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Recruitment and Staff Selection Recommendations Essay

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Updated: Jul 8th, 2020

Companies should be careful when hiring employees because the kind of employees working in an organization will determine the effectiveness of an organization. There are various methods of recruiting employees; employers can ask for records and official documents from which they can learn about the person or they can decide to do the back ground check, also known as personnel selection.

Health care organizations can advance the quality of their employees by implementing more effective screening procedures to avoid future problems since applicants cannot be trusted to disclose any previous cases of criminal behaviors. In many countries the employer is liable for any mistakes made by an employee especially in the medical field as the employer should have know whether the employee poses a foreseeable risk of harm or danger to others.

Despite all the precautions being taken there is always a possibility of employee indiscipline that could develop later after the employee is hired. It could be deliberate, psychological or could be triggered by an event for example, death of a close person making an employee lose his or her self will. The employees should be handled with care at this stage since they could be a threat to the organization or even against themselves.

There should be correction procedures for such employees, they could be; counseling sessions, warning letters, suspension, demotion, salary withdrawal or dismissal if the situation cannot be completely reversed. The following sanctions should come up progressively so as to provide time for the employee to change, while some like counseling could continue even after the employee has reformed or even after termination for rehabilitation.

When terminating an employee, all details should be recorded in the personnel database including the reason for termination and any disciplinary actions that were previously administered. The termination should be properly planned and the letter should be carefully written because any ambiguities could be used against the organization in court.

The employee should be informed in a private meeting and it should be as professional as possible and brief, because too much talking can lead to unpleasant arguments that the employee could use in court against the organization. All due benefits and salaries should be surrendered in time and the financial transactions should be documented for future use if needed (Lee, 1996).

Designing job advertisements can be quite a challenge because the information given will determine the kind of people who will apply and hence also it will affect those that will be employed. An advertisement should be designed to capture the attention of the right people that are required not just anyone.

The title of the job should be very clear; it should be the first thing that one notices when he or she looks at the advert. The organization should also be written under its official names, location and address also should be included.

The job description should be clearly stated and the entire main details clearly written hence avoiding any ambiguity. This does not mean that the advertisement should be long and prosy; it should just give the right information regarding the job.

This part can comprise of the academic qualifications required, the social qualifications, duties, time; it could be full time or part time, any special requirements like female applicants or the disabled should also be included and may even include the salary but it is not necessary although it can be a good way to regulate the applicants.

The grammar punctuations and language should also be accurate and precise. The most essential skills should be clearly written followed by the extras and other benefits expected. Finally instructions of how to apply for the job should be written down and the mode of application should be clear.

It could be through direct mail letters or even online, however the company should ensure that the mode is reliable and easily accessible to the applicants. The deadline of application is also very important and it should be set depending on the mode of application to be used because some mediums are faster than others (Stone, 2005).

There are two nursing jobs advertisements that have identified; one on the Nursing Jobsite .Com and the other on Career FAQs Medicine.com. The first is advertising for a registered general nurse to work in London south west, the job is temporary, the salary is negotiable, the job reference number is given and the address for application and that is all the information provided.

That advert is very short and too brief, the company or hospital is not mentioned, the qualifications are not stated and neither are the duties of the nurse.

This advertisement leaves the applicants very confused and asking many questions and it may even discourage them because it shows lack of seriousness in the organization. The second advertisement requires a registered and experienced nurse to work in the theater suite at St John’s Royal Hospital.

The details of the hospital are provided whereby, the applicants are informed that they will be trained for free for the specific job by the hospital, the qualifications are well written, other extra skills needed are also stated and also it is noted that the job is full time. The job reference number is provided and the place of sending the applications is also provided.

I would apply for the second job because it has all the information needed about the position, the duties, and the organization is clearly provided. This shows that the hospital is well organized and it is also serious with meeting its objectives hence providing a good place to work for a person’s career development.

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