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Improved Work Environment for Employees Working at a Production Plant

Employees working at a Production Plant Abstract Provision of up to date and comfortable work environment is one of the determinants of employee motivation and performance in the present day business context. Organizations strive to improve the physical work environments to enhance employee satisfaction leading to enhanced overall organizational performance. Failure to provide conducive work […]

Internationalization Process in China

Introduction Internationalization of SMEs The concept involved in the paper is about internationalization of SMEs in the era of globalization and issues related to it. After these, the issues related to establishment of Austrian SMEs in China are the point of review in the context of internationalization of SMEs. The Context of China As China […]

Apple and Brand-Customer Relationship

Introduction If any brand has to survive competitively in the market, the brand’s value has to be maximized. Managing a consumer-brand value is not possible without understanding consumer-brand bonds and market principles. Much research in the market is based on suppliers and manufactures or sellers and buyers. Little research and effort has been put to […]