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Practices for Improving Employees Performance Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: Jul 8th, 2020

The company will provide longer hours for employee lunch breaks in their routines. All employees will be fed by the company. This is geared at ensuring all persons have the right energy levels required to perform effectively (Naidu & Rao, 2009).

In addition, clean drinking water and other refreshments will be availed to the employees at regular intervals. This will be done to ensure they are free from fatigue, making them available for longer periods.

Employee shifts will be monitored rigorously, to ensure that people get ample sleep and satisfactory resting periods. In addition to these nutritional needs, the company will ensure they work in a clean environment, by repairing all chimneys and ventilation systems. This will guarantee a clean environment for all employees.

Employee contracts will be introduced by the company. This will ensure employees are assured of their job security (Agarwal, 1983). They will also have the privilege of negotiating for a suitable remuneration package with the human resource section prior to signing the contracts.

It should be noted that employees will receive fully paid medical cover for themselves, their spouses, and any of their children under the age of 21. This will assure them of their family’s medical security in the course of their employment period.

To ensure friendships are maintained at the workplace, the company will organize quarterly retreats to encourage team building among the employees. The venues for these functions will be chosen by the team leaders in charge of the various employee shifts. This will enhance team spirit and the feeling of belonging, which is necessary for productivity to be realized.

Employees will be allocated ample breaks, to bond with their families and intimate friends. This will help them achieve emotional stability required for optimum production in the course of the job since they will have gained social security (Zeiss & Zeiss, 2005).

In order to ensure employees maintain the requisite esteem levels, the company will ensure they are properly recognized for all their efforts. Moral and material support will be given to outstanding performers and achievers in front of their peers, in a bid to encourage them.

Under performers will also be noted, and motivated accordingly, as will be decided by the team leaders, in consultation with the management. Strict measures will enforce measures to ensure employees maintain decorum and conduct themselves with self respect. They will be accorded reasonable autonomy to discharge their duties, as long as they maintain professionalism in the course of their endeavors. This will give them experience, hence morale boost (Zeiss & Zeiss, 2005).

Summarily, the following measures will be enforced in an attempt to address the lowered morale and decline in productivity as exhibited by the kitchen staff.

Physiological Needs

  • The firm will eliminate the costs incurred on food and water by the employees.
  • The firm will enhance the working conditions of the employees by improving sanitation and other working conditions.

Safety Needs

  • Competitive and legally binding contracts will be offered to employees to guarantee their job security.
  • Medical insurance cover will be given to all employees during the duration of their contract. The same will be extended to their families.


  • The firm will organize and finance quarterly team building sessions for the employees in a bid to promote teamwork.
  • The employees will be allowed to have breaks to spend with their close friends and family to satisfy their emotional needs.


  • Stringent policies and conventions will be enforced to ensure employees operate with decorum; hence self-respect.
  • Exemplary performance will be feted appropriately in order to boost employee self-esteem; while under achievers will be motivated to strive harder.


  • Chefs will have the ability to invent signature recipes and compete with other established chefs.
  • Chefs may be employed in consultancy capacity to assist similar upcoming premises.


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