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Basic Communication Skills at Work Places Essay

Communication is a very key component of any business, job or relationship. It is with a good communication between people or groups that we express our views and thoughts. Most people overlook basic communication skills especially at work places.

For entrepreneurs, most of them have affected their businesses either positively or negatively depending on how influential their mode of communication is. Contrary to what I knew and believed over the ages, how one talks to his customers determine the number of customers in his shop (Wrench, McCroskey, & Richmond, 2008).

The course was significant in many ways. It is in this era that good communication skills are on high demand in work places. Employment counselors have come to this attention and now more emphasis is put on the satisfaction levels of its employees.

From the course I learned that language is a powerful force. Verbal communication is one of the key areas that need good communication skills (Schramm, 1954). Having acquired these skills one can speak clearly and concisely. The qualities of a good communicator include speaking clearly with clear pronunciation so as the addressees get the information clear and easy to understand.

A good communicator also practices turn taking. He should talk and let others talk too. The main goal of any communication is to reach an understanding. This is achieved when the parties talk and give chances to others to express their views too. From the course study another critical area in relation to verbal communication is the choice of language.

The today business world has grown to be diverse, employing staffs from all over the world. Therefore, for one to make effective communication, he/she has to be knowledgeable of the language he chooses to use. It will be of no use addressing a Chinese group of staffs in Swahili. As thus, the communicator must make a proper choice of language.

Being this significant, it is therefore advisable that communicators at job places evaluate their verbal communication skills. Is it their presentation, choice of language or their speech that they should improve on? This can be determined by asking a trusted colleague for advice (Baluska, Marcuso, & Volkmann 2006).

Similarly, one can attend workshops or other courses at teaching institutions. Whichever the cases, speaking skills are important and should be taken seriously especially at job places that largely depend on these skill.

Conveying messages in written form is another skill of communication. Unlike verbal communication, written communication may be a bit technical as it involves issues of grammar and spellings that are a bit diverse (Baluska, Marcuso, & Volkmann (2006). A good written work should be free from spelling and grammar mistakes. As such, a good communicator should have a wide knowledge of grammar and the general flow of language.

Most people believe that good writing is a talent. However, it is a skill that can be learned by anybody. With present diversity in business as a result of globalization, most official transactions are done through written documents. These documents are very vital and need maximum accuracy.

Written communication can be improved by attending colleges for evening courses on the subject. Similarly, one can better his/her grammar as well as business writing through getting guidance from a colleague who is an excellent writer. The course in study was very significant as we learned on the basic writing principles. A good written communication should be goal oriented with proper grammar and flow.

Listening is the other communication skill that is equally vital. As stated earlier, the main reason of communication is to effectively convey information. This information is always aimed at an addressee who is expected to give a feedback by reacting accordingly. As such, a good communicator should give the addressee the opportunity to express themselves.

This is vital in building relationships between involved parties that result into the success at work. Therefore, both addresser and addressee should focus their full attention to what the speaker is saying. Where improvement is needed, one can use audiotapes or videotapes to train on their listening.

The above skills are examples of key communication skills. Most people are not knowledgeable as fur as these skills are concern. Contrary to what most people think and I too thought, basic communication skills are the key determinant of the general success of the business. Some entrepreneurs think stoking their businesses and having learned staffs as the only key investments to put into the business (Berlo, 1960).

However, there have been cases where major organizations have fallen down the value chain while under the watch of high profile managing directors. This has been so because of poor communication skills between staffs.

From the course, my knowledge on communication skills has grown giving me the desire to explore more on the impact of good communication skills on the general output of the business. Being a young entrepreneur, my goals are to run an influential business both socially and financially.

This will call for both my personal, financial and professional dedication. With courses such as that offered at Walden University one can get the skills concerning social responsibility to theses goals. With better communication, I can manage an influential business organization and meet my dreams.


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