Top 52 Free Online Tests to Check your Knowledge

Top 52 Free Online Tests to Check your Knowledge

Tests are a great way to check students’ knowledge of a specific topic, field, or subject. It sometimes isn’t even necessary to have a teacher involved to get test results and give grades, as tests today can be completely automated.

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But even with all the pros that testing has, that doesn’t mean that assessments won’t stress students out. And there’s a whole lot of reasons for that. Like the fear of making the wrong choice, an inability to correctly understand the question, or even missing out on the review of the material included on the test.

As a result, preparing for tests can become unnecessarily tough on students. Especially if the test results bear great significance.

That’s why we decided to come up with this post—to list helpful resources that will allow you to take a practice test in dozens of fields. Trying an online sample test or two can make your preparation a lot easier, as you will at least know what to expect.
We’ve divided the article into three categories.

The first one contains resources for ACT practice tests. The second lists SAT sample tests. And the third category includes resources that offer a variety of tests and quizzes not designed for any specific exam. As an additional preparation step, you can also check out some essay examples with students describing their experiences and sharing thoughts on tests in general.

Are you ready to improve your test-passing skills? Let’s do this!

ACT test resources

This resource offers a selection of ACT practice tests from 2005 to 2015. They are available in the form of printable PDF files, which also contain the full answer key so that you can quickly grade the tests yourself. The documents include all the sections of the test, including the writing portion. On the web page, you’ll also find a couple of recommendations for completing the test.

Here, you can find sample tests divided into categories: math, reading, English, and science. They’re ready for you to take online. The site also provides full answers and explanations so that you can make the most of the practice. Apart from that, you can find full-length practice tests in PDF format, as well as additional resources, ACT test score guides, and a general test overview.

Union Test Prep - Free Practice Tests for the ACT.

This site allows you to try passing one or more of the four ACT test categories. You’re free to choose whether you want to test your skills in only one subject or go through the test in its entirety (except for writing section). The tests are online and ready to go. All you have to do is decide which subject you need to focus on and go right ahead.

This resource has four sections of the ACT test ready to complete online. You can pick which sections you want to go through, click the “Start the exam” button, and then work on the sections one after another. Apart from the tests themselves, you’ll also find additional practice materials to improve your preparation process.

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Apart from having ACT practice tests, this resource also offers you the option to complete an SAT practice test. (We’ll talk about SAT test resources later on in the article, so don’t go anywhere just yet.) For now, let’s continue with the ACT test. This resource contains PDF versions of full ACT tests with answer keys so that you can grade the results on your own.

Mcgraw Hill Education - Prep Center for ACT

This site gives you the chance to take a full-length ACT practice test. Upon completing it, you’ll know just how good your level of preparation is. By completing this practice test, you’ll also become more familiar with the format of the test. Apart from the test itself, this resource also provides a selection of useful videos that can help you tackle possible problems you’ll face with the ACT test.

This PDF version of a full ACT test includes a writing practice section. The document also contains answer keys, practice test tips, explanations, and links to additional study materials (including videos).

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This is the official ACT test website. Here, you can find practice tests for each section, including writing. Each test is neatly organized and divided into categories. In addition to the practice questions, the website also provides test tips for each section, as well as detailed directions.

This resource has an insane number of practice questions for each category of the test (with more than 80 options for every subject). Apart from the online test practice, there are also plenty of links to PDF versions of the practice exam. The site also has a section dedicated to ACT writing that includes essay samples and prompts for a better understanding of the task.

Varsity Tutors Free ACT Practice Tests

This is another website with plenty of sample exams to test your skills and level of preparation. In total, it contains more than 1,300 free test papers divided into categories. Each of them has subcategories that include diagnostics tests and practice tests.

When preparing for the ACT test, this is another go-to place to check your knowledge. The site offers practice tests for every ACT category. Apart from that, it has detailed ACT writing tips to help simplify your preparation for this part of the test. You can also find a couple of sample writing prompts in order to get a clearer understanding of what it’s all supposed to look like.

Like any other website mentioned above, Mometrix also gives you the opportunity to browse through sample tests in the four categories of the ACT exam. But what makes this resource different is the fact that it offers a Pre-ACT practice test, shares useful preparation tips, and has a detailed ACT study guide and flashcard system.

SAT test resources

This site offers a total of more than 1,400 SAT practice and diagnostics tests. It also has an SAT subject tests section with practice tests dedicated to specific subjects. It’s going to be the perfect place for you to test your knowledge in preparation for the test.

Here, you can find a selection of eight different SAT practice tests. With all the required materials in the form of downloadable PDF documents, you don’t even have to stay online to try passing the test. You can print out the documents and then grade your own performance using the included answer sheet.

Sachin Kodagali Quote.

This site gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge in different SAT test categories. Apart from the practice tests themselves, it also has plenty of educational materials on the test subjects, as well as test-taking tips and general pieces of advice on how to prepare for the exam.

Along with offering free test examples of the entire SAT test (including the writing task), this site also has an explanation for the test’s scoring system, as well as answer sheets and explanations for individual tests.

MajorTests helps you to Prepare for the SAT.

This website has a dedicated section for each of the SAT test categories. These sections have plenty of sample tasks, so you can put your knowledge to the test and find out whether you need to review anything before taking the real SAT. Apart from that, you’ll find plenty of educational materials that will come in handy as you continue preparing for the test.

This resource offers practice questions for the three main SAT test sections. With a friendly interface, it won’t be difficult to figure out how the practice test works. Go ahead and test your knowledge right away, get your results, and continue your preparation.

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Here, you can find a selection of sample SAT tests with answers, answer explanations, and example tasks for the written section of the test. The site also offers a couple of SAT tests in older formats. This can give you an idea of how the test has evolved over time, strengthening your knowledge even more. Apart from that, you can find a bunch of helpful tips and advice on how to prepare in order to pass the test.

Full Length SAT Tests At Khan Academy

This site offers both online and printable versions of the SAT practice test. Both versions include the writing section. And after completing the sample test, you’ll be able to find out your results right away.

This is a place where you can test your knowledge in three SAT test sections. You can try all of them at once or select the one you’re most interested in. This resource also gives a short description of each section, along with some other useful educational materials.

Tim Fargo Quote,

This site offers a wide selection of SAT test samples, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Apart from sharing the tests they’ve put together themselves, this site also links to practice tests from other resources. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to test out your knowledge in a varied and very detailed way.

This resource shares an insane number of free sample test options for you to test your knowledge in every SAT test category. The site has its tests divided into groups and also offers full-length practice tests with over 150 questions each. Apart from that, you’ll also find plenty of study resources, test overview information, and descriptions of each of the SAT test categories.

Crack SAT Practice Test

This is another place where the huge number of available SAT sample papers can really get your imagination flowing. There are tests for dedicated subjects and categories, as well as tests in both old and new formats and practice test guides. With the help of this site, your preparation for the test will reach a whole new level.

This resource offers both online and printable PDF versions of the SAT sample test. The online version is split into subjects, which in turn are divided into parts containing one question each. In this way, this resource is quite flexible in terms of giving you options for testing your knowledge.

Subject test resources

There isn’t much we need to say when the site has such a self-explanatory name. This resource offers online tests on a wide variety of subjects. Featured test categories include aptitude, reasoning, English, general knowledge, banking, computer knowledge, and professional knowledge. Each of these categories also has subcategories. Apart from these practice tests, you’ll find model papers and interview tips.

Here’s another website with a vast selection of online test categories to choose from. For each test, you’ll be told the number of questions and the approximate amount of time required to complete it. The categories for the tests are as follows: logic, aptitude, reasoning and verbal, general knowledge and current affairs, technical, engineering, medical science, and other.

4 Tests - Free Practice Exam Site

The main focus of this site is on various tests and effective preparation methods for them. Nevertheless, it’s still worth checking out if you simply want to check your knowledge of a particular subject or sphere. The tests given here cover the essentials necessary to pass a certain exam, so there’s no doubt they’re going to be extremely useful.

On this site, you’ll find a selection of online tests to check your English proficiency. Knowing your true capabilities is important, especially if you want to pass a particular test. Most people tend to think they know more than they do in reality, picking a test that’s too difficult and then failing. With Cambridge Assessment English, you’ll get the results right away, and there won’t be any doubt about which test to choose.

Josh Hanagarne Quote,

Here’s another site that allows you to take and pass an English level test. Apart from the tests themselves, this resource also contains information on every English exam online you can try, and it will even suggest exams for you based on the results of your test. In addition, the site provides a comparison with charts of exam levels that correspond to your knowledge level.

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This one’s a bit different. First off, the site allows you to find out your English skill level. But instead of just leaving you with that information, it then gives you the opportunity to improve your skills through a wide selection of tasks and videos. After getting your test results, you’ll be able to select educational content specifically designed for your level.

On this site, you can take an English test and get your results in relation to the CEFR language level grade. Then you can select various educational materials that fit you the best, all of which are available on the site. Apart from the test mentioned above, you can also choose to try out more specific assessments—like English grammar tests for different levels, a business English test, or an English tenses test.

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This resource offers a selection of math tests for students at different levels of testing: from beginners to advanced students. There’s also an option to set a time limit for any of the tests in order to simulate a bit of extra pressure, if you need it.

This website has an incredible number of online tests to check your knowledge in almost any sphere imaginable. Tests categories include engineering, management, medicine, public service, law, and much more, with a lot of subcategories in each. So if you’re looking for a particular test—chances are high that you’ll find it here.

History Extra Quiz

This resource allows you to test your history knowledge with weekly quizzes on a variety of topics. Once a quiz is posted, it doesn’t go anywhere, so there are already plenty of tests to choose from. And even more are sure to come!

Here, you can find a mind-boggling number of quizzes and tests from the web version of one of the biggest and most well-known encyclopedias in the world. The number of categories alone is impressive. Categories include animals, arts and culture, food, geography, health and medicine, history, literature and language, music, philosophy and religion, pop culture, science, society, sports and recreation, and technology. There’s also a leaderboard—so beyond testing your knowledge, there will also be an element of competition.

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On this page, you’ll be able to take college practice tests in reading, math, and two types of writing. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. You just choose which sphere you want to test yourself in and then get straight to completing the test.

This website features a wide selection of practice tests and exams for students of all levels and ages. Apart from the tests themselves, there are also descriptions and explanations of what each test is all about and why someone might need to pass it. All the contents are neatly organized, so it won’t be difficult to navigate the site and find exactly what you need.

Even though the main purpose of this page is to get students acquainted with questions they might encounter when taking placement tests, you can still get good use out of these practice questions. All the tests are available as printable PDF files with answer keys included. That means that you don’t even have to be online to try them out and see how well you perform.

On this site, you’ll find a whole variety of practice tests to satisfy all your needs. In fact, it’s probably easier to note which tests aren’t featured on this site than attempt to list all the sample tests that are available here. Also, there are test preparation tips and other helpful resources like links to scholarships, online learning opportunities, student loan tips, and information about loan providers.

This website exists to satisfy all of your knowledge testing needs. It’s got a wide selection of practice tests and exams. Featured test categories include English, math, business and finance, health and fitness, medicine, humanities, and science. Also, you’ll find a lot of study tips and suggestions on how to fight test anxiety and properly prepare for any exam.

This is another awesome place for testing your abilities in a variety of subject areas. Here, you’ll be able to assess your knowledge in math, science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, and economics and finance. Apart from that, this site also offers preparation for multiple tests, including the SAT, MCAT, GMAT, IIT JEE, and NCLEX-RN. It’s got complete practice tests, as well as the possibility to complete an individual section of any test.

Gary Herbert Quote.

This resource gives you a huge selection of online assessment tests. Each test has a score tracker and the ability to adjust its level of difficulty. If numerous test options is not enough, there are also flashcards to help you retain information and study guides that can take your test preparation to the next level. The site is also mobile-friendly, so you can easily complete tests on the go without having to sit at your computer.

Test.Com Website - Pass test, Take test. Study test.

This is another situation in which the name of the site speaks for itself. This resource provides a ridiculous number of free online tests for you to choose from. They’re all divided into categories, which include academic, career, personality, intelligence, employment, language, medical, and more. Many test categories also have subcategories.

This website is the place to find free sample tests for almost any exam you could think of. Even if you’re not looking for a particular practice exam, the many available tests are still going to be useful. This resource gives you a chance to check your knowledge of particular subjects or fields.

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Here, you’ll find a whole variety of practice tests and exam tests for your online training. The following categories of tests are available: undergraduate, teacher, graduate, primary, secondary, medical, vocational, financial, nursing, and other.

Who said that only academic tests are important? There are many completely different types of tests that still require quite a lot of attention. We’re especially talking about aptitude tests, also known as an ability test. And this resource is where you can test your skill in passing this kind of test.

Here’s another platform that gives you the opportunity to go through a couple of vocational tests. Each test gives you a short description, the number of questions included, and the time limit.

Edu Dose Website - Online Competitive Exams Prepaprations

If you’re tired of looking for original practice tests because everything you find looks the same—this website is for you. It has plenty of unique tests in multiple categories, including general knowledge, mathematics, reasoning ability, general English, computer aptitude, banking awareness, and mock tests. Each of these categories has its own set of subcategories as well, so there’s more than enough content for you to check out.

This is yet another resource with a wide selection of online practice and preparation tests. To find a specific test, you need to enter a topic and select a category. If there are any tests that match your request, you’ll get them in the form of a list that also includes the tests’ ratings and the number of questions they have.

Language Proficiency Tests

If you’ve ever been curious about how good your skills in a certain language are, then this resource is for you. It allows you to conduct a self-evaluation test to determine how well you know a certain language. It includes most major world languages, so your choice of test won’t be too limited.

Here, you’ll find plenty of quizzes and online practice tests divided into a variety of categories. The materials available on this site include career and grade tests, as well as numerous online exams.

Hopefully, the resources that we’ve listed here will come in handy the next time you’re preparing for a test or an exam. Whether you want to review some specific material or just check how good your general knowledge is—these sites will be of great use.

If there are any resources you like to use that aren’t listed here, let us know in the comments below. Also, we’d love it if you would share your experience and tell us which sites you liked the most. If you have friends who would also like to test their knowledge—feel free to share this post with them!

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