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EKEN Power Bands

Considering the international relations from the trading position, we have chosen the idea of confronting of the Australian market and the American market with the purpose to help Australian EKEN Power Bands brand expend at [...]

The French Revolution

The American Revolution: In 1775-1783, America experienced a revolution and the government of France sent its troops and navy to help the rebelling colonists. This consequently led to the rise of hunger and high prices [...]


The goal in this case will set the agenda for the training events, and will help the company in deciding the topics that should be covered by the training event, and who will carry out [...]

Nordstrom’s Success

Nordstrom is a full-service specialty store and electronic retailer, which relies on personnel and presentation aspects of the retailing marketing mix and has everything to meet the rising demands of fashion customers.

Art Appreciation

The paintings identified for this analysis are the Madonna and Child in Glory by Jacopa di Cione in the period between 1360 and 1365, and the Adoration of the Shepherds by Giovanni Agostino da Lori [...]