Funny Persuasive Essay Topics: 167 Writing & Speech Ideas

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics: 167 Writing & Speech Ideas

Each and one of us needs a little bit of laughter in their lives. In an academic world, writing a persuasive essay on a fun topic is one of the best ways to enjoy creating a paper. Elaborating on something fun, you can connect with your reader on a more personal level.

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If your reader or audience is having fun, it will be much easier to get their attention and impress them. This is the primary goal of a persuasive essay or a speech.

You may ask yourself:

“How do I write something funny?” Especially when every assignment you have done so far had to be formal and neutral.

We understand your concern, trust us. An entertaining and lively essay or speech is not something you write every day. That is why our team has created an ultimate list of funny persuasive writing topics. We have also included useful advice on how to find ideas. And check out our guide to making your speech or writing fun.

🧨 How to Find Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics

Try not to look only for persuasive topics that are funny. Search for the ones that aim to impress your audience. How do you choose the right one?

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Determine an engaging subject area

Choose something thought-provoking, so you and your audience can have fun discussing. It is an essential thing to start with.

Get some ideas

Use lists on the Internet or have an ideation session. After picking your subject, start brainstorming for ideas. Ask for help from your friends and family or look at our list of suggested amazing topics! Look at some essay samples, too. They can be a great source of inspiration and fresh ideas.

Consider what interests you in particular

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Find something that is going to be entertaining for the target audience and, most importantly, yourself. It is a significant advantage if the topic you are talking about is personally interesting to you.

Think whether you have anything to say

Choose an entertaining topic you will be able to talk about. Having an opinion about your subject is crucial, but stay open-minded for a discussion.

Research for possible arguments

Analyze what evidence and facts you can find on the Internet. Speculate on the arguments for and against your topic before writing. To include them in your paper, you need to ensure their high quality.

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Exclude useless ideas from your list

Avoid using thoughts that do not correlate with your subject. If they are contradictory or there is simply not enough data on them, throw them away. Choosing the right ones will save you a lot of time.

Pick the one

After applying all of the tips listed above, do not hesitate to pick the one idea you prefer the most. Take a look at the list below to find impressive and interesting writing & speech topics!

Know your audience to find the most impressive persuasive essay topic.

🎇 A List of 103 Funny Persuasive Topics

Under this subheading, we have created an ultimate list of fun persuasive writing topics. There are five main themes with various ideas for your paper/speech.

🌧 Funny Persuasive Topics on Ecology

  1. Solar energy harvesting should be obligatory for every citizen.
  2. We should teach the baby boomer generation about climate change.
  3. Can owls be domesticated?
  4. The sewage system is the most useful creation of urban ecology.
  5. Is ecotourism better than the regular one?
  6. If humans had not discovered agriculture, our world would be completely different today.
  7. Biowaste is an excellent source of alternative energy.
  8. Can donating have a more significant impact than recycling?
  9. We should ban the usage of plastic bags altogether.
  10. Many of our environmental problems today come from human greediness.
  11. The most dangerous creature in the world is…a mosquito.
  12. Natural science can be fun if taught the right way.
  13. A big pandemic can reduce the level of global death statistics.
  14. Global warming is a straight ticket to economic and geopolitical problems.
  15. Some animal zoos are no better than jail for humans.
  16. Animals understand nature better than we do.
  17. Why should we be more conscious of domestic water usage?
Climate change, and the more extreme weather that comes with it, means that water supply is becoming more unpredictable than in years gone by.

🎭 Funny Persuasive Topics about Culture

  1. Talk shows should be banned from television.
  2. The toxicity in social media should be punished by law.
  3. The Hollywood dream is fake.
  4. Should we stay off Facebook?
  5. How would the Buddhist monk react to your shopping habits?
  6. Love portrayal in movies is far from reality.
  7. Why are dads in sitcoms so childish sometimes?
  8. Studying a nation’s pop culture is a great way to learn about its people’s values and beliefs.
  9. Beauty pageants are sexist towards women.
  10. A controversial public figure will get more media attention than a “quiet” one.
  11. Modern social standards have a direct connection with our pop culture.
  12. How do you make everyone want to befriend you?
  13. Celebrity idolization is pad practice.
  14. People are easily offended nowadays, but they have every right to feel so.
Cultural differences.

⚖ Funny Persuasive Topics on Laws

  1. The absence of gun control laws is the ultimate example of democracy in the United States.
  2. Taxes for individual businesses should not exist.
  3. The government should increase corporation taxation.
  4. Honking in a traffic jam should be considered criminal.
  5. Why pay bills when you can live in the wilderness?
  6. Gun ownership should be illegal for people under the age of 21.
  7. Marijuana usage should be legal worldwide.
  8. We should contribute more to avoiding wars and international conflicts.
  9. Racial profiling is not an effective way of police work.
  10. The war on drugs has been the longest in US history.

💞 Funny Persuasive Topics on Relationships

  1. Your boyfriend should not be your reason to cry.
  2. What does not affect a child’s psychology?
  3. The couples’ therapy does not work.
  4. What should be considered a family?
  5. The long-distance relationship is the worst kind of relationship.
Distance prevents constricted intimacy from forming in a meaningful way.
  1. Stop viewing relationships as a game.
  2. After a failed relationship, a simple conversation is sometimes better than finger-pointing.
  3. Can love between two people last forever?
  4. Online dating is worse than the real one.
  5. If you cannot respect your partner, you deserve to be alone.
  6. What is the proper way to ask a girl out on a date?
  7. Sometimes communication just does not work if you like someone. You need to take action.
  8. Honesty could ruin a good relationship.
  9. How to talk to your crush if you have anxiety?
  10. If you are having seconds thoughts about a date – cancel it.
  11. Choose your clothes carefully for the first date.

🌭 Funny Persuasive Topics about Food

  1. Junk food is not actually that bad for you.
  2. Ramen is the greatest creation of humanity.
Instant ramen was Japan's top invention of the 20th century.
  1. A vegan diet could kill you.
  2. Your fresh meat from a local store is, in fact, not fresh.
  3. Farms use a lot of illegal methods to increase their production.
  4. Food science saves our lives daily.
  5. Yogurt is the best among fermented foods.
  6. Sustainable food allowed our civilization to thrive.
  7. The fast-food business model’s primary aim is profit, not food.
  8. Are we supposed to believe nutrition facts on packages?
  9. Some things to do when you are offered food you don’t like.
  10. Ketchup can improve the taste of every dish.
  11. Are men better chefs than women?
  12. Technology has drastically changed the way we eat.
  13. Mediterranean cuisine is the best cuisine in the world.

😂 Persuasive Essay Topics: Funny for Whom?

This chapter is going to list funny persuasive topics for people of different age groups. However, remember that humor is a very subjective thing. Each and one of us (no matter the age) has different mentality and ideals.

We are going to try and speculate what funny things are worthy of discussion for each generation. Let’s go!

🍎 Funny Persuasive Topics for Elementary Students

  1. We should ban adult news and leave only cartoons on TV.
  2. Schools should include computer games classes in their program.
  3. Our schools should do activities more often, such as camping and excursions.
  4. Chocolate awards are the best demonstration of the teacher’s appreciation.
  5. A school classroom should have more toys.
  6. A lunch box is the most valuable thing in our backpacks.
  7. Writing an email requires concentrated group work.
  8. Teachers should have more rest from their pupils.
  9. Your yearly achievements should be read aloud by your parents.
  10. Homework is useless for elementary students.
  11. A pack of gum is more valuable than money.
  12. School cafeterias should be banned for their lack of good food.
  13. Family is the primary source of happiness in our lives.
  14. Collecting certain things is an excellent way to become popular in school.
  15. Domestic robots are going to make us lazy.

🏫 Funny Persuasive Topics for Middle Schoolers

Middle school is the place where students are only beginning to get acquainted with world realities. They form new relationships, discover sports, drama clubs, start new adventures, etc. First gossips and rumors spread. Middle school is also the first place where students first face bullying.

Here are some topics for this generation:

  1. Teachers should allow students to express themselves freely in middle school.
  2. We should ban books and only use iPads in classes.
  3. Building new relationships is the best thing about middle school.
  4. Every school has one craziest school story.
  5. Do boys gossip more than girls?
Men gossip as much as women do.
  1. The only thing you think about during classes is song lyrics.
  2. 7th grade is the time when you start having crushes.
  3. It is impossible to order at McDonald’s without staying “Ummm.”
  4. Pen clicking is the most annoying thing during a test.
  5. Finding old pictures of yourself is the worst thing ever.
  6. According to teachers, grades are more important than your emotional and physical health.
  7. In middle school, you learn to hate people truly.
  8. They tell us sleep is essential, so why do the classes start early?

🗓 Funny Persuasive Topics for High Schoolers

This period is filled with excitement and many adventures. At the same time, students experience too much stress and anxiety. The finals, prom, separation from their parents, college, and adult life are looming.

  1. Don’t neglect your teachers; they should become your friends in the last year.
  2. Why is math so complicated in high school?
  3. Watching Ted Talks is better than studying.
  4. We should live according to the rules of High School Musical.
  5. Yearbook quotes are the reason why we go to high school.
  6. Senior high school students experience more stress in the last year than all the previous ones combined.
  7. Graduation is the happiest moment of your life.
  8. The concept of a zombie comes from Haitian culture, but it blooms in every high school.
  9. Waiting for a letter from a college is the most stressful thing during high school.
  10. There should be a gap year after high school to decide your future.
  11. Job interviews for high schoolers should be banned.
  12. Why is it so stressful to ask a person on a prom date?
  13. Monday classes should not exist.
  14. Household rules could tell a lot about someone’s family.

☕ Funny Persuasive Topics for College Students

Almost anyone could say that college is the most fun period in their lives. You can have independence, crazy parties, new relationships, etc. At the same time, college students have to get used to a different lifestyle living away from parents.

  1. College students are the best procrastinators.
  2. Fast food is bad for your mental health.
Eating lots of fast food significantly increased perceived mental distress.
  1. You have to get a job in college.
  2. How do I not go broke in college?
  3. Doing your laundry is a waste of time.
  4. Parents can still control you even in college.
  5. Fraternities are not so cool anymore.
  6. If you want better grades, try to understand your professor.
  7. College jokes are the best.
  8. College students are the best liars.
  9. Memes is a fantastic stress reliever.
  10. The hypocrisy levels of professors are sometimes unbearable.
  11. What is the best hobby one could have in college?
  12. Adults can attend college, and we should support it.
  13. Coffee is your best friend in college.

👩‍🏫 Guide to Making Your Speech or Writing Funny

So, you have already chosen your idea from our funny persuasive topics list. However, you also have to make sure that your speech or essay correlates with it.

Watch how professional speakers deliver their persuasive speeches.

Here’s a guide just for that:

  1. Think of your audience. What age group is going to listen to you or read your persuasive essay? What humor would they appreciate? This tip is an essential part of your success.
  2. Evaluate whether a humorous approach can contribute to the success of your essay or speech. Your final goal is to persuade. If jokes here and there will only interfere with your objective, don’t incorporate them.
  3. Consider your strengths. You’ve probably used humor before in your daily conversations. Which jokes were successful? Are you good at relatable comedy or anecdotes? Looking for an impressive funny topic, you have to take your skills into account. Otherwise, even the hilarious idea will fail. Always keep practicing.
  4. Try different techniques. If you’re good at various types of humor or at least willing to attempt, use a few methods. Storytelling, anecdotes, tags, ambiguity, self-deprecation—the list goes on! Try different approaches not to become predictable. Check online sources that speak on the many humor techniques.
  5. Use expressive yet simple language. It’s hard to laugh when you’re trying to understand what the author intended to say. If you are struggling with word transparency, check your dictionary for synonyms.
  6. Don’t forget to pause. Doesn’t matter whether you write or speak—give your reader or listener time to prepare for the next joke. Effective spaces between comedic moments are essential not to turn your persuasive speech into a standup. Throwing too many jokes around does not work. Aim for quality over quantity.
  7. Practice the jokes on your close ones. Try to find the age group similar to your future audience and ask for their opinion. Then you’ll be able to polish and improve your humor. Both essay writing and public speaking require some practice.
Pay attention to wording.

That is everything you need to know about funny persuasive writing topics! We thank you for taking the time to read our article. If you liked it, share it with your friends to help them find information on the subject.

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