology with an additive element whereby a 3D object is generated by the process of multiple laying-down of material layers. It has impacted greatly modern business transactions. This paper outlines the technology […]

Painter Jean Metzinger and His Works

Brief Biography Jean Metzinger is regarded as one of the founders of such art from as Cubism. He was born in 1883 to a wealthy family, and he obtained a good education (Apollinaire et al. 181). He graduated from Académie des Beaux-Arts and started his career as a painter in 1903. He displayed his works […]

The Learn English Website Evaluation

Introduction With the current technological advancement, the number of internet websites and their users has increased significantly. Many people create different web pages for various purposes such as trading, teaching and learning. Scholars in the education sector have launched numerous sites to aid in the learning and teaching of different subjects. The Learn English website […]

Competence, Compassion, and Fairness as Cornerstones of Nursing

Although some people might consider nurses to be less critical or qualified than doctors, nursing professionals play an essential role in any healthcare system, since they help to implement medical treatment and facilitate the healing process through providing their patients with psychological support. Considering the need to establish and maintain personal contact with sick people, […]

The Problem of Overpopulation

Overpopulation has become one of the main challenging trends over the past centuries. Governments accept the fact that they are no longer capable of managing this problem. According to Rieder, the significant aftermath of this event is that “the Earth will, at some point, be unable to provide for our population, even without more growth” […]

Handling Cyberbullying in the 21st Century

Cyberbullying refers to a form of harassment using modern communication technologies and social media. This phenomenon is a relevant issue in the 21st century, and it is defined by scientists as a contemporary “pandemic threat” (Umesh et al. 6). Therefore, cyberbullying needs particular attention to develop effective intervention and prevention strategies at schools in the […]

Butterfly Effect with Premarital Sex

According to Klein (16), premarital sex has severe consequences that can result in lifelong pain. An individual who engages in premarital sex may not be in a position to understand these effects at the right time. This behavior is associated with physical, emotional, and spiritual baggage. Bancroft (175) notes that several people involve themselves in […]

Dubai Trade in the Private Sector

Introduction The research will relate to Dubai Trade in the private sector. People will be asked of their involvement and knowledge of the workplace, as well as behavior and attitude patterns, will be established to come to specific results. As it is much involved in international business, people of different ages and backgrounds will come […]

TAP Company’s Ethical Culture

The ethical culture at TAP was very weak. This is because it allowed and encouraged workers and business associates to engage in corruption and bribery. Anyone that was not engaged this negative conduct was sneered upon and was regarded a traitor to the system. The culture at TAP appears to have been in alignment. This […]

The Cattle Drivers’ Music

At a pancake breakfast hosted by the Columbia Land Conservancy in Hudson, New York, on March 22, 2013, music was provided by a soloist and helpers calling themselves The Cattle Drivers. Guitar and banjo accompanied solo or harmonized song with various helpers, some of whom were on the staff of the CLC. The genre of […]

Group Therapy

Introduction Group therapy is a very effective avenue in the treatment of addiction and compulsive behaviors. Through group therapy, individuals receive specialized care and support about their prevailing conditions. During group therapy, individuals relate their predicament to group members in reaching a viable solution. Group therapy involves the process of group development (Berg, 2006). This […]

Ben and Jerry Company’s SWOT Analysis

Introduction Ben and Jerry’s is an ice cream company based in the United States of America. It was founded by two old friends namely Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield after successfully graduating from the University of Pennsylvania State University’s Creamery. The two friends started the company in 1978 with $12000 as capital. In 1979 the […]

Philosophy of Education

A good teacher under the discipline of special education has implicit understanding of the needs of students with special challenges. Such a teacher will have a desire to go out of his or her way to reach out to every student within a class. As a teacher under the sub discipline of special education I […]

Racism in American Schools

Introduction Since its inception, the program ‘No Child Left Behind’ (NCLB) has received mixed reactions from various groups. Some are applauding the program while some are cynical about the idea. The program core mission is to map the education curriculum of different states to know what kids are taught from kindergarten to 12th grade. Afterward, […]

Nurture and Human Development

Introduction There are diverse factors, which influence the progression of early human development. Nurture is one of those factors. This incorporates the process through which parents influence the growth and development of their younger children. It is notable that other arguments have suggested that nature plays a critical role in the early development of children. […]

Macdonald Restaurant’s Moral Problems

Introduction This study has embarked on identifying one of the major companies in the globe with the main objective of investigating some of the moral problems that are facing it. In this light, the writer identified MacDonald restaurant and has discussed the ethical problems that are facing this multinational company. The criticism that has been […]

Enterprise, Resource, and Planning System

An ERP system helps in restructuring the flow of an organization’s data by providing easy access to asset information to the management team. The rapid changes experienced within the competitive market environment calls for the use and application of modern techniques such as ERP systems. The system supports improvements in production and sales within organizations […]

Benny Carter’s Biography and Work

Dates (Birth/Death/major milestones Benny Carter was born on the 8th day of August in 1907. He was an American jazz musician (Yanow, 168). He was a bandleader, an arranger as well as a music composer. He was also a clarinetist and a talented alto saxophonist. He later died on the 12th day of July 2003. […]

Performance Management Process

Regardless of the size of an entity or the type of business an organization is involved in, it is very important for any organization to have the required tools to measure the progress and efficiency of its employees, in terms of their work output. Managing employees’ performance should be one of the main duties of […]

IKEA Company’s Marketing Strategy

Success factors The success of IKEA is attributed to the strict self-service policy. In this context, the concept of flat packages is effective and reduces labor, storage and transportation costs. IKEA allows customers to customize products in a bid to optimize client satisfaction. The introduction of low-priced furniture and discount prices is hailed as the […]

People’s Place in Society

The world is split into developed and developing economies in which the poverty rates vary significantly. In this respect, the governmental policies are not the only ones to blame because individuals’ perceptions of the economic and social environment also play a role in poverty line reduction. In this respect, humble people could also be the […]

Data Collection of Major League Baseball

Data collection is a critical and sensitive aspect that requires some technical skills to allow for success in the process. It entails the practice of preparing and collecting information related to a certain point for different purposes, for instance, to carry out a specific project or to improve an already ongoing process. Data collection is […]

Melissa Virus and Its Effects on Computers

Melissa virus affects Microsoft word and spreads as an attachment. If an unsuspecting recipient opens it the virus affects the computer storage. The virus disables the mail servers of a corporate. For example, Microsoft Corporation shut down all its incoming emails because of the Melissa virus. The virus also affected other companies for example Intel. […]

Luka Magnotta and His Crime

Luka Magnotta, a star of adult video industry has become famous because he was charged and treated as the perpetrator of crimes with psychopathic and sickening nature (“Luka Magnotta, accused in infamous body-parts case, faces preliminary inquiry Monday” par. 1). In 2013, the trial that looks at the matter has begun and is continuing today. […]

Major League Baseball’s Data Set

Introduction The main aim of the research project was to establish what sports statistics that best predict player’s salaries; to get the measurable parameters for the research, Major League Baseball was chosen as the sampling sport. However, the number of players involved could not allow data to be collected from each one of them; thus […]

Business Law: U.S. Magnesium Seeks Protection

Introduction The US magnesium company has exclusive rights to producing magnesium in America. The firm in the year two thousand and four alleged that the Chinese and Russian firms sold magnesium in the US market at significantly low prices than the market value. Further, the company claimed that the dumping of magnesium in the American […]

The History of Thanksgiving in the United States

The author evaluates the evolution of Thanksgiving in the US. The focus was on the adoption of Thanksgiving among the middle-class and poor families during the 19th century. The author also researches on the additional elements about Thanksgiving that were introduced in the 1930s. In the 19th century, communal celebrations were done when the poor […]

Addressing the Issues of Childhood Obesity

Introduction Childhood obesity is a medical condition affecting young children and adolescents, whereby the person’s weight does not conform to what is deemed normal at his/her age. According to research by Hirsch, one in every five children in the United States is obese. This population, however, grows day by day, backed by the fact that […]

Stress Management

Stress is one of the challenges that have affected humans for ages. People are mostly stressed about problems occurring in their lives, responsibilities, and busy schedules. Many specialists have attempted to help people solve stress-related problems by writing articles that suggest things that stressed-out people can do to reduce their levels of stress (Posen, 1995, […]

Prosocial Media

The general purpose of the study and research questions This current study adopted the General Learning Model (GLM) to test whether prosocial lyrics educe prosocial thoughts, feelings, and its role in participant’s behavior. Greitemeyer (2009) established that previous studies had overlooked the prosocial media effects on the internal state of prosocial lyrics listeners’. Consequently, this […]

Prosocial Skills

The Role of Nature and Nature in Development Prosocial skills among growing children are vital. These are skills that involve sharing and cooperation and they normally develop through three stages. First, children must decide whether to help if they can or not, at any given time and this phase is referred to as the recognition […]

Isocrates Panegyricus

The exchange” speech” Isocrates birth time is in 436 BC prior to the Peloponnesian war which never ended until the Greek lost their independence to Macedonia at Chaeronea in 338 BC. He was well educated and he studied with the famous rhetorician Gorgias and for ten years he wrote speeches used in law courts. At […]