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Argument essay on graduates

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Updated: Jun 26th, 2020

Strike organized by the institutions of higher learning in San Francisco lacked foundation, both in size and organizational style. According to Barlow and Sharpio, what began as a simple anxiety by a few students interfered with the whole education section.

It is vital to emphasize that five student organizations from developing countries also joined the strike (Barlow & Sharpio 278). This occurrence has resulted in several views across the society. One of the most important views is the provision of equal ranks to all students regardless to ethnicity, as well as cultural values.

It should be noted that “five other third world student organizations on campus” joined hands in harmony with their black counterparts (Barlow & Sharpio 278). In as much as the strike was a negative event, it culminated to significant changes in the relations of persons in educational institutions.

It is noted that the speedy spread of the strike means that it was not set to take place within a given place. This is true when considering several issues across educational system. Increase in the number of students was as a result of high admission rates for students from various cultural backgrounds. Consequently, it was caused by the affordability of the tuition fees.

This was bound to raise several issues following the history of racial isolation in the country. Most of these learning institutions failed to change their curriculum and extra-curricula programs to suit the increased variety in terms of the student population. It is again essential to note that unfairness in fees structure was a major contributor to the problem (Bill & Sharpio 281).

The large number of student led to an increase in the budgetary allocation for education. This move did not favor most students, since the majority was from poor backgrounds and could neither withstand increased taxes nor manage the responsibility of paying school fees.

Existence of many cultures is very important for the smooth running of academic institutions in the modern times. This is true considering the occurrences at institutions of higher education in San Francisco during previous years. The most outstanding student based protest arose from an insignificant matter, which was simple to evade.

Black students and other minority groups had fears about the policies that governed admission of students, allocation of financial scholarships and other misunderstandings involving members of staff.

The protest would have been prevented if the administration at the time was more responsive to their needs, and opted for alternative revenge with regards to the suspension of the black professor. The strike attracted several people, since the administration department watched silently as students from developing nations were being harassed repeatedly.

In addition, the fact that students from other institutions also protested in solidarity shows the importance of multiculturalism (Barlow & Sharpio 278). This is because most of them confessed to having experienced a similar scenario in their respective institutions.

Barlow and Sharpio emphasize that cultural studies formed an important area of study, since it equips students with the conceptual and practical skills. This would enable them to take part in all parts of life with ability and the necessary responsibility, in order to promote fairness, which entails democratic system and universal citizenship.

This became evident since majority of the experts state challenges that professors bearing a similar heritage to theirs experienced like students. This implies that every racial heritage plays a significant role in establishing the structure of the society and hence should not be ignored.

Most importantly, the adoption of multiculturalism led to the induction of ethnic studies in academic institutions. This meant that students were appropriately prepared to handle different challenges that came about because of racism and other forms of bias.

It is notable that all segments proposed for inclusion into the curriculum are still covered to date, though with slight variations on the content and scale of study. Ethnic studies have been beneficial to the entire society in many ways, since students appreciate their cultures with relation to others, thus maintaining patience and the importance of peaceful coexistence.

In addition, persons with interest in undertaking Asian studies, African studies or the lifestyle of any other minority group living in America are better placed to achieve this dream. This is due to the existence of these units as faculties in the different institutions of higher learning.

Additionally, the changes made on the school administration in the state resulted in the creation of new vacancies. Natural causes like old age and retirements have maintained the process, since elderly tutors have to be replaced. Lastly, an increase in population led to the demand for more schools, hence more vacancies for teaching. Since this course has been integrated into the American curriculum, teachers for elementary, secondary and college level institutions also profit from this undertaking.


It is very important to emphasize that normal settlement patterns in America are determined by ethnicity, as well as economic status of individuals. This means that professionals planning to work closely with ethnic communities are in a formidable position to carry out their studies effectively. Such professionals include medical practitioners, legal officers, social workers, psychologists, counselors, and sociologists, among many more (Barlow & Sharpio 148).

This knowledge will ensure the experts are knowledgeable about the community’s background, customs and beliefs; consequently, they will be able to know their values and habits. Knowledge about this will enable these professionals to organize their work, to avoid upsetting the community they serve. Furthermore, good relationships are also maintained since common respect is developed by all people.

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