2019 Winner Announcement: $1,500 Semi-Annual Video Contest Scholarship for Students

Hello everyone!

The time has come for us to wrap up another Video Contest Scholarship. We’ve received all the submissions, carefully evaluated your work, held the voting, and now we can announce the results!

Before naming our winners, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the contest. We’re very grateful for your submissions and for being part of the competition. The contest yielded plenty of creative, inspirational, and original ideas, for which we can’t thank you enough.

All of you did a wonderful job and you each deserve a prize. However, our contest has rules and the audience has made its decision! So, here are the winners:

Again, a round of applause for our winners!

A reminder to everyone who wasn’t as lucky this time: there will be more contests in the future, so you’ll definitely have another chance to participate.

This Video Contest Scholarship, 80 people submitted videos. 49 videos advanced to the voting stage and were uploaded to our YouTube channel. In total, 6,500 votes were cast, an increase from last contest. Thanks for that, too. More good news is that there were no attempts to cheat or break the rules this contest.

We’re grateful to everyone who took part in the contest. Stay tuned for more announcements. Keep yourself updated by subscribing to our YouTube channel and checking our blog.

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