Kurdish Tongue Twisters

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Original: Çume çemmî Çeqan, Çeqel çeltûkî eteqan.
English: As I came to the Cheqan River, the jackal was cleaving ears of wheat.
German: Wie ich zum Fluss Cheqan ging, da spaltete ein Schakal Weizenähren.
Original: kaka kaka! gakey kaka, kay gakey kakey xward!
English: Brother, brother! The cow of my brother ate your cow's hay!
Original: basher bashow basherbet shar akat
English: People at night fight with liquor
Original: basher basharaf, bet besharaf nabet, ba show ba shwshey sharbati shkaw shar nakat!
English: If a person is neat, not rude, then at night they won't fight with broken liquor bottles!