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Management of Information Systems Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Oct 8th, 2019

Eats2Go review

Now that Eats2Go is a growing business it needs to incorporate a lot of information systems technology to improve its operations. This will ultimately lead to sound working in the organization (Lindsay, 200, p. 12). The owners have realized that they are falling behind (because of paperwork) and they need to do something about these for efficiency. In addition, they need to computerize their operations as these will save a lot of time that they are currently wasting in their daily undertakings.


They first of all need to ensure that the receipts are computer generated instead of them being done manually. This means that the orders/sales need to be entered into the computer for proper recording.


After the order/sale has been entered into the computer it needs to be processed and recorded in the system.


As the data about the order/sale is processed it needs to be printed out (receipts) for the customers to avoid any backlogs in the business.

To improve operations the owners need to buy a new computer system that they will use to put all these into practice as most businesses are running away from a lot of paper work.

Because of this advancement in operations the system will help to process a lot of receipts in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, the paperwork that is taking a lot of time to be entered will be a thing of the past as it will be readily available for analysis and as a way of improving efficiency in the business. This information will also be used to know the weaknesses that the business has and therefore used to seal loopholes.

QuickBiz review

QuickBiz has been expanding because of good and quality services. Since the business is expanding to my area which is new to them (than the environment they are used to at Seattle) they need to use a new telecommunication technology for the new office.

Telecommunication services will assist in the transmission of signals that will help the company in communication. Because of this importance, there is need to chose the right type of service that will not be hard for the company to adapt to. This service will be provided by the telecommunication providers’ in the area. There are many telecommunications service providers in the area offering various types of services. They range from cable, DSL, satellite, fixed and wireless.

For QuickBiz office it will be recommendable for them to use Cable telecommunication services. This is the most reliable service in the area compared to others offered by competing firms (they are not known to be efficient which is vital for such a business that thrives on reliability).

Cable telecommunication will work well for the business because it has a high quality broadband at a very low cost (Cable telecoms, 2010, p.5). The other types of services are relatively expensive which is not good for a business that seeks to minimize on high costs. In addition to these, it has an easy and simple understood billing system that won’t give them any problems.

On the other hand, firms that have used this service in the area have not encountered any problem which seeks to reinforce the fact that it is the best in the area. Another factor that makes this service more reliable is the use of one point of contact. Through this telecommunication technology, the business will be able to run its operations smoothly in the area and avoid any mishaps that might disadvantage it. Information systems will keep the business more competitive in the market.

It Fits Outfits review

Advertising is the only way that customers can get to know better about a company and the products and services that they are offering. It Fits Outfits wants to open a website that will cater for the college population. To spread a word about this online site, advertising will be done using banners and search engines.

Search engine advertising is one of the best ways to market a company or product on the internet. This is because they have two results; sponsored listings and non sponsored listings. The best search engines to advertise on will be Google and Yahoo because they are the most popular with a lot of users. But on the other hand, Google ranks higher than Yahoo as it is more efficient of the two.

This is because it has a higher visibility ranking for all the companies that wish to advertise on it (Paramount web masters, 2010, p.3). In addition to these, with a good website developed the search engine offers a reward by ranking it among the best. This allows it to be visited by a lot of users which will enhance advertising. Google has a site targeted text advertising that will help to reach the right people that the advert was intended for.

Because Google has a lot of users, the advert will be accessible to a wide base which is good. Since this advertisement is targeting the college population, it will be good to advertise banners on social networking sites. These sites are very popular among the college population and a good advertisement is likely to attract a lot of users. This is also a cheap way of advertising that will reach a lot of people. A social networking site like Facebook might be more efficient as it is still growing and has many customers.

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