124 Economics Thesis Topics: Ideas for Outstanding Writing

124 Economics Thesis Topics: Ideas for Outstanding Writing

Writing a thesis is not always an easy task. For most of the students, it can be even intimidating. Especially when you do not know where to start.

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Everyone knows that choosing the right topic is crucial when writing a thesis. In economics, it can combine history, math, social studies, politics, and many more subjects. You should also have solid foundations and a sound factual basis for the thesis in economics. Without it, you won’t be able even to select a topic that gets you an A.

The issue is:

It is not always clear what could be seen as an excellent economic thesis topic. We can assist you with this challenge. This list contains some outstanding ideas to get you started.

⭐ What Does a Thesis in Economics Look Like?

A good thesis in economics is a blend between an empirical paper and a theoretical one. One of the essential steps in choosing a topic in economics is to decide which one you will write.

You may write, research, analyze statistical data and other information. Or build and study a specific economic model.

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Or why not both!

Here are some questions you can ask when deciding what topic to choose:

  1. What has already been written on this topic?
  2. What economic variables will my paper study?
  3. Where should I look for the data?
  4. What econometrics techniques should I use?
  5. What type of model will I study?

The best way to understand what type of research you have to do is to write a thesis proposal. You will most probably be required to submit it anyway. Your thesis supervisor will examine your ideas, methods, list of secondary and primary sources. At some universities, the proposal will be graded.

Master’s thesis and Bachelor’s thesis have three main differences.

After you get the initial feedback, you will have a clear idea of what to adjust before writing your thesis. Only then, you’ll be able to start.

👍 Economics Bachelor’s Thesis Topics

At the U.S. Universities, an undergraduate thesis is very uncommon. However, it depends on the Department Policy.

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The biggest challenge with the Bachelor’s Thesis in economics concerns its originality. Even though you are not required to conduct entirely unique research, you have to lack redundant ideas.

You can easily avoid making this mistake by simply choosing one of these topics. Also, consider visiting IvyPanda essays database. It’s a perfect palce to conduct a brainstorming session and come up with fresh ideas for a paper, as well as get tons of inspiration.

  1. The impact of the oil industry on the economic development of Nigeria. The oil industry is vital for the economic development of Nigeria. In this thesis, students can discuss the notion of the resource curse. Analyze the reasons why general people are not benefiting from the oil industry. Why did it produce very little change in the social and economic growth of the country?
  2. Sports Marketing and Advertising: the impact it has on the consumers.
  3. Economic Development in the Tourism Industry in Africa. Since the early 1990s, tourism significantly contributed to the economic growth of African countries. In this thesis, students can talk about the characteristics of the tourist sector in Africa. Or elaborate on specific countries and how their national development plans look like.
  4. The economics of alcohol abuse problems. In this thesis, students can develop several essential issues. First, they can examine how poverty is connected to alcohol abuse. Second, they can see the link between alcohol consumption and productivity. To sum up, students can elaborate on the economic costs of alcohol abuse.
  5. Causes and solutions for unemployment in Great Britain.
  6. Parallel perspective on Global Economic Order: China and America. This thesis can bring a comparative analysis of the economies to a new level. China and The US are the world’s two largest economies. These two countries have a significant impact on the global economic order. So, looking at the set of institutions, policies, rules can be constructive.
  7. The new international economic order after COVID-19
  8. Financial stability of the banking sector in China.
  9. New Electronic Payment Services in Russia.
  10. The connection between local culture and entrepreneurial behavior. Everyone knows that culture has a direct effect on the way people behave and interact. Students are encouraged to explore any of the following links:
    • The influence of culture on different entrepreneurial behaviors.
    • The impact of natural cultural practices on entrepreneurial activity.
    • The relationships between national culture and individual behavior.
  11. The main reasons for salary inequalities in different parts of the U.S.

😲 Economics Master’s Thesis Topics

Student life can be fascinating, but it comes with its challenges. One of which is selecting your Master’s thesis topic.

Here is a list of topics for a Master’s thesis in economics. Are you pursuing MPhil in Economics and writing a thesis? Use the following ideas as an inspiration for that. They can also be helpful if you are working on a Master’s thesis in financial economics.

  1. The impact of visual aid in teaching home economics.
  2. The effect of income changes in consumer behaviors in America.
  3. Forces behind socio-economic inequalities in the United States. This thesis can explore three critical factors for socio-economic differences in the United States. In the past 30 years, social disparities increased in the United States. Some of the main reasons are technology, trade, and institutions.
  4. The relationships between economic growth and international development.
  5. Technological innovations and their influence on green and environmental products.
Renewable energy is beneficial for various economic reasons.
Source: Irena.org
  1. The economic consequences of terrorism. Terrorism not only takes away lives and destroys property but also widely affects the economy. It creates uncertainty in the market, increases insurance claims, slows down investment projects, and tourism. This thesis can address all of the ways in which terrorism can affect economies.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation in the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa.
  3. Use of incentives in behavioral economics.
  4. Economics of nuclear power plants.
  5. Aid and financial help for emerging markets. This topic is very versatile. Students can look at both the positive and the adverse effects that funding has on the development. There are plenty of excellent examples. Besides, some theories call international help a form of neocolonialism.
  6. The effect of natural disasters on economic development in Asia.
  7. The influence of globalization on emerging markets and economic development.

📑 More Economics Thesis Topics: Theme

For some students, it makes more sense to center their search around a certain subject. Sometimes you have an econ area that interests you. You may have an idea about what you want to write, but you did not decide what it will be.

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If that’s the case with you, then these economics thesis topics ideas are for you.

📊 Microeconomics

  1. An analysis of the energy market in Russia.
  2. The impact of game theory on economic development.
  3. The connection between minimum wage and market equilibrium.
  4. Gender differences in the labor market in the United States. This topic can shed light on gender differences in the labor market in the United States. In the past years, the overall inequality in labor in the markets decreased. However, there is still a lot of work that can be done.
  5. Relationship between the Lorenz curve and the Gini coefficient.
  6. Challenges of small businesses in the market economy.
  7. The changes in oil prices: causes and solutions. Universal economic principles do not always apply to the sale and purchase of the oil. The same happens with its cost. In the thesis, talk about what affects the prices. What are the solutions that can be implemented?
  8. The economic analysis of the impact of immigration on the American economy.
Immigration has a little long-run effect on Americans’ wages.
Source: Budgetmodel.wharton.upenn.edu
  1. Economic inequality as a result of globalization. Economic inequality becomes even more apparent on the global level. There is a common belief that globalization is the cause of that. Discuss what can be the solutions to these problems. This topic is vital to minimize the gap between the rich and the poor.
  2. The connection between game theory and microeconomics.
  3. Marketing uses in microeconomics.
  4. Financial liability in human-made environmental disasters.

📈 Macroeconomics

  1. Banks and their role in the economy. Banks are crucial elements of any economy, and this topic covers why. You can explain how banks allow the goods and services to be exchanged. Talk about why banks are so essential for economic growth and stability.
  2. Inflation in the US and ways to reduce its impact.
  3. The connection between politics and economics.
  4. Income Dynamics and demographic economics.
  5. US Market Liquidity and macroeconomics.
  6. The importance of control in macroeconomics. One of the central topics in macroeconomics is grouped around the issue of control. It is quite reasonable that control over money and resources should become a topic of discussion.
  7. Analysis of Africa’s macroeconomics and its performance.
  8. Economics of education in developing markets.
  9. Public policies and socio-economic disparities.
  10. The world problems through macroeconomic analysis. Indeed, macroeconomics is very complicated. There are many influences, details, and intricacies in it. However, it allows economists to use this complex set of tools to examine the world’s leading problems today.
There are four main problems in macroeconomics.
  1. The connection between employment interest and money.

🤔 Development Economics

  1. Economics of development. This topic is very rich in content. First, explain what it is. Then pay particular attention to domestic and international policies that affect development, income distribution, and economic growth.
  2. The relation between development and incentive for migration.
  3. The impact of natural disasters on the economy and political stability of emerging markets.
  4. The economic consequences of population growth in developing countries.
  5. The role of industrialization in developing countries. The industrialization has been connected with the development. It promotes capital formation and catalyzes economic growth in emerging markets. In this thesis, you can talk about this correlation.
  6. Latin American economic development.
  7. Problems of tax and taxation in connection with economic growth.
  8. The economic impact of terrorism on developing markets.
  9. Religious decline as a key to economic development. Not everyone knows, but a lot of research has been done in the past years on the topic. It argues that decreased religious activity is connected with increased economic growth. This topic is quite controversial. Students who decide to write about it should be extra careful and polite.

👨‍💼 Behavioral Economics

  1. Risk Preferences in Rural South Africa.
  2. Applied behavioral economics in marketing strategies. If you want to focus your attention on marketing, this topic is for you. Behavioral economics provides a peculiar lens to look at marketing strategies. It allows marketers to identify common behaviors and adapt their marketing strategies.
  3. The impact of behavioral finance on investment decisions.
  4. Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs in North Texas.
  5. Guidelines for Behavioral Economics in Healthcare Sector.
  6. Cross-cultural consumer behavior and marketing communication. Consumers are not only affected by personal characteristics, but also by the culture they are living in. This topic focuses on the extent it should determine marketing strategy and communication.
  7. Behavior implications of wealth and inequality.
The richest population holds a huge portion of the national income.
Source: Insights.som.yale.edu
  1. Optimism and pessimism for future behavior.

💼 Financial Economics

  1. The use of the economic concept of human capital. Students can focus on the dichotomy between human and nonhuman capital. Many economists believe that human capital is the most crucial of all. Some approach this issue differently. Therefore, students should do their research and find where they stand on this issue.
  2. The analysis of the global financial crisis of 2020. Share your thoughts, predictions, ideas. Analyze the economic situation that affects almost everyone in the world. This thesis topic will be fresh and original. It can help to start a good and fruitful conversation.
  3. The big data economic challenges for Volvo car.
  4. The connection between finance, economics, and accounting.
  5. Risk-Taking by mutual funds as a response to incentives.
  6. Managerial economics and financial accounting as a basis for business decisions.
  7. Stock market overreaction.

🌱 Agricultural Economics

  1. Agricultural economics and agribusiness.
  2. The vulnerability of agricultural business in African countries.
  3. Farmer’s contribution to agricultural social capital.
  4. Agricultural and resource economics. Agricultural and resource economics plays a huge role in development. They are subdivided into four main characteristics which in this topic, students can talk about:
    – mineral and energy resources;
    – soil resources, water resources;
    – biological resources.
    One or even all of them can be a focus of the thesis.
  5. Water as an economic good in irrigated agriculture.
  6. Agriculture in the economic development of Iran.
  7. Pesticides usage on agricultural products in California.
The region of greatest pesticide use was San Joaquin Valley.
Source: Cdpr.ca.gov
  1. An analysis of economic efficiency in agriculture. A lot of research has been done on the question of economic efficiency in agriculture. However, it does not mean there is no place for your study. You have to read a lot of secondary sources to see where your arguments can fit.

🤝‍Economic Sociology

  1. Theory, approach, and method in economics sociology.
  2. Economic sociology of capitalism. While economists believe in the positive effect capitalism has on the economy, the social effect is quite different. The “economic” part of the issue has been studied a lot. However, the sociology of it has been not. This thesis can be very intriguing to read.
  3. Political Economy and Economic Sociology.
  4. Progress, sociology, and economics.
  5. Economic sociology as a way to understand the human mind.
  6. Economic sociology of money.
  7. Economics, sociology, and psychology of security.
  8. Major principles of economic sociology. In the past decade, economic sociology became an increasingly popular field. Mainly due to it giving a new view on economics, human mind, and behavior. Besides, it explores relationships between politics, law, culture, and gender.

📚 The List of Ph.D. Topics in Economics

If you decide to go to grad school to do your Masters, you will likely end up getting a Ph.D. as well. So, with this plan in mind, think about a field that interests you enough during your Masters. Working with the same topic for both graduate degrees is easier and more effective.

This list of Ph.D. Topics in Economics can help you identify the areas you can work on.

  1. Occupational injuries in Pakistan and its effect on the economy. Injuries are the leading cause of the global burden of disability. Globally, Pakistan was ranked 9th populated country with a large number of unskilled workers. In this dissertation, consider the link between occupational injuries and their effects on the economy.
  2. The study of the Philippines’ economic development.
The Philippine economy is projected to continue on its expansionary path.
Source: Worldbank.org
  1. Financial derivatives and climate change.
  2. Econometric Analysis of Financial Markets.
  3. Health economics and policy in the UK.
  4. Health insurance: rationale and economic justification. In this dissertation, students can find different ways to explain and justify health insurance. Starting to philosophical to purely economic grounds. In the past years, there was a lot of discussion regarding the healthcare system for all. What are some of the economic benefits of that?
  5. Colombian economy, economic growth, and inequality.
  6. Benefits of mergers and acquisitions in agribusiness.
  7. Methods to measure financial risks when investing in Africa.
  8. The significance of financial economics in understanding the relationship between a country’s GDP and NDP.
  9. Network effects in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are not new anymore. However, it is still an original subject for a dissertation. Students can decide to choose several crypto coins and evaluate the importance of the network effect. This effect is particularly significant for Bitcoin. Explain why.
  10. The comparison of the Chinese growth model with the American growth model.
  11. An economic justification versus political expediency.

📝 How to Select an Economics Thesis Topic

As your academic journey is coming to an end, it’s time to pick the right topic for your thesis. The whole academic life you were preparing to undertake this challenge.

Here is the list of six points that will help you to select an economics thesis topic:

  1. Make sure it is something you are genuinely interested in. It is incredibly challenging to write something engaging if you are not interested in the topic. So, choose wisely and chose what excites you.
  2. Draw inspiration from the previous student’s projects. A great place to start is by looking at what the previous students wrote. You can find some fresh ideas and a general direction.
  3. Ask your thesis advisor for his feedback. Most probably, your thesis advisor supervised many students before. They can be a great help too because they know how to assess papers. Before meeting with your professor, do some basic research, and understand what topic is about.
  4. Be original, but not too much. You do not want to spend your time writing about a project that many people wrote about. Your readers will not be interested in reading it, but your professors as well. However, make sure you do not pick anything too obscure. It will leave you with no secondary sources.
  5. Choose a narrow and specific topic. Not only will it allow you to be more original, but also to master a topic. When the issue is too broad, there is just too much information to cover in one thesis.
  6. Go interdisciplinary. If you find yourself interested in history, philosophy, or any other related topic, it can help you write an exceptional thesis in economics. Most of your peers may work on pure economics. Then, the interdisciplinary approach can help you to stand out among them.
Some universities ask their students to focus on topics from one discipline.

Thank you for reading the article to the end! We hope this list of economics thesis topics ideas could help you to gather your thoughts and get inspired. Share it with those who may find it useful. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

🔗 References

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