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Human Inheritance and Disorders Prevention Essay

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Updated: Jun 2nd, 2021

The processes associated with the transfer of the information contained in genes from a parent cell to a daughter cell is one of the most complex phenomena that can be observed on a cellular level. Since studying the mechanics of the data transfer within the DNA system is critical to the further study of opportunities of addressing some of inherent diseases and disorders, as well as the issues associated with gene mutations and other concerns, I will build substantial knowledge by analyzing the human inheritance mechanism. Building an understanding of the nature of the human blood type inheritance will help to study the issues related to the process and define the strategies for preventing the instances of inherent disorders.

As a rule, two primary inheritance patterns of blood types are singled out when exploring the process. The ones labeled as ABO inheritance patterns are coordinated by the ABO gene that is located in Chromosome 9 (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). Based on the names of the alleles, the blood types are defined as A, B, AB, and O, respectively (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). Since both A and B alleles are codominant, antigens associated with these alleles will be expressed on red cells once either the A or B allele is present (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.).

O alleles, on the contrary, are not involved in the production of either A or B alleles (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). For this reason, O alleles are often referred to as silent ones (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). The ABO patterns are observed in the mechanism of human inheritance along with the second mechanism used to describe the blood type of a patient.

The second set of inheritance patterns that occur in the human species along with the ABO one is the mechanism called the Rh blood group system (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). I should also mention that the identified system is linked to two key genes that are responsible for launching it and sustaining it. The RHD and RHCE genes cause the process of human inheritance to take place, with the outcome of the described phenomenon depending directly on whether either of the parents possesses the RHD gene in their chromosomes (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). Since the RHD gene is dominant, whenever it manifests itself in an individual, the latter is defined as RhD positive (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.).

Consequently, in the scenario in which the RHD gene is not inherited, a person is defined as RhD negative (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). The mechanism of inheritance described above is typically deemed as one of the key characteristics, along with the first one as the platform for explaining the internal processes of inheritance on humans. Thus, it comprises the system of inheritance mechanism that provides a clear picture of the phenomenon and allows exploring the available combinations of inheritance cases.

The notion of blood type genetics is often mentioned in the context of compatibility. Indeed, there is a direct correlation between the blood type that a person possesses and the compatibility levels that the person’s blood displays. For instance, type AB people are known as perfect donors since their type of blood is compatible with any of the rest of the types (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). Patients with either A or B blood types, in turn, can only receive A or B type.

Each of the three scenarios is quite common in the contemporary environment, although minor deviations from the average can be observed. However, the people with Type O blood are deemed as the rarest occurrence, with the property that no other blood type has. Contrary to the A-type, which can supply their blood to any other patient, Type O are perfect recipients since their blood type is compatible with each of the three mentioned above (Georgia Highlands College, n.d.). As a nurse, I should be aware of the specifics of blood types listed above in order to cater to patients’ needs and ensure their safety.

The exploration of the human inheritance mechanisms regarding blood type transfer is a particularly interesting field of study since it helps to analyze the unique properties of the inheritance process based on the transfer of alleles as the containers of genetic information. Delving into the nature of the process of human inheritance and the specifics of blood inheritance will show that there are specific patterns that are worth studying closely.

Knowing the two key patterns of blood inheritance and the issues associated with the process in question, a nurse or a healthcare expert can address numerous inherent complications that pose a threat to the well-being of a patient. Thus, the exploration of the existing blood types has allowed addressing some of the myths linked to blood inheritance, at the same time outlining the key areas for further study.


Georgia Highlands College. (n.d.). Chapter 13 – Modern understanding of inheritance. Web.

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