Winner Announcement: $1,500 Semi-Annual Video Contest Scholarship for Students 2018

Video Contest is over! Here are the winners

We’re glad to announce that we have winners of our $1,500 Video Contest Scholarship for Creative Students!

We had so much fun and received tons of inspiration watching your submissions. So, thank you all so much for participating.

It’s also worth mentioning that there were a couple attempts of cheating. But thanks to other righteous contestants, we were able to expose those who were trying to break the rules.

Speaking of rules, they state that there can only be two winners. So, it’s time to announce them!

First place and the $1,000 scholarship goes to Sydney Price. She managed to get 1264 votes with her 3 Simple Tips for Study Motivation video.

Second place and the $500 prize is taken by Poorva Shukla. She wasn’t that far from the winner, and her Study with 100% motivation | My personal lifehacks video has got 1127 votes.

All the other works could only get to nearly 700 votes. Together, winning videos have gathered almost a half of the total number of votes.

Sincere congratulations to the winners. Big thank you to everyone who applied to the contest!

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