2021 Winner Announcement: $1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship

2021 Winner Announcement: $1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship

Welcome to the announcement of the 2021 Video Contest Scholarship winners!

As you all probably know by now, before naming the two winners, let’s first take a look at how it all went this year. The overall turnout wasn’t as crazy as last year (with 450 total participants, remember?). But it’s still been quite a solid turnout with 148 submissions. We were unable to accept 9 videos, as they weren’t shared properly. 120 out of 139 videos were selected for the second evaluation stage. Not bad at all!

Unfortunately, some of the participants shared videos on last year’s topics, so we couldn’t include them even though they were remarkable. There were cheating attempts too, but we were able to spot them.

It’s safe to say that this year we received an exceptionally high percentage of very creative and well-made videos, both in terms of quality and content.

All together, the submissions accepted for the second evaluation stage received 10,000 votes, 47,000 total views, and generated 550 hours of total watch time. Well done!

It’s time to announce the winners!

  • Our first winner, receiving the $1,000 prize is Nataliya Kozyrina. Her video titled 597 DAYS got 648 votes and 1641 views. Excellent work!
  • The second winner, receiving the $500 prize is Andrew Hajiadem. His submission, Tutoring with Global Connections received 502 votes and generated 2557 views. Awesome!

Big thank you to each and every one of you who decided to take part in this year’s contest! Thanks to those who submitted videos and those who cast their votes. If you weren’t lucky to win this time, don’t worry. There will be plenty more opportunities in future. Stay tuned for more announcements on our blog, IvyPanda and IvyPanda Study Hub YouTube channels (subscribe if you haven’t already).

Comments (4)

Nataliya Kozyrina

Thank you so much, IvyPanda, for organizing this contest and giving students an opportunity! I enjoyed each step of it: the creation of the video, anticipation of the Evaluation I announcement, daily online sharing, and finally, results.
This contest has shown me the kindness of people. One like does not cost anyone anything. It was fascinating to find people whom I know or don’t know who were sincerely interested and willing to help. Thank you so much, everyone!

Ivy Panda

Thank you for your feedback! Your opinion is important for us!

Andrew Hajiadem

Thank you so much for the opportunity. This was a great experience as I was able to use my hobby (animation) to win. I had never thought I would be able to do something with my animation, except for show it to friends, but this contest proved me wrong. I had a ton of fun making this participating and I’m looking forward to next year!!

Ivy Panda

Thank you for your feedback, Andrew!