Top 245 Good Persuasive Essay Topics [Essay Tips & Prompts]

Top 245 Good Persuasive Essay Topics [Essay Tips & Prompts]

What if your teacher gave you the assignment to write an essay about anything you’d like? It would excite you at first. You’d consider endless opportunities to express yourself and your writing skills…

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…But then, you’d start looking for a good persuasive topic. Nothing might look good enough.

Don’t worry:

We have a list of good persuasive essay topics for you. IvyPanda created a list of amazing ideas that you can elaborate on. Use them for academic writing or public speaking—they would sound convincing either way. And check our tips on composing a perfect persuasive essay.

Let’s get started and see if you like anything!

✋ What is a Good Persuasive Topic?

We can start by understanding what some good persuasive topics ideas are. A lot of people think that persuasive writing is the same thing as the argumentative one. They cannot be more wrong.

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Argumentative one is a type of writing that presents arguments without trying to convince anyone. Moreover, it shows both sides of a dispute. There are numerous beautiful essay examples that demonstrate it.

Persuasive writing is a piece of academic writing, which attempts to persuade that the presented viewpoint is more legitimate than any other. The word “persuade” derives from the Latin word “persuadere,” which means “to convince.” This type of essay doesn’t only describe a situation. It takes a stand and delivers a point.

A persuasive essay presents arguments about one aspect of the issue.

You can use a good persuasive essay topic for both writing and speech preparation. Public speaking can become a lot more engaging when you have a convincing title. Here you can find one that can serve as an exceptional speech idea.

A persuasive topic is good if:

  1. It serves the purpose. You should be able to develop the topic. Check if there is room for discussion and analysis. For that, make sure there are plenty of primary and secondary sources available. It’s a good idea to check it out before picking your topic.
  2. It’s engaging for you. Remember that it’s you who will have to write your essay. So, pick something that genuinely interests you. Make sure you will be able to write about it with ease.
  3. It’s relevant to your readers. Always keep in mind the people who will read your paper. Who is your target audience? Pick a topic that resonates with your audience. Choose something that matters to them.
  4. It’s unique. One of the best things you can do when coming up with ideas is to stay original and fresh. Of course, it’s quite challenging to find a completely unique topic. However, even if it is more or less common, attempt to find an unusual perspective on the issue.
The persuasive topic that was repeated over and over again cannot be convincing.

🎉 Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing about something funny and entertaining is always more pleasant. Not only it puts you in a good mood, but also it helps you to train your sense of humor and stay creative. For your audience, it is even more exciting to read something fun.

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This list of funny persuasive essay topics ideas will help you to start your essay. Or it can assist with brainstorming and generating your unique funny ideas.

  1. Girls do not like gossiping more than boys do. It is a widespread belief, but do you think it depends on gender? Or is it a stereotype that we keep perpetuating? If you ask any man if he gossips, the answer will most probably be negative. However, it is not valid. Men gossip as well. The difference is that they don’t consider their conversations as gossiping.
  2. Why should people eat less junk food? There are so many good reasons why people should eat less junk food. You can start with listing health benefits, the financial aspects of it. Add data about the inability to check sanitary norms and allergy restrictions. It is a straightforward and exciting topic to write about.
  3. Everyone should know how to cook.
  4. Why do smokers have more acquaintances?
  5. People should live together before getting married.
Living together prior to getting hitched has increased since the 1960s in the USA.
  1. The color of your hair does not affect your IQ. There is a common stereotype that your hair color can somehow determine your IQ. This stereotype has been reinforced by Hollywood movies, magazines, and even by some ordinary people. Can it be true? Find some good scientific explanation for the position you hold.
  2. Why is social media great for you?
  3. Netflix can help you grow as an individual.
  4. Why should homework not be given to kids?
  5. Overprotection can make your child fail in life. Every parent should allow kids to make mistakes. Unfortunately, that is how we learn. Without this valuable experience, we cannot succeed as adults. We will not be able to make crucial decisions because we will be so afraid of failure. Parents should be able to teach their kids that failure is normal because it is a part of life.

😊 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

When you are trying to find a persuasive essay topic, it may not work for you. The task is either too simple or way too hard. This list is arranged based on your academic level. Hopefully, it will help you to navigate and find the topic for a persuasive essay.

🎈 Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary Students

Being able to persuade others is a vital skill. To do that, we need to learn how to express our thoughts and ideas logically and coherently. Your sentences and words should be straight to the point.

These skills should be trained even at elementary school. This list can help you to come up with the topic for the next elementary school essay.

By the age of eleven, kids should know how to explain their perspective and persuade.
  1. School uniform is a good idea. If you disagree with this statement, you can easily change it to be what you agree with. There are plenty of reasons why a school uniform is a great idea. First, it teaches kids to obey authority. They will wear uniforms for the rest of their life no matter what professional path they will use. Second of all, it helps to balance economic differences between kids. Some parents cannot afford expensive clothing, while others can.
  2. School breaks should be longer.
  3. Watching TV is good for you.
  4. Why every child should be allowed to have a pet. Having a pet lets you experience what it is to be an adult. It teaches you responsibility. If you have a pet, you can share the lessons you have learned.
  5. Summer and Winter are the best seasons.
  6. Kids should be allowed to play computer games.
  7. I should be able to go to bed when I want to.
  8. Kids should be able to vote.
  9. My parents should pay me for doing chores.
  10. Why having a piggy bank can help you in life. Financial education should start at a very early age. Kids should be able to understand the value of money and what it means to save. If you have a piggy bank, you can share what benefits it has for you.
  11. Students should be able to give grades to teachers.
  12. Should we get paid for good grades?
  13. Having a big family has more benefits than disadvantages.
  14. Cats are better than dogs.
  15. Students should be allowed to pick their teachers.
  16. Why learning another language is good for you. Do you like traveling? Or watching movies and cartoons? Learning another language can help you to do so while using a foreign language. It also provides you with a competitive edge and an advantage in the future.
  17. Everyone should have a hobby.

‍👩‍🏫 Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle & High School

Middle and high school is a place where you can learn and train the essential life skills. There is learning how to count, write, and communicate with others. Besides all of this, you can learn how to be convincing and persuasive. Essay writing is a great way to do that.

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So, if you can choose your essay topic, try to go for a persuasive essay topic.

In the US, middle school often includes 6th grade, 7th, and 8th grade. High school usually starts in grade 9 and finishes on the 12th one.
  1. The school day should start later in the day.
  2. Books should be replaced with tablets. Books are the things of the past. Having to carry heavy books is not necessary anymore. A tablet can contain hundreds of books. It is also better for the environment and forest preservation. If you agree with this statement, choose this persuasive essay topic.
  3. The Internet is the best invention of the 20th century. Pretty much everyone will agree with you. A modern world would be so much more difficult without the Internet. It elevates communication to another level and provides information. Some people disagree with these statements. They think that the Internet is not the best invention of the 20th century.
  4. Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
  5. Why city life is better than country life.
  6. The Internet should be free for everyone. It is a critical component of modern life. Such things as applying for taxes, looking for a job, working are impossible nowadays without access to the Internet. Even applying to university, or for scholarships to support your studies cannot be done without it. Consequently, it should be free.
  7. Should tattoos be illegal?
  8. Women should be allowed to breastfeed in public.
  9. Animal dissection is inhumane.
  10. Cities should have a free bike-sharing.
  11. Video games promote violence. Video games are sometimes connected to violent actions. Kids who play video games are more likely to engage in intense activity. Elaborate on this view or argue against it.
  12. Social Media is bad for your self-image.
  13. Who do you consider your hero, and why?
  14. Texting while driving should be illegal.
  15. Why zoos should be banned. Lots of individuals love going to zoos. However, look at it from an ethical perspective. You will see why zoos should be forbidden for a large number of reasons. In this essay, you can give your personal opinion. For example, tell your reader why keeping animals in cages is inhumane.
Zoos do not allow animals to demonstrate their natural behavior.
  1. Gender divided schools are bad for kids.
  2. The benefits of having younger siblings.

🎓 Persuasive Essay Ideas for College

Choosing a persuasive essay idea for the college level is a real challenge. We’ve already done the hardest part for you and created a list of interesting topics. See if anything looks persuasive enough for your next paper or a public talk.

  1. How should Americans solve the gun violence issue in the United States?
  2. One policy that should be implemented in the educational sector.
  3. Why should public universities have free tuition?
  4. Hunting is not an ethical hobby. Many people believe that it is not a decent hobby because it makes animals suffer. Sometimes an animal can survive the shot but later on experience a prolonged and painful death. Find arguments that support this point of view. You can think that there is nothing wrong with hunting. Then highlight that love for animals and this hobby are not two mutually exclusive concepts.
  5. Vegetarianism does not save animals.
  6. Mcdonalds should not be an official sponsor of any sporting event.
  7. The world should have free borders.
  8. Abstract art is not art.
  9. The importance of equal representation of genders and races in the police.
  10. Churches should be required to pay taxes. This debate continues for decades. A lot of people believe that churches should be stripped of their tax-exempt charity status. One of the reasons is that the Catholic Church is the wealthiest organization in the world.
  11. Americans should speak more languages.
  12. Beauty contests are bad for teenage girls’ self-image. This type of competition degrades women to mere sexual objects. Those who are not able to participate in such contests end up being affected as well. They feel that they are not good enough. Explore some other arguments about why beauty contests are not good for teenagers.
  13. Standardized tests should be banned.
  14. Why should there be only one currency in the world?
  15. Pets should be allowed to join children at school.

🦉 Persuasive Essay Topics for Higher English

College students majoring in English can use one of these topics for their essays. Writing a persuasive speech or paper starts with picking the right idea.

Check out this great list of creative and unusual topics for essay writing. Our ideas can help you to deliver an outstanding result that will pleasantly surprise your readers.

  1. The question of authority is the focus of The Giver by Lois Lowry.
  2. Why abortions should be allowed.
The issue of abortions is a prevalent debate in the United States.
  1. People should be charged for racial slurs.
  2. Elementary schools should focus on teaching how to type, not handwrite.
  3. College football should be banned. It is just too dangerous.
  4. Parents should never lie to their kids. In this essay, you can explain what happens to kids when their parents lie to them. Later in life, it may create a colossal distrust. You can also talk about common lies parents tell their kids such as Santa, dead pet, or swallowing chewing gum.
  5. Do we live in the society predicted by Ray Bradberry in Fahrenheit 451?
  6. Should priests be allowed to get married?
  7. Does the government have a right to choose what it censors?
  8. How the current tax system overburdens middle-class citizens.
  9. Religious beliefs do not define a person.
  10. Being egoistic should be encouraged. Being selfish is usually seen as a negative trait. However, psychologists believe that being selfish can make you a better individual. Find arguments that support this point of view. You can claim that being selfish can help you stay healthy or even have better relationships. There are many good arguments you can make that will persuade your readers.
  11. Sexual desire does not define human behavior.
  12. Equal rights between men and women are impossible to attain. Elaborate on the topic expressing this or the opposing view. Provide both arguments and counterarguments, striving to convince your reader.
  13. Women are better at collaborating and executing than men.
  14. There is a danger in being neutral.

🎈 Great Persuasive Essay Topics according to Theme

We organized our topics thematically as well. It could help you to search for the right one as you may have to write a persuasive essay for a specific class.

Maybe you have a passion for music, or sports, or a healthy lifestyle. Then, you can go to a theme you like the most. Select a good persuasive essay topic that works.

🏈 Persuasive Essay Topics about Sports

Who does not like sports? Okay, maybe some individuals do not enjoy it. However, most students choose not to write essays about it.

Do you know why?

Mainly because it is hard to find the topic. It is especially problematic when you want to find a good one. This list will give you some fresh persuasive essay ideas.

  1. Don’t generalize college athletes. There is a common belief that all college athletes are not very smart. In this essay, you should provide reasoning on why this statement is wrong.
Numerous athletes study hard and are very intelligent.
  1. Cheerleading should also be regarded as a sport.
  2. Only women should be allowed to train female teams.
  3. Universities should stop spending so much money on sports programs. This essay topic is another debate in American society. A lot of people believe that spending this amount of money on sports does not make sense. We could redirect this money to academics and financial support for students in need. The best schools in the USA do not have large sports programs, explain why.
  4. Not every sportsperson can be a good coach.
  5. Women should be allowed to compete against men.
  6. Cheerleaders should wear different costumes because the current ones are sexist.
  7. Why parents should let their kids play extreme sports. Think about why parents should allow their children to participate in such activities. First, you can write about why kids want to do extreme sports. Second, you can elaborate on why parents do not want to let that. You will be surprised at what you might find.
  8. Fame is the main factor in getting a sports-related career.
  9. Chess should become an Olympic sport.
  10. Sports help with managing depression and anxiety.

🩺 Persuasive Health Topics

This particular section has some ideas of the persuasive essay topics about health. Each section has about five titles.

Let’s see what health topics you can use:

Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Healthcare should be free. First and foremost, free healthcare can save millions of lives. So, it creates a foundation for a right and just society. Some of the poorest people cannot afford to pay their medical bills. It creates even more inequality in society.
  2. Talking about childhood cancer is essential to fight it.
  3. Why marijuana should not be legalized. There is a popular belief that marijuana is not dangerous. However, some scientists disagree with this statement. In this essay, you can persuade your readers not to support the legalization of the drug. Or you can do the opposite. Convince them that it is not harmful and can be beneficial for your health.
Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Your eating habits affect your personality.
  2. Seven harmful effects of junk food.
  3. The vegetarian diet is the healthiest one.
  4. Unhealthy foods taste so good because it’s a manipulation. This topic is a funny one, but many people probably had the same type of questions. Why do unhealthy foods taste so good? Not only it pleases our taste buds, but it also triggers brain chemicals to start reacting.
  5. Poor nutrition and life expectancy connection.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. Misuse of ADHD medication among college students.
  2. Stigma and discrimination affect gay men’s mental health.
  3. Does playing music during pregnancy increase a baby’s IQ?
  4. Playing with Barbie dolls can later manifest in eating disorders. Girls who played with Barbie dolls are convinced that their bodies are not perfect. They feel as if they need to diet. An impossible ideal of Barbie creates a disturbance in body image. Society needs to see that playing with skinny dolls does not cause eating disorders. It increases the risks of having low self-esteem. This essay can provide a fresh look at something as innocent as playing with a doll.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Depression

  1. The connection between perfectionism and anxiety.
  2. Teenage Depression is more common than you think. Some individuals believe that teenagers nowadays have very unrealistic expectations. They claim the media and Social Media continuously promote a message about “feeling good.” Many people do not teach their kids vital skills on how to manage their lives under pressure. Find some data that can show how regular the issue is. Prove your point with facts and opinions from trustworthy sources.
  3. Every school should have a mechanism to help students with mental health issues.
  4. The reasons why everyone should have a psychologist. There are plenty of reasons why everyone should see a therapist. An essay can discuss some of them and maybe convince people to start therapy.
A US study supports the view about the dual effects of social media in the workplace.

📲 Social Media Persuasive Essay Topics

Social Media has a considerable impact on the world we live in. Therefore, in the past years, essay topics about it became increasingly popular.

A Social Media persuasive topic should be intriguing, controversial, and relatable.

  1. What makes a successful Social Media marketing plan. Some many different tricks and tips help to make a successful social media marketing plan. However, stick to the essential ones. What you are trying to do and what you want to achieve should be the focus. In the world of marketing, it is called S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  2. The importance of attention getter in writing an Instagram post.
  3. Don’t forget to live your life, not only to document it for Social Media.
  4. Teenagers spend too much time on Social Media. In the modern world, almost everyone has a device. People spend a lot of time looking at the screen. Teenagers spend even more. Explain whether it is a problem or how it can be changed. What are the dangers of spending too much time on Social Media?
  5. A specific purpose of Social Media.
  6. The positive effects of Social Media.
  7. Social Media addiction among older people. You might be surprised, but social media addiction exists even among older people. First, talk about what is considered social media addiction. Then talk about how it can be changed. Why should it be changed?
  8. The reasons why Twitter is popular among celebrities.
  9. Social Media opened new possibilities for business.
  10. The world cannot survive without Social Media.
  11. Social Media promotes cyberbullying.
  12. Social Media strengthens relationships between people. Despite a lot of negative effects, one thing remains clear: social media helps people to stay in touch. The world we live in today became much smaller because of social media.
  13. Social Media and Networking Sites are a great help in your professional development.
  14. Social Media is a social problem.
  15. Social Comparison caused by Social Media is something we cannot avoid.
  16. Social Media Influencers are not celebrities.
  17. Social Media should not be allowed in the workplace.
A US study supports the view about the dual effects of social media in the workplace.

🎹 Persuasive Topics on Music

Everyone loves music—both listening to it and reading about it. Imagine how pleasantly surprised your peers will be if you choose a persuasive essay topic on it. Choose an artist or a genre and get creative.

  1. Hard Rock music is the music of violence.
  2. Rap music is not music—it’s poetry. A lot of people believe that rap isn’t music but poetry. Do you agree? If you do, then this topic is excellent for you. Look at the history of rap music. You will find some great arguments that support this view. What was the purpose of the first songs?
  3. Some people have an addiction to music.
  4. Depressive songs can be triggering for people with mental issues. Sad music usually goes hand-in-hand with depression. If you aren’t feeling well, it is quite reasonable if you choose sad music. However, researchers say that sad music can worsen your condition, so you should be careful. There are a lot of great experiments that demonstrate this idea and prove this point. Your essay can be quite helpful for those battling with their emotions and feelings.
  5. Music does not always have a positive effect.
  6. Kids should not listen to death metal.
  7. Hip hop dancing is a mainstream American culture now.
  8. Kids who listen to hip hop music are more rebellious than the rest. Rap music is heavily scrutinized. Kids who listen to rap and hip-hop may be more rebellious than others. It can happen since that such music often advocates violence and rebellion.
  9. The positive aspects of playing a musical instrument.
  10. Classical music and intelligence.
  11. The music reflects society and its authenticity.
  12. The positive effects of Mozart’s music on babies. There are so many advantages when it comes to listening to classical music. That’s why many parents in the United States start playing classical music to kids at a very early age.
Mozart’s music won't make your children intelligent.
  1. Blacks express themselves through music for centuries.
  2. Even plants grow better with classical music.
  3. Jazz is an extinct music genre.
  4. Reasons why most people do not like country music.

💖 Persuasive Essay Topics about Love & Family

All we need is love. It is a very famous song, and it is so true. Here’s a list of topics about love and family for you to be able to get inspired.

  1. Love is more than a set of chemical reactions. What is love? A lot of writers, scientists, philosophers, artists tried to answer this question. According to science, love is no more than a set of chemical reactions in the brain. Can it be true? You can argue that love is more sophisticated than any chemical reaction. Finding arguments that support this viewpoint should not be complicated. Or take the opposite stand.
  2. Everyone needs love.
  3. Why men do not understand women.
  4. It is not a good idea to live together before marriage.
  5. Hitting kids should be a crime. Children cannot make a connection between their actions and physical. Therefore, any form of aggression to children should become illegal. The only thing they feel is pain, so kids should not be physically punished. You can talk about the short-term and long-term effects of childhood traumas caused by caregivers.
  6. Every parent should talk to kids about sex.
  7. Why can people be happy only if they have love in their life?
  8. Love is the only way we can fight racism.
  9. Why parents should not drink and smoke in front of their children.
  10. Are marriage bonds are more reliable than any other relationship?
  11. The love between Romeo and Juliet was not mature.
  12. Looking beyond imperfections is essential for success in marriage.
  13. Sacrifice is an element in family life. To build a happy family, we may need to learn the quality of sacrifice. In your essay, you can talk about why it may be necessary. What does it help to achieve? You can include your life examples and show the benefits of sacrifice.
There are plenty of negative effects of self-sacrifice in family life.
  1. Can parents leave their kids at home alone before 13 years old?
  2. Teenagers should have more free time.

✔ 60 More Persuasive Essay Topics

In this section, you can find 60 more persuasive essay topics.

1. Persuasive Essay Topics: UK

Choosing a good persuasive essay topic can be difficult. For UK students and students interested in UK culture, finding this section can be such a relief. These ten topics were waiting for you:

Choosing a good persuasive essay topic can be difficult. For UK students and students interested in UK culture, finding this section can be such a relief. These ten topics were waiting for you:

  1. Why Are UK Universities Better than the ones in the USA’s ones? It is a very subjective idea. Though it has a place to exist. If you think that UK universities are better, develop this idea into a persuasive essay.
  2. Why are UK musicians so famous in America?
  3. Brexit will help the UK to prosper.
  4. Why some believe that Shakespeare didn’t write his plays. You have probably heard this point of view before. However, you do not have to agree with it. You could find good arguments to demonstrate this common belief. Explain your position and why people think this way.
  5. Scotland’s version of UK history is different.
  6. British and English are not synonyms.
  7. The history of the Northern Ireland crisis.

2. Persuasive Essay Topics: Philippines

  1. The effects of globalization on poverty in The Philippines.
  2. Death penalty laws in The Philippines are cruel.
  3. Critical issues in the Philippines should be resolved immediately.
  4. Benefits of a nationwide smoking ban in the Philippines.
  5. The quality of education in the Philippines should be higher.

3. Persuasive Essay Topics: Canada

  1. The impact of immigration on the geography of Canada is exceptional. Did you know that Canada receives more than 200.000 immigrants per year? Discuss how it affects economic geography in Canada. Where do most immigrants decide to reside? What happens to the job market?
The Canadian government decided to significantly increase the number of permanent residents to Canada.
  1. Canadian immigration is marked with a history of discrimination.
  2. The most famous Canadian women and their achievements are underappreciated.

4. Persuasive Essay Topics: Social Science

  1. There is a connection between mental illness and aging.
  2. There are effects of violent movies on psychology. Absolutely everything that people see and watch affects their psychology. It affects us in one way or the other. Unfortunately, nowadays, violence is one of the most common forms of entertainment. This essay can persuade people to watch less violent movies.
  3. We have to deal with the social issues of families in poverty.
  4. Technology positively impacts society.

5. LGBT+ Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Social problems in relation to the LGBT population is still an issue.
  2. LGBT labor and employment discrimination issues. Unfortunately, the LGBT community still faces discrimination. Besides showing the state of affairs, try to change your reader’s attitude. Make them see it as a social issue.
  3. The effects of cyberbullying on the LGBT community are significant.
  4. There is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender discrimination in the Hispanic community.

6. Emotional Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The importance of the use of ethos, pathos, logos in essay writing.
  2. The reasons why we should protect the environment.
  3. Should older people be allowed to drive?
  4. Is access to the internet a human right?
  5. The American dream is no longer attainable.

7. Deep Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Why the debate over free education for all students should be over.
  2. Art and music therapy should be covered by health insurance.

8. Harry Potter: Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Does the sorting hat know more than humans?
  2. Is there a deeper meaning in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone?
  3. A theme of love and betrayal in J.K.Rowling’s books is prominent. A lot of critics believe that Harry Potter is not about magic but love. It is a recurring theme in the whole series.
In Harry Potter, there is love between friends, parents, partners.
  1. Hogwarts: a home away from home.
  2. We should discuss the symbolism of deathly hallows more.

9. Fashion: Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Eco-friendly clothing is the next type of fashion.
  2. Why is a style more important than fashion?
  3. What does your choice of dress tell about you?
  4. Fashion photography is a form of art, as well.
  5. What are the concepts of beauty in the fashion industry?

10. Domestic Violence: Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. We have to take into account a cross-cultural perspective on domestic abuse. Different cultures approach domestic violence with varying levels of tolerance. In multicultural families, it can be a challenging problem to address. In your essay, you should try to explain why, in some places, people tolerate domestic violence. Elaborate on why, in other areas, it is forbidden.
  2. Domestic violence against women is a prominent problem.
  3. Domestic abuse against men exists too. Not everyone understands, but domestic violence against men is an issue. However, people discuss it less commonly, and men do not like to share their experiences. Why? They prefer to maintain their sharp facade. However, domestic abuse is damaging to everyone.
  4. There is significant emotional abuse in low-income families.

11. Persuasive Agriculture Topics

  1. The agricultural effects on wild animals.
  2. Should GMO organisms in farming be allowed?
  3. Organic farming should be the only type of farming.

👩‍🏫 6 Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one of the most common types of academic writing. You, as a student, will be required to master it. The goal is to present a distinct opinion on a topic and illustrate it with arguments and evidence. Hopefully, by the end of this section, you will be able to write a good persuasive essay.

To write a perfect persuasive essay, you have to practice.

As you already can guess from the name, in the essay, you have to is to persuade (convince) others. Attempts to make people feel and think a certain way. To be able to do that, you need to have a good grasp of logos, pathos, and ethos.

Even heard of it?

A Greek philosopher Aristotle discovered this theory. A good speech that can convince others depends on three elements, which are:

  1. Logos refers to the part responsible for logical persuasion;
  2. Pathos refers to the part responsible for emotional appeal;
  3. Ethos refers to the extent readers are willing to trust the writer.
You need to be passionate about the persuasive topic.

So, you should determine and implement logos, pathos, and ethos in your essay. You might not be able to use the third one, though. It deals with your social status and reputation.

Now let’s understand what makes a persuasive essay so great:

  1. Your distinctive position supported by both arguments and counterarguments.
  2. A compelling style that influences your reader.
  3. An adequate organization that ensures the natural progression of your argumentation.

📜 5 Persuasive Writing Prompts

In this section, we will give you some good ideas for using both logos and pathos. It is essential to remember about these components if you are writing a persuasive essay. These five persuasive writing prompts will help you to start:

  1. Immigrants are not a threat to American society. This is such a familiar debate. Some politicians and regular people see immigrants as a threat to American society. Present several facts that argue against the idea. Elaborate on the increase in human capital, innovation, science. Appeal to the fact that America is a country that was built by immigrants.
  2. The immoral aspect of eating animals. Have you ever heard about the Animal Rights movement? It exists, and it states that causing suffering to animals is immoral. You can argue for or against it. You can say that humans were created to eat meat. Or claim that the Bible says we should be vegetarians. There are many logos and pathos arguments that you can make if you decide to choose this topic.
  3. Having a lot of friends is impossible. A lot of times, people confuse who is their friend and who is their acquaintance. In this essay, try to find a good definition of who you would call a friend. Friendship requires a lot of time and effort. Is it possible to maintain a lot of friendship relationships?
  4. Sexual orientation is determined in childhood. A lot of people believe that sexual orientation is determined later in life. However, most LGBTQ+ persons state that it is not valid. They say that their sexual orientation became evident to them even when they were kids. You can develop this argument and include some personal stories of people you know.
  5. Capital punishment is a crime. In this essay, you can give your opinion about capital punishment. Choose the position you genuinely believe in and support it with evidence. One thing is clear; capital punishment is a susceptible subject. No matter what view you have, you will most probably meet some opposition. Stick to logical arguments and try not to appeal too much to pathos.
Truman Capote argued against capital punishment.

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