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Business Skills on Job Market Research Paper

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Updated: Mar 20th, 2020

The current job market is transforming at an alarming rate (CDC Consult, 2014). To be viable, protect their jobs, and guarantee continuous career developments, individuals are required to update their experiences and knowledge. In this respect, the employees, managers, and entrepreneurs must be ready to adapt to the changes in the job market for them to be relevant in the future.

The above professionals must come up with up to date means of dealing with several business issues. In this regard, this article focuses on business skills that are in demand in today’s job market. The skills identified are communication skills, planning skills, productivity, and creativity.


All business experts must note that effective communication skills are indispensable for their corporations. Even though communication occurs naturally between different individuals in contemporary situations, it is frequently a dissimilar case in the business context (Martin, 2013). As such, business environments necessitate particular consideration concerning communication skills.

Therefore, individuals with effective communication skills are most valued in the corporate world. Individuals with the above attributes are easy to work with, solve workplace conflicts with ease, and relate well with the clients.

To improve on their skills, business professionals must realize that for effective communication to be achieved, both the sender and the receiver must cooperate. However, they must acknowledge that as the senders, they must draw the receiver’s understanding, receiver’s response, and enhance favorable relationships.

Therefore, all business professionals must enhance their communication skills for them to be competitive. With appropriate skills, the individuals can mingle and relate to other persons of diverse cultures with ease. Similarly, with these abilities, an individual can seize on endless opportunities that exist in the international market level.


Another important business skill that is in demand in the job Market is planning. In a corporate environment, planning is the initial and a major step towards the success of a business. Planning skills refer to all business abilities that allow individuals to prepare for the future and attain business objectives.

Similarly, planning skills enable individuals to keep away from poignant, economic, physical, or societal challenges that may put their businesses in troubles. In general, planning skills allow business experts to come up and execute decisions.

It is disappointing to note that the employees underrate the skill despite its benefits (The top 10 skills, 2014). Although the extent of planning skills varies from one profession to the other, it should be noted that with effective planning skills, an individual would able to work in several business organizations and departments. In this regard, prospective business professionals should enhance their planning skills to be relevant in the job market.

With these skills, business employees will be able to visualize how businesses operate and come up with techniques that will aid the corporations in achieving their goals. To be an effective planner, an individual should possess some specific attributes.

To portray the above attributes, an individual must be a conceptual thinker, be detail orientated, and be creative. Above all, all business plans must be practicable and be professional to ensure that businesses operate effectively and increase their profits. In this respect, all business professionals must enhance their planning skills for them to be competitive.


Another important business skill that employees should portray to be competitive is productivity. Productive employees will complete their tasks on time, are efficient, and reliable. In this regard, productive employees are essential in any organization just as their managers.

During such times, when the world is recovering from the economic recession, productive employees are valued assets in every business organization because they enable businesses to achieve their goals using the least resources available.

To be productive, employees must enhance their time management skills, meeting management skills, leadership skills, and individual productivity. Based on this, productive employees are in demand in the market place.


Just like the above skills, creativity is the most desired skill in the business world. The modern business organizations are struggling to overcome uncertainties, economic chaos, unpredicted customer tastes, and reduced sales.

To overcome these challenges, business organizations must be managed and operated by creative individuals. In this regard, creativity has become the most treasured and sorted skill in the business environment (Workplace Innovation and Productivity, 2013).

Research studies indicate that creativity is the tactical priority for businesses globally, creativity is part of our day-to-day activities, business profitability relies on creativity, and creative businesses are more productive and efficient compared with non-creative businesses. Based on this, it is apparent that creative skills are in demand in the business world.


Considered that the modern job market is flooded with fresh graduates, effective communication skills, effective planning skills, enhanced productivity, and creativity skills will separate a prospective employee from a multitude of potential employees. Also, all the employees, managers, and entrepreneurs must be ready to learn and amend the above skills for them to be relevant in the future (Debra, 2014).


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