Panjabi or Punjabi Tongue Twisters

Original: Dubba Tuppu Khal Tappe Tup Dubbe Tuppuah.
English: A box jumps over a ditch Box! Jump over a ditch!
Original: Kacha papar pucca papar
English: Raw papadam (flat crispy bread), baked papadam (flat crispy bread)
Original: Davinder di dadi de do dand dukhde, dilli de dukandar davinder di dadi de dandan di davai de dinde.
English: Davinder's grandmother's two teeth hurt, the salesmen of Delhi gave the medicine for Davinder's grandmother's teeth.
Original: Dil dikhda dukhre na sunda na sunanda sunde sunde dukhre dil dukhda no dukhanda
English: When your heart hurts, it does not feel like telling its agony to anyone, nor is it willing to listen anyone. On the other hand when your heart is listening to someone's agony, it does not feel bad, nor does it cause pain to anyone.
Original: Chachi nay chacha ko chandi kay chumuch say chutni chuttai.
English: My aunt offered my uncle some pickle in a silver spoon.
Original: Khare kharhote chup chupite kharka karke kharhawan pake khar khar karke khabar sunave sun suna subnu chup ho jave
English: While standing quietly, he puts on his wooden sandals with a rattle and then tells the news with the tap of his shoes. After telling it to all, he becomes quiet.
Original: Mera nam tera nam aur tera nam mera nam.
English: My name is your name and your name is my name.
Original: Kutio kutio kutay karday. Kaoon kaon kay kion. Kadee kadee kaon kaon karkay kurian kolon khay kahy langday.
English: Dogs make a noise. Why do they howl? Seldom do they make noise disturbing the gulls.