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Female Gun Ownership and Safety Issues Essay

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Updated: Jun 30th, 2020


Women play very crucial roles in society, some of which highly compromise their health and safety. Studies have established that with the concept of women empowerment gaining solid ground among various societies in the world, women are increasingly becoming a highly vulnerable group with regard to their safety (Scott 60). In the contemporary world, more and more women have jobs and other income generating activities that make them easy targets for robbers who consider them as weak and easy to attack. Women are highly vulnerable to attacks at home, in the streets, at the workplace, or even at school (Scott 61).

Some of the common incidents encountered by women that have potential to compromise their safety include intimidation while walking alone in the streets, being stalked, mugging, moving abroad, skimpy dressing, and relationships in the workplace (Scott 69).

Experts argue that the issue of personal safety is highly regarded by the contemporary woman, who would do anything to ensure they are protected and ready to defend themselves whenever someone tries to harass them. Women have taken the initiative to protect themselves, as most of them take safety classes in order to learn a few tricks about using a gun and dealing with an attacker (Kirszner and Mandell 354). Guns carried for safety reasons should always be concealed in order to avoid creating tension wherever someone goes with it. In addition, it is a safety precaution that other people, especially the attackers should not have any slightest information about as it may compromise the safety strategy.


The state of affairs regarding the safety of women across the world is worrying. Experts argue that the high vulnerability of women to safety threats is caused by numerous factors that include ignorance, lack of reliable safety information, contradicting myths about the reliability of defense measures, and lack of self awareness (Scott 82). In recent times, cases of women owning guns and carrying them everywhere have been on the rise. Studies have revealed that more than seventeen million women in America own guns. A number of factors have contributed to this phenomenon, but top of the list is the need for women to protect themselves (Kirszner and Mandell 354).

Most people act in a curious manner whenever they notice a woman carrying a gun, as they never understand the motivation behind a peaceful woman doing such a thing. In order to understand this growing culture of women carrying guns, it is important to establish the reason that makes them keep doing it. For example, the debate on gun control has been in existence in the United States of America for several years. Proponents of gun control argue that the ability of people to have guns often compromises safety measures because people can be tempted to use them inappropriately (Stange and Oyster 100). On the other hand, opponents of gun control measures argue that people should be allowed to have guns for safety reasons, especially by women who are vulnerable to dangers such as sexual assault (Kirszner and Mandell 354).

Women argue that carrying a gun, especially if someone has to wear it can be somehow uncomfortable. However, most women attest that they cannot go anywhere without their guns because it helps to give them a positive psychological effect (Scott 98). Although carrying a gun everywhere does not mean that the women anticipate trouble, they keep carrying them everywhere because it makes them feel confident in situations that would normally frighten them (Kirszner and Mandell 355).

According to psychologists, women who carry guns for safety reasons are readily attacked because they do not show the signs of vulnerability that normally attract attackers. The fact that one knows they can protect themselves in case of anything influences confident behavior (Scott 103). For example, there are many homes across the world where there are no fathers and women are left to fulfill all the parental responsibilities. Men have a crucial role to play with regard to ensuring security at home. However, families of single mothers tend to feel the effect of the void created when a father is not there, thus women are forced to provide security by owning guns. Having a gun makes a makes a woman to feel that her family is safe and in return ensure the confidence of children with regard to their security concerns (Kirszner and Mandell 356).

Security experts argue that owning guns alone cannot help women to ensure their safety (Stange and Oyster 108). There a number of elements which, women can combine with having firearms to meet their security needs. The first element is developing good awareness of the surrounding. Attackers pick their targets depending using an individuals behavior in terms of the way they comprehend the immediate environment.

In this context, the concept of environment entails understanding the possible strategies that one can be used by attackers and the best ways of escaping (Kirszner and Mandell 356). The second element involves trusting one’s guts. Women are very gifted, especially with the ability to know when a situation or someone is not good. This explains the reason as to why most women carry their guns at all times. The third element is having an escape plan.

Experts argue that escaping is always a good plan even when someone has means to protect themselves (Kirszner and Mandell 357). A gun should be used when a predator attacks or when there is no other option for achieving safety. The common notion about staying safe during an attack is to fight back and try to scare the attacker away. However, because women are not as physically strong as men, adopting safety measure such as carrying a gun is inevitable and largely important (Stange and Oyster 122).

The concept of safety in women is also associated with moving abroad. It is important for women to understand that due to cultural diversity some things that they find normal in their country may be different in a foreign land (Scott 116). Moving to foreign countries exposes women to new safety challenges and circumstances which they are not used to at home. The biggest challenge that such women face involves their dressing and lack of company.

Different cultures have contrasting definitions of dressing styles. Some clothes that are okay to wear at home during outdoor activities may be classified as trashy in another country, thus attracting the attention of the wrong people such as sexual pests (Stange and Oyster 150). In order to ensure their safety abroad, women are always advised to dress in a conservative way if they cannot comfortably emulate the dressing style of the locals. Women who walk alone, especially at night or along deserted paths are very vulnerable to attacks from people with ill intentions.

It is important for women to have the company of someone they know very well and trust (Scott 140). However, if a woman needs to go somewhere at night alone and they have no company, taking a taxi can be a safe option. When using a taxi, it is important to avoid using unregistered ones, as they can be easily used by people who can easily arras them sexually (Scott 140). Safety issues regarding women are quite sensitive and complicated, thus the need for everyone to play their part in making them feel safe. Culture shock experienced by most people when they move to a foreign land can highly compromise their safety, especially for women.


Everyone include women have a right to fight and defend themselves whenever they are attacked. Women should not depend on anyone to keep them safe, as life in the contemporary world is very dynamic in terms of gender roles. There are numerous ways in which women can protect themselves against dangers such as sexual harassment, mugging, carjacking, armed robbery, and intimidation in the streets. One such effective strategy is carrying a gun with them wherever they go. It is important to note that guns carried for safety purposes should always be concealed in order to avoid creating unnecessary tension among people to see it.

Experts argue that women should carry their guns at all times even when they do not anticipate any form of trouble. The reason for this is that it helps to boost their confidence, especially when they encounter something or someone with potential for causing harm. The simple knowledge that they can protect themselves in case of anything allows them to look less vulnerable, thus keeping away any attackers. Women have huge roles to play in society and everyone should make any necessary effort to ensure that they feel safe wherever they go whether alone or accompanied.

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