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People Should Quit Smoking Essay

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Updated: Apr 29th, 2020


Although many people recognize the health hazards related to smoking, a few take bold steps in quitting the act. Jorenby (346) asserts that smoking is a “disease” like any other, but can be cured when fitting strategies are observed. Besides draining one financially, smoking is a major cause of killer diseases such as; heart and lung cancer.

Hammerle (86) also cites destructions such as; bushfires, environmental degradation and decreased production as sometimes resultants of smoking activities. It is important that one quits smoking in order to lead a normal and healthy life. Besides contributing to increased production, people who quit smoking will reduce the much felt pressure in the healthcare systems.


Cigarette smoking can be mitigated when suitable strategies are fixed and followed. Smoking a cigarette is addictive; hence a person who withdraws from smoking experiences a series of symptoms. The symptoms vary and they may include; depression, irritability, anger and restlessness. However, Jorenby (346) argument some of the strategies which can help smokers adapt and ultimately quit smoking. In his view, victims should fast seek the services of a counseling specialist to guide them through the steps of quitting the habit.

He illustrates that, within the counseling field, specialized units such as self-help groups and individual counseling are best experienced to assist smokers cope with withdrawal behaviors’ and adjust adequately to normal life. Other counseling strategies such as telephone calls and social support also serves the ultimate goal of providing a modern approach in which counseling can be tailored to suit the counseling needs of an individual smoker (Jorenby 364).

Besides counseling, smokers can also seek for medical treatment or therapy. Jorenby (346) suggests some medications available to help to deal with dependence. These medications are efficient when they are checked by a doctor and integrated in a comprehensive stop smoking program (Carr 57). In this case, one should seek for the help of his or her doctor (Jorenby 353). The nicotine replacement therapy is of equal importance of medication. This strategy serves as a substitute for cigarette smoking.

Using this strategy, the cigarette nicotine used by one is replaced by other nicotine based substitutes. The used substitute majorly includes the nicotine patch or gum. The substitutes work better when they are delivered in small but in steady doses. They help the body of a smoker to relieve some major withdrawal symptoms. They achieve this goal by avoiding the tars and the poisonous gases that are present in the cigarettes.

Non nicotine based medication also exists in treating smoke related complications. These medications help a person to stop smoking. They are succeed in their role by decreasing the cravings and withdrawal symptoms, without the influence of nicotine.

Jorenby (347) notes that other nicotine alternative therapies such as nasal sprays, gum and the patch inhaler can also be embraced during the therapeutic process. This is because their nature relieves the patient in dealing with nicotine withdrawal syndromes and they do not expose a person to any danger from toxic substances.

Smoking has undesirable effect to the family. As Kick Butts notes, it brings about suffering and smoke related pain in the family (Kick Butts). A member of a family who smokes makes the whole family smoke either passive or involuntary; this is because side-stream and mainstream smoke is passed to them. Besides the nicotine and tar mentioned earlier, the cigarette smoke contains harmful substances such as arsenic, butane and acetone.

These substances are exposed to children making them to develop asthma, pneumonia, colds and coughs and bronchitis. In adults, heart problems are prevalent, poor blood circulation and lung cancer is noted. Treating these medical conditions entails hospitalizations which drain the family finances which could be better used to carry out important roles in the family (Kick Butts).

Parents serve as a role model for their children. However, when they smoke in-front of their children’s, they prompt them to attempt smoking. Children who smoke develop nicotine addiction much quicker, the more they smoke or exposed to smoking the more likely to develop other health related complications.

Hammerle (36) explains that smoking is costing the society more resources. These costs range from purchasing a pack of cigarette to medication. Hammerle (65) illustrates that other than the usual accidents, smokers are exposed to cancer, heart diseases and strokes. Noting the high cost of healthcare and financial obligations to the family, it causes a major financial drain for smokers.

Smoking contributes to reduced production. Reduced production is a major problem which can cripple any country in the world. Smoking reduces the production of an economy because of sustained sickness or deaths. Hence, it is indeed hard to find a replacement for an employee, especially when the smoker had unique skills about a given job. Besides sickness and deaths, absenteeism is a major problem connected to smoking. Absenteeism contributes to low on-the-job productivity because of health related diseases.

Hammerle (95) explain that smoking is the major cause of fires in workplaces and homes. It is also credited to the forest and bushfires, as smokers throw haphazardly the cigarette butts. The assets or property loss resulting from these fires suggests a social cost. Besides fires, pollution and littering is a common issue connected with smoking. Smoking creates enormous litter and pollution because smokers discard the cigarette butts and its packaging.

The costs associated with these issues are felt in different ways. In intangible form, cleaning packaging materials and cigarette butts is costly. It drains the taxpayers’ money in keeping the environment clean. On intangible aspect, if the litter is made to amass, the costs due to environmental degradation is obvious.

Kelley notes that procrastination is one of the reasons that have made it impossible for many people to quit smoking (Kelley). Procrastinating behavior is life threatening in all aspects of life. Smokers believe that it is easier for them to quit after taking one more puff and this is pushed forward over and again, to the point where it becomes impossible to stop (Kelley).

People who procrastinate are even affected psychologically because they know the right yet they keep on promising themselves that they will do it another day. When the effects finally happen, they suffer twice and the greatest of them is regretting not quitting the first time they ran into the idea. The best way to deal handle procrastination is just to make it today rather than wait for another day since there will be nothing.

People who smoke are at risk of smoking related complications such as heart, cancer and lung diseases. Besides, the money that could be saved to solve other personal and family issues is catered for their hospitalization and purchase of expensive drugs. Therefore, the only solution to avoid these smoking related complications is to quit smoking.

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