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Need for Good Leadership in Organizations Essay

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Updated: Aug 20th, 2019

When Leadership has Impact

Good leadership determines an organization’s stability when the storm hits. Besides, good leadership increases productivity in an organization (Bartel 71). Employees feel at ease to offer their skills and this maximizes their performance. Managers also have an easy time running companies that have good leadership styles. However, successful leadership does not seem automatically. Executives must adopt new interpersonal and administration styles to succeed in the swiftly changing environment.

Successful leaders are never rigid. They are always ready to allow flexibility when faced with scenarios that need different style of leadership. Some approaches applied by these leaders include leading from the front, taking keen interest on new factors, empowering employees approaching risky situations boldly (Ahmed 73). These approaches allow leaders to succeed in any situation.

Some personalities that have had successful leadership include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jack Stahl. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft uses a participating style of leadership. This has enabled Microsoft to compete successfully with a popular brand like Windows.

Gates empowered his staff to innovate new products and processes because he had faith in the strength of innovation (Nayab par. 10).He designed the company as a podium for employees to develop their capabilities. Gates founded and supported a system that made sure placement of information was correct, since he understood the power of empowerment. This made people to make plans according to what was necessary.

Besides, he formed a digital platform, which linked technology, people and processes. This made distribution of information way easier. Generally, innovations by Gates fastened the process of responding to the rapidly transforming environment.

Steve Jobs is another leader who experienced much success at Apple. Steve used an autocratic form of leadership. Steve, unlike Gates, eliminated inept staff quite often (Nayab par. 15). Consequently, Windows is now a household product, while Apple Macintosh is dying, although it first had a lead over Windows (Nayab par. 15). The only product that has made Apple to enjoy success up to date is the I-Phone and related products that are yet to face challenge in the market.

One more leader who has had success in leadership is Jack Stahl. Stahl acted as an executive in Revlon from 2002 to 2006 and as the President of Coca-Cola from 1978 to 2000 (Nayab par. 2). Stahl is a leader who exploits situations to his advantage.

When Stahl was new in his profession, Ivester who was his mentor asked him to design a pamphlet for Coa-Cola’s public offer. Stahl assigned someone to complete the work for him without any oversights, but Ivester asked for a draft before the design was complete (Nayab par. 3).

Therefore, Ivester worked all night with Stahl to meet the deadline of the task, and after working with Ivester, Stahl learnt the secret of focusing on details in addition to having a high degree of oversight. From that time, Stahl trains his subordinates to pay attention to details as an efficient option to micro management to manage Coca Cola’s activities in the world.

The Future of Leadership

The future of leadership lies in network distribution (Hamel 252). The aim of an organization will be to make excellent leadership networks that can join, or separate in reaction to various challenges. These systems will contain persons with diverse specialties and from different geographical backgrounds.

Also, organizations will make use of leadership programs so that people can realize that leadership does not involve job roles, but processes that take place among a net work of persons. Such processes entail clarifying rules, forming alignment and getting stakeholders’ commitment.

In addition, systems for creative development will have to augment the amount of ideas that they assemble through traversing the limits of leadership development society and joining with other partakers to come up with transformative solutions. Meetings that make leadership development persons to meet will resign to virtual networks, which link different groups like customers and suppliers, who have a stake in the process.

The great advancement for leadership transformation will be social networking systems that incessantly create new practices that will undergo entire distribution in the network, and not the fashioned processes. Young people are at ease with using social networking as a mode of linking with others and this denotes that they will easily embrace the idea of distributing leadership through a network.

This form of leadership will affect me directly because it means I will have to look for more creative ways to communicate to my subordinates across a network. For instance, when I need to communicate to my employees about a new product, I may not necessarily have to face them directly.

Rather, I may just send them directions aligned with the goals of production through a net work. I will also ask them to seek for clarification through the same network. This way, I will be able to communicate to a vast number of employees across the region while at the same time, leaving a room for creative action. The aim of this process will also be to strengthen employees through a participatory approach.

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