No Game, No Gain: How Playing Video Games Makes You Smarter

People associate video games with laziness and escapism. Parents often worry that video games will make their children less intelligent. Couples have even broken up when one of them has chosen to spend all of their free time with a joystick. But, in fact, when used properly, video games can make us not only smarter but also happier.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Reading Shakespeare and solving algebra problems are praiseworthy activities. But if books and video games had to compete, the latter would come out the winner. With all due respect to the classics, video games have more in common with our current reality. They simulate life’s challenges better than we might expect.

How to Beat the Monday Blues [Ultimate Guide + Infographic]

If a Monday morning reminds you of a cup of fresh coffee, your weekly planner, and inspirational thoughts of productivity, you are a unique person. Unfortunately, the Monday blues are so wide-spread that they have become a cultural phenomenon.

If you feel depressed, annoyed, overwhelmed, sluggish, and tense at the beginning of a working week, you are probably dealing with a case of the Monday blues. Monday is the first day of the working week worldwide, except for the GCC countries, where people go to work on Sunday, or even Saturday, in some instances. For most of us, though, this familiar lethargic feeling happens to us on Monday.

LinkedIn for Students: How to Use It Right [Tips & Examples]

As an undergraduate in the US, you must have heard of LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows users to manage career opportunities, network, and demonstrate personal accomplishments. Through the platform, a person can find a job, explore a particular industry, and reach out to potential employers.

The point is, every student has heard about LinkedIn at least once. US colleges and universities promote LinkedIn as an important professional social platform. However, for some reason, not everyone uses it.

How to Get Along With Your Roommate in College

Imagine if a complete stranger moved into your house. You would have to adapt to many changes, like sleeping in the same room, cooking in the same kitchen, and using the same bathroom. What if that stranger argued with you, or took some of your things without asking? That would be quite an unpleasant experience, wouldn’t it? Now, pause for a moment and consider that you will be a complete stranger to your future roommate. It’s always a good idea to see things from someone else’s perspective, especially if you have to coexist peacefully with that person for the entire school year.

Money Saving Tips for College Students [2020]

Attending college isn’t the same as going to school. For starters, courses are more engaging and often considerably harder to understand. Assignments and requirements can be overwhelming, especially when finals are just around the corner. However, all of this is a piece of cake compared to the difficulties college students often have with money.

If you don’t want to bother your parents every month, you’ll have to learn how to manage your cash. You may be familiar with buying groceries and clothes already, but what about paying bills? Or renting furniture or buying study materials?

How to Choose a Major? Tips, Steps & Mistakes to Avoid [+Infographic]

Choosing a major is one of those things that can make or break student’s whole career.

There’s a crazy number of things to consider. If for some reason, you’ve made the wrong choice, it might take some time to fix this mistake.

But don’t be afraid!

Because today you’re about to find out how to choose a major properly and not waste any time, because it’s the most valuable resource you have.

This post contains information based on our own experience, as we’ve all been students. We also asked Ivypanda experts to share some tips of their own.

Ways to Eat Healthy When You Are an Extremely Busy Student

Are you trying to balance studies, a part-time job, a social life, self-development, and eating healthy while at college? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Don’t worry. We have prepared an awesome and comprehensive list of superfoods that are healthy AND will help boost your brain activity! They will nourish your body and soul and are delicious as well.

We have divided this article up by nutrients, with short explanations as to why they are the best brain foods for studying. You can also find tips on how to choose the best drinks and snacks when you are on your next grocery run.

There is a bonus for students as well – a meal plan designed to boost your brain power and memory!

History Thesis Topics: List of 57 Outstanding Ideas

Unless you plan to go for a Ph.D. in history, a thesis will be the most significant academic writing of your life. It shows your in-depth knowledge of a subject, your ability to think logically, creatively, and originally. Besides, it’s a great way to demonstrate how good your writing is.

But finding an appropriate title for your thesis is a challenging task. You may feel unsure about any idea until you see the rest of them. So, what can help you?

A history thesis topics list, of course. In this article, you’ll consider a wide variety of ideas about historical events and figures. There are some tips on picking the right one for you. With a little explanation of the basics, you’ll differentiate the Bachelor’s thesis from the Master’s one in a second.

ADHD 101: A Definitive Guide for Students [+Tools & Resources]

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has become one of the most common conditions in the world. It appears in children, teens, and adults. Usually diagnosed in early childhood, the disorder often continues into adulthood.

Even though there’s been plenty of research, scientists are still unable to name the specific causes of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). There is currently no cure.

What we do have however, is a means of recognizing the condition and ways of dealing with it. That’s what we want to share with you today.

At IvyPanda, we have put together the most crucial pieces of information about ADD to create a definitive guide. It’s divided into five sections that outline key ADHD issues, offer some useful study tips, provide tools and resources for students, and recommend where to get help.

Let’s get started!

How to Survive When You Study Away from Home?

Many students decide to study away from home. However, the last thing they consider is that they may feel homesick.

So, what is homesickness? Homesickness is a feeling of anxiety caused by separation from your family, friends, and home.

Whether you undertake your studies in a foreign country or just a few miles away from your city, you still can be affected.

In the infographic below, you will find the symptoms of homesickness; learn how to deal with them, and tips on what you should avoid when feeling homesick.

Going to College as an Older Student

Did you start a college course and not finish? Or did a gap year last a little too long? There are numerous reasons for postponing graduation. Health, family issues or financial problems could’ve prevented you from starting, or finishing, a college degree.

Regardless, now you’re thinking of getting that degree. This handy guide will assist you.

25 Simple Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Students

The life of today’s students can feel quite chaotic and even a bit overwhelming at times.

Having to balance studies with a personal life and the need to pay attention to healthy eating, staying fit, and productivity can put a little too much pressure on a person.

No wonder students often struggle with maintaining a proper healthy lifestyle and end up facing burnout, illnesses, and other health conditions.

Studying with Narcolepsy: 15 Tips for Successful Learning

Struggle focusing on your studies? Fall asleep in the middle of the class? Feel tired and weak without any physical activity? Can’t prevent your mind from wandering off every 5 minutes? Maybe it’s not your fault, maybe you are suffering from narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a rare chronic neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to control sleep-wake cycles.

Study Stress Infographic—15 Things You Need to Know

Stress is a feeling of pressure and strain. Stress in small amounts can be beneficial and improve someone’s cognitive and physical performance but too much stress can be harmful.

Students are among those who are likely to experience too much stress, especially those who just finished high school and are about to get into college or university.

150 English Grammar Pages: Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram

You well know that productive studying and social networks are like archenemies to each other. You can only do one at any given time.

You usually start with studying, let’s say, English grammar, but suddenly find yourself scrolling your Facebook feed or browsing subreddits.

We know how that works.

But what if we told you there’s a way to combine the two and bring peace to the rivalry?

27 Public Speaking Anxiety Tips [+ Bonus: Online Courses]

Many of us struggle with the signs of nervousness while standing on the stage—sweatiness, stammer, sickness… Some can’t even pronounce a word!

All these symptoms are super uncomfortable and, what is more significant, can ruin your presentation at work or university.

From this detailed guide, you’ll learn what public speaking tips help to overcome speech anxiety.