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Movie TED Review Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Oct 2nd, 2019

TED is a fantasy comedy movie produced in the year 212 in the United States of America. Seth MacFarlane was the film’s co-writer, co-producer and director. Macfarlane also played the starring role together with Mila Kunis and Mark Walhbergs in the movie. Giovanni Ribis and Joe McHale played the role of the supporting cast.

This movie is MacFarlane’s feature-length directional first appearance (Fleming 1), and its production was carried out by “Media Rights Capital” and distribution was undertaken by “Universal pictures”. The release of the movie was done on the 29th day of June in the year 2012, to commercial and crucial success, turning out to be the year’s 12th greatest-grossing movie and the “highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time” (Smith 1).

This movie as well obtained an “Academy award nomination for Best Original Song” (Smith 1). I think Ted movie may not have much to offer in regard to sensitivity and subtleness, but it brings a lot of laughs

In this movie, we find John Bennett who is a lonely boy and desires that his teddy bear he calls Ted, would come to life so that it becomes his best companion. This desire is fulfilled at the point when, during one night, a star falls and the teddy bear turns out to be completely alive.

The freshly living toy briefly turns out to be a small superstar, but does not lose track of their companionship with John. Two decades later, in the year 2012, John and Ted remain to be staunch friends, taking joy in a pleasure-seeking life, even if John was establishing a close relationship with Lori Collins, a worker in the office. Lori is willing to marry John but her worries is that this might not be possible, having Ted around.

John does not plan to drive Ted out. However, in the moment when Ted comes home with four prostitutes, John is ready to take a step upon his decision to help Ted move out. A short time thereafter, John finds an apartment for Ted who gets a job in a grocery store. On his new job position, Ted displays irresponsible and appalling conduct, which assists him to earn promotion and get acquainted with his fellow worker, Tami-Lynn.

John and Ted still engage in spending much time together and this does not go well with Lori when she comes to find out that John has been occasionally not going to work in order to spend time with Ted. The events that followed led to the destruction of the relationship between Lori and John but the two settled things afterwards.

Ted eventually dies in an accident. Lori and John are not willing to accept this death and they seek to repair Ted. During that night, Lori engages in making a wish on the falling start. In the following morning, Ted magically comes back to life and John and Lori makes reconciliation with Ted. The couple is encouraged by Ted to restore their relationship and having resolved this, Lori and John now get married and Ted eventually agrees to have a life of his own.

It might be an exaggeration to present claims that the movie Ted is an ironic explanation of the western male culture’s infantilised state. This is for the reason that the movie is, as Peter Bradshaw points out, “not so much a satire as a cheerfully and un-ironically supportive celebration” (Bradshaw 1).

This movie could be read “as some sort of M Night Shyamalan-type mystery, or wish-fulfilment tale of males somehow finding a way to let their id cathartically speak out, loud and proud – though here again we are straying into Gibson/Beaver territory” (Bradshaw 1).

In the actual sense, this film is possibly another case of the reminiscence to which the screen comedians may be vulnerable: the reminiscence for either the former or current student days when one was messing around, engaging in talking about having enjoyment and watching dim-witted shows on television – the good-humoured environment from which the noxious grave vocation of comedy initially came up (Bradshaw 1).

In this film, MacFarlane incorporates a critical orientation to Jack and Jill, an atrocious comedy of Adam Sandler. The poster portraying Ted and John at urinals is similar to that of the 1999 Big Daddy comedy of Sandler foster-father, and of course, as Peter Bradshaw points out, “the knowing, goof-off mood is reminiscent of Judd Apatow’s interesting film ‘Funny People’, about the emotionally paralyzed life of a madly successful Hollywood comedian” (Bradshaw 1).

I think Teddy is a very funny film and is an enjoyable one. For instance, watching the bizarre exchange between Ted and John regarding the topic of “white-trash names” as well as their eventual fall-out and the resultant brutal and lengthy fighting within the hotel room is very enjoyable occurrence (“Priceless comedy” 1).

This movie may be dismissed by some people with a claim that ‘comedy is quite subjective’, which is a statement, presented by analysts to imply that this is totally and “objectively unfunny but I am not far too wearily mature to argue about it” (Bradshaw 1). In my personal opinion, comedy can be subjective, however, no more so as compared to anything else. The Ted movie does not have much to offer in regard to sensitivity as well as subtleness, but it brings a lot of laughs.

In Ted movie, there is throwing in of some excellent action scenes and all the characters in the film have this laid back technique which makes the movie to feel a bit more natural. Ted is seen to be clearly the star in the film, even if his selfish lifestyle was destroying John’s, his best friend, love with Lori. The character of John was played by mark Walhbergs and this character has to have been a fresh approach for this actor (“Priceless comedy” 1).

Mark Walhbergs is usually playing roles that are more serious, but in this film, it is quite wonderful to how excellent this actor can actually engage in dumping himself down. On the other hand, the character of Lori Collins is played by Mila Kunis and she does this effortless. Mila is known to be a beautiful actress (“Priceless comedy” 1).

Animations were used in Ted to portray particular characters. For instance, the character of Ted was produced by the creation of MacFarlane’s actions “wearing a motion capture suit” (Amidi 1). Basing on an interview conducted with Jenny Fulle, the producer of visual effects, he points out that they actually put focus on the motion capture from MacFarlane’s waist-up, for the reason that he has much mannerisms “with his hands and he rocks back and forth and moves backwards and forwards and stuff like that” (Amidi 1).

The producer reports that what they would also do was to “keep a high definition camera on his face” (Amidi 1). By doing this, they could as well be able to capture the visual actions on his eyebrows and other actions on the face. However, according to Jonathan Lyons, one of the film’s animators; not only did the entire facial animation “key-framed” but a large number of physical performance was key-framed as well.

According to analysts, the Ted movie greatly succeeds on the film’s animation that helps in serving the story’s needs very well. Amidi Amid points out that as on one hand motion capture was certainly a part and parcel of toolset of the filmmaker, it is quite apparent that there was key-framing of a large animation’s part – a similar type of animation which can be seen in the DreamWorks as well as Pixar films (Amidi 1).

The motion picture will go on receiving uneven level of media coverage for a simple reason that it is more appealing to portray a performer jump about in “a fancy suit than it is a sullen animator sitting behind a monitor” (Amidi 1). Eventually, however, such attractive and appealing for audience movies as Ted are created first of all with the help of traditional “character animators”.

There was extending of design in Ted movie from production to costuming. Debra McGuire, the costumer of the film, point out that when producing a story which is quite funny, vulgar, and out there, the most remarkable thing to do is to maintain the characters in the movie grounded in reality.

This costumer points out that MacFarlane had fondness for “Freaks and Geeks” that was generally based on realty. Therefore he had awareness that the designers would achieve this with Ted movie. Considering a character like John in the movie, even if he is not a spine-chilling dresser, he is still able to sport a distinctive appearance.

He is described as being a complicated person (Sondergaard 1). On the other hand, the sense of style that Lori has is informed by the manner in which she dressed as well as the way the decoration and designing of the apartment they share with John has been carried out (Sondergaard 1).

Ted is a movie that movie may not have much to give in regard to subtleness and sensitivity, but it brings much laughs. This movie is a comedy which was produced in the United States of America by MacFarlane in the year 2012. It has been found out that, in this film, John Bennett had desires that his teddy bear he calls Ted, would come to life so that it becomes his best companion and his desire comes to be realized when Ted gets life and they become friends.

At some point, Ted becomes an obstacle to the relationship between John and his girlfriend but things are later sorted out. In Ted movie, there is throwing in of some exceptional action scenes and all the characters in the film have this laid back technique which makes the movie to feel a bit more natural.

This movie is not actually for children as it deals with issues that affect adult people. There is excellent use of animations in the movie, which makes it more interesting. Moreover, there was extending of design in Ted movie from production to costuming, to ensure the movie achieves the objectives for which it is produced.

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