Kikuyu Tongue Twisters

Original: Ninguria githeri Ndiriaga githeri
English: I want to eat githeri (maize and beans). I don’t eat githeri (maize and beans).
Original: Kana ka Nikora kona kora kora, nako kora kona kana ka Nikora kora.
English: Nicholas' child saw a little frog hide, when the little frog saw Nicholas' child hide, the little frog hid.
Original: Cucu ciana ciothe cia cukuru cianyua cai cianina.
English: Grandmother, all children from school drank tea and finished.
Original: Kana kona kora kora nako kora kona kana kora.
English: A child saw a frog and ran and a frog saw a child and ran.
Original: Niu kuria Kuria kana nia kuria kuria.
English: Will you ask Kuria (male name) if he will eat over there.
Original: Dathie donyo daria duma dugu dakena dainoka!
English: I went to the store and saw a huge potato, went home and was happy.
Original: Nyenje yathire kwenja nyenje, igikora nyenje ni nyenje ni nyenje nyenje.
English: A cockroach went to shave a cockroach and found it had already been shaved by a shaved roach.)
Original: Ndatiga ndahirigahiriga haha ii, niwa hirigahirigura?
English: I just fenced (made a fence) here who undid the fence?
Original: Ndahîrîgahîrîgire haha-î, nûû wahîrîgahîrîgûrire
English: I just had made a fence here who has undone the fence?
Original: Cucu ciara ciana ciaku ciothe ciathie cira ciuge ciari ciaku ciothe.
English: Please, grandmother, give birth to your children so that when taken to court they will all say they are yours.
Original: Cucu ciere cian ciaku ciothe ciathie cira ciorio ciuge ciea ciothe ciari ciaku.
English: Grandmother, tell all your children that when they go to the courtroom and they are asked they should say that all the pieces of land were yours.
Original: Kana koona kora koora kera kana kao koore, kana kao karega kuura kooya kamuti karige kora, kora koora keehitha kahigaini.
English: The child saw a frog and ran, told the sibling to run away, the sibling refused to run away, took a stick to hit the frog, the frog ran away and hid under a stone.
Original: Gitingi gitingigititikika
English: Hey, this log can not be lifted!
Original: Nguku ino ni ikanyakanyanaga kana ndikanyakanyanaga?
English: Does this chicken bite, or it doesn't?