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Generation Y in the “Matrix Reloaded” Film Essay

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Updated: Aug 26th, 2021

Matrix Reloaded (2003) is best represents generation Y and portrays its style of life and values. Despite a mystical plot and surrealistic image, Matrix Reloaded reflects the ways of thinking and living of the modern generation.

Generation Y Characteristics

Matrix Reloaded (2003) can be considered the best movie because it vividly portrays technological innovations and their impact on society. For teens who live in urban and suburban environments, the enjoyment of electronic gadgets is a central element of home life. Televisions large and small with cable boxes and satellite dishes, all kinds of audio cassettes and compact disc (CD) players, video games, the video cassette recorder, the computer, and the portable telephone have changed the way households function. The video camera, growing smaller and handier, has become an ordinary way for families to record parties and prom nights.

Keeping in touch with friends and family has become easier. Portable phones have become practically standard issues for teens going off to college or on a car trip, and teens use them in malls, at concerts, and on the street as well as in the car. The supply of towers to relay portable phone conversations struggles to keep pace with the demand. Of course, some people believe the computer divides the haves from the have-nots in American society. While affluent families can install separate phone lines so their teens can use the Internet at will (Eisner 4-5).

Electronic World of Generation Y

The computer and its potential as portrayed in Matrix Reloaded have changed the appearance and emphasis of people in America. Such dependence on the computer has been a mixed blessing. Nothing has changed teen life as much as the Internet. This link-up of millions of computers from universities, libraries, businesses, and individuals all over the globe has, in only a few years, opened the world to teens in unprecedented ways, and they have been instrumental in creating that new world through their ability to manipulate the technology. The Internet has changed the way families stay in touch with friends and relatives around the world; electronic mail, or e-mail, has replaced letter writing (Generation Y: the Millennials n.d.).

The Internet is useful for information of all kinds: compact disc encyclopedias of general information, information about travel, facts about potential colleges, television schedules, and millions of web pages on every conceivable topic. Some of them are not especially reliable and, in fact, sometimes are weird or quirky since there is no restriction on who can post a web page. It has also become the world’s biggest marketplace.

Advertising for a host of products, movies, and television shows appears on the Internet, alongside the information you might seek on it, just as in a magazine, with headlines, pictures, sidebars, cartoons, and music, or announcements. Just browsing through the possibilities, or “surfing the ‘net,” as it is called, is riding a virtual tsunami. (See the appendix for websites of interest to teens.) Surfing the net brings teens unusual freedom from parental restrictions (Eisner 5).

Life as a Game

Similar to Matrix, many people belonging to generation Y are driven by computers and technology unable to see the truth of their existence. Generation Y plays multiuser games which resemble the Matrix itself except that the game continues without stopping all over the world.

Teens can enter and exit as they choose. With only a few clicks of a button, teens can view sexually explicit material. They can enter chat rooms, using their real name or a false one, where they can “talk” to other teens about anything. Many of the chat rooms become places to insult one another or make enticing or shocking sexual remarks as well as exchange likes and dislikes about the film, video, and rock stars, and, occasionally, homework. This “virtual conversation” has its rhythms and symbols that are recognized by experienced users, for example, 🙂 indicates a smiling face and “im” means “instant message.”

Teens may also quiz each other about drinking, drugs, and sexual preference (Generation Y: the Millennials n.d.). Some teens and young adults are spending many hours a day online, neglecting schoolwork, family, and friends as well as sleep and food. Teens have also found phone cards handy; the teen, or the parents, purchase telephone time in increments of a few minutes at a time, without needing a personal number. Pagers are growing in popularity as well, moving from a device for employees to keep in touch with their central offices to gadgets for teens to reach friends quickly (Eisner 4-5).

Alternative Ideas

Matrix Reloaded is one of the most unique and outstanding movies which reflects the life of generation Y and its traditions. This movie unveils the philosophy of life and the technological world around us. I suppose that there are no alternative products that combine philosophical ideas and technological developments of the modern world. Our knowledge of the universe is structured, and we are not capable to open these predetermined structures which constrict our reality. In particular, she deprecated the direct application to civil society. It is pointless to apply to civilized society rights which do not so much as suppose its existence. To conclude, generation Y has its truth and its reality no matter how it corresponds with the universal order and eternal knowledge.

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