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Organizational Psychology Role in Recruiting

Organizational psychology has been in existence for as long as the history of mankind. There are many other fields that have embraced the use of psychology in understanding and improving the various fields. It involves the use of psychological principles to understand and transform practices in a given fields. Some of them include, educational, industrial, […]

E-Business and Internet Technology

Internet motivates planning The success of every business entity is dependent on its effectiveness in planning and the implementation of various strategies (Scallan, 2003, p. 35). Internet technology has stimulated a large number of firm’s to undertake planning in their strategic management processes (Coupey, 2005). This is because the firm is able to obtain useful […]

McDonald’s: Company Analysis

There are a number of local business establishments which are characterized by a properly chosen JIT (just-in-time) philosophy and helpful approaches to manufacturing planning and obligatory control (Vollmann et al., 2005). Each industry develops considerably taking into account customers’ demands, expectations, and interests; and one of the most successful industries is considered to be the […]

Methamphetamine (Meth)

Meth is one of the most common existing psychoactive stimulants, whose abuse can lead to acute or chronic physiological and psychological problems. Medically, the drug is an important remedy to obesity, narcolepsy, and ADHD, although inmost cases most users abuse the drug, because of its pleasant effects, for example, increasing of sexual libido, alertness, and […]

Two Non-Existing Worlds

People always long to have some perfect life and perfect society, since the ancient times and until now writers from all over the world write about their ideal societies. Two of the most famous works depicting this theme – non-existing worlds -are Utopia by Tomas More and 1984 by George Orwell, though they represent two […]

Multicultural Competency

Cultural diversity has been identified by many researchers as playing an important role in influencing the outcomes of any investigation, particularly by psychological researchers. Diverse cultural practices, beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions significantly influence the interactions among human beings (Hall, 2010). Several factors shape how psychological researchers perceive themselves as well as others, for instance, ethnic […]

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence

Thinking is the capability to manipulate words and images. It requires understanding, recalling, processing information as well as the ability to communicate. According to cognitive psychology, mind is involved in perceptions organization, processing information as well as interpreting experiences. Thus, development of concept help one to simplify thing through grouping together the available information of […]

Race and Ethnicity

Race is a concept of human classification scheme based on visible features including eye color, skin color, the texture of the hair and other facial and bodily characteristics. Through these features, humans are ten categorized into distinct groups of population and this is enhanced by the fact that the characteristics are fully inherited. Across the […]

Myth and creation

Introduction This paper presents theories of myths and its application to creation myths. It is important to understand that mythology is among the oldest area of study ventured into by enthusiastic scholars. Through time, man has been searching for answers to how the world and its content or rather mankind was created. This longing to […]

Cognitive Development

Introduction `Cognitive development refers to the growth in mental understanding, interpretation and perception of things and the world in general. It entails the growth of various intellectual activities including thinking, reasoning and attentiveness. It is noted that, many approaches on cognitive advancement concentrate on mental development, as opposed to, other cognitive development processes. Cognitive development […]

Professional Workplace dilemma

Introduction One may encounter several professional dilemmas at workplaces. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to handle such dilemmas with caution since they can significantly advance or tarnish one’s career. In most cases, ethical dilemmas occur due to conflict of interests among employees (APPA, 2010). Such instances occur when one is in a dilemma of […]

Recruitment and Staff Selection

Companies should be careful when hiring employees because the kind of employees working in an organization will determine the effectiveness of an organization. There are various methods of recruiting employees; employers can ask for records and official documents from which they can learn about the person or they can decide to do the back ground […]

Basic Communication Skills at Work Places

Communication is a very key component of any business, job or relationship. It is with a good communication between people or groups that we express our views and thoughts. Most people overlook basic communication skills especially at work places. For entrepreneurs, most of them have affected their businesses either positively or negatively depending on how […]

Qualitative Data Collection

This qualitative research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of various academic activities and determine which of them should receive more attention. In this paper we need to work out strategies of data collection and sampling. At the moment Green Valley Community College has faced the necessity to implement changes into the curriculum due to the […]

Concepts of Effective Leadership

Meaning of leadership; the characteristics and qualities of effective leaders The success of any corporate body or organisation depends on its leader’s ability to coordinate and manage the utilisation of its resources, for achievement of common organisational goals. Therefore, an effective leader should be able to coordinate and manage all affairs of an organisation, through […]

The Ramifications of Hosting Refugees in the Society

Introduction and thesis statement It is commonplace that hospitality and generosity signifies the hallmark of true gentlemen in the African societies. Modernization and the recent turn of events have instigated a serious change of values and preferences with respect to this. As a result, persons and societies in general tend to prioritize individual gratification and […]

Case Analysis Paper

Summary of the case One of the major functions of the school principle is to organize the activities so that it is possible to meet the demands of teachers, students, and their parents. In the case under consideration, the problem is that the duties of the leader are divided between two people, the principle and […]

What Is It to Live in Time: Observing Nature and Society in the Long Run of Time

Introduction Theoretical issues can be of primary importance for making certain decisions because theoretical ideas are implemented in practice. Observation of nature and society can clarify the issue of living in a certain period of time and experiences the processes that take place in natural environment, in society, and interact with other individuals. As some […]

Outsourcing and bad working conditions

Outsourcing is a term used to describe the practice of hiring foreign labor force. A country that hires employees from other countries based on skills and experience is said to be practicing outsourcing. Outsourcing is beneficial in most cases but there are other incidences where it may cause negative effects. Bad working conditions involves bad […]

Humanistic Approach to Personality vs Biological Perspective

Introduction Several theories have been employed in the study of personality. Notable among them are those entailing the aspects of psychoanalytic, behavioral, biological, and humanistic approaches. It is the biological and the humanistic approaches that this paper briefly aims to analyze. Maslow’s theories have dominated this issue because they explain the relationship between human and […]

An artistic criticism of the film Syriana: The multi-plot flick

Introduction Syriana is a thriller produced five years ago starring George Clooney and Matt Damon. The film is based on events surrounding the politics of the petroleum industry in a Middle Eastern nation. Descriptive analysis Bob Barnes, an undercover official from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is sent on assignment to the Middle Eastern nation […]

Characterization of Hamlet

Introduction Hamlet is without a doubt the best theatrical character ever produced. From the moment we encounter the humble prince we are entrapped by his graceful power. He meets the death of his father with rage and indignation yet he shows no emotion for the people that he kills. He uses the frail and naïve […]

Are Currency Boards a Cure for All Monetary Problems?

What is a currency board and how does it work? A currency board is a country’s monetary organization that works like a central bank with the aim of setting up a fixed exchange rate with another country. A currency board integrates three basics: a fixed exchange rate to a specific foreign currency, an automatic exchange […]

Organizational Motivation and Leadership in the Workplace

Introduction Human resource is one of the most crucial components in any given organization. There is need to understand how and why people behave the way they do under different conditions and circumstances. Organizational psychology has been interested in understanding factors contributing to employee motivation (Jex, 2002). Various theories that try to explain the different […]

“The Courageous Soul that Dares and Defies”: Naturalism in The Awakening

Critic Donald Pizer understands literary naturalism as the artistic result of unremitting hardship, both personal and social. Taken one step further, literary naturalism laments humankind’s lot through its focus on characters that attempt to break free from their suffering, only to suffer more in the attempt. A naturalist author, in Pizer’s mind, “grounds his fiction […]

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder, abbreviated as BPD, is a personality disorder characterized by pervasive and persistently unstable emotions, self-image and interpersonal relationships. Due to the stated instability of emotions in victims of the disorder, the victims usually have an overly impulsive character. This makes the individual unable to have healthy interpersonal relationships and thus the person […]

Angelas Ashes Book

Introduction The novel Angela’s Ashes is written by Frank McCourt. The novel is so moving to an extent that it makes the person who reads it experience sad moments on the author’s life during his childhood. The author tries to create a picture on how poverty encountered his family during his childhood. He also tells […]

Group Dynamics: Characteristic Behaviors of the Group within the Campus

Introduction Group dynamics is the study of the characteristic behaviors of a group of people. This study is relevant to psychological, sociological, and communication fields that are also socially related to each other. One of the general characteristics of groups is that the members develop norms, roles, specific relations and developments and behavioral changes. Organizational […]

Subculture Theories

Introduction Subcultures usually emerge when persons in similar situations begin to feel that have been neglected by their mainstream societies (McShane, & Williams, 2010). It normally exists in the larger society and its members are not very similar to the dominant culture. Hebdige’s Subculture Theory According to Hebdige, subcultures develop as a response to the […]

Culture Influence Personality

Introduction I am an Indonesian and ever since I was young my family has strictly embraced and followed the indigenous culture and stressed on the importance of following it. We believe that the way we act, dress and speak in public can both show and help us build and develop our personality. However, ever since […]

Culture Influence on personal Identity

Introduction Culture or the way of life is attributed to the personality of an individual and makes them who they really are. Self awareness emphasizes the significance of an individual to exist and is attributed to social views and practices. It defines individual characteristics and contributes to the diversity of people in the world and […]

Comparisons between “Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award” and “King Abdul-Aziz Quality Award (KAQA)

The Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award The Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award was established way back in 1987 by the US Congress. The main rationale for starting this award program was to create a platform through which US organizations could be recognized based on their achievements in the corporate sector and service delivery (Brown 89). In addition, […]

History of Native Americans in Mississippi

Introduction According to Haynes, the territory of Mississippi was created by congress in 1798 when United States was still classified as a young nation[1]. President John Adams, who was the president at the moment, had tossed the country into war with France, which was undergoing revolution at the moment. In 1790s, there was a western […]

Contract Negotiation in Economy and Society

Introduction Negotiation of contracts forms the basis of different individuals performing a particular task together, regardless of their cultural, political, economical, or religious backgrounds. Two or more individuals, countries come together and discuss about how they can work together for the achievement of a common goal, and for the welfare of all of them. Contracts […]

Organized Crime – John Gotti’s Analyze

Introduction John Gotti was born on October 27, 1940. Until his death while serving a prison sentence, he was the godfather of the powerful crime gang family; the Gambino family. He was dubbed “The Teflon Don”, because of his ingenuity in tricking America’s law enforcers and beating prosecutors in watertight cases. He had a dominant […]

‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal

There has been an outcry over the banning of gays from openly serving in the United States’ military. The Obama administration in particular has contributed greatly to the repeal of the policy. This has however met a lot of resistance particularly from the reservists. Most American service members support the lifting of the ban. The […]

The 18th Century Children’s Clothing in England

Introduction Eighteenth century is very significant in England history as it marked the evolution of various issues. Particularly, it marked the evolution of children clothing. Initially, children were not taken as such but as inferior beings compared to grown up men and women. People maintained that they acted without reasoning and since they also lacked […]

Routine Activities Theory

Elements of the Theory According to the Routine Activities Theory, people make decisions basing on how advantageous the decisions will be to them and at the same time minimize the disadvantages. According to the theory, crime usually occur when certain conditions are prevalent, that is, when there is an offender who is motivated, a target […]

The Fat Tax Concept

Introduction Obesity is becoming increasingly a major issue in the U.S. thereby necessitating a swift intervention by the government to bring the menace within controls. This paper will apply certain microeconomic concepts in conjunction with a cost-benefit system to investigate the impact of fat tax. The concept relevant to this theme involves, the rational and […]

Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study

Starting a business involves coming up with an idea of a venture that can be beneficial to parties involved. It is taking a well-calculated risk. After having the business idea, the next stage is establishing an appropriate location, finally taking the bold step of starting up. It is not dependent to the level of education […]

Reflective Essay on Communication

Introduction Communication can be as basic as a birdcall at dawn, or as complicated as making a satellite phone call that crosses continents. Communication takes on many different forms; the most commonly applied media of communication between two people is speech. However, people communicate by use of gestures, facial expressions, the written word, images, or […]

Business Communication Trends

Communication is a prerequisite for organizational success. If communication in an organization has mistakes, the organization could suffer substantial losses due to wastage of valuable resources such as time, goodwill, employee efforts etcetera. Business communication is among the most dynamic forms of communication due to the mere fact that businesses are aimed at profit maximization, […]

Millenium Development Goals

Over many years, many people have not valued education especially the uneducated parents most of who are in the developing countries with Africa being the most affected. As the cost of living is drastically increasing, education is becoming more and more essential in enabling one to live a more comfortable life through provision of employment […]

Sleep Improves Memory

Human memory is one of the most interesting functions of the human brain. It has been a subject of scientific study for a long time and the resulting findings shed new light on how human memory works. The new finding makes an interesting topic especially to students studying the current trends in psychology. One of […]

Linear Regression of Job Satisfaction

Linear regression plots a line between our data that minimizes the least squared difference between the data points and the regression line (Wooldridge 2009). This model allows us to generate estimates of the magnitude of impact of a one-unit increase in our independent variable on our dependent variable on average in the population of interest […]

Consumer Protection with Regard to the Ethics Code

As psychology has developed, the efforts to provide consumer protection have promoted the establishment of specific rules, principles, and standards. In particular, the present set of standards and ethical issues has created the ground for analyzing the difference between consumer protections in such settings as assessment/testing and therapy/counseling. These settings undertaken by psychologists have certain […]

Sugar Plum Bakery

Introduction Sugar Plum Bakery (SPB) is a bakery retail business established in Camarillo, California and targets regular and loyal customer with a passion for baked products. The company’s commitments are to provide delicious nut-free baked goods using high-quality ingredients at a reasonable cost to the consumer. The company’s management has also evaluated and taken into […]

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Introduction The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was enacted into law in 2002 to respond to the various financial scandals that were taking place in the for-profit corporate sector of the United States. The act was meant to address the abuse of finances and accounting standards by companies such as Adelphia, Enron and WorldCom where the […]

Federal Reserve and the Role of Money in It

Introduction Since the historical times, the concept of money has been there, with the only notable differences being in terms of form. Generally, money can be viewed as any object that serves as a means of payment for the receipt of goods or services within a nation. Money can take two distinctive forms: commodity money […]

The Euro and the Reform in the Euro-zone

Introduction The Euro-zone refers to the “monetary and economic union” (Jovanovic 23) that is made up seventeen European countries. The union was formed to facilitate faster economic growth and to ensure economic stability among the member countries. Due to the dynamics of the political and economic environment in the region, the Euro-zone is currently facing […]

United States Foreign Policy

Introduction Several countries today have established legal frameworks that determine how they relate with other nations. The United States of America has a comprehensive foreign policy which governs its relationship with other countries. “Since independence, the economy of U.S. has been flourishing and it is today one of the most developed countries in the world” […]

Audience Analysis

Communication should be given vital consideration when it comes to delivering a speech in a meeting. One should be able to contain the audience throughout the session. The characteristics of the audience are important and therefore whoever is address it should first put this into consideration before proceeding. The speaker has to make use of […]

The Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney was established in 1816. The garden became Australia’s scientific institution when Charles Fraser was appointed the garden’s botanist in 1817. In 1830, the gardens were expanded when a sea wall was constructed. The gardens were then opened to the public in 1831. The many different sections of the gardens […]

A Comparison of Organized Crime around the World

You here of human trafficking, drug trafficking, gambling, forced prostitution, fire arm dealings just to mention but a few. This is all the handy work of organized criminal groups. Organized criminal groups have spread through the world in the recent past. These groups have used different ways but mostly illegitimate ways to do business in […]

Thomas Jefferson’s Biography

Thomas Jefferson (13th April, 1743-4th July, 1826) was the third President of United States (1801-1809). He is largely believed to be the chief author of independence assertion. He envisioned America as a great place of liberty and not only was he a figure of renaissance, but also of enlightenment. He was fluent in more than […]

Tropical Rain Forests

Introduction Just for a moment, think about being in a calm forest with a beautiful setting around you. Imagine trees everywhere surrounding you and sounds of bird in the background, accumulating to create the perfect calm atmosphere of the tropical rain forest. Tropical rain forest has become a fundamental ecosystem therefore this paper seeks to […]

Comparison of Theories of Addiction: The Biological Model and the Genetic Model

Introduction Addiction is one of the most difficult phenomena to investigate: first, it deals with a number of psychological substances which are not easy to define and comprehend, and second, human dependency is regarded as the main factor of addiction that is hard to control. The researchers find it necessary to use several theories or […]

Protagonists in Literature

Introduction In many stories the protagonists see themselves differently from the way other people in the story see them. To elaborate this statement we will focus on two stories; the story of an hour by Kate Chopin and the stolen party by Liliana Hecker. In both of these stories the aspect of the protagonist seeing […]

Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen

Summary Moon. The story of Moon starts with the description of a girl’s affection to two blond twins who managed to humiliate her in the most violent way. This was a Chinese-American fat girl who took a revenge on those boys and provoked the car accident so that boys died. The relationships with parents and […]

Three advantages of regulatory oversight for Gardasil to the health care provider

Acts as a good source of financial returns to health care providers The idea of Gardasil reveals importance of information and data sharing amongst regulatory authorities. There is higher percentage of individuals going for the vaccine; mothers encourage their daughters to go for the vaccine in order to escape the possibility of developing cervical cancer […]

Fashion and individual identity

Introduction Fashion came about due to the desire by some people to be unique. In their quest to be unique, they wore clothes and used things that appealed other people, who then went ahead to get their own. However, fashion grew to become a frivolously motivated and constantly changing trend. Contemporary fashion has dealt with […]

Father-son relationship In The Odyssey by Homer

Introduction In Homer’s most famous epic poem, “The Odyssey” there is certain facts that are obvious to the reader about the nature of a father –son relationship. For instance, that the structure and the organization of the Greeks was patriarchal (Caldwell 40). The men were highly respected especially those that were strong and courageous. Their […]

Hanging in Fragile Balance: The Harmony of Beauty and Ornament

One of the most incredible pieces of the XV Century architecture, Ospedale Vault by Filippo Bruneschelli is a specimen of artwork which can challenge Alberti’s theory of the interconnection between beauty and ornament. Due to its peculiar structure and the specific elements of décor used by the famous architect, the work represents link between the […]

Homage to My Hips

The author described a part of her body. At first, it seems that this is the primary purpose of the whole poem. However, a quick review of the said poem will instantly reveal that she is referring to something else. Her hips are a symbol of her strength and attributes. She used her hips to […]

Professionalism and ethics

Professionalism and ethics are key factors in a job setting. These two aspects work hand in hand. Engineering is no different case. Ethics seeks to evaluate deeply on moral aspects. It entails the practices that the staff carries out in an establishment. It incorporates; good value, code of conduct, moral value, principles and virtues. The […]

The Final Solution

Introduction Toward the end of the eighteenth century the Jews in German were well established. The Jews knew much about the German culture and had made it part of their lives. The Jews and Germans coexisted peacefully until Adolf Hitler became the German leader. In early nineteenth century a very bad incident took place in […]

Critical Thinking in Problem Solving

Description of the first problem The first problem situation is about the use of cell phone while driving. The use of cell phone while behind the wheel has proved to very catastrophic to road users. The habit has led to the death of many people. The common practice disorients the attention of the driver and […]

Autobiography of Malcolm X

Introduction Written by Alex Haley, a journalist by profession, The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a description of Malcolm’s life in a country dominated with racial discrimination, poverty, abuse of drugs, and crime. Haley uses Malcolm as the persona to bring out the themes of racial discrimination, poverty, and crime in the story. When Malcolm […]

Main Problems for Working Poor

Introduction Barbara Ehrenreich, the author of the book Nickel and Dimed, focuses on the lifestyle of low-income earners in America coupled with the many problems they contend with daily. Ironically, America is among the world’s highly developed countries of all the times. Additionally, during independence, it declared equal working and living conditions on top of […]

Web Communication and Advertising

The development of online technologies has transformed marketing strategies of many companies; in fact, nowadays it is difficult to find a product that is not advertised via Internet. However, many organizations still underestimate the benefits offered by the World Wide Web. This paper aims to develop an Internet marketing strategy for such a product as […]

Character Analysis of Connie in “Where are you going, Where have you been?”

Introduction The story under consideration “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates shows an average teenager in the 60s. He/she wishes for independence, which comes real via undesired and unexpected consequences. Connie is a fifteen-year-old girl who is searching for freedom from her parents via a thirty-year-old Arnold Friend who […]

Materials for Interiors: Wood

Hardwood Wood is the oldest construction material known to humanity. Before man had made advances enabling him to use brick and mortar, wood presented the viable stating place because of its relative abundance and ease of working. Almost all cultures have a history of working with wood for various applications. In ancient times, the Chinese […]

Resource Allocation

Introduction The rapid globalisation rate facing the world has led to increased competition in most of the resources used in the running of business organisations. It is because of this that the subject of resource allocation is of great importance to all business enterprises. The limitation in the supply of most resources while their demand […]

Leadership traits

Leadership is a role which many associate with one person being the leader. It involves an individual taking up the responsibility of being the head of certain activities in various areas. For example, in an organization, a leader is perceived as one who is in charge of setting directions and ensuring the directions are followed […]

Hospital Corporation of America Mission

The name of the organization is ‘Hospital Corporation of America’, which is abbreviated as HCA. This name comes from the organization’s vast investments. It is apparent that the corporation owns and operates numerous hospitals. Thus, it covers a large national market share. Evidently, the name of the organization is straightforward; thus, individuals can easily understand […]

Goals and Objectives

Introduction The terms goals and objectives have been used interchangeably as though to imply they are synonymous. Although the line that distinguishes these two is very thin, there is a difference between these two concepts. This discussion focuses on the differences between goals and objectives and why each of them is important to an organization. […]

Concept and Types of the Computer Networks

Introduction `A network is a system linking a group of people or things by maintaining a continuous contact between them sufficiently. In the information technology, a net work is created when two or more computers are interconnected by configuring them into a common communication system. According to Tamara (4), computer networks can either be private […]

Positive Impact of Islamic Art on Society

History of Islamic Art takes its roots in the seventh century and encompasses all types of visual art produced by people who inhabited culturally Islamic territories. Though Islamic art long stayed remarkably loyal to spiritual and religious traditions, it can still be perceived as sophisticated mixture of Arab, Turkish, Persian, and even Roman and Byzantine […]

Drinking and driving

Introduction Driving while drunk is collectively known as impaired driving where one drives when under alcohol or any other drug influence. In some countries such as Canada, drinking and driving is an offence and one could be jailed for although cancelling of driving licenses and fines are the most used punishments for such offences. Driving […]

Racial and Ethnic Groups

American Indians are the native inhabitants of America. They lived in the United States many years before its colonization. Their peaceful existence was interrupted by the coming of the Europeans who forced them to leave their land. Some fought the intruders while others decided to cooperate with the Europeans. Since then the American Indians faced […]

BP Oil Spill and Its Effects

The BP oil spill, also referred to as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the worst oil spill in history that took place in the Gulf of Mexico for about ninety days in 2010 and its effects are still being felt even after the release of oil into the environment was stopped. Whereas there are […]

Economic and Political Issues in the Global Expansion

Economic Issues The economic issues that the company is likely to encounter in its global expansion are stiff competition especially on prices, seasonality issues, and high capital requirement. This calls for different strategies of entry into the market. In general, the goal is to seek mixed strategic alliance. The best option would be a strategic […]