175 Impressive Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics [2021]

175 Impressive Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics [2021]

Some things never change. The Earth always rotates on its axis. After the summer always comes fall. And guess what?… The professors always keep giving their students an assignment to write a persuasive essay. And it’s not surprising! A persuasive essay is a basic of the learning process. So, it can pop up for students at any time, in any grade, in any educational institution.

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A subject that requires the persuasive essays composing the most is higher English. Thus, students have to be ready to face challenges. The search for good persuasive essay topics for higher English is not the easiest.

But don’t even try to stress out!

We have good news for you. Our team created a list of the most successful topics for academic writing. Use it and compose an outstanding essay!

For your convenience, we divided the UK persuasive essay topics into several sections. So, navigate our page and make your search even more effective!

❓ What Is Higher English?

If you’ve studied in any country other than the UK, you may be wondering what higher English is. Is it a course? Is it a level? Well, in this section, we dive into the definition of the phrase.

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Higher English is a course typical for the UK, particularly for England and Scotland. It investigates the English language and literature on a deep level.

It can be taught both:

  • as an independent subject
  • alongside other higher science programs
Through the course of higher English, students learn to think critically and creatively.

Developing a portfolio is one of the requirements for completing an advanced higher English course. It takes 30% of the overall grade. Thus, folio plays a vital role in accomplishing the course. For a successful portfolio, students have to write two texts, no less than 1300 words each. Composing them, they have to use creative and discursive writing techniques.

Generally, higher English is focused on advancing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following:

  • use complex language;
  • apply literature knowledge in everyday life;
  • understand the core of language operation.

Students are required to write an impressive number of persuasive essays. Here is where they may face difficulties with the appropriate topic selection.

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We will not let you worry about that.

You can find a list of useful higher English persuasive topics created by our team on our page. Take a look at it and choose the most exciting idea for your essay!

Before selecting a topic for a higher English essay, reread your assignment if you have one.

💭 How to Choose a Persuasive Topic for Higher Folio?

A higher folio has to include a persuasive essay in it. Therefore, first, let’s figure out what it is.

A persuasive essay is one of the types of discursive essays. Its distinctive feature is the presence of a particular situation. Discuss a problem or issue is essential to its purpose.

Now, let’s narrow down the focus:

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What is the nature of persuasive writing? It is a writing technique that aims to convince readers to accept the author’s point of view. Moreover, it often includes a call to action. It motivates the audience to take specific steps to achieve the desired result.

Be careful there! Learn how to distinguish an argumentative essay from a persuasive one.

An argumentative essay is often based on a consistent explanation and logical reasoning. It shows the readers the writer’s point of view, yet doesn’t call them for any action. In contrast, a persuasive essay relies on emotions and expressions of personal opinions. A perfect way to see those differences would be by going to an essay examples database that certainly would contain a variety of paper types.

Persuasive essays attempt to make readers follow the author’s idea.

Now, let’s move to the issue of an effective selection of a persuasive topic for higher English. Our team prepared some useful tips for you. Don’t hesitate to use them.

  1. Keep your goal in mind.
    The persuasive essay aims to present all the arguments that can convince the reader that the writer is right. So, choosing a topic, pick the one that you can elaborate on and persuade in.
  2. Choose the essay idea wisely.
    Ensure that the topic is appropriate and relevant for the tutor who will check and grade your paper. You’re writing for them.
  3. Make sure to have enough resources.
    Evaluate whether there is enough information on the topic so that you can write a compelling essay. Check the possible trustworthy sources for the evidence that you’ll use in the paper.
  4. Show your best side.
    Consider whether you can demonstrate your skills, composing on the chosen idea. Remember that you’re writing an essay for your portfolio. You may want it to look as perfect as possible and highlight your strengths. That is to say, see if you can elaborate on the topic.
  5. Compose a strong introductory paragraph.
    An introduction is crucial because it grabs the reader’s attention and presents a thesis. Think of a strong thesis statement and whether you can come up with one. If you cannot compose a powerful thesis statement, better choose a more successful topic.
  6. Don’t choose an overused topic.
    Determine the originality of your idea and your willingness to write about it. Try to google persuasive essay examples and figure out what topics are the most common and widely used. Based on your observations, come up with a unique issue and surprise your readers with it.
Find and consider as many persuasive topics as you can to form one unique idea.

☝ Amazing Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics

Just like any other assignment, an essay may be of different degrees of complexity. This is how we divided our higher English persuasive essay ideas into several sections.

So don’t waste your time. Go to the corresponding section and select the most appropriate topic.

📎 Higher English Topics for High School

A subject of higher English may seem very unfamiliar and bizarre at school. Being unprepared for the complexity of the course can scare you. Pupils get extremely confused when it comes to the topic search.

You are lucky:

We prepared a list of exceptional topics for middle school and high school students. Feel free to use it. Be prepared to face any challenges of the higher English course!

Foreign language programs improve students’ academic performance.
Source: Casls.uoregon.edu
  1. Alcohol negatively affects adolescent health, so their parents should monitor alcohol consumption by teens.
  2. Children and teenagers should not be silent about domestic violence.
  3. The government should ban sports betting.
  4. We should drink enough water.
  5. The minimization of a generation gap is crucial for a healthy relationship in a family.
  6. Drug tests should be mandatory for high school sportspeople.
  7. A gap year is a great idea. Convince your readers about the usefulness of taking a gap year after finishing school. Prove the rightness of your position by providing strong arguments. In case you don’t agree with the statement, provide well-developed counterarguments.
  8. Alcohol consumption in the UK. The government of the UK should introduce measures to limit alcohol consumption. We have to avoid possible adverse ramifications. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Prove your point of view by providing strong arguments.
  9. Studying in the United Kingdom is a great experience. What are the positive sides of gaining an education in the UK? Convince your readers to study the UK.
  10. A grade does not reflect students’ knowledge. Give your readers a clear explanation of why grades do not demonstrate a student’s performance in the class. Persuade them to pay more attention to education. You might believe that grades reflect a student’s academic performance. Then, support your position by providing counterarguments.
  11. Violent video games should be banned. What are the possible negative consequences caused by video games? Prove your audience the necessity to ban violent video games.
The influence of video games on children is inconclusive.
Source: Videogames.procon.org

✒ Higher English Topics for College

The majority of UK colleges require their students to take the course of higher English. Therefore, you need to be ready. Difficulties caused by this subject should not be your worry.

Since we care about college students, we gathered persuasive essay ideas in one place. So, if you are seeking help, you are on the right page! Scroll through our topics and chose the most appropriate for you.

  1. Communication skills are essential in a successful business leading.
  2. Teaching deaf children how to read is a vital part of deaf kids’ mental development.
  3. Recycling should become mandatory.
  4. Businesses should invest money in innovations.
  5. Genetically modified food should not be a threat to the population. Give a clear explanation of why GMO products are safe to consume. If you disagree with the statement, provide strong counterarguments to prove your position.
  6. Should smoking be banned in public places? Decide on whether it should be prohibited on not and prove your position. Your arguments should support only one side of the issue. Don’t stay somewhere in the middle.
  7. We should expand the legal age for getting a driving license in the UK. Explain why 17 years old adolescents are not mature enough to drive a car. If you don’t agree with the statement, provide counterarguments to prove the rightness of your point of view.
  8. E-books should not replace paper books. Express your position regarding this statement. Provide clear arguments or counterarguments to prove your point of view.
Consider every side of the debate concerning paper books and E-books.
  1. English language learning should be mandatory in every country. The main idea of the essay: English is a global language. Support this statement and persuade the readers about the significance of English knowledge in the modern world.

💪 Persuasive Essay Topics: Advanced Higher English

If you are a university student in Scotland, you will be familiar with higher English. You may have to be ready for an advanced one as well.

Choose the most appropriate idea among a wide variety of persuasive essay topics about Scotland. Although the task is quite challenging, you don’t need to worry. Consider our list of cool essay topics. With it, you will write an outstanding paper without any struggles.

  1. Scotland’s tourism products and destination identity develop the tourism market economy.
  2. Organizational behavior issues and theories are vital in leading a successful business.
  3. Public sector financial management plays a crucial role in the general well-being of the country.
  4. Scottish routes company establishment is a turning point in the online marketing platform development.
  5. The city authorities should prevent senior citizens’ abuse.
  6. E-Commerce adoption results in wise business positioning. How will e-commerce help to increase the dynamics of any business? Convince your audience about the significance of e-commerce by providing strong arguments.
  7. Human rights play a vital role in public opinion-making. Support this idea with well-developed arguments and examples. If you disagree with the statement, provide compelling counterarguments to prove the rightness of your opinion.
  8. Globalization ruins the cultural heritage of the nations. Comment on the impact of the world globalization on the national identity of every country. Persuade the readers to preserve the national culture of their home countries.

👍 Good Persuasive Essay Topics for Higher English

Our team’s main aim is to help the students in all the possible ways. So, we decided to develop one more method to divide the academic essay topics.

Find different sections that focus on specific fields for your persuasive essay.

Look through the sections, decide what is the most suitable for you, and choose a fascinating essay topic. An essay idea search has never been so easy, right?

📖 Persuasive Essay Topics on Literature

William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Thomas Hardy… In case you might be wondering why those people are listed here, we can explain. These are some of the greatest writers who formed the literary heritage of the UK.

A course of higher English requires the knowledge of English and Scottish literature. Thus, students should be prepared to dive deep into the diversity of art pieces and write essays on them. The topic selection can cause a lot of struggles, though.

Don’t stress out!

The following section has the most fascinating persuasive essay ideas UK oriented. If you are searching for persuasive essay ideas about Scotland, you can also find some bright ideas.

  1. Modern society should consider warnings and morals of British literature.
  2. We cannot underestimate William Shakespeare’s impact in the UK and world literature.
  3. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll should be in “to read list” of both: kids and grown-ups.
  4. Heroes in English literature teaches readers how to live righteously.
  5. Literature is the most effective guide to a worthy life.
  6. Everybody should read the fantastic stories about Sherlock Holmes, written by a Scottish Arthur Conan Doyle.
  7. Poetry is a powerful tool for overcoming inner conflicts.
  8. Dorian Gray is a vivid reflection of Oscar Wilde. Analyze the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, written by an Irish writer Oscar Wilde.
There may be a connection between Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray.
  1. Homosexuality in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley reflects her tendencies. Do you agree or disagree? Briefly describe Shelley’s background. Make connections between her personal life and Frankenstein. Support your opinion with strong arguments.
  2. “It’s impossible to live in Edinburgh without sensing its literary heritage everywhere.” – JK Rowling. Prove the Rowling’s position by providing brilliant examples and appropriate arguments.
  3. Janice Galloway is a contemporary Scottish writer you should get to know. Persuade your audience to read Galloway‘s nowels by introducing the main ideas of her pieces of art.
  4. Shakespeare is a real person vs. Shakespeare did not exist. There is a quite common opinion that Shakespeare was not a famous writer. People speculate that his works belong to another person (or people). Do you believe in Shakespeare’s existence or not? Prove your position by providing well-developed arguments.

💬 Persuasive Essay Topics on Language

Language is one of the most potent tools for communication within one nation and internationally. Moreover, it carries the cultural identity of the country, preserving a spirit.

The topic of language is too diverse and has a lot of aspects to discuss. Consequently, professors of higher English course usually give essays on it.

The section Topics For Persuasive Essay UK will provide you with a wide variety of ideas. Don’t waste your time! Choose an appropriate topic for your paper right away.

  1. To understand how language operates, we should first examine English Language Evolution.
  2. The change in languages over time is harmful to the nation.
  3. Scottish Gaelic and Goidelic Celtic languages should not have been restricted in the 16th century.
  4. Text autocorrect negatively influences the level of literacy and language knowledge.
  5. We should consider Scots Gaelic as a separate language from Irish.
  6. English should become an official international language.
  7. Body language can say more than verbal communication.
  8. Joking or expressing love in a foreign language is harder than in a native one. Either support or contradict this statement by providing appropriate examples and clear arguments.
  9. The implementation of one universal language is a bad idea. Why and how it can impact the national diversity of the world? Prove the importance of preserving national languages.
  10. The Scottish language will soon disappear. Conduct research on the usage of Scottish nowadays. Is it very wide-spread? How many people know and use it in everyday life?
Try to predict the future of the Scottish language.
  1. “As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.” – Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. Develop this thought by providing strong arguments and examples. Persuade your readers about the importance of foreign language learning.
  2. Irish language learning should become mandatory in the educational institutions of Ireland. Explain the significance of the Irish language for the population of Ireland. In case you don’t agree with the statement, provide clear counterarguments to prove your position.

🙊 Persuasive Essay Topics on Controversial Issues

  1. To deal with girls’ discrimination in the modern educational system, girls need to receive more attention than boys.
  2. LGBTQ+ communities should have equal rights all over the world.
  3. Adoption, childlessness, or reproductive technology – which one is the most effective and ethical?
  4. Tuition fees should become lower.
  5. Should homelessness become a concern of city authorities or governmental representatives?
  6. Should the death penalty be legalized in the United Kingdom?
  7. Should sex education become mandatory in all high schools in Scotland?
  8. The mental health of employees should be a concern of employers.
  9. Health care should be free.
  10. Should women develop a career and have a stable income before giving birth to kids?
  11. Should the production and selling of energy drinks be banned? Explain the harm of energetics on the health of a human being. Decide whether energy drinks are worth consuming. Persuade the readers about the rightness of your position by presenting strong arguments.
Energy drinks can promote adverse effects on children and teenagers.
  1. Suicides among male teen homosexuals: harassment, shame, or stigma? In your opinion, what is the main reason for suicides among them? Support your position with clear evidence and appropriate examples.
  2. Does studying abroad result in better education? Analyze the positive and negative aspects of gaining higher education abroad. Express your own opinion regarding this issue and convince your readers about your rightness.
  3. Should birth control be monitored on a governmental level? Why is birth control crucial in modern society? What are the religious, cultural, and political aspects of birth control? Explain the link between birth control and gender and sexuality issues. Support your opinion by providing well-structured arguments.

🏫 Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

  1. Student diversity in school classroom influences the educational process in a positive way.
  2. Athletes that represent educational institutions should receive scholarships covering their tuition fees.
  3. In schools, we should teach colorblind children what colors are.
  4. Art oriented activities like drama clubs, music lessons, and handicraft classes are essential for the all-round development of children.
  5. A university should be a dry campus. Comment on the negative influence of alcohol on the learning process. Persuade your readers about the importance of controlling alcohol consumption while being a student.
  6. Single-sex schooling in education is effective. Convince the readers about the effectiveness of single-sex education by providing strong evidence. If you don’t agree with the statement, express the opposing position. Elaborate on your arguments and provide counterarguments.
Resultsof the studies on single-sex education are inconclusive.
Source: Nea.org
  1. Online education cannot fully replace the regular one. Compare and contrast these two ways of gaining knowledge. Provide clear arguments to prove the significance of attending educational institutions. Explain why having in-class discussions is crucial for students’ development.
    Do you believe that regular education is replaceable by the remote one? Then provide counterarguments to support your position.
  2. The internet has a negative influence on the educational process. How the internet stops the mental development of kids, teenagers, and grown-ups? Persuade readers to limit internet usage while studying.

🗳 Persuasive Essay Topics on Politics

  1. Political freedom is a significant key to the general well- being of modern society.
  2. Terrorism should not be used as a political instrument.
  3. Civil disobedience in contemporary society is a massive threat to civilians and governments.
  4. International humanitarian law is a useful tool to reduce the hazardous effects of military conflicts.
  5. The royal family is the indicator of the UK political system’s uniqueness.
  6. We should protect the confidentiality in the health care system.
  7. The voting system should be fair and transparent.
  8. The COVID-19 outbreak of 2019-2020 has a direct influence on international political relations.
  9. Scotland would not be a stronger country if it existed independently from the UK. What are the benefits for Scotland of being in a political union with the United Kingdom? Persuade your readers in a mutually beneficial economic and political cooperation.
  10. Brexit happened against Scotland’s will. Elaborate on the wish of the Scottish population to remain the part of the European Union. Prove that the negotiation of the conflict between England, Wales, and Scotland was not diplomatic enough.
  11. The retirement policy of the UK should be changed. What are the main weaknesses of the current British retirement system? Give your suggestions on how it can be improved. Convince your readers in the usefulness of the retirement policy modifications.

💭 Persuasive Essay Topics on Philosophy

  1. Dystopia idea in movies and novels influences people’s perception of life in a negative way.
  2. Philosophy ideology of success and failure plays a vital role in reaching high results.
  3. Classic philosophical problems embodied in films can help people in dealing with them.
  4. The philosophy of religion helps people to dive deep into their beliefs and values.
Philosophy of religion is the examination of the themes and concepts involved in religious traditions.
  1. Specific philosophical values help develop resilience in the face of adversity.
  2. Should human rights be violated if it may help the life of a person?
  3. Abortion should be band because it contradicts the ethical ideas of humanity.
  4. In the battle well-paid job vs. vocation, vocation should win. Explain the philosophy of vocation. Persuade the readers to follow their hearts when it comes to a choice of profession.
  5. Philosophy Issue: Truth vs. Happiness. While choosing between these two notions, what would you select? Persuade your audience about the rightness of your position by presenting well-structured and clear arguments.
  6. Philosophy plays a significant role in education. Convince your readers about the importance of philosophy while gaining knowledge. In case you don’t agree with the position of philosophy in school, present the opposing opinion. Provide counterarguments to support your ideas.

🗿 Persuasive Essay Topics on History

  1. Industrial Revolution in England opened a new era of technical advancement.
  2. The conditions of the working class in England is one of the causes of the industrial revolution.
  3. Great Britain Empire’ Alliances led to the break out of the European Great War.
  4. Enlightenment and Romantic Age pushed the development of the British culture forward.
  5. History of Celtic Christianity has a direct impact on the development of religion in the UK.
  6. The British ideal of an orderly world shaped the world we live in today.
  7. The Wars of the Three Kingdoms formed the history of modern England, Scotland, and Ireland.
The Wars of the Three Kingdoms lasted 12 years.
Source: history.com
  1. Elizabeth II -is the legend of contemporary world history. Provide a brief overview of the queen’s achievements. Convince the readers about the uniqueness of Elizabeth’s II as a historical figure.
  2. The Great Fire of London is one of the darkest events in British history. Comment on the terrific outcomes of the tragedy. How did the fire impact the economic situation in the entire county?
  3. Oxford University is the place where ordinary people turn into upstanding figures. Introduce three of the most influential alumnae of Oxford University. What was their input in the scientific development of the UK? Prove the crucial role of Oxford University in the British educational system.
  4. William Wallace is a person who successfully fought for Scottish independence. Elaborate on his role in British history and prove the importance of his actions.
  5. History, culture, and language of Wales directly influenced the development of the United Kingdom. Give a brief overview of Wales formation starting from the ancient times and mowing to the 21st century. Prove the connection between Wales and the UK historical and cultural progress.

Thank you for visiting our page! We hope our article was insightful and full of useful ideas. Don’t forget to share it with the other students!

📃 References

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