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Evolution Definition Essay

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Updated: Mar 15th, 2020

Evolution is the process whereby change occurs in organisms’ inherited characteristics of a population common to successive generation over some time. The evolution process occurs at each level of biological species levels such as DNA and protein.

Species refers to a group of individuals with the abthe ility to interbreed naturally. Charles Darwin as known scientist answered one of the frequently asked questions “where do new species come from?” He said that new species came from natural selection bring about evolution

Adaptive radiation refers to a diversification of species into two or more groups while an adapting different environment, mostly natural selection is commonly used in this pattern. First, the species are separated into distinct breeding population due to social or geographic factors. The divergence is usually in a branching pattern called cladogenesis.

Successful speciation pattern refers to a single line evolution pattern. When compared to adaptive which is in branching form, successful is usually in a single line. This occurs where a species contains single population breeding from generation to another over some time. This unique, line evolutionary pattern is called anageneis.

Researchers who researched on the synthetic theory of evolution early in the 20 century focused mostly on microevolution. This evolution refers to slow generational changes over the years

There are four forces of evolution on population as listed below: Mutation, natural selection, gene flow, and genetic drift. Mutation scientifically can be defined as the DNA succession that happens in the cell structure, mutation can either affect the cell genome by changing the product of the DNA or harbouring the performance of the gene.

The mutation selective advantage over the allies can drift upwards or down to either fix or lose the mutation. This gives it its neutral nature.

Gene flow is the biological exchange of genes from the inhabitants of a certain place to the next and also between species. Gene flow is the discrepancy foundation that is new to the residents of the affected community. In this evolution force, genes flow from one generation to the next through the movement of people and their off springs.

Natural selection is the process whereby new genetic mutation that causes reproduction never changes from one generation to another. The genetic mutation process is based on three facts as follows: the heritable variation that exists in a population, nature of the organism produces and the ability of the offspring to survive and produce. Genetic drift explains how the gene frequency is exchanged between populations.

It occurs through selective forces which make the gene frequency to drift either up or down. Generic drift can also occur in the absence of selective forces. Therefore the drift can either fix the situation or completely lose the gene frequency.

Isolation mechanisms in evolution refer to the reproductive traits that prevent species from mating. There are two main mechanisms, the pre-mating isolation mechanism, and the post-mating isolation mechanism.

Speciation in growth refers to the course of action by which species diverge into two or more genealogy. It has been observed that speciation is under the control of nature and laboratory. Speciation is as a result of reproduction isolation, especially in sexually reproducing organisms.

In conclusion, evolution can be considered as a wide field that ranges from species, species patterns, micro, and macro evolution, the fours forces of evolution, isolation mechanism and speciation.

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