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Chocolate business plan

Executive summary This is a business plan for Ki, a start-up business that aims at becoming a high-end chocolate brand in the UK. The company sets to achieve this by serving its customers with high quality and delicious chocolate made from 100% Mexican cocoa and recipes. This business plan gives a description of the company, […]

Cross-Docking Adoption: Challenges and Improvement of Distribution Center of Retail Industry

Abstract The applications of cross-docking have been widely implemented by distribution centres (DC) in western developed countries, especially in retail industry due to its benefits. The advantages include reduction of inventory carrying costs, enhancing the product range, combining the shipments and improving customer satisfaction. In contrast, the use of cross-docking in China is relatively limited. […]

Methodology: case study of Commercial Bank of Qatar

This section will provide an overview of the methodology and the data collection tools used in doing the case study of Commercial Bank of Qatar in view of increasing active customer base of electronic banking services in the bank. The present research is a qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of e-banking […]

Sources of Digital Forensic Data

Abstract Sources of data for digital forensics include storage media, file systems, and network equipment, among others. The data sources differ according to cases. Investigators can focus on account audits, live data systems, and intrusion detection systems to understand usage and trace intruders, until identification occurs. Internet service provider (ISP) records, virtual machines, and network […]