Special Education—70 Educational Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Everyone needs to be educated properly to find their way in this big world.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to be born completely healthy. There are people with special needs who want to be—and deserve to be—equal to everyone else. Even though the special education process (also referred to as special ed or sped) might be a bit different, it can still bring outstanding results.

And today we’re going to try and help with it. We’ve gathered 70 educational apps and grouped them based on special education categories. This list contains not only special education apps but also tools that will be helpful in everyday life.

Check out the list and you’ll surely find a special needs app to fit your requirements.

❤️ Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Apps

Talk To Me

Price: $1.99

This app transforms text to speech. When you type words, the app reads them out loud. It helps users better correlate words and letters with their correct pronunciation.

Talk to Me


Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

Price: Free

This app works in the opposite way to the previous app. It writes down spoken text. The app is helpful for students who struggle with writing.

dragon dictation screenshot


Sound Literacy

Price: $9.99

This app acts as a tool that helps with improving literacy lessons. It includes a variety of teaching methods that help users recognize the spelling of phonemes.

sound literacy apps


Dolphin EasyReader

Price: Free

This e-reader helps those with reading disabilities make sense of any text. It’s done through a serial presentation view and synchronized highlighting.

Dolphin EasyReader Screensho7



Price: Free

This app allows users to create interactive mind maps, diagrams, and charts. These tools can help users make more sense of their own ideas and easily organize them into written work.

ideament app screenshot


American Wordspeller

Price: $2.99

This educational app makes it simpler to look up the definition of a word for those who struggle with correct spelling.

american wordspeller screenshot



Price: $9.99

This app uses a word prediction engine that helps users avoid spelling errors. It also allows them to hear the word prediction suggestion before making a selection.

typ-o app

🧡 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Apps

Routine Factory

Price: Free

This app creates visual schedules that will meet every user’s needs. Schedules are fully customizable and have audio feedback.

Routine Factory Screenshot


ChoiceBoard Creator

Price: $1.99

This app creates customizable choice boards. It’s helpful for students with communication problems. It has a rewards system and can be used as a means of preparing a user to work with more advanced devices or apps.

choiceboard app



Price: $2.99

This is a motivational app that will help reinforce positive behavior via visual rewards. It’s perfectly suitable for preschool students.

iReward iphone app


Sleep Machine

Prince: $2.99

This app will help create an environment in which the user can focus, relax, sleep, or dream about something. It has a selection of ambient sounds that help create the needed atmosphere.

Sleep Machine Screenshot



Price: $19.99

This is an adaptive notepad with a customizable keyboard. It has text-to-speech and word prediction features.

abilipad screenshot


Tiny Decisions

Price: Free

This little app can help users make decisions more easily. Just spin the wheel and make your choice.

Tiny Decisions Screenshot


Time Timer

Price: $4.99

This is a customizable visual timer. It allows you to save and reuse timers, add tags and color codes, and apply alert options.

time timer app

💛 Emotional Disturbance Apps


Price: $1.99

This app allows kids to express their emotions properly, providing definitions and explanations. Users also have the opportunity to express their own emotions through this app.

emotionary apps


Stop, Breathe & Think

Price: Free

This app does exactly what its name says. It helps promote mindfulness and meditation. As a result, users have much more control over their own emotions.

stop breathe think iphone app



Price: Free

This app is designed for managing and reducing stress, controlling one’s anger, managing anxiety, and stabilizing mood.

breathe 2 relax


Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM)

Price: Free

SAM helps people with managing their anxiety. It allows users to identify anxiety triggers and record levels of anxiety. It allows users to create personalized toolkits and add the features that are most useful.

self-help for anxiety management (SAM)


Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Stress Relief Button 

Price: Free

This is a timer for meditation. The app helps minimize distractions during meditation, which improves its effect. There’s also the possibility to add specific intervals for meditation sessions and set day or night mode.

Breathe Screenshot


Sanvello-Stress and Anxiety Help

Price: Free (with monthly or yearly paid subscription)

This app will help users cope with depression, anxiety, and stress. It acts as a platform that gives the needed support and provides users with tools to address their individual issues.

pacifica ios app screenshot



Price: Free

This app is designed to help with fighting anxiety. It helps users relax and develop a more positive way of thinking, and it provides users with active steps to take when dealing with anxiety.

mindshift app for iphone screenshot

💚 Speech or Language Impairment Apps


Price: Free

This app is capable of reading typed words and sentences from your device. It also allows you to generate audio files from the text and send them.

Speak Screenshot



Price: Free

Verbally gives people with speech or language impairment the opportunity to have a real conversation. It will say aloud anything you type into the app.

verbally ios app


Speech Tutor

Prody: $3.99

This app demonstrates the process of generating sounds, which is going to be useful for those with speech or language impairments. It provides 3 different views, and it also allows users to choose the speed at which the sound is produced.

speech tutor apps


Articulation Station

Price: Free

This app teaches how to pronounce consonants. It’s helpful for both children and adults. It allows users to practice at the word, phrase, sentence, and story levels.

articulation station app screenshot


Talking Together

Price: $9.99

Talking Together is designed to help those with speech or language impairments initiate and maintain conversation. The app displays goals that the participants need to achieve, and they can be specific to each person.

talking together app screenshot


Verbal Reasoning

Price: $12.99

This app helps those with speech or language impairments develop critical thinking and reasoning skills through various stimuli. It also includes a reward system for children.

verbal reasoning app screenshot


Reading Aphasia

Price: $9.99

Reading Aphasia helps with practicing reading comprehension skills at multiple levels, including the word, phrase, and sentence level.

reading Aphasia app screenshot

💙 Visual Impairment Apps

Ariadne GPS

Price: $5.99

This app will help visually impaired people with navigating, as it uses the VoiceOver feature. You can also control the app using your voice.

ariadne gps app


AR money reader scanner GMoney

Price: Free

This app uses recognition technology to identify different types of currency and tell their denomination. It also allows to automatically convert currencies.

AR money reader scanner GMoney Screenshot


Color Name AR 

Price: Free

Color Name uses the camera of your device to name colors in real-time. It can also tell you the hex value of a certain color, so you know exactly which one the app is seeing.

Color Name Screenshot


Just Press Record 

Price: $4.99

This is a new take on a note-taking app that’s combined with an audio recorder. It allows you to choose the recording format, adjust the volume level, pause and resume recording, transfer the audio files, and transcribing them.

Just Press Record Screenshot



Light Detector

Price: $1.99

This app generates sounds of different pitches, depending on the intensity of light it detects. It will find great use for visually impaired people.

light detector iphone app



Price: Free

This app with VoiceOver support allows visually impaired people to use alarms, reminders, and timers.

alarmed iphone app


Braille Writer

Price: $4.99

This is a note-taking app designed for people with visual disabilities. It allows visually impaired people to take notes and use other helpful features such as search, cursor tracking, and quick navigation. The app is compatible with Braille keyboard extension.

Braille Writer Screenshot

💜 Deafness and Hearing Impairment Apps

ASL American Sign Language 

Price: Free

This app helps users learn sign language. It includes more than 4,000 signs and features a predictive search engine, so it’s easier to find what you need.

ASL Screenshot



Price: Free

BioAid records sound from the microphone of your device and plays them back in real time with a volume boost. It enhances sound quality and allows users to regulate the loudness of surrounding noise.

bioaid ios screenshot



Price: Free

BeWarned helps deaf people and those with hearing impairments recognize when someone’s calling them, or whether there’s shouting, honking, or any other loud noises they need to be aware of. The sensitivity is adjustable.

BeWarned Screenshot



Sound Alert

Price: Free

This app works pretty much like the previous one, but with some differences. It allows users to record important sounds in their house in order to be notified when they occur again.

sound alert website screenshot



Price: Free

This is an app that makes phone calls possible for deaf people and those with hearing impairments. It allows users to read what the other person is saying in real time.

pedius ios screenshot



Price: Free

Ava helps hearing impaired and deaf people participate in a conversation with others. It recognizes speech in real-time and shows color-coded transcriptions.

Ava iphone application screenshot



Price: Free

This app creates transcripts of voicemail messages. It also features search functionality and easy management of your voicemail. The app can also integrate with your email address and send recordings and transcripts.

voxsci app screenshot

🖤 Deaf-Blindness Apps

HIMS Chat 

Price: Free

This app helps make chatting easier for people with deaf-blindness. It makes it possible to send and receive messages without looking at the screen.

HIMS Screenshot


All Access

Price: Free

All Access can scan any logo, photo, menu, etc. and read the contents out loud. It also supports other text-to-speech engines, apart from VoiceOver.

all access app for iphone screnshot


iBraille Challenge

Price: Free

Practice your braille literacy skills with iBraille Challenge app for iPad. The app contains the Braille Challenge tests: Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Proofreading, and Speed & Accuracy.

iBraille Screenshot


Hamilton Captel

Price: Free

Along with hearing the phone call, users of this app can view word-for-word captions in real time.

hamilton captel screenshot



Price: Free

This is an app for mobile sign language communication. It has a wide range of features, including interpreters, which greatly improves the experience of using the app.

ntouch website screenshot



Price: Free

This app is a mobile braille keyboard. It allows blind people to type, edit, and send messages.

mbraille app screenshot


Magnifying Glass With Light

Price: Free

This app is just what its name describes. It’s a magnifying glass that also uses the flash of your device to enable you to read something in dim light.

magnifying glass with light app for iphone

🔴 Intellectual Disability Apps

Todo Visual Schedule 

Price: $12.99

This app allows you to create visual guides and schedules for your routines. This app allows creating simple, stylish, and easy-to-use schedules.

Todo Visual Schedule Screenshot



Living Safely

Price: $29.99

This app contains learning games for various safety-related skills and topics. It’s a learning tool designed to be used by people with intellectual disabilities.

living safely iphone app screenshot


Stories About Me

Price: $3.99

This app makes it possible to easily create short stories. It will be especially useful for those who need to tell about their special needs but struggle to do so.

stories about me app for iphone



Price: Free

This is a tool for setting goals and tracking habits. It helps users stay motivated and achieve whatever it is they’re aiming for.

coach me iphone app


Unus Tactus

Price: $9.99

This app makes it easier for people with intellectual disabilities to use their phones. It has a one-touch photo dialing system, as well as a set of other helpful features.

unus tactus screenshot



Price: Free

This is a communication system that’s simple, customizable, and easy to use. It supports both text and pictures, and it’s also possible to record your own voice.

iCommunicate Screenshot


Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box

Price: $3.99

This app is designed for a broad age group. It has abstract animations and sounds, and it introduces basic awareness and touch skills. It encourages exploration, with numerous options and customizations.

cause and effect sensory light box app for iphone

🔵 Traumatic Brain Injury Apps

Flashcards Deluxe

Price: $3.99

This is a flashcard app that will help users study any topic. It has two working modes, integrates with other services, and has a text-to-speech engine, just to name a few features.

flashcards deluxe iphone app



Price: Free

This app will help you train your brain with over 25 games and exercises. It will also analyze your results to show all your strengths and weaknesses.

lumosity app screenshot



Price: Free

This is a mental training app that will help you improve your memory. The exercise has 10 levels that vary in difficulty.

n-back iphone app


Quick Talk AAC

Price: $24.99

This app gives the ability to communicate with anyone who struggles to do so. It’s fully customizable, and it allows users to create multiple profiles with different settings.

quick talk aac iphone app


Matrix Game

Price: Free

This game app will help you develop your skills in visual perception. It will also improve concentration, attention, spatial orientation, categorization, and classification principles.

matrix game iphone app


Word Warp 

Price: Free

This special learning app will test your capabilities and improve your thinking skills through creation words from a selection of letters.

Word Warp Screenshot




Visual Schedule Planner

Price: $14.99

This visual scheduling app gives its users a representation of everyday events in visual form. Not only can you include pictures and sounds but videos as well. You can also mark important plans, so it’s easier to see and not forget about them.

visual schedule planner iphone

🔶 Multiple Disabilities Apps


Price: Free

Bitsboard includes a set of exercises aimed at educating and improving memory. It’s especially helpful for people with multiple disabilities who want to tackle school tasks.

bitsboard iphone app screenshot


iOT Session

Price: Free

This app addresses bilateral coordination, deficits in visual tracking, dexterity, visual perception, handwriting, letter formation, and visual scanning.

iot session iphone app


Conversation Builder Deluxe

Price: $19.99

This app is designed to help disabled people build complex communications. It’s suitable for people of all different ages.

grid player iphone app


Grid Player

Price: Free

This is an app for Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC). It helps people with unclear speech to communicate.

grid player iphone


All About Me Storybook

Price: $2.99

This app is designed to help people with multiple disabilities share the most important information about themselves.

all about me storybook apple iphone app


Corkulous Professional

Price: Free

This app allows users to build choice boards, if/then scenarios, albums, etc. The boards are fully individualized and will help people with special needs express their thoughts more clearly.

Corkulous Screenshot



Price: Free

This simple tool is designed for those who are unable to communicate effectively on their own.

yes/no iphone app screenshot


With the educational apps from this list, every person with special needs can come closer to being understood by those around them.

And it’s not only about special education in school but also day-to-day life and regular situations that may bring struggle.

Even if there’s just a single special needs app that helped somebody, then the work we put into making this list has been worth it. So, we do hope that you find this list helpful.

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