2020 Winner Announcement: $1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship

2020 Winner Announcement: $1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship

Greetings to each and every one of you!

Today’s the day to bring to a close yet another Video Contest Scholarship. It makes us immensely glad to regularly hold these contests and discover talented, creative individuals who are full of fresh ideas and unique perspectives.

Let’s review a few statistics because the whole endeavor turned out to be quite special this year. The total number of participants in this Video Contest Scholarship was 450. That’s a quintuple increase compared to the previous contest! Unbelievable! Unfortunately, 50 entries weren’t shared properly, so we had to choose from the remaining 400 videos. Only 230 entries made it to the Online Voting phase.

In this phase, the videos received a grand total of 41,000 votes (which is a six fold increase compared to the previous contest). All the videos, with 1,100 hours of total watch time, generated 130,000 total views!

We are ecstatic about the level of engagement and incredibly thankful to everyone who participated in this contest.

Now, let’s name our winners!

  • First place, with a prize of $1,000, is awarded to Luca Newman. His work, A Student’s Guide to Living Cheaply – 6 Quick Tips, proved to be the most creative and engaging. This entry received 6,500 votes and generated 12,500 views. Congratulations!
  • Second place, with a $500 prize, goes to Madhurima Undralla. She is a returning contestant who scored second place in the previous contest. This time, her video called Socializing in College/Uni received 4,000 votes and had 7,000 views. Well done!

Again, we’re extremely happy and grateful to every single person who decided to create a video and participate in the voting process.To everyone who didn’t win, don’t feel discouraged! There will be many more scholarship contests in the future. Stay on the lookout for our announcements! Check out our blog and subscribe to our IvyPanda and IvyPanda Study Hub YouTube channels.

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I’m not sure I agree with how the winner is decided, but in the end it suited me! Fun competition, super accessible.

Ivy Panda

Thank you for giving your feedback, Luca! We appreciate your opinion!